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has anyone asked the 1.2 BILLION …

March 31, 2016



can’t find it in themselves to challenge other pandering candidates?

why aren’t they chastising their savior, the roman pontiff, about his doctrine regarding abortion? or the 1.2 billon catholics in the world? it’s a disgrace for a presidential candidate to believe a woman should be punished … but not the magistrate of a religious denomination with 1.2 billion members?


huh, do we see a serious issue of hypocrisy? a double standard looming large over politicians who have been pandering to the religious elites? 


how many women are being punished by the bishops … clergy … pew sitters … IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? 




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  1. opheliart permalink

    do we see who will be voted in as president?


    do we see what will happen from this point forward?

    what do you think?

  2. opheliart permalink

    ya know … I’ve heard atheists say that obama is probably an atheist. but what do we see advertised? prayer breakfasts … him talking about “Jesus makes us strong” … his faith .. him praying …
    so is he lying to the people? putting on a show, atheist? and you have no issue with voting in a deceiver? which causes non atheists to wonder if the atheist can be trusted?

    or how about this …. we have read too many times where atheists believe that believers in GOD are delusional (what they often call the sky fairy thing). if they believe that believers in GOD are delusional, why then do they vote into the presidency … or any office … an individual they believe is delusional? again, are these atheists not to be trusted?

  3. opheliart permalink

    we post this and ask that you read the exchange between WHO and YOH

    our question is: if one can do better through a DIFFERENT FORM OF GOVERNANCE to avoid what history has shown … wouldn’t it be the way to appeal? rather than KNOWINGLY allow others to take the brunt of the influx?

    one cares about the people—communities—who will be directly involved in something like this (who is a former seminarian who left for reasons I will not mention here … you an atheist who criticizes what he calls christian fundamentalists)

    the other does not seem to care about those communities because he believes in (how many years?) the migrants will assimilate.
    again, are the atheists of this view to be trusted? if this was to be your community, would you want yoh’s attitude running the operation? does he think america is immune to what is happening in europe? can governance be trusted to do the fair and proper thing? those PAYING THEIR TAXES and VOTING and FOLLOWING THE RULES, even moving to areas for the health and wellbeing of their family … shouldn’t be disregarded because some, not directly involved, have the idea that … in time, the “troublemakers” or the newcomers or the … “illegals” … or those brought in … will assimilate, also assuming none of these will hinder already stressed public services …
    hmm? really? think of all of the repercussions, as well as what DOES HAPPEN to newcomers not properly vetted and esp not properly TAKEN CARE OF—again WE STRESS: THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN
    * think of a foster parent who does not understand the child … or the foster parent who uses child for his own game (some of it so darn nasty and evil it makes me weep) or the foster parent who is more a porch than a house. the child is left outside the home, never cared for in the manner he should be cared for … or, there is always the desire to look good so the foster parent parades his “look how wonderful we are” and ignores the starving brood he cares less and less about as he entertains the elites from other nations, other regions and other laws (like sharia, for instance …assuming those coming in with sharia law as their feed will choose other feed. a real risk when considering it is a part of their RELIGIOUS belief, part of what makes many of them who-what they are based on their prophet … and, they are the fastest growing religion in the world. think ROMAN CATHOLICISM ad how it permeated the the states? … theirs was the idea and TEACHING to make ROMAN CATHOLIC DOCTRINE UNIVERSAL … heck, it’s in the title, what more do you need to understand? as opposed to the congregations of protestantism doing their thang, more often NOT asking for government funding … because many of these understood that separation … but the RCC used the poor to build itself into a government service within a striving democracy …

    and is why we say and say again, SOCIALISM WILL NEVER WORK WITH THE RELIGIONS OF CALIPHATE DESIGN! and why even democracy in america is not able to improve on itself)

    how many fleeing cuba were angry at their religious belief system?

    sometimes you just have to state an obvious because others are incapacitated.

