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racing against the … tick-tock

February 24, 2016


we won’t go eon on all the finesse in what we see coming, but we will share with those listening … race has everything and nothing to do with the birthed. if you are a political peeper … and you want to understand how best to navigate that state to help your brethren vote consciously … and conscientiously …


witness …SPIRITiously … not religiously.






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  1. opheliart permalink

    Q: do they worship the ‘wrong’ god?

    A: not to confuse you but … there are many gods. I AM the Lord your God …
    thou shalt have no other gods before ME … IAM the way … no one comes to the FATHER but through ME …

    each person has within a place of deliverance.

    Q: deliverance?

    A: yes, a field of constant foraging.

    continuing …

  2. opheliart permalink

    A: one cannot be offered free will and not be allowed to exercise free will.

    “execute them in front of ME” is not as the godless … in confusion, greed, plagiarism and poor parenting believe; it is an exercise of inner perseverance. it is a place of careful instruction through the cornerstone on truth. the godless is a place of utter ignorance on self, bearing the mark of insolence and endangerment. it lives for destruction … in the unknown.

    when ENOCH wrote about the day of tribulation, when all the wicked and godless are to be removed … he spoke of the godless as the unwilling … to exercise his free will for the living. godless are without conscience. these may appear good in the eyes of many until the eyes are clear … and darkness does not cloud the mind. the heart is the welding face of deliverance and is a necessary instrument to curb the rebel hell.

    once man recognizes within himself that cornerstone, he desires experience in the heart. this is where SPIRIT of the unborn is met with instruction. chastising in love is as excellent a course as any athlete can desire. be alert and know you have a name in the Light of this stone.

    • opheliart permalink

      the command on love is an urging not a purging. in truth, it harbors a quest (zeal) for eternal wealth. to purge at the onset is to die forgotten: unknown to ME.

  3. opheliart permalink

    had to add this … oh my gosh, the bubba boo is sooooo cute!

  4. opheliart permalink

    the michigan shooter, dalton, i am seeing a failed marriage. what these men must remember, and women, too, you have children that need you … if a marriage fails it fails … but do not forget if you have children.

    and if your family is the type to reject you or has rejected you for some reason … do not despair, there is so much more to LIFE … so much more … if you can persevere through that very difficult change. there are people who can and will embrace you if you are looking to grow.

  5. opheliart permalink

    people are in many places for many reasons. man often believes God brought him there. this is not necessarily so. he is there because he followed something to get where he is. if he chose war, war is his doctrine of faith —- what he believes will solve his problems. but he has not understood that the making of a god creates a god much like it. this is history repeating. reaping what you sow. no thing is changed unless it moves into new feed … and movement is essential to evolution of anything. the beginning of all things was born from the moving of that tiniest bead of ‘work’ … because WORK is what must be for evolution to become something changing.

    something, many things, are at work.

    what is at work that created the god called donald trump (his character) in the field of politics/policy? his choices started with the family he was born into and grew from there. the choices of those working with him helped create what we see now, along with his donors and supporters. but what caused people to choose him over others? anger? does he speak what they have longed to say but could not because of where they were? they would have been cast out—rejected? ostracized? does he create anger through his rhetoric—his preaching—which people see and desire … recognize and follow? what is in people that they should choose the likes of donald trump? would this be the same that is in people opposing him? it would depend on the rhetoric … it would depend on its intent.

    “casting out demons” is calling out the things that create gods partial, derelict, selfish and unloving. things that continue to encourage evil for evil works … or those things that are selfish, unjust or helping to build dynasties that are big-headed and slow on love (lots of smart people, some even knowledgeable … but the gain is for more big headedness rather than the movement of the spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and even economically poor). latin america comes to mind … africa … and in looking at another dereliction of duty: the clergy/staff child sex abuse, which shows its face in many, many institutions and not always in abuse of children as its act … but the system is similar in the constant abuse and misuse of people, and much victimizing … and hiding of crimes to save institution and institutional heads. the rcc continues to hide these crimes … and those involved in these crimes. they try to parcel out what they believe they can afford to expose without revealing their inner realm (system at work), but they obstruct justice where they see opportunity to escape the big hit. it’s like watching a game of dodge ball. but they are currently cornered … and what you see in the grandstanding is the big show … much like donald trump. like someone about to be exposed for something and hollering “FIRE!” like with the “hole see” using the current pontiff, scolding everyone, but in a manner that attempts to distract from the inner workings. and it is a show. know this. see it for what it is. nothing changes because a pope is scolding about what most already know is in the works. it is just grandstanding and makes the rcc look even more plastic.

    it is anger that calls out these indecencies and hypocrisies, lies and deception and … all that has created the poor parenting … and this must be seen for what it is. to support these is to create those other gods … gods that find a haven in people, using people for its own agendas, whatever these may be. it has been shown now for quite some time that people can live just and fruitful lives without the head of rome, but as many continue to pay into and support this god of injustice (in its character) … the rcc will slowly be removed. it is necessary that life may proceed …

    it is PROPHESY, the evolution of God and Man.

    if you want to stop the bigheadedness, and people following it … brandish a weapon that is not hypocritical … a sword not costing lives … a sword removing what does not work.

    • opheliart permalink

      become … an instrument OF and FOR Understanding. BECOME (always moving) a “god” of love by removing what does not work … become FOR a loving of self decently, humanly, and in a way that helps the victimized and those of ignorance, even those smart and of heavy intellect … and yes, be angry at the hypocrisy … the evil, but do not become of the militancy of bloodshed, inciting hatred of other persons. you only add more fuel to that agonizing fire desperately trying to destroy the palpable.

  6. opheliart permalink

    and do read the comments … even the jewish of judaism seem to want to blame THAT bible. lol! am i wrong to ask about his holy books? what he injected into the world with his wrath filled god of … religion. do not tempt me, you of judaism, or you will find yourself out on the pavement.

    i have no problem changing the wording but it has already been changed! what was interpreted from the originals is not what should have been in many areas. those interpreting did not understand it in full. you can see this through the works. why would jews murder anyone let alone their own? but they did … and what about those of roman catholicism … and others? did they not HEAR the words? i imagine so …

    spiritual warfare which … so many do not know or understand anything about, but they will … yes, there is coming the “proof” that they desire so much. it is coming and then what? more fighting? more aggression? more diseases? more jews favoring their own, demanding PROOF of this …

    huh, we “grow weary of the torment … can there be no peace”

    the institutions will fail … hogging for selfish gain. if you can’t hear the language as it is then don’t try and read it.

    • opheliart permalink

      garson and others … do away with metaphor and you silence the poets and the painters … the writers of antiquity

      you are a bore then and a whiner

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