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you get what you pay for … and some

March 3, 2016

sorry for the repeat imagery, but while I was away … this wordpress changed the format and unless I pay, I cannot add new images to my photo gallery 😦


I was reading an article (NBC NEWS) that said that most citizens voting for trump are without a college degree. I decided to research this statement … just a wee bit. what got me wondering was listening to educated men in TV interviews saying why they had voted for trump. huh … so I went looking.






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    • opheliart permalink

      iow, i get to say who we are and what we stand for … what we believe … and no one else is allowed to speak any differently about what is a white house republican

      hmm ..

      • opheliart permalink

        and former justice scalia was of proper tongue in his public seat? suddenly everybody has to tiptoe through the muck and mire that smells like bull shiite? you receive what you believe-eh?
        lookin’ right back at you?


  1. opheliart permalink

    just to be clear … I am no fan of trump, but it only seems fair to question the motives … the intent … the writing … the reasoning

    what IS clear is the rhetoric from the ‘left’ in their attacks is evidence of bias and even racism and bigotry against those they have deemed THE foe of america (as if THEY now own america and are THE moral voice 😉
    and … have monopolized many online venues with their democratic decrees [shaking head]

    yep … seen it quite clearly with me own eyes
    which brings one to speculate … were these responsible for trump’s success? yes, in part. they had a rather large hand in the deed
    but the ‘right’ has been a big mouth for a long time … and so, they are getting back what they put out

    such a spectacle of wanna-bees
    while neither is truly willing to admit their own camp’s dereliction … and dishonest practices … as well as the hiding of ….

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