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prison … and lashing for …

February 22, 2016

Iran: Filmmaker sentenced to six-year prison term and 223 lashes

sharing a truth?



and why do governments continue to do extensive and expensive business with militants silencing and brutalizing people and their gifts? how can the artists speak on anything to help the people move … and grow … if the political religions demand punishment …


for what? a necessary voice? history shows us how … SPIRITUAL EXPRESSION is maligned and discredited … how  patristic regimes  act and react to serve itself. so … why do governments assist in the promotion and gain … of these fascists that undermine and destroy the voice of the ARTISTS? do they not know that it is the artists that ignite for Movement? what has policies and deals with dishonesty and promotion of narcissist menus ever done for Truth?


Peace for … disarmament … and all that violence?


where is the votive in america that sheds LIGHT on these indecencies?




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  1. opheliart permalink

    have you ever had your art censored? I have. at a catholic abbey where they had accepted me for their art exhibit …

    they received the artist statement, said nothing of their plans … allowing me to believe that the info—MY INFO—what is about ME—not them—was accepted. this was a signed agreement between me and the chairperson/coordinators of the show … and was not a religious agreement … the art show was NOT a religious art show. it was a juried show open to all artists and all public.

    how did they censor me? they eradicated 98% of my artist statement
    … at the reception, after having traveled a distance to attend … I discovered what they had done. they received the artist statement ahead of time and had plenty of time to contact me about it but they said nothing. at one point I even contacted the chairperson and asked if I could make a change and she said (an emphatic) no. okay … no problem.

    but at the reception I found that nearly all of the artist statement had been removed, and in its place was just the beginning (2 or 3 lines) which they had also censored. they even changed these! I questioned them and they flat out lied … and the priest I had spoken with by phone who had agreed to meet me at the reception looked at me, smirked and turned away.

    and get this … when I arrived, the chairperson took me to where the paintings were hung and stood there watching my reaction. when I asked about the artist statement … she lied to us.

    why? no one I shared the statement with found it offensive (although catholics never having read it ASSUMED I had offended their religion in some way) … and the laity of catholic, episcopal and orthodox that did read it found it wonderful so …

    without understanding the content, do you think the religionists acted in a manner fair and just? do you think this was a case of bullying? using their art show as a way to degrade female, a non catholic (although I do not recall anyone ever asking my belief/faith … as this was NOT a religious exhibit) … sending a message to one like me that the PRIEST of THE RC INSTITUTION has the right and the power to undermine, censor and decide what is allowed to be written on SPIRITUAL matters and what isn’t?

    hmmm … very treacherous turf, catholics … very treacherous … of believing the priest/he controls the artist’s vision… what did not suit him/institution/dogma was removed?
    to be honest, that was not the first time a religious catholic betrayed an agreement. is the “catholic” mind derelict when it comes to the law? is keeping contracts against their doctrine of the faith? is their image of “whatever” MORE IMPORTANT than keeping those agreements they make with others … is breaking the law and LYING permitted in their belief and practice if they FEEL it reveals something they do not want revealed … or they feel it does not SERVE THEM as they would like but serves a truth or a celebrating of a SPOKEN ART … one they do not understand in all their universal __________

    REMOVED … hmm … and so, my dear abbey, so shall YOU be removed? what you believe may be what you receive.

    was THE LORD sending me in to check the vineyard? yes.

    interestingly, either that weekend or within that week, and we shared on this some time back … the priest who snubbed me was rushed to the hospital for surgery/treatment … of cancer … cancer he didn’t even know he had.

    choices …
    there comes that Time when the vineyards are checked … inspected to make sure these are safe, fair … decent and behaving honestly … where people claim to be of Christ but … if not, how can SPIRIT of a LIVING GOD use them if in denial … dishonest, spiteful and distant?

    the priest obviously had the cancer … one might say he was being given another … choice?

