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balancing the bench

March 21, 2016

imagine a bench … a long wooden bench, fairly lightweight, but enough to hold at least 9 people. imagine it with at least 8 individuals, with a growing weight … a secular, godlike weight … a weight that carries weight within one body. imagine these people gathering at one end of that wooden bench and … in their likemindedness, they make up one larger body … much larger than whatever is on the other end of that wooden bench. and let’s say, like you often see in those old, violent cartoons, the heavier weight at that one end causes the bench to flip. like in a seesaw one side goes up while the other goes down … but in this cartoon-o-rama, the bench goes up, flips, and comes down on the neck of that large body. and unlike what you might see in a cartoon, it decapitates that body.



in “THE SECRET BOOK OF JAMES”, there’s a conversation between James and Jesus that says:

Then I asked him, “Master, how can we prophesy to those who ask us to prophesy to them? There are many who bring a request to us and look to us to hear our pronouncement.”

The master answered and said, “Don’t you know that the head of prophecy was cut off with John?”

I said, “Master, it is impossible to remove the head of prophecy, isn’t it?”

The master said to me, “When you realize what ‘head’ means, and that prophecy comes from the head, then understand the meaning of ‘its head was removed.’

“First I spoke with you in parables, and you did not understand. Now I am speaking with you openly, and you do not grasp it. Nevertheless, you were for me a parable among parables and a disclosure among things revealed.

“Be eager to be saved without being urged. Rather, be fervent on your own and, if possible, outdo even me, for this is how the Father will love you.

“Come to hate hypocrisy and evil intention. Intention produces hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is far from truth …”


the head of John that Jesus is referring to is the head of John the Baptist. this is a Teaching. the ‘head’ in the Teaching in the conversation James has with Jesus is the power of seduction. this power is cut off because in the chosen of the NEW, disciple is not relying on prophesy. rather, he relies on Truth (Light), which reveals itself in God’s Time … and through the fruits (remember, Time is a woman in Spirit Language). when one is becoming, moving out of a place for the NEW of the Writings and moving toward Spirit ID, and knowledge in this starts to create images within the mind of those engaging here … things start to happen. those being checked for “the choosing” of use in this Work of the Spirit, are given gift(s), strong Gifts, that if not checked can easily overpower those not aware. it’s as if they do not realize how “powerful” they are in their Person, and need constant guarding, a constant “body” guard … as the SPIRIT … good or evil (as evil chooses, too, for its own intent)… is far more powerful than people understand. one chosen for this Work must at some point understand these GIFTS of the Spirit and move carefully … understanding at all times where others reside, as the Spirit of the Living God does not force or overwhelm for its own “intent”, of whatever need or service.


many … having gained access to some of the language in these places of SPIRITUAL SENTENCING, can be easily swayed and too easily thrown off course as they begin forming their groups to pronounce … things that advocate not for the impartial and loving God, but the gods of … policy, religion … self-interest, and where we see seduction is in a half-or partial-truthed lack of understanding (Peace) … and that growing body of  intent finds its home in the houses of the gods of mediocrity and … hypocrisy.


continued …


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  1. opheliart permalink

    Re: on making the mistake of attaching God to religion … God being much greater than religion

    (something we have ALREADY shared on … so no need to attach names)

    a comment:

    “This is what one says right before becoming a New Ager.”

    our response is and will always be: what makes you think your god of religion is the God of the HEAVENS, the GOD OF HEALING?

    there are gods of religion and catholics generally love to make those kinds of statements, because they believe their RELIGION—in the form of infallible doctrine according to men of political means– is the AUTHORITY … they are taught to believe that their traditions in the form of rituals and what their hierarchal orders say, and represent, ACCORDING TO THE WORLD, is “GOD’s AUTHORITY” but that is and always will be far from Truth.

    these are the OBVIOUS we speak about. read again what we posted above … JAMES AND JESUS. now do you see why the religionists denied the gnostic? why they silenced them through forced obedience to THEIR half-truths and … forced intent, which was and is loaded with hypocrisy.

    they have much blood on their hands … having tortured and murdered people, punishing, imprisoning and crucifying THE CHRIST … over and over … and over again.

    catholics, from my experience, love to say these three things to try to undermine and squash your fervor, your seeking … your EXPERIENCES, and generally speaking, this is out of FEAR of looking ignorant, fear of being revealed as following errant dogma, being false and … looking illicit so … they attack by using their numbers in force, a ganging up on you, overwhelming you with their policies and … they will not hesitate to use church and state to try to silence your witness … but I do not fear these fruits … they are what make me far stronger and much more SPIRITUALLY MATURE 😉

    but the pattern is:
    1. NEW AGE … this is what they (the staunch religionist) call everything they do not understand and fear may be more creative and sustaining than their old cups … taking attention away from their AUTHORITY … as what works in them knows it can no longer hide the scandal, the abuse and the ritualistic evils, and that their time in that place is limited, and what works in them knows they are going to be looked at as having done serious wrongs and …

    2. BI-POLAR, PARANOID, MENTALLY ILL … or some other mental or physical ailment (notice rubio’s attack on trump and what he was saying about his opponent’s hands 😉 … you witness something that challenges their ego, their dishonesty, their bigotry or their religion’s pageantry and lusting and … bam! they will call you one or more of these to try to make you insecure. seen it happen dozens of times … they even tried it several times on me.
    does not work on ME … and it will come back to make them look even worse.