    • opheliart permalink

      which brings us to another question:

      what will happen in cuba when the people realize they no longer want to be under the thumb of the roman catholic church?

      will the 1.2 billion catholics in the world along with their holy father, the roman pontiff, save them?

      which brings us to another question:

      what deals did obama and co make with the roman pontiff in his tax payer paid for, elevated, red carpet, highly publicized and very expensive, showing favoritism to a religion, visit to the US (NY, PHILA and WASHINGTON …) ?

      • opheliart permalink

        remember, many of the latin americans are becoming PROTESTANTS (oh my! lions and tigers and bears!) 😉

        read the statistics on this —why they are turning PROTESTANT (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)

        and you think the pope is happy? the vatican is happy? only if IT can meet with kim davis to encourage her to continue fighting for something that is NOT his business . or is it HIS BUSINESS? who/what is making it his business?

        and why aren’t the christian criticizers going after the HEAD … the root of the injustice?

        kicking against the goads, my friends … kicking against the gods 😉

  4. opheliart permalink

    morgan freeman has a religio thing going … know that it is RELIGIOUS … HAVING TO DO WITH RELIGIOUS GODS

    this is not ME

  5. opheliart permalink

    I cannot advocate for any of the women listed because I do not know what they know … not having looked at any of them and not having studied the info they put out; however, we felt it necessary to share that people know that this group exists, as tobin grant has stated.

  6. opheliart permalink

    so let me understand this … the chosen “by the holy spirit?” two former popes … with one (the jp two) canonized (having done 2 miracles?) were okay with this pad, with this former number two taking money (stealing? from donors?) from others and building himself a very expensive and extravagant pad?

    do you see what we are getting at? how things just do not come together in any real truthfulness of purpose (truth of the Living God) in this hierarchal place of excess? and it is not just these “palaces”, mansions (bishops of bling) … also the clergy child sex abuse going on FOR CENTURIES, and the inception of this dynasty built on the deaths and torture and suffering and silencing of millions … the complete hypocrisy and illegitimate life that has no place in the KINGDOM of Truth.

    • opheliart permalink

      we do not believe that any of these have anything to do with the God of the Living. SPIRIT of the Most High cannot align with these signatures, what they have sworn oaths to and what they agree to achieve in their excess. so … what aids and assists them (pays into and supports) this excess and what we view as lawlessness and certainly unholiness? … is fueled by what? certainly not Light, Love and the design of a Living God.

      THESE STATIONS ARE NOT OF THE CHRIST so … where do they get their feed? at some point the pope and his sidekicks need to recognize their ignorant ways. this has nothing to do with JESUS! this is man made stuff to build an army meant for what? THEIR universal beliefs and practices and what works in and through them and their steeds does what in societies in need of growth, movement … LIGHT AND LOVE?

      the BISHOPS spoken of in the Writings are not the religionists of dogmatic steeds. bishops of truth know their members and grow with them in Truth, not become headmasters denying female, pigging out in political fare and material wealth … and looking away from the crimes (like jp 2 and so many others, including this current pontiff >hey, the evidence is out there if you care to read it and not remain the denier, hiring criminals! praising criminals! bowing to criminals!)

      • opheliart permalink–sow.html

        i mean, come on … sports, jobs all over the place … acting, music, you name it …

        who set the stage for this type of INEQUALITY? does the gay man get paid the same as a straight man for the same work? i suppose it would depend on that work, but today in our society? the female?

        who—what is dragging down the female?

        besides our bastard lawmakers pandering to religions … RELIGION ITSELF, where it places women as second class people. HELL … shoot! we are not in kansas anymore, dot, we are in the year 2016 with legalized gay marriage … and our lawmakers are rolling out the red carpets for more unjust religions? unjust religionists?

        no! I do not want my children and grandchildren licking your patriarchal boots and serving coffee to your inept policies. get yourselves honest or get the hell out of those seats!

        or you will not see children being born from those same females you degrade and undermine!

        get rid of the religious policy in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and … that undermines female, or you will be mourning the loss of what you have taken for granted since man became a slipshod operation of ignorant parenting and policy.

