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dear andrew, can you see this?

March 21, 2016

Nun recounts rape, abuse by priest in memoir backed by Catholic Church


I have this sense that these men—this institution—is still abusing that woman by now USING her to make themselves look … like they care. I sense illicit intent. the nun waits until the priest is dead? or is it the institution made her wait? they don’t have a lawsuit on their hands and who/what makes money from book sales? wow … is this how it will be? they have figured out a way to make money/credential/image off of the victim?

huh, smells stinky. blame the priest but put another glaze of whitewash over their own rotten behavior.


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  1. opheliart permalink

    for her sake, please read the book … but better yet, someone in true caring and healing take her out of that order for a while and ask her some questions about what really happened in all of this …

    and we shall see what comes forth

    • opheliart permalink

      btw, andrew says …

      they have mismanaged her … and caused her much indecision and pain. he also says, they are not to be trusted.

      but who is “they”?

      that is for the religious of these confines to find out

  2. opheliart permalink

    “A goodly number of folks want someone, be it a preacher, a prophet, or a huckster (sometimes hard to define between the three) to tell them what to do.” – See more at:

    a question I have seen posted/published a number of times is:


    this has popped up during the pres. election probably more than at any other time, because people are very much unsure on what Jesus Teaches. they are confused about the PURPOSE of his Work and where he stood in relation to the “church”, which was not the church he was speaking of (inMatthew)… and state … and if you could step back in time and see the injustice and the danger to the people, you would understand why JESUS, AS PROPHET, was needed (and btw, we have shared in SPIR: GOD IS PROPHET … somewhat esoteric in understanding so don’t nobody get their undies in a bunch). the political zealous believer reconvened for itself … to build itself a dynasty, calling it “the church” but really it had an indentured name (you know what this is), sabotaging christian for rule, for rule and control … properties, money … the masses. the words JESUS spoke, “on this rock I will build my church” … is NOT what you see in religion, for the most part. politics became the heavy weight to seduce and undermine the peasants, the party holders and the preachers, including the professors, and they added fancy umbrage to make it look different, seducing the people into thinking this was GOD, GODLY or holy. … and professors seduce the youth into activism (while at too young a place to understand and too vulnerable at the hands of these fascists, and yes, fascists is what they are when they do what they are doing by using their INFLUENTIAL SEATS OF POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER THE YOUNG) … *preachers in the name of bishops and priests and pastors and the like anger me when they power-monger, play GOD to silence those they fear and those they keep in the dark and when they use politics to pad their intent, but the professor really angers me when he plays GOD with the youth. woe to these culprits of ignorance and arrogance, careless parenting and inciting reckless hate; your day is coming for being lopped and discredited. you should be doing the job the students and students parents pay you and not preaching your careless engineered philosophies.

    you can encourage the youth to think but do not put poison berries into their mouths

    which brings us back to WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Jesus spoke TRUTH. he asks that you be honest but in order to be honest you need to first understand … sounds simple but man cannot understand for all his … academic elitism? arrogance? dishonesty? ignorance? indecent proposals? hatred? bigotry? racism? lack of compassion … poverty of love? while ODing on his fix and his fare. undermining of those that he disagrees with, his camp, tribe, firm, institution, party and religion he disagrees with? man fights with artillery that solves nothing. it creates death and destruction. because he is not capable of understanding while sitting in the seat of the hypocrite.

    he simply cannot HEAR the side of those he opposes because there are stumbling blocks in his way … stumbling blocks that his religion and his state created for him as reason, conscience, god … remove the blocks and you begin to see and to hear what is. step out of the muck and mire and you walk the road of the dissident. step off your podium and you stand with the lesser in the society of elitism and arrogance. you needn’t feed on the feed you find hypocritical, disgusting or dangerous … you need TO COME INTO understanding on WHY they feed where they do.

    why are the people hungering for trump? or clinton? or sanders? why are they willing to go to great lengths to hear these speak, to defend them and give themselves over to these men and woman?

    pickins slim? or so huge no one can see around it?

    Jesus was calling man to LOVE. sometimes that love must come in a chastising. how does a farmer till his soil? plant his seeds … grow and harvest? how does an athlete become skilled? how does a warrior defend love?

    he must first understand love …

    • opheliart permalink

      trump got a standing ovation by AIPAC on monday (see link posted a couple back). topic: the nation of israel and … he said what they wanted to hear. some questions:

      what do you love? does israel come before america? should we sign into office a man that is not presidential material? a man who refused to allow the tough questions? he shut down anyone questioning HIS authority on anything! he stigmatized so much and so many merely by his arrogance … while standing at the podium with so many followers.

      did JESUS ever do this? one really does not know exactly or ALL what JESUS did because the Writings are written in another language. not only a language that was translated from its original but changed from THE ORIGINAL … the original is SPIRIT tongue, which is a hearing of the news in union with seeing. it is a HEART in marriage to the Mind to create the Soul given to Strength in the Work on … what? Truth … and one in love with Truth understands that Marriage … and knows the MASCULINE AND FEMININE OF THAT TONGUE speaks on LOVE. this IS the church spoken inMatthew, formerly Levi.

