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March 19, 2016

a while back we posted a mainstream press piece quoting PA’s ABBAS encouraging the youth to continue their attacks … a sort of “raise the knife” against your opponent. and … we questioned the authority behind this. we brought up the concern of poor parenting. 

allow us to share an article from 2013.


now,  you may hear large numbers of americans say, but you chose an israeli watchdog group for your point! 


who is watching? who cares enough to know more? the mainstream media reports what they are paid to report. they have superiors, too … assigning jobs … so it may be that the american people receive a partial view of the dynamics of both sides. forget about the religious fanaticism for a moment and consider the ideology … the political intent … the characters on stage instrumental in making this happen or that happen. and, ask who and what may be FUELING violence.

now, take that mentality and put it in your child’s school community, and ask yourself what you would do to keep an ideology from overwhelming the freedoms given … ask who and what would be in place of what is. ask who/what instigates violence, attacks, hatred and ridicule … even silencing of those of differing views. ask who believes in violence to get what it wants, including its own laws for its own version of order. ask where female and other belief systems, and works … fit into these hardline ideologies.  what of the work of artists: musicians and … poets and … writers, playwrights and … filmmakers and … do these have the freedom to “speak” in a necessary, cataclysmic, evolutionary voice? 


what happens when these ARTS are denied? what happens when they are silenced? what happens when society chooses violent ideology over truth—truth stating the necessary, the obvious and the opine?

many, many months ago while sharing at a religious news site on the cake baking for same sex weddings, I brought up a concern—our concern—as visionaries, artists, poets, writers, filmmakers … even prophets …


the concern:


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I SHOW SPIRREALISM WORKS IN A PUBLIC PLACE AND SOMEONE DECIDES MY SPIRITUAL ART DOES NOT DEPICT the god of society [popular/politically correct “god”of the time], stating that I have INSULTED/OFFENDED society’s god? what happens to ME? what happens to the freedom to speak, paint, write … voice … share … IN A TREND OF society believing the roman pontiff and the bishops, politicians, professors, pastors, priests, rabbis, elders, essayists, opinion writers and press that: christians and muslims worship the same godA MALE [as the former professor of wheaton, larycia hawkins, announced that the pope said it … leaving her students to believe that if HE said it it must be true? the future, our youth, then takes up the banner and does what in this mindset-belief/practice?] …

what happens to my ability to express freely without harassment, threats … abuse? a dismantling of my reputation? the chance for the Spiritual Movement, SPIRREALISM, to take root and flourish?

allow ME to make clear … although a gnostic, I AM  NOT OF RELIGION, not even gnosticism. whatever the popes tell you about one like ME, about the gnostic … no matter how popular you deem popes and pastors, priests and bishops, or any religious sect, title,  vocation, political seat, institutions, establishment and … they do not know ME.


I have sworn oaths to no man … and no institutional theology.






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  1. opheliart permalink

    what the roman pontiff and his follower(s) does not realize is the TAKING AWAY of a reality for people who EXPERIENCE, even KNOW, GOD of the Living as a GODHOOD OF THE MASCULINE AND … THE FEMININE. this is our Energy and our Essence. ignore the ESSENCE—the feminine of the SPIRIT—and you deny the Feminine Divine, and you live in partiality. the whole of the Writings speaks in this Spiritual Language … that coming together for Spirit ID. we do not agree with the roman catholic belief of their IMMACULATE Mary, but given this very prominent belief, as part of their doctrine, where is the FEMININE DIVINE if your pope teaches that you worship islam’s god? a MASCULINE that teaches female as subordinate? theirs is a patriarchal deity. THE CHRIST IS NOT A PATRIARCHAL SUPREME BEING IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE ESSNCE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST. but, you see … coming from a patriarch like the pope, one having sworn oaths to an institution that denies female, denies their priests, hierarchy the female even in the egalitarian sense of community … well, you can easily see the character bias. but, do ask what is his intent in diminishing, even denying, the Feminine, the Essence, of the Godhood.

    this is why we have said that pope and his followers, and so many others … worship a religious god … not knowing the Supreme in the EVE Carriage. hmm … tis a cry in’ shame what man puts forth for youth to feed in … because …

    look at how many are slated mentally ill, mentally dysfunctional … confused about who or what they are. no one need take drugs or change his appearance of he understands his inner REALM. I have said openly that although I am a female … and heterosexual as society understands the nature of these things, I am not just as man “sees” … I AM of that TRINITARIAN LIGHT: masculine and feminine and son (child) of the Living God, my Creator on Church (Truth). no one can come to the “father” except through ME.

    what is ME? if you begin to understand {this} … you are moving into awareness of the SPIRIT.

