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the heat is on

March 25, 2016




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  1. opheliart permalink

    we believe the student should have been allowed an artist statement explaining her piece. this might have given a greater understanding of her reason for choosing and painting the subject and dispelled those fears of the denver police … yes?

    • opheliart permalink

      the only way for people to shed light on the corrupt … the dishonest, those covering for their own, hiding the crimes, poor investigations or no investigations … wrongful lawsuits and … the whole litany of inside corruption

      is to share and share and share for public visibility … everything from questionable sermonizing to outright lying and covering of criminal acts …

      writing, painting, filmography, poetry … satire … sculpting …

      fill the blogosphere and academies … street art … murals … even churches and community centers, social halls and …

      as a movement you are not silenced

      also, it’s important to add that some people, experiencing something for the first time … find it necessary even healthy … to share something about what they are seeing, hearing … feeling. can you deny that student artist her right to express a fact about the history of law enforcement, a time back in the years ___ … maybe how a friend was perceived and treated?

      • opheliart permalink

        and, of course, there is SPIRREALISM … waiting its turn … waiting

  2. opheliart permalink

    pillars of the community? father of five?

    just goes to show … how easy it is in a society ruled by mankind to use and sexually abuse children and get away with it. what works in and through society, its parties, politicians, and other institutions FEAR being called names, FEAR losing their reputations and the reputations of their titles and institutions more than saving lives. JESUS was about SAVING LIVES …

    what organization, group, institution practice or belief … FAITH … denies, looks the other way while children are being terrorized? sex, folks, passing around children like f-ing tray of treats … while lying to the world, pretending you are a PILLAR of the community, a father of FIVE …

    what laws are in place, politically correct bull is filling the venues that create FEAR … fear that silences that man can have his way with these young females? or males? what sickness-MENTAL ILLNESSES— permeates society in such a manner that incites this kind of fear … so lacking in love, compassion and the will to F-ING SAVE LIVES—THE LIVES OF HELPLESS, LOST, VULNERABLE, POOR CHILDREN???????????!!!!!!!

    man gets paid to do what for whom? guard the religious political elites when they come to town? but they don’t come to those towns, do they? so no one SEES these crimes … and journalists fail to report these horrendous crimes done by both law and pillars of community because … they are busy copy pasting pope reports (pope pooped today … oh, my!, was he constipated? our prayers are answered!!! they shout with joy)

    and the religious elites and their pen mates want more vulnerable … more youth … more abused to enter these cities and towns? as if they will be protected?

    what INSANITY is this?

    • opheliart permalink

      society is incongruent in these (shadings). for the most part, mankind is wedded to an ideal that will not permit him honest query. how wearisome it is to hear the atheist’s rants about christianity and its hypocrisy (true enough but not all) … and its defense of a similar if not often and even alarming less tolerant and rendering unto caesar ( tho maybe for a short time to be let in, to appear tolerant … until the numbers create demands in a manner mandated) religion and religious belief and practice. he invites silence of his own station. we have said this several times, but this, and its brother, the liberal and secular, cannot follow its strain (pattern) as theirs is a foregone conclusion bent on reprisal. huh, what’s a person to do? warn? enamor? delegate?

      or ‘paint’ a picture f the seduction.

      would the atheist or liberalist note the author’s mention of women and gays as [brothers]? and we did warn the gay man to watch out for the atheist/secularist that he (his desires of equal rights) not be used for insincere gain. but what has these gainers brought upon not only the gay man but himself?

      he will soon find out.

      worthy commentary from mccleary, if one is willing to step out of pc patronage. I cannot speak on his astrology gifts as test are not my gift … but I see/hear much in those names and births … and know there to be no coincidences .

      • opheliart permalink

        mankind is far from the Gifts of the Spirit.

    • opheliart permalink

      do take time to read the stories that you often do not find in mainstream agenda seeking journalism, bought and paid for by …

      • opheliart permalink

        sometimes, if aware, if impartial, if using Spiritual Gift in a place of remittance, you sense a betrayal … a disorderliness … a deception … a dishonesty … and the misinformation that accompanies loose intent or intent meant for self-serving agenda/party/image …

        each big head plays a game of hide and seek. once caught, it throws up its fare as “the good samaritan” … as they claim, “this is what JESUS tells us to do” … yada-yada … for itself, not of the Christ … to establish credibility, to receive the perks to … remain within the comfort of its titled seat

        but, we ask, who ends up paying for the worst of these crises? politicians/religious leaders should be ashamed of their wantonness.

