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why not you, a female?

February 26, 2016

A mobile minaret is mightier than the sword (COMMENTARY)


why must you wait for imams … are you not permitted that influential seat to do as you say? could it be that many of the imams do not agree with your critique?





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  1. opheliart permalink

    from the METAPHOR post:

    because you are ignorant on its purpose?

    hmm … would this be a silencing of those lambs? would this be a killing of the poet … the painter and … the prophet?

    you will know them by their fruit


    getting back to the topic of the metaphor …

    we share again from the comment section:

    re:moore’s article

    my response to garson … as my comments on RNS seldom go through

    enemies? eastern thought theology inquires on the manner of “friend or foe” … I recognize the position of moore based on his vocation/label, but do not assume because he is a christian his foe is him or her or them. by their fruits you will know them is an inquiry of SPIRIT gifts and the gifting within thee. how do these impart?

    the israelite as fornicator in hosea and other works is really speaking on a dynamic of positioning. where one does his oration …
    just as ‘jew’ in the WRITINGS is not speaking of a specific religious sect or ethnic group. if you read the new of ‘that bible’, it teaches on those demanding to see proof of … truth on {thee}.

    thank you for your response, garson
    *sorry I could not post

    • opheliart permalink

      how fair and just is it to criticize people because they do not interpret and use a language the same as you? i am not roman catholic so i did not lay down the rules on what is ‘the jew’ in that bible and i did not lay down the law on israelite—how this has been viewed and acted upon. first, people need to understand that not all agree with who/what shaped christianity or what is a christian and is why i am gnostic and not roman catholic or catholic.

      you judge the words incorrectly and you condemn an innocent.

      people should not be assuming all believing the Writings involving THE CHRIST are anti-Semitic … I see nothing in the new that bears witness to judaism in particular, other than a symbolic presence engaged in PROPHESY, which invokes all.


      also, we find it pretty h-y-p-o-critical that people who have trouble with the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE of that bible … seem to have no trouble with their nation dropping bombs on their foe … those they believe to be wrong or doing EVIL … BAD … (and do know that plenty of innocents are murdered in the process) … and some have no trouble with the death penalty and the seats of those condoning certain types of punishment … meanwhile they do not really know what the Writings are referring to as evil. they assume the words go after jews or those not thinking like them and is anti-Semitic … THIS IS IGNORANCE, folks … ignorance
      if the “jew” is stoning a woman for what he says was adultery, or what he believes is blasphemy of his god or another infraction of his law (that did not involve harming another) … then would these be bad and unjust acts? evil acts?

      atheists and nonchristians bashing that bible need to recognize the times if they really want to be bible literalists. if they could be a fly in the tent walls of those men mongering … sheesh! they might have a different tune today.

    • opheliart permalink

      “For the Israelites will live many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred stones, without ephod or idol. Afterward the Israelites will return and seek the LORD their God and David their king. They will come trembling to the LORD and to his blessings in the last days.” (Hosea 3:4-5)

    • opheliart permalink

      G Key February 26, 2016 at 5:42 am
      “How exactly are Christians ‘hijacking” public power’?”

      Consider the patently discriminatory official words and actions of Kim Davis, Antonin Scalia, & Ted Cruz — along with the officially stated platform and objectives of the Republican Party and their so-called “Religious Right”. Consider their choice to focus on the sex lives of others, and how these public officials and their political party proclaim and enforce their strictly personal religious belief that U.S. citizens’ legal rights should be officially determined by their sex lives.

      Of course, my reply illustrates only certain anti-gay-themed instances of ” ‘hijacking’ public power” by certain (emphasis) Christian public servants. But that ought to do for starters.

      we notice the atheist does not mention the muslim threatening … and rarely do we hear of the jews’ gods … and what these demand of its people … hmm the biases are very telling.

      focusing on the sex lives of others? well, my dear, key … you ain’t seen nothing yet … the sexually transmitted diseases will escalate in america and become such a concern for the average family … steps will need to be taken in the form of LAWS … and this involves ALL PEOPLE!

  2. opheliart permalink

    last week’s episode … I was listening to edith (downtown abbey) telling off her sister mary, even calling her a bitch :O

    she said something to the effect of, when you’re unhappy you want everyone else to be unhappy or … was it, you can’t stand when others are happy so you have to ruin it for them

    people do not realize that this is very true in the world of men. so true it is a disease in itself, an evil working to destroy. there are people that intentionally do things to create havoc for others … to cause suffering, and they do it through all types of work.

    many things at work in the world and some do not care about the drugs they sell that kill … and this should be a big BIG no-no and these criminals are seldom taught the consequences of their actions … how damaging this is in societies and … there are those who are reckless in their sexual activities, knowing full well they are infected and are very possibly spreading the disease …

    misery loves company has a scientific home in the world

    • opheliart permalink

      I recall reading in the newspaper of a young man I know from our community caught selling drugs and he said of this first offense (getting caught) … something like: it’s my first so … I’m not worried.

      it was as if he believed himself free of guilt. what are the consequences of his crime? how many have overdosed? how many have died at his hands? does anyone teach the reality of these cases? is this a case of no conscience or a case of a conscience not being formed as it needs to?