  7. opheliart permalink

    when I read these things I recall the charlie hebdo magazine and how it seemed much of france and even much of the world stood behind the magazine and its deceased founder. remember merkel and hollande and others strutting their stuff down the main boulevard? soooooooo …

    it is okay for the illustrators to illustrate what they do but not okay for a woman’s rights activist to state her beliefs?

    wow … just wow. where does one go from here? it’s almost laughable except that people are delirious … they must be!

    they want a separation of church and state … are willing to go to great lengths in insulting RELIGIOUS AND RELIGIONS to get it, but when someone states what is an obvious, the people go in for the attack.

    good grief, what do they teach in schools these days? what are these people feeding on!

    but let’s take a look at this feminist’s statement. what don’t you agree with? wearing of the veil is not a religious act? an act instituted by a male dominated organization? a male god, even?

    waiting for your answer on that.

    • opheliart permalink

      it is their choice to wear the veil just do not impose it in the public schools as mandatory teaching (do not teach religion in public schools or schools taking government funding, paid for with the citizen tax dollar) and … government, do not use tax payer dollars for beliefs and practices of religious …

      how hard is this to understand?

      • opheliart permalink

        if government , in america, at least, abides by its constitution (chokehold as it is) … no religion overpowers the state. right? no religion amasses wealth that places others not of the religion in jeopardy, danger, undermined, ignored, denied … suffering … without voice … and no religion takes precedence. right? no religion uses its influential seats in public seats or political policies. right?

        and remember what we wrote about teachers having their faces covered up … there are many children/students who find it hard to access auditory info … and rely on facial expression-language and lip reading …

        that a teacher wants to wear a scarf covering her hair is her business, but one cannot deny that it relates to her patriarchal god of religion and …

        and should NEVER BE USED TO INFLUENCE CHILDREN/STUDENTS in public schools and the like …
        you know of what we speak.

        NOW … what of those catholic hospitals that deny women …

        you know of what we speak and hey, I am not one that advocates for abortion …as I believe there is SPIRIT in any thing that has some form of life with the ability to grow. even a drop of water can have life and …

        I believe that if a fetus miscarries, is aborted … even in the case of an ectopic pregnancy … SPIRIT is not wasted as God is not Spirit of waste … Spirit moves on to find ‘place’ where it can grow and move into a partnering that [it] might share in free will (if of mankind-humankind…). this does not mean people should be care-less or reckless … it just means there is more to all this than man understands.

  8. opheliart permalink

    i started to read this and said, wait, it was and is THE CATHOLIC who instituted the laws of anti-gay establishment (despite having like, um, probably more than 1/2 their clergy gay? nothing like a load of hypocrisy spread on that vote), no SSM, anti-abortion and you know the ‘place’ of the female (in hospitals all over the world where catholicism is law … and rather than abort a nine-year old’s pregnancy (a case of child rape) … child is FORCED to have the baby … and the babies are often then put at risk … and children born into houses or no houses can suffer greatly at the hands of abuse

    hmm … CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING … riiiiight … so delightful it makes me want to cry.

    should I read the rest or is this author still panting in the dark? nothing like a big, fat brush of … not fresh air, same old BULL.

    • opheliart permalink

      so let’s get this straight, kasich is only for abortion in the case of rape? is this what is his stand? which leaves the mother to suffer with baby after baby after baby with a lousy husband or no husband? and children punished, along with mom, because it wasn’t a rape but a situation of poor and destitute, needy or scared … hmmm …

      are these women NOT being punished if they cannot raise a child or more children, and feed them, clothe them … and house them? this is getting really wayyyy out of touch. men talking about what women endure under male absolutism. huh.

      and who is to say how these women feel … worn down from pregnancies and parenting? esp in poor and needy situations.



      • opheliart permalink

        honestly, it should be against the law to undermine women with male absolutism

  9. opheliart permalink

    as the papacy continues to try to appear jew friendly … along comes someone to remind them (and others) of what their catholic social teaching was all about:

    we do it for that universal religion: roman catholicism … and to hell with anyone else’s beliefs—experiences.

    it was all about SILENCING gifts, fearing these (gnostics and …), control hungering while flaming flaming flaming their fascist agenda.

