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a story of more than one man

March 1, 2016

the question is and always will be …

do you want to risk getting a life threatening disease? and this is with any one, gay or straight. you see how relationships, even marriages, break down … sometimes after many years, where a couple is convinced at the start that this would never happen … swearing oaths before “god”, making promises … then oops, it was a lie. or the tough part of “love and marriage” kicked in … there was someone, or many, before you that you never knew about …

and how do you know the person you meet is telling you the truth? you down a few beers, smoke a little weed … your cautious side gives up and … before you know it, your sex partner is gone and you … you are with a disease that will trouble you for the rest of your life … if you are fortunate enough to be able to get the drugs to keep it from destroying you.

and maybe like with most drugs, it stops doing what it used to do. it no longer works. and you need stronger drugs or something different and there isn’t anything yet. others need drugs for other problems and the expense it huge … and many don’t want to pay for other people’s sex lives. is it fair? is it doing right by your neighbor and his neighbor and his and his and his … neighbor … to be care-less? is satisfying your desire to have sex more important than your life … and the lives of many?


something to seriously think about.

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  1. opheliart permalink

    the numbers will likely be worse than what the article states … and it’s not just HIV or AIDS. there are so many sexually transmitted diseases out and about it’s alarming, and most youth do not even know! they go out and party on campus and …
    they get married and start a family and somewhere in there the child is at risk

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