    3. try to slander and undermine your gifts publicly by using their “bosses” … popes, bishops, “the good cardinal” and all that Bull to try to impress the viewers/readers … and try to make you look small, insignificant and not anything like their holy fathers, their grace and their lords …
    😀 … oh … the stories I could share here that would cause your mouths to drop and say, oh, wow!

    but remember, these titles and their “works” mean nothing without what?
    if their intent is to get people to fear you, despise you … hate you … their evil intent is just that: evil intent. if they have to throw their big, fat institutional weight around ….

    god love ’em, who is the insecure and the … mentally unfit for Truth?

    • opheliart permalink

      and again, we ask … why do you, if you hate the hypocrisy, continue to pay into and support it? why do you allow your lawmakers … to punish you … to create victims, harming neighbor who may not be as strong, by voting for these who use RELIGION, its handiwork and … its titles like the pope and those darn bishops … to gain votes … to barter to get what each wants … a “you scratch my back I will scotch yours”;)

      why do you allow this avarice? is your god the politician and you use him to try to get at those religionists you do not like? he has already betrayed you so …

      geez, what’s up with that? you are either looking the other way, burying your head in the sand by denying it … or ignorant on what is honest and just … ignorant on what is


      • opheliart permalink

        yep, we see the trades .. the deals … at the expense of female, child and the families trying to be safe and good.

        where are you in all this? a child dies …commits suicide … is raped and murdered … beaten and tossed into the woods, the river … the side of the road like empty burger king rappers … women impregnated and impregnated —used to build numbers of the political-religious groups/establishments .. treated as second class citizens, MISHANDLED< SILENCED<RAPED<ABUSED<SLANDERED AND RIDICULED BY THE BIG HEADS, THOSE OF CELEBRITY STATUS GETTING AWAY WITH THESE CRIMES and politicians and priests, bishops and popes don't care … continue doing

        BUSINESS AS USUAL … heck, you can tell those voting for a clinton do not care about hillary's conduct in her husband's crimes on women … says a lot about them—doesn't it? i see mormons saying "VOTE FOR HILLARY!" but is mormon theology misogynistic? are their orders misogynistic? ha … know them by their fruits? can you trust these politicians … these neighbors … as any form of authority? professor, priest, rabbi, pastor … even your next door neighbor?

        they want the money, the property … the business deals, the CREDIT … the perks, the people eating out of their hands and … I vomit them out of my mouth because they are vile and care—-less.

        why? because hypocrisy is a nasty fruit, and will lessen your WORTH IN THE REALM OF THE CHOSEn and you cannot be protected. for … how can SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD know you if you sell yourself to nasty fruit called


        if you know a candidate has lied and ignored it or denied it … and it is a lie that carries a lot of weight … such as telling lawyers or others in influential positions to silence women having been mishandled and sexually abused because you want to keep your image and your husband’s image from that kind of serious crimes … well, do not count on protection … and you may not care about yourself, but what of your children?

        the more I learn of these candidates the more I ask, who is honest, fair, decent and just? not one … as all are paying into and supporting injustice and violence in some form … and doing business with it … partnering with hypocrites, murderers and liars.

  2. opheliart permalink

    speaking of abuse …

    the pope has been under fire for a while now (imho, not soon enough and definitely not loud enough and certainly not by our CIVIL SERVANTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT in a manner that shows 0 tolerance) … for not doing enough, not even getting ‘his’ tribunal started … just like a politician? lots of talk and no action
    anyhow, reading this article the first thing that came to my mind was, okay, so now they attach zollner’s name to the book and pay the catholic press to advertise not only a book but a way to try to make their pope look like he is doing something—LIKE THEY CARE. *they are always making money off of the poor – need them to survive … use them for their own gain and now, they have figured out a way to make money off of their sexually abused victims! nun does not sue the bastards…. they wait until the priest dies then have her write her story and … there you have it, a way for them to collect.



    trying to make old pope, who is not really the rc pope (tell ya about it in the next post) … look like he is doing something. what a frickin’ con job!

    I feel sorry for the woman … they are USING AND ABUSING HER … still. the only good thing coming out of this is this … the TRUTH!

    • opheliart permalink

      do you remember the malachy prophecy? well, we have said as much several times in the last 3 years but … REMEMBER POPE FRAN SAYING: the pope is an institution … ? well, that is his way of saying … ;( … are you gettin it? pope is an institution and george is part of that institution and … as brothers he speaks for that institution.

      huh, I have never believed this pope calling himself francis is really the official pope of the RCC …. it looks and smells like a con job. for 3 years the pope has been speaking like he has two mouths and it became quite clear that there is a pope behind the choir master. yep. the old never really left office.

      how do you like them apples?

      • opheliart permalink

        catholics, how does it feel having a traitor for your holy father?

        this explains why nothing of significance was getting done. why there has really been no change and if you go back and review this pope’s steps …

        it is clear that there was pooh-pooh on that choo-choo … and they needed to do some serious ADVERTISING


        what a sham …

  3. opheliart permalink

    over the weekend I communed, asking how this would go and was told: they will be pleased.

    I have not even read the whole article and it seems … they are pleased.

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