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March 31, 2016

Richmond Greyhound shooting: Trooper killed, suspect dead


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  1. opheliart permalink

    I AM going to take this on

    read the comments on this article first before reading ours

    each has his SPHERE … and listen to the condemnation … a person cannot even state an obvious because there is not choice permitted but the secular mandate. this is fact. look at it and see it for what it is. those passionately posting their frame haven’t a clue as to how they look, because it truly is that flat grid plane. they see ONLY what is smack dab within that frame, which is really … a box, some even call it … a tomb.
    those following SPIR know I am not homophobic or in any way attacking gays, but I will not hesitate to state the flaming hypocrisy when I see it—either side, anywhere … where it is. THIS IS CALLED SPIRITUAL ETHICS and it does not hide itself in demagoguery. if following, they should know this. to me, it’s a no brainer that people be permitted a marriage to another individual, of ADULT consent, and for the purpose of being treated fairly in a democratic society, receiving the same rights as the majority AND … as we stated in an earlier serious of posts, if certain services are not being provided for these couples, like they are with other couples then … government should see to it that these services are provided (bakers, photographers, places of marriage …) even if it means reaching out to existing bakers/photographers to expand their services to accommodate those desiring these services … like the majority. government spends an awful lot in areas that do very little, even nothing, for its citizens … they can find ways to assist those wanting something that others are getting. it makes sense … WITHOUT destroying the lives of others.

    I am ashamed to live in america at this time. to call america a home of freedom. why? lawmakers seem to not have learned anything from past indecencies. and why do we address this? because it grows into a big, fat head with little to no understanding. fascism is like a bastard frame … hoarding for its own ignorance. it wants-wants-wants what it wants but it never recognizes its own peril and … the peril it thrusts upon others.

    it does not stop here, folks … look at the history of fascist mindset. I see it on TV now like it’s a praiseworthy concept —taking for its own pleasure, means, cult … dynasty. listen up:

    a celebrity couple, but not married … business partners, entertainers, get baited with utter and total disrespect. a talk show host made a baddie in interviewing her hosts, and no one found it funny. I could rat her out but I won’t. she, a lesbian, and always letting everyone know it, so much that I am beginning to think it is a LBGT talk show and not just a talk show interviewing newsworthy stories. I do not need to be reminded everyday that she is a lesbian. THE SHOW IS NOT ABOUT HER, or is it? anyhow, she is interviewing these two people who work together, one female and one male. she starts pushing her agenda … almost as if she wants these two to be lovers and not just business partners, when the man tells her that she (his business/work partner) is married to a beautiful man, the host then makes the comment that ohhh, beautiful? maybe you can ____ … (nudge-nudge). the reaction was a stiff laugh … an uncomfortable laugh. it’s an inappropriate comment for that talk show host to make, insinuating that the man could take his partner’s husband … can you guess why she even went there?

    those of us not drenched in these affairs are groaning at these escapades. it’s like the people are high on something and they pick up their pitchforks and run after what they now view as the ogre, determined to destroy everyone not like them … those who do not think and act like them. even if it means destroying the marriages of others.

    cont …

    • opheliart permalink

      if I sued every time a male treated me with disrespect or said something inappropriate … offensive, insulting and yes, discriminating … I would be a hell of a rich woman except, I would likely have lost each and every case … because at the time, it would not have been the pc thing to do. it would not be the vote changer or the vote to win another term AND … would certainly not have brought in DISNEY and all those other mongo corporations and kept them doing business with these lawmakers/states.

      insulting degrading and denying women is commonplace. the movie industry would not be where it is if women had not been coerced into stripping and you know what-ing in front of the cameras. sex sells … women bare all, but how many mainstream films show a man’s penis? who made this doctrine?

      if I went to the president of the united states today and said to him … or even each and every one of those presidential candidates … that I felt discriminated by several religions, religions that government gives money to … they would probably laugh in my face. but if I said, “hey, you host pope fran, the magistrate of roma, vatican city, head of the religion called roman catholicism, spending taxpayer dollars on his visit to our country … why am I denied the priesthood in their public buildings?” watch them mumbo on that … yes?

      • opheliart permalink

        in the last eight years why has woman been denied in areas—still? why are female athletes paid less? the list is long …

        we worked and worked and too many compromised and too many lost their integrity in this thing called male absolutism which is … male dominion. it’s a mindset, people … not just a man acting like he is god. it is married to vatican ethics, where roman catholicism lit its torch and charged through the cities and towns forming their opinions. atheism is often very catholic when you see the atheists in action … yes? boys will be boys?

        secularism is and always will be made in the image of man. the Writings are filled with this analogy. man still has not figured out what any of it means.