        for instance, for every dozen news articles there are at least two stating what the roman pontiff wants everyone to do … or not do. the news is flooded with pope propaganda. pope the institution tells the world … ASSUMING he/himself is worthy of this authority. who made him the authority of all people? who made him the authority that he should speak for all of christianity and others not of christianity, telling all nations what they should do, telling people what they should do and not do? who made the roman pontiff the power over all people? who behaves as if the roman pontiff is the authority in GOD’s NAME, or any name, nation, belief and practice?

        people have said, “but he is THE pope!” and I say, what has his business to do with ME? who made him king of the Earth? a group of men, insulated in a religious and political institution, governed by manmade law, picks a man to rule them. what has this business to do with ME? or anyone else, esp if INSTRUCTED BY GOD. if instructed by God, there is no need of a pope ASSUMING he has the power and the glory to speak to the nations. this is what JESUS was Teaching to come out of … to take up the cross and follow “what?” …

        not a man assuming he is THE authority.

        how is the roman pontiff worthy of Truth? what has roman pontiff done that says that he is worthy to speak to all nations, telling them what they should do? he has sworn oaths to a caliphate organization … what fruit do you think he admires?

    • opheliart permalink

      I can understand the frustration but are these men demanding what they believe to be their rights? rights in opposition to what and who set the stage for this chaos? what happens in america if america and americans don’t give migrants what they want? heck, i am labeled ‘criminal’ because i don’t update on a law in time (drivers license) what i believe to be heavy-handed. controlling, when i am by law through a policy already ‘licensed’ (insured/covered/permitted) to drive car a.

      others say, oh but you are not in danger like the migrants. true enough on one hand but the other? will this lead to a massive silencing of ……………..

  3. opheliart permalink

    “Police say a 32-year-old man has been arrested in connection with Shah’s death. The suspect, who police say is Muslim, has not been identified or charged.”

    if the article is correct, they arrested a muslim for the murder … and we bring this up because the shopkeeper was, according to his social media comments, in solidarity with christians … or maybe thinking he needed to protect himself from people angered by the bombings in brussels, but it may be what we have been saying … he has more to fear from his own religious of the militant way.

    of course this supports what many are reading on the intense position that muslims place themselves should they attempt to side or align with christians, and i would think individuals of other religions, as well. this is very sad.

  4. opheliart permalink

    hmm … westboro baptist church has its meme … trump haters hate trumps message then attack in a similar manner? trump haters hating trump supporters has its meme … gay activists desiring to destroy the reputations of bakers and candlestick makers have their meme …

    are choices no longer a choice in american society? without reprisal?

    this is called hypocrisy … in case you are unaware

    would you call us a gay hater and a trump lover because we pointed out the OBVIOUS?

    if a community has 6 bakers and two will not make cakes for ssm … is this considered a democracy? would those DEMANDING that all think, believe and practice like them be living in a democracy? if a community has one baker and no other bakers for many miles, and that baker refuses to make a cake for a ssm, what should be done? one could ask governance for a baker. how should governance provide this service? force one not believing/practicing in ss marriages or assist in establishing a business to accommodate the couples desiring a baker more in tune with its culture?
    why must this be an all or nothing with much time money and hatred wasted with so little understanding.

    if I painted murals for churches —a public space … and someone came to me asking for a mural in his church and I found his church belief system and practice was against my conscience (misogynistic or some such thing), and incongruent with my beliefs, should government be allowed to force me to paint that mural? should those angry at me for turning down this commission be allowed to lie and berate, degrade … slander me and my work?

    both sides are often heavy-handed and government is looking somewhat dumb … both sides of the aisle.

  5. opheliart permalink

    ha-ha! unreal … does the pope house really think it will maintain its dominance on the IO-land?

    say bye-bye to roma and its half-way hour

    • opheliart permalink

      this is for you vatic ants

      • opheliart permalink

        each has his sermon, expressing himself in the manner he has chosen—like it or not! … who is the pope/rcc to tell others how to preach on ‘his’ good friday? the orthodox christians and others claiming christianity do not worship like the pope and his cats …


  6. opheliart permalink

    why does everyone act so flabbergasted and bowled over by a man in a robe playing the religious politician? he is no different from any other religious political figure so … and what have religious politicians been doing to the people for centuries?

    • opheliart permalink

      silencing them? trying to force their own patriarchal dominance on those not like them?

      the dude may be the god to the roman catholics and possibly the US government … but he is in no way our GOD.

