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March 22, 2016


BRUSSELS (Reuters) – At least 26 people were killed in twin attacks on Brussels airport and a rush-hour metro train in the Belgian capital on Tuesday, triggering security alerts across western Europe and bringing some cross-border transport to a halt.

A witness said he heard shouts in Arabic shortly before two blasts struck a packed airport departure lounge at Brussels airport. The federal prosecutor said one of the blasts was probably triggered by a suicide bomber.

The Belgian health minister said 11 people were killed in the airport bombing and 81 wounded.

The blasts at the airport and metro station occurred four days after the arrest in Brussels of a suspected participant in November militant attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.

Belgian police and combat troops on the streets had been on alert for any reprisal action but the attacks took place in crowded public areas where people and bags are not searched.

Video showed devastation in the hall with ceiling tiles and glass scattered across the floor. Some passengers emerged from the terminal with blood spattered over their clothes. Smoke rose from the building through shattered windows and passengers fled down a slipway, some still hauling their bags.

Many of the dead and wounded were badly injured in the legs, one airport told Reuters, suggesting at least one bomb in a bag. … continues




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    • opheliart permalink

      didn’t we say this would happen? I was shown many many months ago that those speaking out against ‘religious’ would be imprisoned. but what is interesting is that in america, people can say some of the worst things about religious and religion, and even accuse believers not of any sect or religious institution, calling them all kinds of harsh names and accusing them of things not at all true as they so often take the actions of one group or another and accuse all for these, without ever considering how moral and ethical sentencing came to be, and how this formed within the psyche of man
      … christianity has been publicly bashed by atheists for quite some time … it is commonplace … some have made a living off of condemning christianity. now, do these same condemn islam? hmm … what will come of this imprisonment? who will begin arresting americans for what is now called “islamophobia” … rather than freedom of speech. will the muslim (islam) then turn on the atheist?

      like we said … they are speaking of islam more as a RACE, and the jew … so these, like roman catholicism, are a RACE of people, as they compare this to the black population and how it is racist to question or comment regarding black people.

      but is christianity a race? we say no

  1. opheliart permalink

    the only way for people to shed light on the corrupt … the dishonest, those covering for their own, hiding the crimes, poor investigations or no investigations … wrongful lawsuits and … the whole litany of inside corruption

    is to share and share and share for public visibility … everything from questionable sermonizing to outright lying and covering of criminal acts …

    writing, painting, filmography, poetry … satire … sculpting …

    fill the blogosphere and academies … street art … murals … even churches and community centers, social halls and …

    as a movement you are not silenced

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