  2. opheliart permalink

    the iranian filmmaker had the permits he needed to do his work … to share his art

    what happened? and so they silence him for 6 years? well, we got news for the iranian government


  3. opheliart permalink

    here is your bonfire of the vanities

    your holiness, mark silk, speaks again of his savior as if he is … a loser?

    hmm … seems mark is still unsure of how to use his lap-top


    mark, you have been sitting in that suit so long you are going to turn b-r-o-w-n

    • opheliart permalink

      you know, we wait … hope … for these profs and priests and pastors and … in all their masculine ho-hum to hear the call … of the REAL DEAL … but they love their homo-saps so darn much they are stuck to the board

      😀 😀 😀

      • opheliart permalink

        time to go paint …
        will leave you with markie mark and his god of rome

  4. opheliart permalink

    oh, one last … thomas barrow of downton abbey … I adore thomas barrow (the character). I have been rooting for him since the start of that show and cried when he cried (last week’s episode) and just knew something awful was going to happen …

    he’s grown (o’brien gone) … new experiences … and I think he is the most fascinating of all of the characters. will he find work with mary and henry now that she is married? 😉

  5. opheliart permalink

    nope, incorrect …

    JESUS was an ISRAELITE … not sure you know “what” is {this}

    • opheliart permalink

      call no one teacher … call no one father but ONE … and no, it is not judaism or a jewish people. sorry to disappoint, folks, but you need to understand THE LANGUAGE OF THE FRUITS

      1 CORINTHIANS 1 …


      continuing …

      does the greek as a believer in THE CHRIST say he is greek and will understand the heavens because he is greek? or does the greek say he is a believer in GOD, and that GOD IS SPIRIT and must be worshipped in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH …

      GOD IS IMPARTIAL, have you not heard the new?

      • opheliart permalink

        do you ever hear us say we are anything but gnostic … a believer in the CHRIST? what have we to do with jew or greek … russian or polish … for all are of the same coinage … until he shares in the fruit of the Spirit … in this, he is of the Spirit … not catholic, not of judaism , not of anything but …

        I AM

  6. opheliart permalink

    please do not try to hi-jack JESUS for book sales … money making schemes.

    rabbi does not know of I AM … does he know WHAT IS SPIRIT ID?

    we think not …

    • opheliart permalink

      do you wish to learn in the LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT, or do you wish to stay in your houses of the dogma? kicking against the goads?

      • opheliart permalink

        it seems it will be the non militant non believer who will begin to experience glimpses of {this}, because he does not have the stumbling blocks of the religious should these be blocking the vision and the hearing: awareness of SPIRIT. once he begins to experience, he will move from his place of non belief and share in the Light.
        but experience alone is not all there is as so many religious think, because it is a seeing and not a hearing …

        listen up:

        there are people who call themselves ___ because like a race they are born into something of belief and practice, often understood as traditions in religious circles …
        then there are people who believe in a god … SPIRIT … because they receive glimpses of {this} … this is seeing. something they read in the Writings and experience … sometimes they have other experiences, maybe through dreams and visions … ARTS… GIFTS … they become aware in the existence of something SUPREME, higher in wisdom and understanding, both good and evil. that is why it is folly for atheists to say there is no SPIRIT. how would the atheist know if he has never experienced this? he is in ignorance on this, but all are of some ignorance so … only where he condemns the believer, stoning him for his belief and his sharing that the ignorance is evil. born of evil influences …
        the third is the hearing … one in the Spirit. one might also view the trinitarian of the GODHOOD in these three.


        here’s a cohn job …

        Michael J. Cohn February 22, 2016 at 4:46 pm
        One thing that needs to be noted is the Gospels’ hostility toward Jews and Judaism. Read the Parable of the Wicked Tenants, Jesus’ insults toward the Pharisees, Jesus’ repeated references that the Jews murdered their own prophets and are blind to their own scriptures prophecies of Jesus. I agree that Jews should study the Gospels but they should not be whitewashed.

        I, for one, think that Christianity is a rejection of Torah and that what seems most likely to actually be Jesus’ message is essentially morally incoherent. Try explaining hell which Jesus refers to over and over.



        if JESUS had not spoken, would the “jews” of that time still be doing their JEWISH thing … like stoning women and such?

        one might call you a troll under mark silk’s bridge so … you might want to … zip up.

        dude, you do not understand the SPIRIT LANGUAGE .. but even so … what of the wrathful god of the abraham who took isaac and …

        don’t you just cringe when people say, damn! look at that dirt on your sandals … and the reply is, damn, look at all that blood on your hands …

  7. opheliart permalink

    see here … pope may be a socialist but even a socialist can be a stiff-neck … people say they are christian or jew or … but does that make them all the same?

