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March 16, 2016

I was watching a movie the other night where the pagan ‘wisdom seekers’ several times spoke of the wanderers. THE WANDERERS. at first I thought they were referring to the ancients, the earlier philosophers … then someone said, “they speak of the planets.” ah, yes … the Planets. to these early engineers of social wisdom, they very much wanted to learn how the stars did not fall on top of their heads, and if their “planet” was round or flat. “we will fall off if it turns upside down!”  … christian, jew, pagan … other. but, there was too much violence and I turned it off; the movie, that is … especially after having watched MACBETH the day before. too much is, well, too much. it is not healthy to engage in something of this substance too much because … it harms


I have work that must not allow so much … of any one thing. it will attempt to sabotage the mind while the Heart ponders; which is saying … the Heart ascends to the Heavens for higher understanding in the Realm of the Spirit.

what? you do not believe in the Spirit, the Heavens, a SUPREME BEING. hmm … only a fool denies



imagine yourself a Planet and the command is, “be fruitful; go forth and multiply.” how would you do this?  would you need to first understand what you are? what am I that I should multiply this? am I god? am I godless? am I jew? am I christian? am I roman catholic? am I republican? am I democrat? am I homosexual? am I greek? am I black?

what am I?

if you were left on a doorstep of people with skin the color blue … you might not know some things about your entering into the world, but does it matter? is this a mandatory learning that you know mama and papa? if the family that takes you in is kind and loving and willing to help you grow healthy—not without chastening—healthy … you would be privileged even without knowing your mama and your papa. heck, some live 20 years or more in a house without knowing their papa. some spend a lifetime … never really knowing papa. some live 50 years within a marriage without gain—without growth—without knowing



GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY! but, how? you ask. what am I? uh, well, I am ANGRY! shouts one man, with his fists clenched. look at our nation! our governance! an Alien stops by to investigate. he looks, and says, why do you feed in violence? don’t you know that it is not healthy for you and your kin? look at your ground, it cries out … your water, it weeps. grrumf … the Angry walks away. he likes being angry for his time has come to

to what? to realize what he is. but, he does not see this. he does not understand what this means. it is not the anger that is errant or insubordinate; it is the weight of his worth that keeps him angry and not moving into the penitent



how many Planets are undermined, diseased, delayed, denied … and destroyed … for PLANET BBRCYAMF-P to get what he desires? how many Planets suffer under the weight of PLANET BBCYAMF-P and his kin once he is in a seat of peer influence, rendering for him an expanding position of Power?


++++++++++++  +  +++


while of high school age, a friend of mine came to my door. I was not home. when I came home, my mother told me that someone had been asking for me. she said, “ask your dad; he is the one that answered the door.” so I went to my dad and I asked him. “I think the guy said his name was Mumbo,” he answered. Mumbo? that’s it? just mumbo? “that’s what I heard him say, ” he replied (my dad was very bad with names).




it took ME asking a few questions … what did he look like? what did he sound like? was he short or tall? after a while I put it all together and figured out that it was my friend Michael … whose last name also started with an M … and if he mumbled and said his name fast, it might sound like mumbo. might … if not really listening, or caring … to know.



how much MUMBO do you as a pastor, priest, rabbi or … give to those who come to you asking questions? asking for assistance … and



what you believe may be what you receive?

but, think of this as a wrap-around system of belief … and action … like the IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE story we shared some time ago. it begins to look more like what you give out is what you get back, doesn’t it? with one substantial difference. the cookie is not as fresh as it was the first time around … and the milk? not as sweet? right,













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  1. opheliart permalink

    obama’s nomination for the supreme court:

    on the topic of MERRICK GARLAND being a JEWISH man, a man of the religion of judaism, as well, is really saying what? he is a reformed jew, from what I read … and this means nothing to one like me, however … where it does matter is his affiliation with his doctrine and what this requires … and, where he may be compromised, or swayed, not for the betterment of ALL US citizens … because of his dual alliance (church and state) …

    from my vantage point, I do not see this as an issue with this particular nominee, although I believe he is not vocal in areas of most in need in this day … but that’s another matter.

    and the only reason these topics come up … these questions are addressed … is because people are OF something that may conflict with the job requirements. if a nominee is conflicted due to doctrine of his religion and cannot be impartial in his ethical standing, and his VIEW OF ALL CITIZENS (including women) … well then, he is not at a place of “all members are created equal” … members/citizens of a nation.

    now … where we may see an issue is the reaction from the more militant groups, who might view obama’s choice as a sign of betrayal. we might. let’s see how these groups react. let’s see what comes forth from the more dogmatic … the more extreme, the more reactionary … and we are not referring to the republican sect, as these stated a no-no-no before obama’s choice of replacement of SCALIA