    Eliezer March 31, 2016 at 12:06 pm
    Only if you happen to think that dumping all their Jews in a ghetto – called “the enclosure of the Jews”, controlled by the papacy and with the gates locked at night – makes them “a part of Rome”. The area chosen for the ghetto was one of the most undesirable quarters of the city, subject to constant flooding by the Tiber.

    The bull which created the ghetto revoked all the rights of the Jewish community and imposed on Jews a variety of restrictions such as prohibition on property ownership and practicing medicine on Christians and compulsory Catholic sermons on the Jewish sabbath.

    Life was one of crushing poverty, due to the severe restrictions placed upon the occupations that Jews were allowed to perform. They were allowed to work only at unskilled jobs, such as ragmen or fish mongers. Jews had to petition annually for permission to live there. They paid a yearly tax for the privilege…

    DO ASK … please consider … countries still suffering in crushing poverty, burdened by gangs and drugs and mass killings … catholic dictators/catholic presidents …

    today, yes today … still. so, do ask, what is that teaching really teaching? injecting into societies? we are not talking about catholics not abiding by catholic doctrine … we are talking about nations bound by catholic doctrine. what hinders these nations—keeps these nations from seeing to the greatest needs of the people? could it be their religious ordination? getting in the way of coming out of oppression and staggering poverty and careless and rudimentary crime, as well as the most horrific crime? what “marriage” places the citizens in such peril?

    look at america’s marriage with roma in their social services agendas. is it working? or is america paying the roman catholic church and not getting the results it should?

    time for that break… long overdue … investigate these “services” and get to the REAL FACTS—the evidence of where the money is going.


    • opheliart permalink

      one cannot stand up and say they want a separation of church and state and not speak the facts. deny the obvious and refuse to address the stumbling blocks. recently in the news … you have georgia saying one thing and north carolina saying another and who is really addressing the REALITY of these situations? they take one or two cases and form an opinion without recognizing the volume of cases and where this will lead …

      they may attack those they say are anti-gay … not realizing that every person is vulnerable under these laws. even the artists, poets, painters … cinematographers … because you cannot tell an artist to separate his beliefs from his work—what he gets paid to do often in public venues.

      what are you fascists going to do? DESTROY EVERY REPUTATION AND EVERY PERSON AND EVERY FAMILY THAT DOES NOT AGREE WITH YOUR THINKING? WHAT YOU PERCEIVE TO BE SOME FORM OF HATE? AND BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR LAWMAKERS AND JUDGES IN ORDER TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT AND KEEP THE MULA ROLLING IN, KEEP THE VOTES ON THEIR SIDE … WILL AGREE WITH YOU AND TOTALLY DESTROY ANOTHER BEING. wow, good for you, hypocrites! you must be so darn proud of yourselves … have you not learned anything from the behavior of others? have you not learned anything from being truly discriminated against or hurt, degraded and denied? or do you just want REVENGE (oh, yum! just like your violent movies you continue supporting and you don’t give a damn how the youth absorb it and think nothing of blasting a hole in someone’s head! order of the DAY—yes? how proud you must be of your art)
      BE HONEST … what are you driving at? your version of fascism? law according to ____ like the roman catholic church in its hay day?


      how many times must we share that you will see? laws should be PROTECTING the rights of people to act within their belief if … if it is not DANGEROUS to another. people will be offended if you tell them their obesity can cause health issues … would you attack the doctor stating a fact? because a group of people pound their fists and wave their banners? because what he said might have been … not in likemindedness with the offended? it wasn’t what the the offended wanted to hear?

      come on people, stop with the pot and kettle stuff.

      you silence your own voices. you do it to yourself … your children … our youth.

      the big bad wolf comes to town and huffs and puffs and your straw houses go whoooooshhhhhh.


      • opheliart permalink

        partiality to the core … based on secular whim

        power of the day

        and when the health professionals are too afraid to tell the world of the diseases because it might look like an attack on this group or that group … and the diseases start spreading like wildfire and government sits proudly on its throne thinking itself “the god” of righteousness and morality … our youth dies, along with a healthy future. ah, well … you get what you pay for, pay into support? yes?

        there is no such thing as SPIRITUAL ETHICS in the schooling today. why? because your gods won’t allow it.

        how does it feel to be in bondage?