    gibson hides the death squad of his religion behind bernie … you know, the bigotry and the misogyny … the denial of crimes, dishonesty and abuses … deception ad grandstanding but bernie is also using pope fran (through press and politically engineered popularity) to gain votes.

    it is how they both operate … not wise in the long run but … like we said, if bernie does not wake up to these antics with the patriarchal ignorance and degradation of female and others … and does not get at least one of his staff members to do his homework and brief him on these injustices then … he is up for an extremely rough go

    he plays both hands in a weird way now that he is seriously in the spotlight. his game is now judaism? (as we posted before from wikipedia) while saying for a long time that he is not religious? many even thought him an atheist and probably still do. he moves into dishonest circles now that he has pressure on him.

    yes, this is what happens … people can say all kinds of things and make all kinds of promises, even calling themselves holy father and AUTHORITY ON GOD but what happens?

    by their fruits ye will know them.

    i cannot in true conscience vote for even bernie sanders now … as he speaks from two sides … and this is never healthy and is never really good. state what you mean and stay with this and if you do not know what you believe … okay and if you do not believe in making promises to the nation as you know that there are many variables that will interfere in keeping those promises then do not swear those oaths …
    for it is first yourself you deceive then millions of others …

    isn’t that right, gibson?

    • opheliart permalink

      sanders linking with pope fran and gibson’s slant on this will cause bernie to stumble (we shared on this stumble a little while back) …

      this is a reaping what you sow.

      but we know pope and his vatican don’t want bernie sanders in that seat 🙂 … they are itching for rubio now … or cruz, but cruz wasn’t their first choice. so … what will these vatic ants do to see that things go THEIR way in the americas

      • opheliart permalink

        and like we said a while back, you cannot have socialism because of islam, roman catholicism, judaism, christianity … of the more dogmatic. just like socialism did not work for the dictators past because of atheist jurisdiction… and if you have growing numbers of caliphate type belief and practice and a desire for a return to this (for members to return to these like pope fran/vatican wants and has been positioning for) you have to remove the “dictators” (high-towered religious elites in influential seats) of the nation, or those impeding the design for a socialist call. bernie has to see this … i mean, really … duh

  8. opheliart permalink

    at the oscars, highlight the iranian filmmaker’s sentence. this will send a diverse message, one much needed for all artists and esp gays and women

    and to let any militants in america know … where you stand, including those claiming religion and policy as an excuse for …

    isn’t that right, gibson?

  9. opheliart permalink

    maybe rushy should give that 20,000 to the families of those who will be murdered for helping him


  10. opheliart permalink

    believer or nonbeliever … wherever you are. please do one little thing before you go to sleep tonight … think of this young life … and say quietly for your Conscience to hear:

    I am … please be well.

    • opheliart permalink

      if you begin to understand this … you will begin to understand:

      love your neighbor as yourself.

  11. opheliart permalink–election.html

    as you know i am not into prayer walls … but the vatican has a rather large security wall … that protects its hierarchal elites … like bernard law … huh, some law! so … get the vatican to pay for their members that build their walls … coffers … suits, hats, cups and … lifestyles of the rich and famous …

    • opheliart permalink

      and now that bernie sanders has been branded “judaism” … things on that front may change

      • opheliart permalink

        Betty Clermont February 23, 2016 at 4:33 am
        If Sanders knew that Pope Francis has packed his Vatican with vulture capitalists
        and in last weeks’ in-flight interview said that abortion to save the life of a woman is “what the Mafia does” and as regards homosexuals he “supports the Catichism” i.e. gays are “intrinsically disordered,” Sanders would not mention the
        pope again.


        yes, it seems sanders, now of judaism? … is unaware of the facts, or maybe … maybe he ignored what does not suit his agenda? maybe he panders? like most politicians …

  12. opheliart permalink

    read the article (FBLACKS … FGAYS) … as we stated in previous posts, the idea of a race is really having to do with any group of people having advocated itself of certain principles, appearances beliefs, practices … lifestyle.

    are we no longer dealing in religious? instead we are speaking of races? this causes an issue with freedom of speech on anything … as well as freedom of religion. one cannot refuse this plate and allow religious to advocate doctrine that regards gays, or female or any other as inconsequential while taking government monies and … while government offices/parties and politicians using “racist” belief and practice. how is one permitted but not the other? what you do in your home is your business … if it is not abuse/violence to family members, including pets and livestock … one cannot even burn bad wood that might cause the neighborhood/climate to suffer … or to use chemicals that may leak into streams, wells …

    this is exactly what we said would come. i would never put fmusilms on anything but i do not hesitate to call out the bigotry, hypocrisy and discrimination within society where islam or any other religion, practice makes its imprint on society … where children are brought up to believe something which causes issues in society …
    and government cannot demand or expect its citizens to adhere to a one religion manifesto. that is ludicrous …

