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where did it all begin …

February 20, 2016


some may think we chose the news posted because the teen is afghan. maybe … maybe not.

there are loads of causes … blacklivesmatter … atheists have their organizations and so do the evangelical denominations, farrakhan soon to be in detroit with his growing group of “superior” people …  and one is often treated to the roman catholic priests … nuns and …  holding signs at abortion centers, hospitals … and everyday the world gets to learn of the roman pontiff’s agenda … his muslim brotherhood at their prayer wall …

the little sisters of the poor and kim davis  … then the mexico border replete with loudspeakers, large screen, even a confusion dual with the donald on the flight out …


contraception, abortion, ssm … his announcement for the audience and all those believing he is authority on matters SPIRITUAL:

christians and muslims worship the same god—pope francis of the roman catholic church


causes … during an election year. people pushing agendas for one thing or another. some are very real concerns … others a fabrication of the mind and a DEMAND for self, and the ordained …

to be viewed as the chosen


we ask … but for what PURPOSE?


in the comments section we will list articles and commentary  to help better understand that fruit





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  1. opheliart permalink

    a question on the minds of many christians, those claiming christianity

    if christians and muslims worship the same god are christians to worship farrakhan’s god? are they to join forces with him in detroit and do as he preaches? or another prophet of islam—say, muhammad?

    and the prophets … do they preach the same teachings?

    did JESUS teach as the islam’s prophets?

  2. opheliart permalink

    this is interesting … think about their reasons

    1. roman catholic mandate never stopped them from torturing and murdering … the inquisition and the crusading for conversion of nations of people … also, that women are still dying in areas of roman catholic run countries while trying to give birth … because the catholic hospitals refuse to abort … also there are 9 and ten year old girls raped by family members and stepdads and forced to have the baby.

    2. how will the bishops be able to use zika born children as catholics? what is in the best interests of the institution-archdiocese? remember, even if these children survive to be of childbearing age … how can they give birth? work to ensure the coffers are filled and the bellies and bathhouses of these men are kept to their liking? are these catholics useless to the bishops-institution? or can they find a way to bleed money from the people/the government for their own deities? study the ‘confines’ within this system of belief and compare it with the houses of the patriarchal rich and what do you find?

    3. we read where one pope allowed nuns in africa to take bc pills because they resided and worked in an area where rape was a serious factor. of course, the pope can’t have pregnant nuns. looks bad for the ordained image. also, imagine the cost to the diocese … but what of the women and girls in those same areas being raped by these same men/gangs? didn’t the pope think these worthy of some protection? preferably to get them out of that area or to change the area and rid it of this disease …

    or even better yet:

    CHANGE THE THINKING OF MEN … and women about how a female is viewed … but

    how can you do this if you are ignorant, carnal … focused on sex and female as lesser, second class citizen? how can you change the minds of men in a world where you have instilled a false sense of IDENTITY … as a believer in SPIRIT, one would think you would not be mired in the gender ignorance, but as patriarchal religionists, unfortunately, you are and inject into the world a continuation of the OT stonings …

    some things will only change if removed.

    where are you?

    • opheliart permalink

      we see the children holding signs “please don’t deport my mom … my dad” … they are using the children for their “cause”. the children don’t know anything other than what is being told to them … much like religious doctrine … they do not understand the politics in all of this and how their parents’ presence and the presence of all their family members can be illegal or even a burden on a nation of people, and the sense or understanding of smaller family size or holding off on having children until theirs is a more stable residence and a more worthwhile position so … what you have is a reoccurring problem.
      and those in the country illegally will have babies as a form of sympathy protection … and they use them for their cause as do the patriarchs desiring them for their deities, entitlement and political positioning in a country trying to move out of RELIGIOUS SEQUESTERING … and insulated state of mind … to not be controlled by the male dominionist.

      a circular problem … repeating itself in each and every catholic and those like it.

      the vatican wants catholics obeying roman catholicism and do not forget this—ever. which means the standards of every community is not where it could be if FEMALE is degraded or thought of as that vessel for procreation, housewife and working for roman catholicism, even if she is with several academic degrees and (look at how the nuns were treated when they stepped outside their doctrine by allowing a woman to speak on something they believed was aligning with something too gnostic). so … that she is not of the divine in the priesthood because she is female is a dangerous fallacy and evil loves this mindset and uses it to maximize the established poor. roma wants overcrowded cities with much bickering and illicit trading because in these settings they can hide their devilry; they can get away with derelict parenting and their own illicit trading. they set up their charities their causes and hey everybody look how ‘good we are meanwhile, who/what pays for all of this? and… is the mindset of men really changing or is it bogged down by doctrine? keeping people in an ignorant state? where men are taught to view female as lesser not equal?

      where is sharing equally—of equal stature? and position? esp where it needs to be in this Day after much female degradation? … working toward not the rcc and its tenets but TRUTH in a society moving out of the hero worship and the bowing to supposedly holy men, above others (the ordained chosen according to male organizing)

      esp female … as she can never serve in the manner of Jesus … because JESUS was a man? … says the likes of cardinal omalley and his chain gang.