    • opheliart permalink

      please understand that man changed much in the wording of those ‘sacred’ texts. and there was much they mistranslated because they did not understand the GODhood and how the Spirit operates. when you see/hear the original … you know where and how man added and took away.

      how FAR are you from Spirit? from UNDERSTANDING this Realm?

      • opheliart permalink

        now do you understand WHY I do not stand with larycia hawkins and popes … and those of religious sequestering. why would I PROMOTE female as subordinate … unto a male deity? this is not the God of the Living in ME. I would be a traitor to ME, denying my own Worth.

  2. opheliart permalink

    Christ lives within …

    this is not a religious doctrine. no man holds the key to {this}. no dogma, no institution, no religious title, and no creed holds the keys to ME.

    the Child is really the PARADOX, what we have been sharing here in SPIR. that Paradox on Love … do you recall we shared on this numerous times?

  3. opheliart permalink

    readers of SPIR just coming on to read, may say, who will demean you, harass, threaten … an artist, a gnostic, with different experiences in the Godly Realm?

    ha, it’s already been done, readers … it has already happened to ME. harassing emails … and, I was censored at an abby holding an art show that was not just for roman catholics, and not a ‘religious’ art show, where I was accepted (the art) … where I sent my info … with plenty of time for chairperson and … to contact me… about anything, but the priest’s field being checked, did what? hmm? they assumed something about my artist statement and decided to “abuse” ME? take advantage of ME, a FEMALE … thought they could get a way with it? nope—they are in for a WHOPPER … sometimes it just takes a while, along with patience, but these rcs will know that WHAT they did was not only a lie, ILLEGAL and unjust, but they will lose credibility because of it …

    yep …

    but that kick the dust from your feet is not a place of denial. JESUS did not walk away from HIS father’s business. do not delude yourselves on this … he had other fish to fry
    as there are many fields run amuck, and there are a few chosen to take up that cross and see that it gets carried.
    don’t blame JESUS for … necessary change; thank GOD. or you might not be here, or … you might be in a nastier way under the coinage of mankind’s ideology, governance … and that runaway train with no conductor. but, remember,

    Spirit does not impose … cannot use what is not of a willingness in Love. Spirit cannot use what is not of honesty (virginal).

    • opheliart permalink

      do understand, I was a respected artist in that area for many, many years … an established professional FINE ARTIST when I left PA for MA … went back in 2011 to do this show, a show I had done a few times in my twenties … and to have these celibates and their cohorts arrange a sabotage? it’s so … I don’t know, off color … eery … wicked, in a way. I had no reason to think these people were capable of this … except now I see that these men think they can do anything they want, esp to a female, because they are clergy …

      now, although my experience in this was serious, because it came on the heels of something even bigger, it is minor (not anything to silence but minor) compared to what has happened to many, and what is coming for many … many who have behaved indecently.

      the priest that arranged this is in hot, hot water … his vineyard was being inspected and he showed his barren trees.

      • opheliart permalink

        call no one your teacher? since when do clergy speak truth when having sworn oaths to a regime? what truth would this be? whose truth? what mammon made up for his own pleasure … to satisfy his desire for power and control? these men think they are teachers … when they are slaves to caliphate organizations … a dogmatic life in the houses of man. how would a person know if these men are evil or good? their fruits?

        where are these clergy today? politicians? neilos the ascetic has much to say about these men strutting about town with their “disciples” …

        they will be removed because what comes will make them look unpalatable and likely they will be viewed as the enemy to the people. these men … ha, just men wearing old garments labeled slave. sitting in their councils thinking they are ripe when the people turn elsewhere … oh yes, they are in for quite the eye-opener.

  4. opheliart permalink

    the students of these “teachers”, pastors, priests, bishops, imams, elders, popes and … even politicians and presidents … sit and listen to them chatter on about evil as having been worthy and gone to eternal life, but the student sees the lies … what man gets canonized after having allowed abuse to children to flourish in his houses, doing all he can in his powerful seat, even using it to RESTRICT investigations and using it to SILENCE victims … along with his CONFESSIONAL, playing at priestly GODLINESS (how very, very ignorant-minded) and all those illicit teachings of his dogmatic print … enslaving billions and billions of innocent people … teaching they must be obedient to religious gods that they might go to heaven. HA! what lies! look around you! what do you see? pick up that seat of yours and step out and what do you now see? hear?

    but the truly alarming part in these histrionics is where and how those students see what transpires under the table, behind closed doors … he knows of the deals, the betrayals and the deception, along with the abuses and he goes along with it … plays his cards for his own ‘making’ and continues the trade.

    these clergy think their students aren’t watching, or that they are somehow stupid sheep with no ability to see the hypocrisy. and that “chosen” chant is such a recipe for disaster … allowing people to think they are the universal, all knowing, authority … and that their rituals will save … that a brand name or a title ENTITLES a person to … abuse and … lie about it. deny it is happening and … because they have a priest doing the sign of the cross and mumbling something he created for his own elitist seat to mastermind and control others is going to erase the dishonesty … the crimes.

    but, God says: away from ME you of lawlessness. I never knew YOU.

    and the people are half-“churched” on TRUTH.

