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March 27, 2016

now did anyone think this wasn’t a possibility?

christians might want to get their people out  of those regions

… and others of concern



at least 65 killed and over 300 wounded



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  1. opheliart permalink

    what really is the definition of a liberal?

    liberal based on whose theology?

    the liberal(s) (what we often name as ‘the liberalist’), is often an antagonizing faction of the world. see previous posts. it’s an attack on israel and the jews by pro-palastine rhetoric and gaming. and we have asked what parenting is a safer more just cause to encourage:

    israel’s state or palestine’s state—–MINDSET: beliefs and practices

    who/what do you pay into and support? abbas teaching or …
    do both lack understanding? yes, yes … but which has the vernacular to destroy an entire race?

    both clinton and sanders support obama and co on the nuclear deals with iran … this partnering. is it ever wise to do business with severely unjust societies? is it ever wise to pay into and support sharia law? at the expense of the american citizens? you do know that these are taunting at sacrificing their own?

    boots on the ground or not, the US is murdering people … innocent lives. what don’t you get about this order of the day coming from politics?

    sanders’ message … his ideal of a socialist state … will not work in an unjust mindset … in a nation of religionists dependent on the poor to survive, with governments continuing to support these institutions, their practices. this is an obvious … what don’t you see?

    as for super pacts … wall street bitches? huh, what’s to say? do you stop calling out hypocrisy, turn and look the other way after you get your million or two, and allow the rest to suffer? clinton is an icon of the industrial mediocrity—the megaphone of the establishment indentured to its own high towers, democrat or not. and any person silencing sexually abused women (or anyone) to save her dynasty (reputation in the establishment) is a hypocrite. what don’t you see?

    are you the hypocrite standing beside the dishonesty and the injustice? hmm … it is time hillary lose her game. let the truth be told about her “dealing”

    bernie, get your nose out of the pope’s rotten peaches and let it all hang out! be a DAVID of the OT or stop. you cannot use the iconography of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in all its partiality and discriminating lifestyle within the US of A! and play at a brotherhood boarding on misogyny and sinister parenting (the very serious clergy/staff child sex abuses) … DO YOU F-ING HOMEWORK, CANDIDATE OT … or stop! we do not want your tea any more than we want the tea from cruz. you both wear the label of rebel religious … male dominion in your silencing. if you actually see what the people are having to endure under a patriarchal two system rule (church and state) … you see that socialistic intent becomes a corrupt mirage.

    we like that you do not want the US in a war but still you align with men giving money to thieves and deceivers … liars and lousy, rotten parents

    war is already upon you but it will be far worse in your neighborhoods should you continue in ignorance on these deals, theft, lies, corrupt management and …. campaign strategies

    *reminding the reader … f-ing is FRICKING, sometimes, FREAKING 😉 (on two occasions in SPIR the f word was used in a severity of purpose. please understand this purpose).

    • opheliart permalink

      you will likely have to endure under an unsympathetic candidate during these upcoming years of insurgence … as taking a slouch stand on the indecencies of the terrorist within your own communities, the professorial lip, and the gang violence will swallow up the youth … and then you are doomed. go back to the beginning if you cannot see what needs to be seen. stop pandering to ghetto histrionics and get your houses in order.

      do not hand your wives and daughters over to an anti-christ meme. it will vacate the SPIRIT of the Living within a pod of self-determinizing … within derelict portent. you have worried more about the hand-maidens of hate than those citizens striving in your communities, keeping your schools and shops and landscape more democratic and family-friendly, environmental friendly and foraging friendly. your law attacks the friend by housing the enemy in derelict mindset … you provoke and demean and degrade your stronger more honest parents … in all your state bullshit law enforcing. which do you want on your side? your eyes and ears that trust law enforcement enough to share with them what they see happening in the cities and towns? to help root out the bad … or a distrust of law and state/national governance … because of heavy-handedness and bleeding the well dry of your hardworking community members?

      why was my car impounded … my driver’s license unrewedded? ME stopped by law because I did not come to a complete stop at that stop sign? to tell you of what I see happening in the communities of the united states. I am no drug dealer … but I can say that while officer was trying to provoke me (not in the way he had hoped 😉 … a drug dealer slipped by him … and made his way to the youth to corrupt. I can smell it … it’s that rotten.

      blow your horns any louder and you will deafen the wakers. to be honest, it will be the president AFTER this upcoming term who will work toward more peaceful solutions with a country crying out. his name may be:

      merrick garland.

      so … don’t impound him to the pen. ready him for something more.

      • opheliart permalink

        read the comment section where we share about the insured car … ensured driver on that car … and you get our rift.

  2. opheliart permalink

    so … australian mccleary, what do you see in this?

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