      • opheliart permalink

        while pope spreads his ‘easter’ ether and they sit all nestled and comfy in their steads with star-studded basilica dancing in their heads … people are rioting and some poor people are having to take the brunt of this flood … pope, what in the …. name is the matter with you? liberals and … are you prepared to give up your paychecks? america can’t even take care of its own let alone a mass exodus.

        where is the money and services coming from? the roman catholic institution who already steals from the …..
        and will vatican city take in these refugees? the entire flood to save them from whatever pope claims is persecuting them? he is the one in the brotherhood of sharia law and oppressive regimes … his office is the co-conspirator in these perils. what is he willing to give up and what are his cohorts willing to give up to feed, clothe, raise and house, educate, employ, the transportation and the insurance and those updated licenses … health insurance and …

        maybe they will storm the vatican. wouldn’t that be a sight to behold. lotta selfie on that—yes?
        (truly i am a righteous woman. i just have a wickET imagination)

        he thinks that washing their feet and kissing their feet is going to solve these problems, stem the chaos and produce all the services needed for the refugees demanding asylum? yes, let them go with the italians to rome … to the pope’s palace and take up residence. it’s about time the vatican put its charity where its mouth is. hostess with the most houses … i am sure they dine quite lavishly in those halls … while their sisters advertise … procreation? more and more and more babies to feed? wow, complete arrogance or complete ignorance.

  7. opheliart permalink

    “Judas effigies are burnt in villages and towns in several Latin American countries such as Venezuela and in parts of Greece. Anthropologists say the practice serves a symbolic function to overcome divisions and unite communities around a common enemy.”

    you mean like what was done with Jesus? hmm … has roman rule taught them anything about that cross?

    • opheliart permalink

      “Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has said his country will not pay for the wall and likened Trump’s “strident tone” to the ascent of dictators like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.”

      two dictators. much like the papal see and sharia law/the inquisition? … and interestingly, it might be worth the president’s while to do his homework on the religious institution most antiquated with these two horror shows. why are the people wanting to come to america, prez? are you not providing for your people?

      • opheliart permalink

        maybe the mexican president and trump should get together on their big boats and … talk dope.

  8. opheliart permalink

    oh my … a park now? will we receive the names on this or will it remain anonymous?

  9. opheliart permalink

    some american citizens need to get a clue. they blame those concerned about the immigration issues without CARING to do their homework. they blame the republican sand others asking questions … hands down without understanding the logistics. hmm … because they HATE the party? hate what they call evangelical christians? hate what they call white evangelical christians? hate what they call PROTESTANT white evangelical christians or hate one like me not in league with any of these mentioned, while slipping in an inept study or NO STUDY of the existing concerns on the topic of immigration ….?

    lotta lotta MISS-INFORMED blowing smoke

    I watch the barometer in this climate … very carefully. when a child is abused? not a sparrow falls … and I am …

    caring. don’t anyone call me any labels or tell ME what I think, how I feel about the poor and destitute, abused and misused.

    one might say those bashing and accusing those concerned about immigration are MISUSING the poor for THEIR OWN GAIN! so they make up stories … throw they weight around … to appear credible and … caring.

    really? show me you care. don’t fill the online venues with your accusations and invective diatribe and ineffective lore.

    SHOW ME YOU CARE! better yet … get out your frickin’ paychecks, your own HOUSES, your own services and show the world how you care about those in need!

    when have you ever raised “children” in need of special services or families in need of special services? WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO WITHOUT THAT THESE FAMILIES CAN BE TAKEN CARE OF?

    words words words words … words and you do not even take care of those in your neighborhoods

    hypocrites … many of you

    party pooping politics.

  10. opheliart permalink

    truth is, I know so many people listening to the catholic church clergy, theologians, or trying desperately to align with the mark silks of the world but are suffering.they afraid to admit the truth. they are afraid to speak.

    why are they afraid to speak? who is making it difficult for the truth about these histrionics to come out and be revealed for what it is?

    • opheliart permalink

      but it will come and we warned and we will watch you fall in your own ……………..

      • opheliart permalink

        we wrote in SPIR a couple of times that the JESUS MOVEMENT was coming and we write it today and bam … there you have it … this is one of this movement and …
        this is what pope and his kind fears. the hierarchy always fears a movement focused not on their doctrine and their titles and their high towered cathedrals … abbeys and …

        where they begin to lose the control they so desperately desire and rely on

        because it brings in the $ to keep them high collared and systemically fed. when the people turn elsewhere for fruit … experience … something apart from the matrix called roman’s universal rule, they panic and pop up a pope … and use every gun in their artillery to make him popular, even if it’s all a charade.

        do you honestly think pope francis knows anything about climate change, the ENVIRONMENT … has worked in this field and can write its barometer? when did he have time to engage here? his is a pagan post for political gain … not a wandering to test the pulse of the prefect or the pandemonium under the sea. come on folks, why are you continuing to sell our youth to these affairs?

        dishonesty is not virgin soil

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