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do away with metaphor …

February 25, 2016

because you are ignorant on its purpose?


hmm … would this be a silencing of those lambs? would this be a killing of the poet … the painter and … the prophet?


you will know them by their fruit



Are Christian hymns too warlike? (COMMENTARY)




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  1. opheliart permalink

    i found it v-e-r-y interesting that there are people blasting the words of ‘that bible’ but they can’t seem to find it on their tongue to blast it in literature … literature of all kinds 🙂 we sit here and listen to militants/biased of all types grabbing the words from ‘that bible’, often without the proper before and after … kind of like taking the statement … ___the people, omitting “we” and trashing it by using their OWN version of its meaning! the we becomes “I” … 😀 or …

    MY OPINION FOR MY AGENDA the people.

    the hypocrisy is, well, quite a-s-t-o-u-d-i-n-g.

    • opheliart permalink

      as is the partiality

      • opheliart permalink

        re:moore’s article

        my response to garson … as my comments on RNS seldom go through

        enemies? eastern thought theology inquires on the manner of “friend or foe” … I recognize the position of moore based on his vocation/label, but do not assume because he is a christian his foe is him or her or them. by their fruits you will know them is an inquiry of SPIRIT gifts and the gifting within thee. how do these impart?

        the israelite as fornicator in hosea and other works is really speaking on a dynamic of positioning. where one does his oration …
        just as ‘jew’ in the WRITINGS is not speaking of a specific religious sect or ethnic group. if you read the new of ‘that bible’, it teaches on those demanding to see proof of … truth on {thee}.

        thank you for your response, garson
        *sorry I could not post

      • opheliart permalink

        how fair and just is it to criticize people because they do not interpret and use a language the same as you? i am not roman catholic so i did not lay down the rules on what is ‘the jew’ in that bible and i did not lay down the law on israelite—how this has been viewed and acted upon. first, people need to understand that not all agree with who/what shaped christianity or what is a christian and is why i am gnostic and not roman catholic or catholic.

        you judge the words incorrectly and you condemn an innocent.

        people should not be assuming all believing the Writings involving THE CHRIST are anti-Semitic … I see nothing in the new that bears witness to judaism in particular, other than a symbolic presence engaged in PROPHESY, which invokes all.

  2. opheliart permalink

    upset about the sentences … as a parent, i would be immensely upset if my child thought there was anything ‘funny’ about beheading … anyone. and making mocking gestures

    this is the kind of insensitivity that can lead to crimes where people are bullied, tortured even murdered … or …

    female treated as lesser than male

  3. opheliart permalink–election.html

    clinton says to nominate a “true progressive” … but what is a true progressive and … what is truly progressive of one school is not viewed as progressive, or progressive enough, in another
    just finished glancing at an article in the local paper … stating that the area in question, no matter how progressive (a MA city within that 5 well known school area), is racist.

    hmm … this brings us back to the races of religion, that are not just religious but an actual race … muslim … catholic … jew … and how about the evangelical, which has been around long enough to start being thought of as a race …

    for you see, it is not always about color of skin———————right?
    one cannot deny these behave in ways that tout their own … both good and not so good, but so do many vocationalists 😀

  4. opheliart permalink

    let me remind the reader that gnostics have been around for a looooooong time. … long before religions as you understand these. are we a race of people? no

    • opheliart permalink

      also, we find it pretty h-y-p-o-critical that people who have trouble with the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE of that bible … seem to have no trouble with their nation dropping bombs on their foe … those they believe to be wrong or doing EVIL … BAD … (and do know that plenty of innocents are murdered in the process) … and some have no trouble with the death penalty and the seats of those condoning certain types of punishment … meanwhile they do not really know what the Writings are referring to as evil. they assume the words go after jews or those not thinking like them and is anti-Semitic … THIS IS IGNORANCE, folks … ignorance
      if the “jew” is stoning a woman for what he says was adultery, or what he believes is blasphemy of his god or another infraction of his law (that did not involve harming another) … then would these be bad and unjust acts? evil acts?

      atheists and nonchristians bashing that bible need to recognize the times if they really want to be bible literalists. if they could be a fly in the tent walls of those men mongering … sheesh! they might have a different tune today.

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