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no more exploitation …

February 18, 2016


of JESUS and Mary. and all those poor …


are you hearing this? we know you see them as property and want them in your house paying your bills …


and through the governments that give the religious plenty of perks


eh? hear this over that loudspeaker?

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  1. opheliart permalink

    no trump fan here … but do read this article and understand how the rcc —vatican which uses the pope as its spokesperson IS POLITICAL … and has always been about policies that suit the vatican ethic, lifestyle, ideally. the rcc cannot survive without the poor. their entree is poor.

    this is no joke. you are being fed caliphate ordeal in this article … straight from their horse’s mouth.

    one has to ask only one question: of the struggling nations like mexico, what religion type is the ‘order’ of the day and has been for quite some time? where people suffer under unjust and insulated dogma? where the hierarchy and religious elites like it have been given free reign in society, for control and the uses and misuse of the people …

    can there be a less demoralizing nation of militancy?

    how do the people live? america is not a roman catholic nation, although much catholic mindset sprang from the rcc in europe and was carried over to american shores … but there were (and are) people in place to make sure this did NOT happen, however, do not think this brand did not try through sheer volume of numbers and …its leg in politics-politics-politics, and government giving it much of what it needed and wanted to gain a strategic foothold. I read RECENTLY that a catholic hospital out west refused a catholic woman to have her tubes tied because she did not want any more children … and of course, being a catholic, she was not permitted to use birth control.

    we understand the birth control issue … to a point. and we understand that there are many people, including atheists who are not pro abortion, but there are points in the idiocy of doctrine that screams the obvious:

    slaveship: indoctrination … abuse … misuse …

    all based on the doctrine of the rcc which the pope and his vatic ants are determined to set sail out into the vast sea … but it has no what?

    wind, rudder … and the sails are poorly constructed as is the ship. it never took the time to do the right thing, instead focusing on greed and power … and control … through a myriad of obstructions, including false teaching on the Christ.

    it’s truly offensive. connect the dots and start following the patterns of this scene using pope francis. pope isn’t slamming hell … he is ramming hell into the lives of millions! he is a misogynist … a bigot and operates under a flag waving of roma that is and always was anti-Semitic. they are just very good at hiding their real intent by …

    what you see in this grandstanding, using the poor … the pope as a pope for the poor …

    it’s all a lie. why is the pope pushing the mexican people into the USA? it’s not his nation, despite what he as a CATHOLIC may believe dogmatically. he is a whore for his patriarchal institution, folks! stop being fed misinformation and sugary snacks! the rcc wants converts … but they want their catholic members to stay catholic … and not be infused with the likes of american ways but, … they won’t hesitate to use islam. a caliphate organization much like itself, to appear diverse … hence the pope’s statement: the christian and the muslim worship the same god.

    he is full of his own bull. that is absolutely NOT true for believers in the CHRIST but beware, there are many out in the world claiming christianity, claiming JESUS, claiming many things but are merely OFFSPRING OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC BELIEF AND TEACHING AND IS WHY THEY HAVE SIMILAR INTENT … denial, poor parenting and that demand to control theologically in their politics. ted cruz, for instance. every time I see his name I think he is a roman catholic from way back 😀 … which demonstrates to the world that these are of the myth of abraham and not THE LIVING GOD which does not, never did, never will, force, murder, abuse … like the rcc and those like it.

    so … what we see is the rcc/vatican using trump to make itself look ‘good’ …

    the vatican/rcc will use anything to try to gain numbers … to get its own into seats of power (forget the female! unless she is rcc indoctrinated but not for what? bishop, cardinal, priest 😉 what a disease of nonsense in their tribunals—lol) … those influential seats … it NEEDS for control and to cause much obstruction, confusion, chaos and indecency, and what is really very sad is the average catholic, which is many, seems asleep on all their hierarchy’s manipulating and deception … and their is fear (remember the teresa of calcutta system of belief? it’s a greater sin to speak out against the church. IOW, let the children suffer at the hands of criminals and indoctrinated diseases)