      Heart+Mind = Soul … Soul found Strength IN Truth within Light called Love (also understood as WISDOM).

      when you begin to hear the Teaching you begin to coalesce in fortitude.

      when you read the GNOSTIC TEXTS … “secret books, revelation … of JOHN, JAMES, PAUL, PHILIP, THOMAS and … you hear Jesus answering questions—the tough questions. did James get it all in one sitting? he wash;t sitting at that point …. he was removing his old garments for the new. John the Baptist wore what?

      no one enters the KINGDOM OF GOD … naked.

      • opheliart permalink

        hint-hint … Jesus was never teaching that man or woman hide in caves … roam the desert in rough camel skins … those vows of poverty are a make believe. in its day, some actually endured in these warehouses … but, FOR WHAT? searching … maybe. they did not know any better, and some wanted just to get away from the distraction and the temptations … but Jesus never instituted those vows—never. that is all religious hierarchal stuff. the celibacy … the whole bit. Jesus wanted people active in ‘life-saving’ and this meant getting people out of slavery … out of the horrid institutions … out of what is causing people to harm, creating a world of injustice and malaise.

        hide in your wraps and chains but do know that this is not of the LIVING God… the Christ. if I am offending anyone—tough beans …

        stay out of politics … stop imposing your INTENT on the youth and you won’t be offended. do your jobs and go where you know you won’t be challenged or chastised …

        what do you love? if growth in the form of wisdom, be prepared to work. donning a name, a title or a robe means little in the Work of the Spirit. without the farmer, man does not eat. the saying in the pioneer valley is: NO FARMS NO FOOD

        it would be wise of obama and co to remember this.

  3. opheliart permalink

    I must confess something. I do believe there are no coincidences. something just happened to me and although guilty and is why I will publicly confess my guilt, I must also share an important aspect of “why” this happened.

    I drove to the post office which is just down the road—I could walk that’s how close it is—and it’s a nice walk, actually. on my way back, there is one stop sign after you leave the post office. I did not stop completely. given my familiarity with the area and the generally easy going state of my town, I looked, and I know I slowed, but I did not stop. guilty. I confess. but, that’s not all …

    a police officer, and they have been very tight in our town for some reason (probably because of the drug problem and the drive routes from VT through to CT) pulled me over. I confessed, admitting I was wrong and apologized. but, that’s not all. nope. I have been a weary, somewhat angry woman about the state of affairs of many laws. and, … about some of the RMV lines and … I tried getting my license renewed first online for the paperwork but there was a problem. nothing I did wrong … no bad record or anything … just a glitch of some sort. ugh. I was thinking of people who do all kinds of foul play and how I have always followed the rules of the state, the town, the country … rendering to caesar … and, well, I chose not to get my drivers license renewed. I honestly felt like I was wedded to something out of my control and I just internally said, no, something needs to change. am I to change it? whatever …

    yep, you can imagine what came next. officer was maybe delighted to find something really bad on me: an expired drivers license. I told him I lived just down the street. no matter; he was doing his job. he asks, do you have a preferred towing company? no, I don’t. I have never had my car towed in MA I told him. he leaves me for a very long time and the next thing I see is a tow truck. okay, my bad … gonna cost me a lot. I am such a darn bad person, you see … a darn, bad, weary person … but I still told the officer I was wrong and apologized. not for being bad and weary but for not getting my license renewed despite having made some effort. I already pay for the car to be inspected—constantly—but that darn license (also, I should add that I have car insurance —up to date—car insurance 😉 … couldn’t there be an easier way given the inspection/insurance and service on the same old car I have been driving for 16 years? but,

    there’s more … and this part is not my bad. the officer hands me some paperwork. the towing guy asks if I know where ___ road is. yes, I know where ___ road is, but I did not know that there was ___ towing company on that road. he offers me a ride to my house. thanks, but I will walk. I get home and look at the paperwork and see no info on the towing. hmm .. I go online and look up the company and call them, because I want to know what it’s going to cost me. while talking I tell the employee that I received no information from officer about the towing company … or from the tower, just the street and the truck, and that the officer chose the company … I look and see he even misspelled my name, I say. hmm … I tell the person on the phone that although the towing person seemed nice, they should REALLY do something about towing a person’s car … without some record or proof that they are a legitimate company. how can a person be sure that this isn’t a scam and my car disappears, sold for parts … and I call the company and the company has NO RECORD of my car …and as it turned out … what info did they have that it was my car? the employee on the phone took my name and phone number and put it with the tower’s paperwork. she said, oh, so we know that it’s your car. … um, yes, so that someone else does not come in claiming to be me or claiming that the car is his and … bye-bye car? I ‘chastised’ the person on the phone and said that the company should really do something about that record because … they could have a lawsuit on their hands, even lose the whole business … because of a bad employee … a bad cop, maybe … in cahoots with car theft …? I don’t know … am I missing something in this? by trusting both officer and tower, assuming there was some record of the towing company with info like date and time of towing …?

