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what is the governance in nigeria, gates?

February 16, 2016


what is the ruling religion? practice and …


it takes more than $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to stem the ritual of ignorance and suspicion … witch trials and abuse of children. these people are being fed something unclear, gates. what is causing this abuse? and is it safe to give money to a nation full of brutal dictatorship? a very bad human rights record …

how does anyone know if their donation is really going toward what it’s supposed to—to help the suffering?


LOOK AT TERESA OF CALCUTTA’S MINISTRY … the money and the food … and the medicine … went unused. teresa wouldn’t allow it. suffering was her mantra. the vatican becomes rich on this feed.




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  1. opheliart permalink

  2. opheliart permalink

    this political puppet for the roman catholic church is not for civil discourse …

    his is and always has been a methodology of illegality by way of force. look at the canonization of junipero serra … on american soil to lure the hispanics who have left the rcc back into the clutches of indoctrination …

    pope cared not for the indigenous of the region serra and his henchmen used force on … and neither did the state of CA consider the native peoples in this ideological move to celebrate terroristic acts. what gives here? the vatican sure is not giving up its wealth for the people of mexico, esp when its church state marriage put them in that state of living. pope is using the GUILT trip through errant politics style to impose “his people” on the citizens of another country. not good … and certainly NOT ANYTHING JESUS DID, NOR DID HE ADVOCATE THIS.

    america cannot take in the troubled of every nation just because the pope says so … and look at his arrogance and LOUD, BRASH PRAYING FOR ALL TO SEE … he is quite the whore for his institution.
    america has many, many concerns of its own … NE is in its own heroin epidemic … youth overdosing daily … read the statistics on this, roman catholics and tell your religion to do something about it or remain silent! the rcc has been good about silencing people. it is an ignorant and arrogant system of lies … to indoctrinate and deceive billions …

    mexicans, what makes you think you will receive fair treatment here? if your children are struggling … what will you receive here while others wait in line … for help and assistance and children die everyday from abuse. look at your own church with all if its abuse! … and you trust this political puppet to give you what you need?

    and politicians of america? put pressure on mexico to be just to its citizens … what is your problem? pocketing favors and raking in money and not giving the field hands their due? mexican people have always shared … and we do share in their gifts, their land needs cleansing however … and so does american land.

    what will it be? america, what say you?

    • opheliart permalink

      remember, all those roman catholics going to their mandatory mass … in parishes paid for by …

      • opheliart permalink

        when do we ever move out of that roma system of obedience … belief and practice and grow … SPIRITUAL MATURITY, folks … getting rid of the ancients of folly? and selfish gain …

  3. opheliart permalink

    hate to break it to ya, dude, but JESUS was not a jew.

    you have been taught misinformation. you have been taught in conjunction with a judaic tradition … but was judaism judaism in that Day? hmm … quite the question wouldn’t you say? where in the old T do you read of JESUS as a jew of judaism? or in the new T, for that matter?

    • opheliart permalink

      oh, wake, please and stop your anastasia myths …

      • opheliart permalink

        oh, and btw, render unto caesar has two sides to that coin, bro … do ya think JESUS was teaching on church and state as oppressive reign?


    • opheliart permalink

      and another thing, man, do you even bother to do YOUR homework on people you praise? have you checked the roman pontiff’s record in argentina regarding the clergy/staff child sex abuse?

      you are scary, dude … in your lack of knowledge and concern for victims-CHILDREN!!! … which brings me to something I want to share:

      I will not be voting for a president of this US states until one of those candidates calls out that darn pontiff on his crimes! or the CRIMES OF THE RCC and those coverups!!!

      it is inexcusable that none of the ROMAN CATHOLICS, candidates or not candidates, or any other person in the news in this big election … have brought up the pope’s record in argentina. it is really amazing how people think … gotta say, it is truly, truly sad. so many professors and politicians and celebrities of all walks of that damn red carpet have not once brought up the silencing of victims, the crimes and the cover ups (except the Spotlight actors and those working in these fields)

      I said on RNS and elsewhere that I would not vote for a roman catholic. I stated why and … I do not TRUST people who do not ask questions, instead praising, bowing to and believing anyone the vatican picks for their god mobile! we said this before …

      each and every candidate is scrutinized and al the filth, if there is any, begins to come out, but where are all of these USING THE PONTIFF asking questions about HIS history and his action or non action? are we to assume this man is safe … ?

      huh, quite the spectacle … unsavory …

  4. opheliart permalink

    😀 and the only reason we said to put a jew in the presidential seat of the white house was not because he is anything like JESUS or in cahoots with the pope … despite his ignorance on the pope’s property agenda (but all must learn somehow) … is because a jew being voted in sends a message to the vatican … that anti-semitic vatican (yes, seems y’all been blindsided) and those in league with that vatican agendaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    and to help stop the__________________________________________________

    • opheliart permalink

      didn’t we ask the question:

      would you rather debate and deal with someone you know hates you or someone who pretends to love you but really does not ….

      much deception … bernard, so … who will tell him the truth about his hero, pope fran?

      • opheliart permalink

        many have been fooled by this current pontiff … as many have already begun to see … and our own dear president? hmm …

        it will come out. the prots are already feeling the burn from that slap in meheeco

        pope is a back-stabber … speaks from two sides of his mouth or as one might say … trying the garment with
        the two different yarns 😦

  5. opheliart permalink

    it is surprising how schooled people miss the dynamics of what was going on at the time of JESUS and where he was and WHY he was speaking. there existed two oppressive, stagnant and obviously unjust systems of lifestyle and practice … and teaching …

    can you see what this is without conjuring up labels? JESUS was not a jew but if you understand the meaning of “jew” in the WRiting you begin to hear the quest for knowledge … and understanding on GOD as a LIVING God: God as/is Spirit …

    and not some mythological figure or some big papa in the sky spitting wrath at the sinners … 🙂

    • opheliart permalink

      “king of the jews” was a mocking of what by what?