    • opheliart permalink

      Georgia’s conservative, Baptist, Republican governor carried through on his expressed concerns about our state’s legislation. He went right at the religious motivations by offering a more humane and hospitable understanding of the religion of Jesus. He also spoke about what kind of state he thinks Georgia wants to be and suggested that this legislation did not advance that vision. – See more at:

      i disagree with david on this ” religion of Jesus” … JESUS was not instituting a religion. never once did he advocate for christianity. never did Jesus say God is religion or God is christianity. GOD IS SPIRIT, david, you would do well to remember this. it was you and those like you and those of political summation that stole the Writings and made up laws to seat you and place YOU as authority. but you are not the authority of the HOLY SPIRIT, david, that church JESUS was speaking of is TRUTH. so, we would ask david, whose truth. based on what? your opinion ? this governor’s opinion or that governor’s opinion? these are manmade articles … tablets of ink.

      man sits so comfortably in his high chairs claiming he knows what Jesus would do. Jesus would have asked david:

      have you learned nothing from those you oppose? honor thy father and thy mother that your days may be long …

      what you are honoring is wisdom … her teaching. and what might this be?


      • opheliart permalink

        i heard a man on the news stating his position. there is a young man that keeps taking and trashing the man’s trump sign. he has been caught on camera and both had been interviewed. the young man is hispanic. somewhere somehow he believes he has the right to go into that man’s yard (having traveled looking for trump signs to destroy) … take the sign and destroy it. he has done this several times, costing the man a couple hundred dollars. the young man claims he is being discriminated against.

        the man spoke about how the young seem not to have any sense of laws … that they believe they can do whatever they want.

        that man has a right to his view and a right to support whichever candidate is running without another attacking his yard stuff—his home … what he puts money into. the young man is taking advantage of the situation … which in our society is wayyyyyyyy out of hand. there are few parents in our society today … few pastors, few mentors, and no one willing to stand up free of the hypocrisy, IMPARTIAL, and speak about the failing of our youth.

        when the youth think they have the right to push a candidate off of a stage (and not once but twice) because “their blacks lives matter” is what matters despite many people traveling to hear a scheduled speaker (sanders) speak … something is wrong with WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT TO OUR YOUTH.

        is it the professors? the pastors and priests? the parents? the politicians? yes, it is all of them failing the young people. and now … the law is “go after what you don’t like and destroy it” even if it is someone else’s hard earned work and hurts their name, their family and their lives.

        what are the pastors going to do about this mental situation? they are missing the greater teaching.

  2. opheliart permalink

    again …

    listen to the atheists, even the believers who pretend at “JESUS”, or some form of ‘morality’ … read the comments

    are these any different from the nuns/sisters calling people murderers who opt for abortion? these ‘elitists’ pretend at caring for mom by giving mom abortion. here, take this, it will solve your problems. they think that by defending abortion they defend the position women often find themselves in, but … look at how they treat those who really want change. look at what they accuse them of. please, go ahead, see it for yourselves! educate yourselves on the voter, your neighbor … those whose OPINIONS often get sway because it ruminates in voter land for policy, and it does broadcast both ways … extremists on both sides of the aisle.

    they cannot even UNDERSTAND what those who care are really working towards. those that pretend to care about mom are constantly—incessantly—attacking those genuinely wanting to assist women by laying out the reform or changes needed.
    but… these are routinely degraded … labeled women-haters and know nothing types, but what in hell are these bashers doing to help lessen the abortion rate? to help the women in their financial struggle often at the hands of male dominion? catholic absolution-ism?

    know nothing …hmm …

    you will know them by their fruits

    this is a disease in america. it’s called: pretend. it’s a forlorn place of denial. they do nothing to change the climate … they are happy to have women opting for abortions. this suits THEIR lifestyles because it does not involve them. out of sight out of mind and believers who think GOD knows them by these fruits … ha, think again. LORD is LISTENING FOR THOSE WHO CARE ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THAT DESTRUCTION IS NOT THE WAY … just as violence solving violence is not the way ….

    secularists rely on the drugs and practices of the day, often void of sense and reason. their ethics is unrecognized within their psyche. it lies dormant. they are not interested in getting to the root of often very serious epidemics. these are not the ones who care to UNDERSTAND in the Language of the Spirit. these are not the ones who will lead your nations to more well balanced, healthier lifestyles … for all people. as long as they have a practice, a drug and a person willing to administer these … they are satisfied because …

    it does not involve them. out of sight out of mind.
    and do you see these advocating for the undernourished and pandering to politicians based on party affiliation? these are not your miracle workers, folks … these are paid-for-view patchwork placating …

    who is in the trenches trying to lift the heart of mankind that it will find its home where the house is in decay? acknowledging that there are children and women raped in need of an abortion is one thing … paying the politicians with praise and money not working to solve the mindset indulging in these practices is quite … unsatisfying.

    • opheliart permalink

      and … do you ever hear these placaters and pc secularists talking about the mental health concerns on these online streams, or the opioid epidemic? do you ever hear them engage in the child sex abuse other than to state the obvious?

      clueless or careless? do these have children? have they or do they raise children? are children just another face in life … they come they go …

      but do they ever grow?