    they are in denial and is one reason why the clergy/staff child sex abuse has been going on so damn long and why you see incident after incident after incident where this current pontiff, his elected officials are INTENTIONALLY DROPPING THE BALL, ignore their 0 tolerance policy, drag their feet on addressing these systemic and horribly dangerous criminal acts, allowing these to continue … as they need to keep these and all scandals of this sort as quiet as possible *notice all the self-aggrandizing? lotta smoke—yes?* AND the bernard law situation in BOSTON … (good GOD, that should be causing EVERY NATION to gasp!) …

    and all this pope of the poor grandstanding helps to redirect attention away from these insidious and dangerous workings of the vatican and its members …

    you people are being treated to the great entertainer of cover up, also known as WHITEWASHING

    this is just the beginning. you have not seen the worst of it yet, folks (the ills and crimes) … and the vatican and its operatives are desperate

    but to use trump … lol … what’s next? remember push comes to shove … cruz may rise in the count. which I think he has been. they set the stage for another like them … if they cannot get one of their own in office (and do not think jfk did not deal in rc scandal. do not think he was not covering up crimes, too)

    but watch what comes … next

    *oh, and if card. pell ends up dead … what more strange conduct given the circumstance surrounding him (and wesolowski) do you need to know the face of evil?

    • opheliart permalink

      he is now in heaven, salkin?

      how would you know this? did your mythical god abraham tell you this?

      • opheliart permalink

        you continue to feed into derelict parenting. everyone wants to believe their own friends and loved ones are in heaven but what of those YOU do not like? that were not your friends? those you do not like? and was your priest friend a man that denied many? was he discriminating against female citizens —a bigot? anti-ssm? ignoring their needs? the needs of female? what about those dying in the catholic hospitals in nations ruined by the roman hierarchy?
        many questions, salkin’ before one UNDERSTANDS THE HEAVENS …

        hmm … would you respond by saying that everyone goes to heaven? no matter their seat? their station? or is this simply because you wanted him too be there? or is this your attempt at interfaith interfaith?

        now … if everyone goes to heaven then why bother with your RELIGIOUS THEOLOGY, or your priest friend’s theology? your HOLY BOOKS, his, theirs or any religion’s holy books? AND ALL THAT BUSINESS OF GOOD AND EVIL? morals and such? people would be able to do anything they damn well please and you would become obsolete! no one would need you or your god—right?

        seriously …

        what if we were to tell you that heaven is in the here and now and you are either WORKING within THIS or not? of this or not? I suppose it would be very difficult to handle given your theology. so … when do you put aside those childish ways?

        you cannot help them move by those interfaith rah-rahs, salkin. now is the time for MOVING … movement, and there are more and more people looking at your heaven and saying, why bother? it’s bull! who needs it? OR … they become RADICALIZED because of all the DISAPPOINTMENTS, HYPOCRISY, LIES … poor parenting, pastoring, things that just don’t add up don’t make sense in all that holier than thou dribble or the militancy of governance claiming itself great … right or righteous, democratic, civil … but bombing … bombing and killing innocents .. hmm … got any answers for these heaven-wanna-bees?

        seems you have forgotten the words of “ELIJAH”

  2. opheliart permalink

    the youth need more sensible answers … something that will engage them in thought beyond the old … same old … same old …

    something that ignites the HEART and gives it momentum to move and CONTINUE MOVING at a pace that is just and reasonable

    heirarchal histrionics is poor fare for this. its a helium high … what goes up soon comes down

    remember the man in tarkovsky’s passion film? he came down hard … and there was one that got burned in the face by that stick of fire … what about him? suffering … suffering … suffering

    when has ecumenism ever resolved all that suffering? when has interfaith brotherhoods cared much about it? or enough to make a hell of an impact? oh, wait … that is hell … for they live in ignorance about self … and the others, well, they are not entitled as these men. huh … same old same old … hello!

    wake up! time to move …

    • opheliart permalink

      when are we going to see commentary that is revolutionary?