    • opheliart permalink

      the present standing of the supreme court is roman catholic and jewish (judaism?), but if society begins to understand roman catholicism as a race, which indeed it is, and judaism as a race (born in and raised in—of LIKENESS TO—IN THE IMAGE OF ____ … according to the LAWS AND DECREES OF ___) … then there may be an issue with not having representation from other “races” … and do understand, reform judaism and reform catholicism are a reality that society has yet to qualify in terms of standing.

      you call yourself a jew, but what are you? you call yourself a catholic, but what are you? where do you stand? why do you support and pay into discrimination, bigotry, injustice and racism? why do you continue to support and pay into that which you do not believe? you should not be silent on the support and monies for unjust means and stand before the court saying you are not in alliance with the doctrine of the religion you say you are (belong to). so we ask, are you a slave? who/what is your MASTER? if you say CONSCIENCE then why do you continue to support and pay into the indecencies permeating a free society? why do you hinder growth?

      and allow us to add:

      a cradle catholic will tell you that clergy born and raised in the cradle of roma is eligible for higher seats … whereas those having converted as an adult are limited in their standing within the institution (told to me by a convert considering the priesthood told to him by cradle clergy) … this shows favoritism and is not OF THE GOD OF THE LIVING … is NOT of THE CHRIST … as JESUS demonstrated this injustice time and time again, but,

      do you understand WHY these institutional heads refuse and deny? those WEDDED to this doctrine have a debt to pay … know this.

      ALSO, very important … these institutions should not be given special government status (tax exempt, lack of female hierarchy/clergy ordinations …) in the united states of america. how is this a democracy when government cherry picks? shows favoritism too? in a democratic government it is hypocritical to say the least.

      we would like to see the SUPREME COURT do its job in a manner that does not FAVOR large religionist mentality.

      • opheliart permalink

        the atheist/nonbeliever is content to lap the crumbs from the floor. why does he sleep? if not militant … if not of his own mental injustice, he has a valid voice. it is not to judge and condemn the believer he does not agree with … but to ARTICULATE the obvious.

        obama seems to not understand his own mind. why do you not question his ethics? does he rally for political favor? hmm …

        and do understand where and how leaders do business with other leaders of other nations, including leaders OF RELIGIOUS standing, that are obviously not to be trusted … in what they say.

        how many times must you be betrayed before you see the writing on that wall?

        what you believe … pay into and support … may very well be what you receive. good luck with trump …

        unless you see a martyr in your mitts 😉

  2. opheliart permalink

    “If any Jew would accept Jesus as their savior they would no longer be Jewish.” – See more at:

    is this true, jews? if so … you got a problem upcoming … a real whopper of a problem, as being “jewish” is your claim to ____

    ISRAEL is another story.


    Susan March 18, 2016 at 6:00 am
    American Jews don’t just care about Israel. We care about America and we care about the Constitution.


    just not christians … susan wanted to vomit when she read the NT … because she does not understand what “jew” means in this LANGUAGE and … susan is quick to call people haters of jews (her tribe … whatever that is) if a CHRISTIAN so much as tries to share his version/understanding of what the new means.

    you see, that is a seriously backward and non communing place of resistance. if JESUS had not challenged the church and state of that time, would susan be wearing head wraps, enslaved in a community that teaches itself as the chosen people, ignoring the plight of those being stoned for … what? being raped by godless men? would she know the different between one angelkind and a demon? would she know the difference in those trying to help her see who/what betrays her, hiding the dishonesty … while her ultra brothers scorn the america that was in motion long before they stepped foot on its once fertile soil … did her brothers share in the child labor of the industrial age, not instituting change in their factories?

    who has blood on its hands … along with those she claims murdered “her” people

    wake up, susan … oh, wake! you can continue trolling threads to condemn christians, calling them anti-Semitic, often for something you simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND or you can for once in your life …

    LISTEN to what is being said … your buddy garson wants to blame the christians, too … seems the “reformed”? more liberal jew is good at pointing fingers?

    what does GOD say?

    • opheliart permalink

      and when the orthodox “jewish” take over most of new jersey and …

      AMERICA won’t be looking too fondly at the JEWISH …

      superficial, you say? religion is superficial … ethnicity is superficial … shall I go on? shall I speak of the temporal? must I again speak of the IMPARTIALITY OF THE CHRIST?

      grow or mow, baby … grow or die.