  3. opheliart permalink

    most pastors I hear today have given in to emotion. in eastern (orthodox) thought and practice, emotion has its time and place but more often it is guarded. it is not left unattended. if you read THE PHILOKALIA or klimacus’s LADDER OF ASCENT you begin to understand SPIRITUAL ETHICS, if not born and raised into a dogmatic sphere. today as is every day, secularism has its dogma. it is a dogmatic secularism. pastors often fall prey to it. they see injustices and say, I will advocate for this group or that group and vote in this or that … okay, but where is the pastoring in these decisions? emotion is but a current that takes one here or there often causing one to sink … or, swim, depending on the weight picked up along the way. if you enslave yourself to this dogma, any dogma, things unchanneled, you cannot expect Spirit to relieve you. you made choices based on emotion, often a malady of man.

    emotion must have a guardian. what will be this guardian? dishonesty and hypocrisy, along with poor intent almost automatically disqualifies one from receiving the Gifts of the Spirit. Spirit cannot align with dishonest practice … insincere, deceptive and hypocritical actions. this is weight acquired … leaving “no room at the inn” … new wine cannot be put into old skins. when emotion is god, master, king and queen … weight collects as you pay into and support policy that is hypocritical, deceptive … more pandering than actually pastoring … healing and helping … that weight causes you to become not light but darkness as you get clogged with dull attribute. the world may praise you and pat you on the back but Lord sees what? where it all leads and it often leads to nothing but an illusion or … loss of fortitude and important instructing.

    • opheliart permalink

      pastors, are you of the world or of the Spirit of the Living God?

  4. opheliart permalink

    you are not likely to see holy rollers in an orthodox church 🙂 … there is, at least from my experience, a silence of … emotion. there is a liturgy, and it has its purpose, although we believe it often falls prey to the boxed believer syndrome because of the stagnancy of belief (loss of poetry due to ritualistic enterprise). the silencing became too dogmatic 😦 … and sometimes priest thinks himself god’s messenger, but needs a good shaking to wake him from his drugged stupor. or, he is bogged down in politics of the church and cannot take the time needed for his “disciples” ( forget the bishops … too much corruption … ?).

    but the OC is going to swell and pastors of all denominations need to understand why this is. we shared that many of the rcs will be fleeing to the orthodox church. some things are underway that will cause this. also, we have seen protestants looking for more of what we call tooth. their fabric is too … stretchy and they want a garment that demands more of them—to straighten their slouching posture. EASTERN orthodoxy can do it … but do not allow any of these dogmatics to opine you.

    also, many of the youth are searching for something militant … as their feeding has shown them that causes, activism of some demeanor, is a way

    can you as pastors steer them to appropriate managing of emotions?

  5. opheliart permalink

    CarrotCakeMan April 2, 2016 at 11:56 am
    The media focuses on the “bathroom lie” in these anti-gay bills, but ignores the very real attack on all LGBT Americans these bills make. In NC, anyone who claims a “sincerely held religious belief” can refuse to provide services to LGBT Americans. Even a public employee who is a police officer, fire fighter or EMT can leave an LGBT American to die because they “don’t believe in being gay.” Mississippi’s bill seems to be remarkably similar.


    hmm, that last sentence is the first i am reading anything about this, although i do recall saying something on one of silk’s posts about this, but not a public servant … average citizens ignoring someone in need of lifesaving …

    lifesaving what? how is this any different from women in catholic hospitals? let her die … can’t abort what is going to pass anyway? strange rituals these catholics have. murder for hire. what say you? these practices, like the punishment and murder of others not in likemindedness with the ruling faction of the day has been a tenet for a very very long time.

    in this case, no, i am not seeing this being allowed. ccm, i think is exaggerating the situation. he can question but to state something as fact is really not being truthful. how far do you go to get your way? what you believe may be what you receive. so, you might want to show some clarity.

    the bathroom thing has some complications—waiting to hear more. … the locker room thing with showers has serious complications as we will see soon enough. primary reason … there are always people taking advantage of things—they see a way to —————

    why must this be so complicated? it’s too big and fat is why.

  6. opheliart permalink

    threatening with a nuclear storm if socialism is betrayed. huh, seems this is telling america something about its arsenal

  7. opheliart permalink

    hmmm .. shown much today. seems some atheist fundamentalists are going to get smacked down. yep. hey, not my choice …

    seems their strident efforts have displeased the islamist crown, and … bam a-rama is worrrrried because … his “planned” voting booth is now not going to work. yikes.

    watch what comes forth

  8. opheliart permalink

    over the years … as we move into a socialist economy, bye bye tax empt and special perks for the churches, mosques, synagogues and such. and no, this is not saying bernie will be president, it is saying that the us will be changing its clothes … after much stinky under odor.

    heck, why not … I got plans, baby … 😉

  9. opheliart permalink

    before anybody pc atheist deniers scream, look at the source(s) you used! it’s $#@^$! remember, there is what is being called a “reformed” muslim on that small question and answer interview … and if you denounce the one on the right or the one on the left, or the source …

    you deny that muslim’s right to be heard.

    please look at your own actions before you open your lap—tops to attack.

    but, there is an understanding in the Spirit that has to do with blending two yarns for one fabric. do you know it’s verse?

    hint: deuteronomy

    see next SPIR publication for details

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