    • opheliart permalink

      not to mention the f the female imagery and language out in the public …

      seriously, government cannot get its act together on anything regarding morals or ethics

      • opheliart permalink

        people are not thinking clearly …

        for instance (and see two comments below from “jewish”) … if jew is speaking of the jewish race (of judaism) … then the bible must be removed from public in america … but what about the quran and the torah? what about the OT? anything in those two that would cause them to be removed? heck, what about all that doctrine on the gnostic as evil. should we ditch this stuff, too?

        think about what it is you are doing, folks … does jew in the nt actually mean judaism? or even the jews as an ethic group? okay then … let’s see … if YOU BELIEVE IT then PROVE IT! and while you are at it, prove that your own dogma is equitable.

        waiting …

  13. opheliart permalink

    Ben in oakland February 22, 2016 at 9:33 pm
    It sounds very anti-Semitic, but it isn’t really. Yeah, right. We wouldn’t want to disturb that Christian belief in its own moral superiority, woukd we? This God-breathed text suffers from the same malaise that all of the other God-breathed texts suffer from– lack of clarity. To pretend that “the Jews” doesn’t mean THE JEWS, just a small subset, is to ignore what the words say clearly, the history of the Jewish heresy which eventually became Christianity, and 1900 years of vicious antisemitism traceable directly back to John and Acts.

    Susan February 23, 2016 at 7:28 am
    The first step would have to be stop trying to convert Jews. That is not a valid form of discussion. The second step would be letting Jews define Judaism for ourselves.

    Garson, I am not Orthodox, but the Pharisees in the New Testament are no an accurate depiction of who the Pharisees really were. The Pharisees already believed that saving a life more important that Jewish law.

    “Christianity also declares that law and justice, while being a necessity, is an insufficient foundation for the beautiful life.”

    So does Judaism. The New Testament is a polemic to prove the moral superiority of Christianity. It gives you a very distorted picture of Judaism The old canard that Judaism is a religion of law while Christianity is a religion of love is classic anti-Judaism.

    John, so


    the above posts continue to make the same criticisms …

    was judaism judaism at the time that these works were written? no … what don’t you get about this? why can’t you understand that the Writing was speaking of church and state of that time? but these were also of another language, but if the jews want to make a case out of it …

    then they will get their case and …

    as we said, something comes that will shock the religions … and the jews as well as the christians will be running for cover. all it takes is one find … one discovery unearthed that can blow are your religious attitude to bits.

    you see it is unjust … dishonest … to view your own texts in a less literalist view then point your fingers at the christian judging them for being ‘bible’ literalists! don’t you know that the early ‘church’ was not like the christian you accuse today? who hi-jacked christian and put its stamp on christianity? (while you applaud the roman pontiff … good grief) ad not all believers in the CHrist are as you seem to believe! now …

    IF YOU WANT TO TAKE CREDIT FOR SETTING THE STAGE FOR THE INDECENT TREATMENT OF WOMEN AND GAYS … and for a punishing god while playing god … okay, we won’t argue with you …

    i read an article over the weekend about a girl born into a strict judaism sect had to marry (only 17 yrs old) … and she ended up leaving … she shared her story … things like having to put her underpants into a bag for the rabbi to inspect. i was like … OH GOD!!! do they insert their fingers into her vagina, too?!!!! and get this, while middle school age she developed early and her clothes were tighter … (growing fast?) and her teacher would look at her curves and smack her on her ass (her words) …
    wouldn’t this be a form of ABUSE!


    don’t be hypocritical … where are your teachers you call rabbi to teach you to know better?

    and we read that orthodox judaism and islam are the fastest growing religions in the world? well … sounds like their god of abraham really does want to push women back into the dark ages.

    • opheliart permalink

      those of judaism need to stop with the self-aggrandizing while sitting on their pot of gold …

      people are not amused.

      • opheliart permalink

        anymore than they are of the palaces of roma and those having gone drunk from its cup.

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