  10. opheliart permalink

    ah, we said it would come down to a state by state decision on many of these topics and … so it is.

    and if people want to be in a state they regard more safe or more fair or more just or more impartial or more careful or more free … then they should be able to choose. right? democracy is about being given choices or is this a sky fairy?

    • opheliart permalink

      I have the Gift to see what’s coming. yep. we warn … but man likes his fast food. good luck in your catholic world.

      • opheliart permalink

        and the real kicker, the head of that catholic mindset mired in dogma says that christians and muslims worship the same god (judaism worships islam’s god, too?) … so, he tells the world what christians believe? how they worship? how f-ing arrogant of him! muslims may be angry, too … how dare he speak on the experiences of others! now … because he says it does it make it true? if so, and the world responds according to [his] “authority” , you have made the roman pontiff your authority, and you are in league with the muslim brotherhood as he calls them his brother and … you are of the religiondom of something called …

        spirit indenture-hood. you are indentured to the spirit (s) of the religion of islam. to us, these are religious gods, god of bondage … and is why we are not of religion, and do not WORSHIP within these confines … carriages, dogma, doctrine, beliefs and practices. these are not out … coming out of bondage. these are what JESUS and Paul spoke of in the Writings when he spoke of the burning … the marriage …

        you marry gods of religion. the Living God is impartial. gender is not a moratorium … because the UNITING in the Writings is a coming into your SPIRIT ID … communing with your Guardian—your Angel of Light.

        it’s real folks! if you are not in the Spirit of the Living, you would say, oh, you delusional winebibber! but because you are in “darkness” (unaware in the realm of the Spirit …) you simply do not know and CANNOT SPEAK FOR ANOTHER …

        especially one such as ME

  11. opheliart permalink

    and atheists may say, what does it matter? your gods don’t exist anyway!

    oh, but they do, fools, they are telling the religious what to do and … they are telling you what to do, and not do. can you not see it? 😀 😀 😀

    God of the Living is a whole’nother Mater. 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      I know people having dreams about ‘me’ … strong, powerful dreams. why? is there no God trying to speak in the place of resilience? 🙂 trying to get your attention? Spirit will use what is willing to be used to … get your attention.

      • opheliart permalink

        mankind, no matter how intelligent he appears, has barely scratched the surface in {this} field of STUDY.

        to make this as simple as possible … what would you need in order to give birth to new life … life that could and should be offered freedom to choose? if talking about a being, a son or a daughter … twins of son or daughter … you would need what? a woman to house the life and feed it, nurture it and give it birth. this cannot happen without what? something making a journey to that house—right? or, today we have implantation and …
        but the narrative is male and female in the use. in SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, this same applies. it was is the best way to explain this journey to the NEW of Life. silence it and it is not given its freedom to choose. and we speak in awareness of this HOUSE. it is a BRIDAL CHAMBER. man is not yet there.

        read the tale of tobit. this is full of allegory related to this journey.

  12. opheliart permalink

    all this religious pandering … is so darn obvious … coming from the pope, the presidents, the professors … it is soooooooo obvious and they are treating you like sheep —penned sheep because they know they can control you through the head trips and their titles and their influential seats. and they play the shame game … sooooooo obvious. you all are looking like the scarecrow in the wizard of oz! hanging up on a post, waiting for someone to unleash you. really …

    government should be ashamed … the pope, what a political charlatan, the vatican knew just how to play you people … what a scene but they are now cornered and sweating like pigs, because they took a chance on something and it is backfiringgggggggg—oh, yes!). and the muslims building their religion in the US … is taking over from the roman catholic church, along with that fundamentalism so many of you say you hate, and you … you have been buying it hook line and sinker all over again!

    what? you want to become a muslim? join islam? are you counting on islam to be “tamed” and abide by the increasingly strange an odious fascism coming from other camps? will this be a massive implosion? huh … wow, just wow … and many of you sit there striking a pose without a friggin care in the world …

    until someone cuts you down … because you are no longer of use, or … perceived to be a danger to …

    now, who in the world would do a think like that?

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