    • opheliart permalink

      when the Jesus Movement gets into high gear, the hierarchies and those “superiors”, clergy and the like … are going to be removed from their seats.

      you watch … those nones are merely in transition, and some of the atheists are, well … still sleeping

      • opheliart permalink

        this will be proof enough that THE CHRIST is no fraud … that JESUS has a voice and that TRUTH NEVER DIES. but again, you will know them by their fruits because … you will always have your poor.

        many are called; few are chosen.

    • opheliart permalink

      when a field (place/area) is too demonstrative, too dangerous, too overbearing, to powerful, too careless, too indecisive, too cold, too hot, too worn and … too anthropologic, and not giving voice and space and care to the SPIRITUAL WELLBEING …

      kick the dust from your feet? depart … for your LOVE and … neighbor should he see your fruit is impartial and follow. too many authors of ink and histrionics do not demonstrate that fields are not always ripe for plowing, planting and harvesting. you put all your eggs in one basket but, what if that basket breaks? what if the skin is cracked … diseased, decayed, overly used and overly worn?

      a land is only “holy” if water resides there. good, honest, impartial ESSENCE of the SPIRIT of the Living … God. can you sew new patches to the old garment? not in the Spirit of God Almighty in the Living Truth. yes, TRUTH is a Living opulence! it has many mansions with many rooms but, it does not allow indecision … errant foliage.

      we speak of HEARTMIND as HEARTLAND.

      • opheliart permalink

        why do government leaders pay into and support dishonesty and terrorist activities … unjust governance and poor parentage? why make deals with ignorance and unfair portent? as a citizen of the US, I do not want my work going to the devil of these regimes. what are the democrats of the US, and their supporters thinking? are they in their right mind? hmm … but how do you protect a people from these terrorists, and those paying into and supporting terrorism, poor parenting and horribly unjust governance?

        if a child behaves horribly, do you give him a cookie? milk and cookies? do you reward him for his indecency? you give him an olive branch and see what he does with it. not money … money that helps him build his groups/military to attack those he believes are his foes …. as he is land-mongering for what? his own unjust beliefs and practices, and his version of success and pride.

        but, it is not wise to ignore the injustice, just don’t give it any big fuel that will allow it to amass wealth that will destroy all you worked so hard to nurture and grow. he will demolish you, your family and your fields … and taint your water, undrinkable. dry it up and … it becomes as a barren place of unspeakable thirst.

        the olive branch … what might this be for trump? what might this be for authority of lands unrepentant?

        I have been hearing for many weeks now that trump will self-destruct, and was interested to read this in commentary earlier this week. but how might this happen? was an olive branch given to the pastor … to see what he would do with it? 😉 what olive branch should these pastors, leaders, businessmen, teachers and … give to trump to see what he will do with it?

        I hear TIME. hmm … TIME IS A WOMAN in Spiritual Understanding so … how might you give trump a woman? think about it …

        as for iran and his allies … what is holy about land that is worn? abused … misused and terrorized? what might the olive branch be for these clinging to ISRAEL? Israel is a moving PLANET——–didn’t you know?

  5. opheliart permalink

    and let ME remind ALL of YOU, including those of judaism and protestantism … the roman pontiff is a politician playing a parent-type. as a man indentured to his institution called the roman catholic church, headed by an all-male establishment and operated by orders … and diocesan laws … he speaks for and to his own members, NOT the whole of the PLANET.

    tell him to clean his own house first before asking if he can speak to the Planet. he has no authority to speak to people who find his laws outdated, abusive and corrupt … insensitive, bullish, brutish, ignorant on many levels and obtuse in the area of Light …

    please, do any of you sitting in seats of influence have the BALL to play the game honest? fair, just impartial and true? or are you afraid of losing that cushy seat if you call out the obvious? why must we all be harassed AND SILENCED by a hierarchy that does not even speak our language? and … pray tell, what does the roman pontiff have to do with DEMOCRACY? or any other institution of governance, people’s republic or otherwise? he is of ROMA catholicism … the VATICAN CITY STATE. what don’t you people get about this?