    • opheliart permalink

      seems bernard needs a wake up call about his pope ego

      who will be the one to tell him? we sent two emails regarding the religion thang … but … nada
      and jeb! he just wants money.

      it really is disappointing to not be acknowledged as anything but $ … and that vote.

  6. opheliart permalink

    I sense the pope trying to create a form of “hysteria” … of course we see this in the actions of the people when he visits and this is exactly what the vatican/rcc wants … that elevation of the man in his title, which is what JESUS warns us against … REPEATEDLY, in the WRITINGS, which the rcc has ignored REPEATEDLY … but the pope’s call for the CONVICTED to become “prophets” shows a derelict pastoring, because what he incites is a helium type view of self as a downtrodden, mischaracterized group … that has the “instructed place” to prophesies … which is absolutely not true (apart from the symbolic of chains in the Writings which is something very different, and, of course, some of the convicted may have been falsely accused, and again, another story …).
    the pope creates systemic confusion on the PURPOSE of TRUTH. he creates an accelerated place where people believe they are redeemed and begin prophesying or teaching without proper instruction. the use of the pope’s wry prophet is spiritually immature but of course we said this when we first heard of his ordination to pontiff. hmm .. one must be very careful around him and his preaching …

    what say you, ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS … do you agree he has not the WISDOM in these places of preaching to the inmates … being an inmate himself …

    it would seem that he should come out of his insubordinate state before he can minister on the Christ but …

    maybe it is not the CHRIST he is referring … maybe he recruits for roma. maybe he recruits for islam or maybe he recruits for CHRISLAM … since the rcc dwindles …

    he tries to put new wine into old skins—yes? maybe he tries to build a new religion using the old worn out garment he wears?

    • opheliart permalink

      pope needs to address his own crimes and malpractice, esp in argentina … he should not be preaching with such chains around his neck because he brings death to the people … in burdening others with these … blocks … which will soon cause them to stumble
      a brief excitable high … then a depression-like state where many act recklessly. this shows his embarrassing immaturity in their work.

      yes? this is very serious … his obstinate ways … not instructed for the PURPOSE OF THE HEART on Love. his is false love given his intent to give rise to those he preaches to then abandon them as he always does … to suffer in their depths of sorrow and outrage …

      he wants war. he wants people to act recklessly to get what they want … just as he and his tutor, the vatican acts recklessly

      eat a mess of candles and choke on the wax.

      • opheliart permalink

        take this comment …–politics.html

        what was the point of it? bernie has to be grinding his teeth on that but hey, does he even see the disparity of intelligence in the religious he advocates … the imams he uses for his photo ops? his pope fran? these titles are ignorant and their positions deny female … their doctrine denies female … their entire religion is a patriarchal dominated ideology. will bernie stand up against these foes?

        JESUS DID … pope has not … bernie, not yet

        and regarding the pope telling the convicts what to do … if I did not know the vatican was behind these charades, I would say that the current pontiff was on drugs … possibly delirious.

        one does not make those kinds of statements, walking away leaving those inmates without pastoring first, to understand their crimes … then to move through a much needed understanding of the victims they have harmed, maybe even murdered. some have committed some very awful crimes but the popes have always been strangely uniformed or willfully ignorant about crimes … crimes on women and children …. like many of his prelates, his advisors and his brothers, he has not shown care or the necessary concern for people, even his own members, committing criminal acts. it’s somewhat dangerous .. yes, it is dangerous … to be so disaffected and removed … indifferent is the word, to the suffering of victims … of either end …

        imagine the victims of those crimes … what they must be thinking of those inmates becoming prophets … good grief …

        and people praise him and bow to him and call him holy father, thinking his presence will save them? does anyone follow the paths of these to see how their lives turn out? look at how many have died thus far … look at how many will die and …

        nothing changes in these countries where the rcc is the soldier.

  7. opheliart permalink

    the dung of the devil?

    has the “pope” been copying me?


    hasn’t been the first time they stole and refashioned to suit their heirs …

  8. opheliart permalink

    on a somewhat different note …

    I could tell you stories that could knock the bad breath out of you 😉 regarding animals …

  9. opheliart permalink

    evidence …

    so now they use the hasidic jew to get what they want

    do you see how the roman catholic dogmatic works?

    the question every american should be asking is this:

    if you cannot step on a stone on your holy than thou religious beliefs then it looks very much like you are not american so … where might you like to go?

    rev, you may want to move to the city of vatican hills where you can do exactly as you please
    oh, and take all your pals with you

    anyone DENYING FEMALE in her own country doesn’t belong here anyway

    • opheliart permalink

      we didn’t hear rev speaking up for the minority protesting the canonization of the terrorist juniper serra so …

      rev, you haven’t got a case in that hypocritical life of yours

      • opheliart permalink

        your “conscience” means very little given your institution’s HUMAN RIGHTS record

  10. opheliart permalink

    regarding the rev’s cause “priests for life” and …

    these men don’t see what they look like. how off they look and truly it is not about anything SPIRITUAL with them; it is all religion … and they have no idea what it feels like to be viewed as not of the SPIRITUAL GIFT to be a priest or a bishop because they are so caught up in the temporal—the carnal …

    think about it

    male agendas … male ideology to suit the patriarchal directive … it is not right, folks

    this is RELIGION, not SPIRITUALITY … it is OT stuff, and exactly what JESUS was teaching the believer not to encourage … that partiality and hypocrisy, denial, discrimination and the like … but to move out of that mindset

    when you read gnostic lit you see why the patriarch did what it did.

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