    imagine how many people do get scammed … ripped off by people claiming to be this or that. you hear about it on the news just about every day … on one thing or another.

    person on the phone said … I’ll have the towing person give a business card or something. nope, anyone can make a business card. that’s not enough … but why didn’t the police officer put the towing into or some record of the towing company on the citation, or give me a separate record on this … he chose the company … maybe it’s a buddy of his? his writing on the citation wasn’t the neatest, and who in the world could read his signature … hmm …

    I told the employee of the towing company what I believe was a danger for the customer and a danger for them ‘if’ a legit business … should I do more? my bad can become their good if they do the right thing for both customer and company … but what of the stern police man? how do I know he isn’t making a few dollars on the side? no record of the towing transaction that HE instituted? by law … yes? I have never seen that police officer in town before … and I have talked to several and a couple wave to me when I am out … as they must know me from my

    • opheliart permalink

      after all, it’s not like I covered up child sex abuse or anything … or shuffled sexually abusive priests from parish to parish and school to school … allowing them to abuse … and abuse.

      • opheliart permalink

        and now that I think about it, our car was in a LEGAL parking area, so why did my car have to be towed? my car goes to the pen when it has faithfully served our family for sixteen years.

        what if I had pulled over into a friend’s driveway … would the officer still insist that it be towed? and given my house was just down the street I could have a family member come get the car? so …? what’s up with this officer? he didn’t like me?

        it does not pay to be honest?
        ah, maybe what works in and through the system really doesn’t want women to drive so they are cracking down on women drivers 😉
        to send them back to the dark ages … you know, through a wrap over them so that no one will see them and … you know, take their photos with their faces all covered up, and their mouths …

  4. opheliart permalink

    given the YUGE severity of my crime … you may never see me again. this is beyond my reach … out of my league … not my area … and I may not be able to follow their rules because I sense so much wrong in the industry.

    it gets harder and harder for me to live by state rules, often hypocritical rules, but I know for many … the rules are important. maybe I will pack in my bags and become a monk. I know I am of Hesychast Portent … been at it for a while now. I think maybe it is time to sign off from this wordpress and stay in house. I can still paint and write.

    I can’t do a hearing, and retake a drivers test? not happening. my honesty looks too … well, the officer would never understand … the judges would never understand … they are absorbed in their world and I … I think maybe it is really and truly time to sign off from this place. it has often been a struggle to write here. it takes a lot out of me.

  5. opheliart permalink

    also … I must confess … I no longer like myself photographed and I am really turned off by all the phone photos… maybe it was that swan the woman killed when pulling it out of the water to take a selfie … and that baby dolphin everyone passed around until it dehydrated and died … and I say a man using his phone to take a pic under a young woman’s skirt while she wasn’t looking … and the way people have posted videos and photos to harm people … destroy their reputations …

    heck, what of the native people that believe that to have their photos taken takes away part of their soul? no drivers licenses for these minorities?

    and … how valid is a photo ID when people can alter their appearance … do alter their appearance regularly. nose jobs, botox … make-up no make-up, hair color, hair style … no hair … facial hair … male or female, female or male? and what of identical twins or look alikes? you see … and if one IS INSURED to drive that car, wouldn’t this be a LICENSE to drive that car? (if payment is shown to be up to date) … this does not mean beginner drivers shouldn’t go through the necessary to become insured/licensed drivers, safe drivers … and often that comes over a period of time even with licenses … but couldn’t all of this happen through the insurance companies that we pay and pay and pay … and the elderly? tested for driving ability? another matter, but is also a consideration in that “insured” policy

    and please understand, I NEVER sailed through that stop sign. that was the officer’s version. I slowed and looked, but did not come to a complete stop. this is obviously what is required so, I said I was wrong and I apologized and expect to pay the fine. there were NO cars coming in either direction at that time and no pedestrians … so there was no danger at that time. I was in control of the car and I was aware. nOT DRUNK (as I do not drink alcohol, smoke or take any form of drugs as this is against MY work or worth —however you wish to view it) … NOT reckless in that situation. this is fact, but okay … he tickets me. I must allow this. but, I parked in a legal spot, as I said, and shared that I lived just down the street.