      • opheliart permalink

        you see everywhere: tv, articles … commentary … no matter where you turn:

        look at the pope! pope this … pope that! look here! look there!

        papa! papa! throngs of people clamoring for their father…. think about it, folks … these are HIS poor, destitute, denied … the immigrants. why isn’t HE paying for them? why isn’t HE taking them into his palaces? why has this become america’s immigrant and every city’s immigrants?

        he has the money … the vatican is filthy rich with much property

        why are non catholics non roman catholics those not of this belief system and practice being forced to be accountable for roma’s children? when does it ever end?

        and to say ‘he is in heaven” to a woman beaten and raped by her dad and forced to have her dad’s baby … because the catholic priest told her it is the worst ever sin to have the abortion … and the child is raised in a hellish home with confusion and abuse … or the gay man and divorced refused communion because … why? meanwhile the priest is f-ing gay and having an affair! yes! YES! the list of no heaven zone is quite large for men in influential seats who do NOTHING to change the thinking … the motive and the mindset … and get the heart moving to where this needs to be but can’t, because dogma is in the way through these male perspectives having sworn oaths to what?

        for GOD’s SAKE WHAT???????? control … power … money …

        where is the line drawn between that heaven and that hell, salkin’? you don’t know … I know you do not know .

        end of discussion.

  3. opheliart permalink

    two rich kids going at it

    the rcc has been killing what they consider to be their foe for centuries and now the big papa george is calling out trump on his border and saying he isn’t a christian? lol!!!! check into wesolowski’s demise … and please, has anyone the guts to ask george about his own big fat “protected” palace (and it is protected as is he, the pontiff … look at all his bodyguards … carrying guns?) …

    unbelievable that both these men are, well … what’s to say ..

    and the abortion issue? I would like to see the vatican take on every single baby that might be aborted no matter the condition and raise them in that big, fat palace called the vatican and those lavish bishop mansions scattered throughout the world …

    yes, let’s see how they take on that CHRISTIAN ACT in their privileged quarters.

    • opheliart permalink

      no fan of scalia here but …

      question all you want and we question you on your denial of female … gays …

      come on catholic … you are all hypocrites if you follow your pope’s doctrine of faith.

      but the thing about the female is that the early church, closer to CHRIST than your catholic hierarchal stations … used women priests. what happened? priests were married? what happened?

      convenience for those wee child abuses—yes? cheaper that way—yes?

      your institution is in denial of the CHRIST … so, yes, call it catholic or roman catholic, but do not ever call it the TEACHINGS OF JESUS!!! or of THE CHRIST!!!

      • opheliart permalink

        people will believe a cat is a dog if the whitewash is glazed enough

  4. opheliart permalink

    people will do wrong for their institutions. i was a victim of this in several religious houses. yep. women flat out lying for priests … yep. i was a victim. priests hurting more than helping because of …

    fear, arrogance … fear, insulated belief system … fear, easily misled by others … fear, indoctrination … fear, ego …

    and not used to one like me. not used to being challenged on the fruits. not accustomed to being questioned … not aware … not of the heart of Love because they are just vocationalists that the orders of rome have led people to believe are somehow holy through their indoctrination. we all know or should know by now that this just isn’t true—-right? and it is sad because some of these are being called to more … their Spirit ID … but they do not know what this is.

    • opheliart permalink

      and people reading SPIR or OWA may wonder, if NOT aware on these religious … the hypocrisy and the covering up of crimes, the uneven handedness, the bigotry, discrimination … abuse, misuse, misinterpretation of the Writings … the arrogance and the elitism … and so much more, why we share as we do. you are anti-catholic! I heard this several years ago, at least 2x … not long after reading at least a 1,000 X that i am a heretic … not of the TRUE church, etc … 🙂 by roman catholics deceiving on threads. yep. lying for their institution. one even emailed me wanting me to go to another forum … ‘you have a husband’ said she. i was confused. what? it took me some time before i figured out what she was doing. love bombing for opus die. trying to lure men into … there was/is a priest shortage, you see and members were down and … they work shifts night and day like a group of prostitutes. no lie. i am being honest here. i studied the patterns … went to several online forums … after my church experiences … because I was to see the manner in which these members operate while calling it “god work” high 5ing each other along the way. when i think back to those, i feel like i need a thorough scrubbing for having been in the same discussions with the dishonest. i can just imagine with this election what they are saying.