    • opheliart permalink


      please don’t say … home security 😦

  3. opheliart permalink

    to continue on this thread of fast growing families of particular belief systems and practices … today, their st patrick’s day, I was listening to the usual rhetoric on radio of the “anti-catholic” in america in the 1920s … and again we share …

    the roman catholics were and are taught to multiply … have those babies, even if you cannot afford to feed, clothe and raise them … and I grew up with roman catholics and yes, 3 in my non roman catholic house and 4 and counting in the catholic houses, with most between 5-7 children (one had 18) …

    in the religious-political belief system there is a stark contrast, or used to be, from what makes a protestant and what makes a roman catholic. remember … the protestant BROKE from roma for good reason! … get away from this ideology … this way of worship and ITS view of “God”. it did not want to bow down to the hierarchy, the misogynists … or kings of the courts. so to have roman catholics moving into your neighborhood and having large families that filled the classrooms … changing the dynamics of the teacher to student relationship … come on, folks, don’t you see the stress? the concerns? where is all the money going? who is getting what and why? I am not saying that these are in any way bad people … most of my old friends are catholic *that’s telling you of my choices growing up … there were more of them than any other sect 😀 and continued even when I moved! and moved!

    look around you … build them their numbers, and this is true of any religion/race/institution that teaches to multiply in this fashion: moms having more than 2 or 3

    but, can our economy … our PLANET, take this stress? and why condemn those who are concerned? yes, there was likely some anti-catholic in the 1920s … but do ask WHERE this might have originated and why … and do ask about the concerns

    the real stories … the fuller stories never seem to get told as they need to be

  4. opheliart permalink

    Garson Abuita Mar 17, 2016 at 11:59 am
    Get this through your fcking skull, Tom. We don’t need any Christians’ permission to protect ourselves anymore. Your belief that a Jewish state can only exist once the Jews convert to Christianity is irrelevant. You’re the reason Israel exists.

    – See more at:

    ok, garson, you are on your own. good luck in your jewish state. maybe one day ISRAEL will have a meaning for you other than your jewish god … of religion

  5. opheliart permalink

    and lastly,

    one commenter posted: jeffrey salkin you’re pathetic—an embarrassment to your religion

    😀 … what? can’t a rabbi have a word? it’s better than sucking up to be a PC bore, or to continuously write biased comments against people who challenge YOU to be more than a jew … as you say nothing about your own tribe’s infidelities …


    maybe rabbi will depart from that religion and be the go between that his people, and many others, do not get slaughtered. sometimes you go not where you are wanted … but where you are needed.

    do you think i enjoy this stuff? i used to be a fine, upstanding young woman … now, the pitch

    just give ME that ball and ‘we’ will show you what you need to throw a curve 😉

  6. opheliart permalink

    pray tell, oh, noble elites and politically correct sucker-uppers depending on the whim of the DAY … how is what wilders has done any different from the hundreds of thousands of ATHEISTS and FAR-LEFT LIBERAL-ists in what they say about …

    um, let’s see … those religious they do not like …? the customs and practices they do not like? the belief system they do not like? wanting all RELIGIOUS PEOPLE TO ADHERE TO THE CONSTITUTIONS OF THEIR NATIONS …

    and will these go after wilders with that big, bold beam sticking out of their eyes … but, do tell us, which came first in america and helped form the basis for the constitution? islam? sharia law? orthodox judaism? roman catholicism? christianity? or the roman pontiff and his followers of chrislam?

    waiting …

    • opheliart permalink

      should we put these men and women on trial and jail them? even after theo was murdered for his films critiquing islam?

      come on, atheists, thimble-headed politically inundated religionists …

      what? cat got a hold of that tongue of yours?

      scum is not a nice word unless you are referring to the dross in the process of eliminating unjust and indecent … discriminating, hypocritical, dangerous, abusive … beliefs and practices …

      beliefs and practices that push women back to the dark ages … that attack nonbelievers and freedom thinkers and … those abused and silenced, gays … raped and overbred female, children married and forced to have sex with disgusting old men, often viewed by their child wives as


      so … what say you?

      • opheliart permalink

        I am not for geert’s attitude in all this but hey, it’s time somebody take it on.

        the hypocrisy and bad …

        you will never in a billion years convince me that oppression of female through religious-political streams is good, just, right or … of LOVE, and the selfishness of your own religious methodology and practices are best for society … or our burgeoning PLANET.

        but, remember, not all seeds root in fruitful places.

  7. opheliart permalink

    to conclude this part of ME. THE PLANET …

    the head covering text of female in the Writings was changed from its ORIGINAL … like quite a bit of the Writings … and man has ping-ponged on its meaning depending on his desire for CONtrol. so … added? took away? both the old and the new of those books have been tampered with and … there comes a document that will cause much consternation … for ALL religions.

    we warned …

    we ask that you be prepared …

    we can do no more if you are in denial.

  8. opheliart permalink

    show and tell? propping up the pope’s creeds? doesn’t make much sense to wash the feet of women if you deny them those influential seats.

    photo ops … nothing more

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