      • opheliart permalink

        from two years ago

        btw, critical thinking can insulate just as easily as indoctrination. you end up with a pack of theologians and scholars buried in their manuscripts while the rest of the world is overdosing on the latest … fix. it reminds me of the liturgical head trips … and the biblical bosses … and who was washing the feet of the leper? no, not the pope … definitely not the pope …

        we are talking about reality.

  3. opheliart permalink

    were these attackers a friend of the vatican? just wondering … you know the brotherhood thing

  4. opheliart permalink

    let the president nominate and nominate and nominate … it’s part of his job—right? 😉

    matters not … what comes will blow the house down

  5. opheliart permalink

    check to see if the zika babies are in any pain …

    that may decide

  6. opheliart permalink

    here’s a good one for ya … someone I know was working for a man owning a jewelry shop. the owner of the shop called himself a muslim but was not a devout muslim (non practicing of the religion of islam). he said he couldn’t stand christians.

    gee, I wonder how many engagement rings and wedding bands he’s sold to christians … and gifts at christmas time … hmm?

    😀 … don’t ya just love the sincerity in the work?

    • opheliart permalink

      which brings me to the ssm … and those desiring wedding cakes. wouldn’t you rather give your business to someone who understands and appreciates you? rather than viewing you as a sale … money and nothing more? it is about making choices that are more in tune with who/what you are.

      i see a lot of religious selling going on. a desire for converts … or a desire to look less dogmatic but when you step into the ring and move in it you are caught in it

      yes, a lot of what i sense is insincere, including comments from religious of all stripes.

      *and do watch out for that atheist max suddenly caring about believers and acting all genuine … he is a frigging cockroach under your frig.

      • opheliart permalink

        beware … as they lure you in …

        a person may live in religion for many years then something happens or he just gets tired of the routine and shucks it … leaves and starts telling everyone he is an atheist and soon, he may realize he can overpower people, intimate and con them … use his newfound knowledge as something socially acceptable in this day and … he takes advantage of his religious freedom, his NEW religion and … he starts his crusade … hitting the online venues where he gets all kinds of back-patting, even if he has to play the part of the back-patter and … he likes the feeling of distracting from the commentary and the topic, being the bull in the china shop if he thinks people are getting along well in that god conversation and … he likes the feeling of thinking he is smarter than those who believe in a supreme being and … and somewhere someone has convinced him he is smarter and … he holds a big, fat smarter pistol pointing it at the people who believe and he fires it whenever anyone appears threatening to his regime … anyone who might make him look not so smart and when there is a cake topic where he knows he can gain a foothold, he gobbles and gobbles and gobbles, spilling stuff everywhere and choking out the voices of others … and through it all …

        he believes he is right and the believer is delusional or crazy, even where the believer has had experiences the atheist has never had. imagine that, folks, the atheist has not had those experiences that matter … do not allow these people to smother your gifts, gifts you may not realize you have

        hmm …
        his day is coming where he will realize how ignorant he really is

  7. opheliart permalink

    for atheists to be telling others … children esp … that their parents are delusional because they are believers, family members … is inappropriate … we are talking about racism here, folks … and we have shared on this numerous times before … and atheists like max just look to us like brash preachers with their own indoctrination —yes, seriously. his own form of hellish spitfire, and to say all should become atheists or hurray for the day when all become atheists is no different from those who preach of their rapture or their day of whatever when all sing their tunes and speak their language and bow to their god. yep, tis absolutely true! 😀

    but there is coming a day where the militant atheist will not be allowed to publicly say what he says without being charged with racism. we have been warning and warning …

    calling out discrimination and hypocrisy, and harmful belief and practice is one thing and can be risky, sometimes dangerous, but to verbally attack people because they are believers will not be allowed in society. it will be viewed in the same manner as someone saying hurtful or harmful things about a white person or a black person … a muslim or …

    are you getting the picture yet?

    and tbh, when we read militants saying things like you are delusional and believing in the sky fairy and you are crazy … you know the junk … it is no different than calling a gay crazy or delusional or a person who has different hearing and speaks differently … you know what we are saying? or telling someone he is mentally ill just because he believes in a supreme being

    atheist, your day is coming … saying you are an atheist, you cannot possibly know SPIRIT or anything about what this is from where you are and you should NEVER accuse and judge others for believing in something … or for having experiences! come on, right? EXPERIENCES! there is something going on and are you in the best place to judge what that is? we think not.

    how a person behaves in their belief and faith where it is a detriment to society or a danger to society or causing many to be viewed as lesser or second class citizens … is another matter

    are you seeing the parallels yet?