      the patterns … hmm … after a while a person can become quite skilled in seeing which ones are not truthful. which ones are of a selfish-institutionalized agenda … who is working for bishops, the government … some agency, order, priest or religious denomination … even when they play at something other. yep.

      do you see them yet? even those writing opinion pcs …

  5. opheliart permalink

    the audacity of the pope … 😀 shoving his catholic members into america … guilt. these are good at using guilt. you know of what we speak. but why isn’t the vatican selling all its shares and many of its lavish quarters to help their many many hurting members? i just can’t figure why anyone would believe a bunch of robed “celibates” when they issue guilt … so that others clean up their f-ing mess. unless it’s what they have ALWAYS done and yes … they are quite adept at having others do the hard work … the real work and why … why continue doing it? if the hierarchies are removed … much mUCH more money for the people who need it—–yes?

    the audacity of the pontiff … buying into trump shares … 😉

  6. opheliart permalink

    and what a woman has dealt with … everywhere … since the beginning of mankind

    how many women do you think get felt up …threatened unless … , raped even, by officers …

    they want you to fear them … now, where did this entitlement come from? men in uniform? men in authority? men with a pen and pad 😉

    how many students have you put into a place of fear, david? and where did this idea of using fear through … arrest, grades, force of some form … come from?

  7. opheliart permalink

    was listening to a talk show where the topic of the pope and trump was being discussed and someone mentioned the pope as a world leader and was it right for trump to address the pope as he did.

    the pope? what is the pope to billions of people degraded by him and his set of beliefs? it is interesting to watch people drooling over this man, a man plucked out of many men by an all male, misogynist, elitist, stodgy, corrupt institution … not the people that pay for these high-towered men to be where they are … but the all male hierarchy that believes itself MOUTHPIECE OF GOD and the hierarchy that masterminded much in order to gain power and control over many nations … many women and children and … the vulnerable … even torturing and murdering if they had to … to the title of … “world leader”
    hmm … hitler was a world leader … i don’t hear people speaking fondly of him.

    and we hear people say “give him a chance!” a chance at what? more whitewashing to rebuild an ailing system? are you people daft? he has changed what? he has no power to change anything and today again, we heard the same … the DOCTRINE CANNOT BE CHANGED

    well, folks, THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD does not operate as these men … this institution or its doctrine so … why should we or anyone feel obligated to be kind to a man playing games with peoples lives? using his ancientism to hoard members and play politics to gain property and influential seats and access to the big business policies. he is a whore for his institution the roman catholic church and nothing more in terms of title, the roman pontiff. he is not my father. he is not my lord … or my advisor or my teacher or my pastor—does not speak for ME, OR JESUS … because from our vantage point he lives in ignorance … and he is a bigot, a racist, and he pretends at good for his establishment.

    why do the people not see that he is not just and not fair but partial to his own for his own self-serving agendas … and uses poor people to make himself look good. now he interferes in US politics again … yes, again, as if he is THE world leader over all people telling who is christian and who is not … much like the doctrine of the roman catholic church that has taught since its inception who IS and who isn’t in the eyes of GOD.

    well I got news for all of you lazy people, you are no better than trump or any other that supports this podium while betraying what?

    believers, think about it.