      DEPORT those of this partiality … this ignorant mindset and allow those to stay who are willing to move out of this censorship of ignorant male dominionism … and who will be careful in their breeding practices in a world already overcrowded and struggling

      roman pontiff is no environmentalist … he does not respect the environment … look at his fare.

      • opheliart permalink

        the vatican and its supporters want converts … recruits … a ruling faction. the pretending at love is acting by this current pontiff used by the rcc as a political puppet. if you do even the simplest study of these inner workings you see what they are playing at … for power, control … business … gathering supporters for their credibility of doctrine—creeds … grandstanding … policy. they have never come to any understanding other than theirs: roman catholic. catholic being universe is theirs but only through their system and those in agreement with this system.

        when are you people going to understand what this means for the EVOLUTION OF GOD AND MAN?

  3. opheliart permalink

    the catholics may say, as a gnostic, you just want to get rid of the catholic.
    no, just the mindset of ignorance. call yourselves whatever you want but remember this:

    Jesus did not speak on catholicism. Jesus spoke on TRUTH … LIGHT. Light which is God and GOD IS SPIRIT. I have been told repeatedly that catholics don’t bother to read that bible catholics say they are responsible for translating and giving to the masses. if you take the time to read it … you mary find some serious contradiction with your doctrine of the faith and discover that it really is not of THE CHRIST. that your patriarchs took and set up a dynasty to serve its agendas: power, control … property.
    and some catholics say, but we do not agree with the doctrine, not completely. okay, then why are you continuing to support it when it degrades billions? keeps people in a state of lesser. ignorant and undermined … and why are you waiting for a savior in your popes? they speak for the papal office … the vatican and its desires which is the dogmatic teachings of your faith … serving a system of not only arrogance as GOD IS IMPARTIAL, but a dereliction of pastoring.

    wake and be something more in the GOD OF THE LIVING.

    • opheliart permalink

      and there are many believers who find it very offensive and disrespectful for religious or even non believers to say the roman pontiff is like JESUS. he is not like Jesus. Jesus was not a misogynist and he was not a degrader of persons … esp not female … and he was not in denial, was not ignoring the abuse of children … and he was NOT serving in and for a RELIGION CALLED ROMAN CATHOLICISM OR ANY OTHER PATRIARCHAL INSTITUTION … and any person saying pope francis is like JESUS must have a partial and limited understanding of Jesus as Prophet on Truth and …

      WHAT IS THE CHRIST … {this} Purpose and its Light.

  4. opheliart permalink

    we find it interesting that there are so many people online blasting what they call the conservative, the right-winger, the fundamentalist … the bible literalist … but seem to ignore the tents of those having set the stage for this arcade. why? why not go to the source of the law that oppresses and causes the fear and institutional malaise? they sound as if they are elevating a pontiff calling himself francis while badmouthing his children. hmm? these are the offspring of rome and if you look closely, very little has changed in all those years …
    now, are you really fighting christianity or are you fighting something else? if you find the source of that bible literalist bad for communities then go to the source … or the source of the teachings you find harmful. where did it all begin?

  5. opheliart permalink

    wow … to go from one extreme to another …

    I was reading about a gang of youth (ages roughly 16-21), attacking a marine at a mcdonalds in dc, asking him if black lives matter. he said he felt intimidated and started to leave? (not sure of the details) … when he was leaving the gang attacked him … hit him over the head with a gun and stole his wallet and other things … he ended up at the hospital.

    the next article I read was about harper lee and in the article it stated that toni morrison called TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD a “white savior” novel.

    okay, toni, what are you writing these days that teach the youth that black lives matter?

    waiting …

    • opheliart permalink

      from wiki

      In writing about the 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton, Morrison wrote that, since Whitewater, Bill Clinton had been mistreated because of his “Blackness”:

      Years ago, in the middle of the Whitewater investigation, one heard the first murmurs: white skin notwithstanding, this is our first black President. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime. After all, Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.[31]

  6. opheliart permalink

    there is a lot of pretend out there …
    a lot of fraud and a lot of questionable school settings because people think someone else is doing the checking—the research… the investigating

    until something goes bad

  7. opheliart permalink

    side note:

    if trying to get in touch me (opheliart/L Thiel)
    message me here or at my etsy site

  8. opheliart permalink

    speaking about the flesh … powers and principalities … and speaking on the Spiritual Language of the Writings …

    we have said numerous times that

    pedestal spiritually immature ‘leaders’ …
    bowing to him, calling him your holy father … ignoring the warnings … silencing victims … misinforming and misleading through press/commentary … indulging piggy cults, paying into and pandering to religious elites, showing favoritism … religious favoritism … refusing those who question the ethics of men in big seats … tall hats and … selfish, derelict parenting, using taxpayer dollars for ….

    you get what you pay for? a wealthy, political, spiritually immature spokesperson?

    you reap what you sow, dear ones

    and another thing, politics is religion.

    • opheliart permalink

      what does it come down to? you are paying for it either way, but on the outside … what can happen? crimes in all shapes and sizes … impregnated females … more concerns … children born into a house of crime may become victims of crime, and murder. maybe it would make sense to get the religious to put their mouth where the money is … going. keep them busy until the youth grow enough to recognize right from wrong and … that there is hope if they really do want it … through all those members saying theirs are in heaven … okay-dokie, then share the love with those less fortunate.

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