    • opheliart permalink

      his is a too fat organization taking up a lot of time and money for its own … coffers, coffins, houses of self-interest and titleships … that do not know how to tell TIME 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        from our vantage point, trump and the roman pontiff are very much alike. they are born from the same woman. unlike merrick garland, at an early age, both were handed a seat … having been born into a large estate. both are business men and both are politicians. both leave behind big messes after they leave an area, much confusion and much tempting …

        a great expense to the taxpayer

        both say something then create confusion, even deny having said it or deny being of a certain stance on an issue/topic … and both have reporters and party affiliates on damage control to continue the mirage. both are engineers of caliphate design and both sing their own authorship and entitlements by histrionics in the world, making statements with hard to read and hard to reach truths because … of all of the dramatizing.

        shall I go on? but roman pontiff has a title that lures and denies … and he has been coached like most politicians on how to playact to appear a certain way …

        it’s not hard to see … does not take a brain child to see it, folks … unless you refuse to look.

        you reap what you sow, folks … you parade a pope … you get a trump.

        receive what you believe? get what you pay for?

        huh, we tried to warn, but … oh well. if you remain silent on the very obvious poor parentage, the abuse, the deception, the lies and the out and out discrimination and illegal practice in a democracy that says, or should say: all MEMBERS are created equal…

        who has TIME for the bigotry, racist, adulteress, pigheadedness, stiff-necked, power-mongering, land and money hoarding, now policy hoarding … headship of another deity, a RELIGIOUS deity? come on, people! WAKE!

  6. opheliart permalink

    and people wonder if God is working in their lives? they wonder if trump is punishment to america? (i have read their comments) … do you realize how many people praised and promoted the roman pontiff while victims suffered? while women are being misused and misunderstood and mishandled, and DENIED, along with others … VICTIMS SILENCED … crimes not being investigated because “how can you speak questionably about THE POPE”? in AMERICA—IN AMERICA! even the PROTESTANTS were using pope for their own political endeavor (how clever of that devilish vatican … how very clever except …. ) lapping up that roman catholic koolaid without ever asking for the facts about his history … forgetting anything ever taught to them about these institutions and how they barter for their own industry and not for GOD, the IMPARTIAL ONE.

    YOU FRICKING CHOSE YOUR GOD, PEOPLE …pop-up francis and his canonizations—their saints … on AMERICAN SOIL, denying the voices of those trounced on and silenced. even bernie the bern sanders praised pope, ignoring the deception of this industry, an industry he says he is against! no eyes to see? no ears to hear? he and his party officials have either not done their homework or … they use the religionist to gain votes. yep. can’t be totally honest because why? they care more about votes so hey,

    where is TRUTH in all this pandering? right where your support is.

    you bought yourself a trump … and you paid for your god, now either say what needs to be said or f-ing live with your american pope monster called don the trump THROUGH your god the roman pontiff. if these two speak your language then you are happy, until you and your loved ones are betrayed …

    and they will be betrayed … too late now … but you can bring change in this election … you can turn this tide …

    think about it

    • opheliart permalink

      the evidence of the crimes and corruption in the institution is overwhelming and so many of your pastors, priests, elders, teachers, professors, politicians … IGNORED THE OBVIOUS! turned and looked the other way? what were you expecting to come out of this current pontiff? pooping gold?
      huh, you will get your silver … 30 pcs of it …

      for YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHED … fields checked … and you ignored the victims and continue to pay into and support lies. now, the pontiff tells YOU to take in his refugees … HIS, because his members, and those of his BROTHERHOOD (a marriage of like minds) are careless parents and do not want to give up anything for them … they are advertising for YOU to pay for his care-less parenting. GUILT, POLITICKING METHODS … pitting brother against brother … with all the money in that vatican city and those lavish lifestyles and those lavish palaces/houses for so very long … CENTURIES and CENTURIES OF EXCESS … hoarding, power-mongering and

      abuse ….

      we come to your reward. what say you?

  7. opheliart permalink

    and do not dismiss the threats to family members of these candidates … sons and daughters … there is a viral stream of hatred running both sides of the banks of the river

    that latest was quite eery …
    demos do not have it together any more than their “enemy”, and that is exactly what some of the more militant tech savvy people view their “rivals” … they view them as an enemy and these are taught through various means of violence to take the enemy out of the running.

    I know the smell of this … I have gotten a whiff of this stench … and know what some of this parenting will do to protect an establishment …. to create for themselves a dynasty …

    it smells rotten to the core

    • opheliart permalink

      imagine the bullies in middle school and high school … college … what nastiness they are capable of so young a person …

      what have these been feeding in that they should be so ugly … so cruel, so masterminding to destroy lives?

      oh, yes … that’s right … hero worship in the movies kills and kills and kills and the writers make it look good and just and … acceptable ways of taking down the “enemy” but they forget that there are millions of civilians getting killed, too …

      isn’t that correct, governments?

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