    the above is an explanation of the birth control of the rcc
    can anyone make sense of it from one pope to the next? is doctrine being changed? no, but do notice that at one point in history the pope allowed nuns bc pills in case the nuns were raped. hmm … does this scream PARTIALITY to you? sounds to us like the pope at that time did not want to have to PAY for the children of those nuns … as is the case with all that celibacy bull. can’t have a pregnant nun doing their converting methods or whatever … but it’s okay for billions of enslaved women, young women and girls to get pregnant and pregnant and pregnant in a village, house, mindset of degrading beliefs? it’s not fair, not just and not right! and it’s the thinking BY men FOR women that is seriously flawed. if married, let it be a joint decision … without male bullying. we do not advocate bc pills or abortion but one has got to be FREE to grow to understand the places of peril and religious indecency … to choose what is the better for all in the situation is a freedom many of these indoctrinated do not have. a child born into hell is a child born into hell and if catholic, pope, vatican … bishop, archbishop, monsignor or any other is not going to do what is necessary to change the climate then these men—THIS DOCTRINE—is not fit for policy! it’s not safe, not just and not a care-filled doctrine.

    what we are calling out is this insistence coming from a system, not every catholic or every religious … although, if you say you are catholic and support the hierarchy what are you doing to the climate by allowing your leadership to control the lives of so many esp in countries where people are not given choices like in america where often catholics do what they want, including aborting fetuses. the catholics are as much all over the place in belief and practice as the protestants but roma wants all reigned in to the rules found in their tablets of ink. what you follow is your business … but when governments allow RELIGIOUS-POLITICAL LEADERS to gain a foothold in democratic states … to bring female back to the dark ages (islam’s use of women as second class citizens -to use raheel’s statement again) … and to garner votes for RELIGION’s ideological ways is manipulation to say the least …

    and using the POOR is what the vatican does … to gain control. they use them to try to look “good”

    oh, look how good the pope is “playing” at loving the poor. he has not given up his wad. nor has the vatican or the bishops on up … THEY WANT YOU TO DO IT … american citizens! and every other citizen they can delude into voting _____________

    or breaking the laws of the states. they love to create chaos. this is the pope’s “radical” evangelizing … confusion and chaos, anger and pitting brother against brother. damn! and they have nearly the whole fricking world lapping up that pope fran sticky sugaring glazzzze to the point that people are deliriously unaware.

    • opheliart permalink

      I WILL NOT BE EXPLOITED BY A MARRIAGE OF MALE IGNORANTS. period. put that up for the pope’s very expensive loudspeaker for all to hear! I AM NOT ONE OF HIS SLAVES!

      are you?

      • opheliart permalink

        although i must be honest here … if i had to be locked in a cell for 20 yrs with george or donald … i would pick george, because i would have a lot more to talk about with him than i would with donald 😀

  8. opheliart permalink

    ha … speak now because you never know when you will lose this freedom … with all that pope adulation out there and all that religious pedestaling when it is really politics. your president and his pontiff spoke … no speaking out against religion allowed 😉

    and religious vocationalists like rabbis and priests, pastors and religious professors who like that ecumenical rah-rah to keep their religious celebrity safe. cowards or … merely unaware of the back bite … the backlash. they won’t speak truth if they see it because they might lose their seats of power and authority. so they play the interfaith game … and the pope fran doctrine … doctrine? christians and muslims worship the same god … but where does this place the jew? did the pope EVER mention the jew? did he ever include the jew in his equation? something to think about. you see, the vatican and its members are good at throwing out seeds … hoping these will land in unruly places. do you not know your scripture? your own holy books? seems not as we listen to you praise and elevate the confusion and the dishonest.

    huh, you can have abraham and his wrath-filled god, along with your political populist pope and all that islam desires including 5x a day prayer chants and head wrap sewing circles at your church bizarre … placing your own daughters into second class voice.

    we want none of it …

  9. opheliart permalink

    so the roman catholics also worship:

    “— In the summer of 1930, a man from Asia named Wallace Fard Muhammad arrived in Detroit and started preaching in African-American neighborhoods such as Black Bottom, saying that black people were part of a superior race.”

  10. opheliart permalink

    “Double effect is evoked all the time in Catholic theology?”

    but isn’t that a form of DUALISM?


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