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from the voice of …

March 29, 2016

HELI … daughter of 


Truth, gift from God, my God, defended  …


ELI … high, ascended … Prophet … voice of


Mary, MOTHER of JESUS, is daughter of …


the Prophet





“Mary” is the I AM of …


the Way


the Truth


the Light




Spiritual Language …Spiritual Metaphor, both real and realized







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    • opheliart permalink

      an obvious if aware, and of the mindset to bring to light an INEQUALITY in america, and the tactics used in this recent militancy of LGBT agenda. heck, if it’s not the roman catholics and other strict adherents to dogma claiming absolute TRUTH in matters moral and ethical, it’s the militant wearing a rainbow robe spewing fascist democratic … contraband

      militancy has its wickedness … either way.

  1. opheliart permalink

    “The elementary school is often the lifeblood of the parish community, bringing together children, parents and other parish members in a common set of goals, practices and events. It is also the best way to keep the community together and pass on the faith to new generations. The loss of the parish school often signals the death spiral of the parish itself.”

    a way to pass on prejudices and lies about other believers in Christ, perhaps? a way to pass on the wickedness of silencing female, her GIFTS, in society dependent on religious influential seats? a way to underclass female and relegate her to the coffee server layperson or a breeding robot to build a dynasty of obedient members calling itself infallible and God Authority … or for hospital staff to sell those babies to make money while telling the poor moms that the babies died? (see SPAIN’S STOLEN BABIES: 300,000) and creating an atmosphere that female can not be of THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD? instead, ordaining clergy to pose as JESUSes … playing at GOD’s chosen while denying, denying, denying … and silencing so many. a way to pass on the very bad habit of trusting abusive clergy and hierarchy who care nothing for little ones, or women … to pass on the these CRIMES AND THE CRIMES of hiding the abuse. lie about it and aid its horror. … and that’s only part of the list. we could add, using the poor to get what you want from government while denying you are hogging a lot of taxpayer dollars for your own industry and the industry of your hierarchy …

    do you want to hear more? we could go on … beginning with the murders and the torture which is how the roman catholic church was able to build itself that dynasty … lies, deception, corruption and ..

    how can anyone in the RIGHT mind think JESUS instituted a vicious, murderous, torturous, elitist, piggy cult of an institution as God’s Word? Truth? The Lord’s Will?


    • opheliart permalink

      it’s up to the citizens of america to decide what happens to these houses. these houses have lost credibility and lost trust and lost …

      and will be removed … beginning with that patriarchal hierarchy.

      for shame …

  2. opheliart permalink

    the truth is, if the rcc and those like it weren’t so bogus in their demands …. creating an atmosphere of injustice and reckless parenting, there would probably never be an LGBT raging community of growing fascism.

    go figure …

  3. opheliart permalink

    seems it really may be time … to leave.

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