    • opheliart permalink

      Atheist Max February 26, 2016 at 11:03 am
      The next Supreme Court Justice should be an Atheist.

      Religion is a nuisance. The rise of Right Wing Christianity has gone far enough.
      The rights of religious people are well protected by our Constitution – let’s leave it at that.

      Rather than focus on the needs of the religious, which are currently more than satisfied with 22,000 broadcasting stations and TV channels – we need to give some respect to Church State Separation.

      Non-believers need to begin to speak even more loudly. God is a private matter people who insist on surrendering to it – – get it out of our laws.

      so … those who believe in GOD must be silenced? are not permitted to speak in the public arena, run for government office and share in society where the ruling faction calling itself atheism is absolute authority regarding citizenship and …

      do you see what we are saying? the atheist behaves no differently from that … what does he call it? right wing christianity? so … only who HE feels should be in those seats? um, no. that is not how democracy works, communist.

      seems this militant has a wake up coming. boy, does he ever

  8. opheliart permalink

    you see this? the family wanted by God—the pope

    he speaks of the worldly—the temporal, not the SPIRITUAL, and so, we do not agree with roman catholic doctrine, and the same with his belief that priest can only be males. to us, this is incorrect on the TEACHINGS OF CHRIST

    the marriage spoken of in the Writings is and always will be about GIFTS … Spirit ID and the worth in the One. this is about a uniting in the Spirit.

    take this scenario ….
    a woman is forced to marry a man nearly twice her age … an arranged marriage … he is cruel, the most unchristlike man ever, beats her and abuses her … she has several children “by him”

    how is this a family wanted by God?

    I AM the way the truth and the life … no one comes to the father but BY (through) me. this is THE SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE … not a man forced on a child or woman—forcing himself on her and impregnating her to enslave and rule over her … because religion says so.

    • opheliart permalink

      i am not at all surprised where people never experience SPIRIT if they have been spending their years paying into and supporting a partial god … a god that is dogmatic, run by an all male dynasty having recruited members forcefully and abusively, without real compassion and understanding … throughout history

  9. opheliart permalink

    let’s just end this orchestrated debate once and for all

    larycia hawkins worships the god of her and her pope’s conviction which claims itself authority. nothing more.

    WE DO NOT WORSHIP THE GODS OF RELIGION. GOD IS SPIRIT … not a dogmatic sentence of caliphate design. why would SPIRIT of the Living God need imams and popes … patriarchal dynasties? the Writings are very clear on this. standing with your muslim sisters while they are viewed as second class citizens by your god is not exactly doing them any favors … in getting them out of that sentencing so …

    I am NOT standing with you, girl … nope-no-nada …

    • opheliart permalink

      seems there is a low vision of what is GOD coming from the methodists and …

      pope tricked larycia and many others … into believing that GOD is a man. hmmm … too bad.

      • opheliart permalink

        typical roman catholic patriarchal luring in

        larycis, thought you might like to read the following comment from another article

        David Allen Feb 26, 2016 at 5:27 pm
        Unless serious changes have been made in the concept in the LDS Church since I completed my master’s degree in the mid 80s, this is an understanding of excommunication from “the Brethren.”

        Where serious transgression requires a court hearing, may I promise you…that the procedure is kind, and it is gentle. The Church court system is just. As has been stated on many occasions, these are courts of love, with the singular objective of helping Church members get back on a proper course. There is no plan in Heavenly Father’s realm to degrade his children. Everything is designed to aid our progress, not to impede it.
        Robert L. Simpson
        “Cast Your Burden upon the Lord,” Tambuli, Jul 1977, 27–28
        Referring to a Roman Catholic concept of excommunication found in a dictionary doesn’t apply. The Catholic concept was concerned with damning someone to hell!

        you can have those gods, larycia …

  10. opheliart permalink

    j merritt’s posting at the IRS … I mean RNS 🙂

    the IRS has been unfairly targeting conservative groups? hmm. atheist max, you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?

  11. opheliart permalink

    surprised pope (the institution) hasn’t told those in poverty in that dominant catholic nation to flee to america … then again, maybe he has …

    you see, one very big way the vatican can gain a foothold in politics and religion in a nation like america is to flood it with roman catholics, roman catholics that are taught to remain true to rc doctrine … and we all know or should know by now is that catholics in large numbers have left the institution … but the institution needs the poor to survive so ….

    are you beginning to see the picture yet on all of this border business and …?

    also, did he wait for the ‘new’ leader to meet with …

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