    what punishment do think these parties are after regarding me … I made no resists … went along with what the officer demanded of me. what do you think the officer was driving at? there are many things the officer could have done. as an officer of that town, he could have … gotten to know a long time resident having turned a very old and off looking house into a house that makes the town more appealing … hard work, you see … I AM SURE HE CHECKED MY RECORD AND FOUND NO ARRESTS AND NO RECORD OF WHAT? complaints and … but it says something about the willingness to be a part of that community, but that’s not all … if the officer knows the residents of a small town, he will know the volunteer work, using our talents and gifts, to help out and ….the money gifted in town centers … that benefit all citizens interested in the growth, health and wellbeing of that town. I am not talking about letting people off the hook that break the law because they are big spenders or have a title or … I am talking about seeing … understanding more than just a definition of something, or a rule that says ah, you are a _____ without realizing or recognizing more beyond that one piece of law. my car, 16 years old … do I look rich?

    we are not quotas or bad parents or … criminals … we are often human beings with great desire to point out where burdening others is all too commonplace and where public servants/services are often more about business as usual and not In or within the community … esp where there is great need.

    where are the cells involving family members that are advocating terrorism in this nation? do you know? are you allowed to know? or are you spending tax dollars and time on things not amendable.

    • opheliart permalink

      in addition …

      when I called to let the towing co know which family member would be picking up the car, I expected she would need to show PHOTO ID, but … the co wanted to know who was driving her and I said a friend (is it really their business?)… but as it turns out, both need to show PHOTO ID. hmm … are we all suspect? guilt by association? good grief! how is it any of their business how my family member gets to the towing company? she is insured, has an up to date PHOTO ID, darn it, and no one else need be treated as suspect … really now. did they think I would be driving it as they watch her in the car and drive it off the lot? or that I was dropping her off to pick up the car? it’s not their business from my vantage point. am I missing something here? I find it truly wacky that they should be so lax in TAKING our car (and the officer just as judgmental in his way) … but so full of rules and policy when letting it go. yes, make sure it is not going to a criminal or one with criminal intent, but what has a ride to the tow company to do with this? what if the driver was the pope … would they need to see photo ID?

      😀 … really, not fun … sick of the carelessness. there is reason I did not renew that license … I can sense it has a purpose for others.

      • opheliart permalink

        and finally, are you beginning to understand that purpose? where the worth comes in? how it is formed and created within the work? did I have to subject myself to what happened to me in town two days ago? no … but I choose to trust that what I work for and toward will bring truth and justice and … honest and fair business … better and more merciful treatment of peoples … to step outside your comfort seats and praise, titles and … and not in a staged, grandiose act to try to appear holy or good … to recruit converts and make money using them, and for political power … more business deals … making more money to gain more control, for this is what the institutions teach their clergy … to make for themselves more lavish seats, and little care for the people used to get them there

        rather, a working FOR Truth, not institution’s malaise, injustices and poor parenting. the opportunities to reveal the hardships peoples must endure under a certain system, or where people are heavy-handed and behaving inappropriately … that further demeans and disparages individuals or groups, causing more error, and more poor choices … sometimes desperation and the entering into of bad advice. a system born from the ashes of the poor, marginalized, misunderstood, mistrusted and poor parented.

        and this is merely a glimpse, because it would be unethical and inappropriate, even dangerous for me to go any deeper into these uncomfortable places, places that pit me against such large systems of business and rule.

        where are the PASTORS who say they care? are these men and women coming to the needs of their members as they should? are they able to step out of their comfy seats, seats of nonchalant and unknowing courts, and build relationships with those struggling, having to endure alone and find ways to strive? JESUS stepped out of his ‘good father’ and entered MOTHER to experience the well of despair. know its fruit, people, or continue to support men who degrade a man’s wife for his own dishonest and reckless political gain … for bombs continuing to drop on civilians in worlds where nuclear business, that business of owning powerful chemicals is more to THEIR interests than the day to day health and wellbeing, and healing of the people.

        a point: the towing company is not law enforcement. why do they make assumptions about ME, or those within my house? or those offering a ride to my family to pick up a car at their place of business? what kind of control is this? what kind of demand is this that they should insist on knowing who drives a family member to pick up a car impounded by law enforcement? if the towing company wants to play law enforcement then they should have law enforcement at the towing company, and they should have provided for me a record of their acts, not just what the officer insisted was my acts. they do not practice what they command … demand of the citizens …

        why should anyone trust unprofessional acts from titled names? there has been much evidence showing foul play and criminal acts within these institutions and these institutions, if they want to be trusted, need to behave in a manner more trustworthy … right pastors? where are you in the lives of those in need? are you advocating for your members? are you working within these systems of governance that is to “protect” your members, or are you selling your wares to build you a nice, fat ottoman … that you can …

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