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midweek re-cap

February 16, 2016


kissing cousins, patriarch kirill and pope francis of the brotherhood of …


muslims? moscow? mexico?


or cuba …


and the real mystery? who/what is dropping bombs on doctors without borders, patients, civilians … children? would it be those who refuse transparency? who operate in a dictatorship … oppose investigation and silence victims? pay the press to paint a replica, a trinket sold to the public for cheap fare … ? a drive-thru repentance in the name of …



gods, gods, gods of …

lies and manipulation … misuse and abuse of the poor … playacting at peace … the art of deception …


politics for property and power.


and there is a pope on the run … slapping the faces of the protestants while … trying to stem the tide of protestantism (*see previous post). but wait, didn’t the protestants role out the red carpet for the pope? at the expense of the taxpayer? find a new bud in ms kim davis … all hail the anti-ssm pope francis and … leader of the band …


to dismantle the progressives … for chrislam (his roman catholic christianity and islam, the muslim brotherhood he met with at the beginning of his ministry), and the  foreign ministers go … “Doo do doo do doo do do doo…”






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  1. opheliart permalink

    what the protestants need to wake to … and those calling themselves americans or maybe just believers, rather than roman catholics/catholics and followers of popes, patriarchs, imams and rabbis of dogmatic religious …

    pope francis and co had no intention of embracing the movement of a LIVING GOD, nor was he in any way in america for peace … the poor, the destitute or the suffering or CLIMATE (except of curse his: RCC votes and credential
    … he was in america and traveling to try to form “its” army for its own institutionalized agendas: indoctrination which leads to who THEY ARE AND WHO THEY DESIRE ALL TO BE OBEDIENT TO:

    roman catholic mindset by way of the vatican ethic.

    and the world says, oh, wow, such a humble pope … look how different he is from the previous. what a breath of fresh air. such hope … such …

    ignorance and unawareness. poor, poor, blindsided followers of the political puppetry of rome and its brotherhood. when will the likes of david gushee recognize deceit and all that smoke?

    when he has ears to hear? he worries about a divorce? if the husband is unfaithful, deceitful and domestically abusive … do you allow your children this same?

    what is with the religionist that he is like the stepford wife? a robot for sickness …

    • opheliart permalink

      who will be blamed for those bombs? religious? chrislam? you evangelicals and pope-patriarch alum? the all worship the same god pope francis,-vatican catholic style?

      come on, PEOPLE! the blood, is it on your hands? the death of innocent children? doctors, nurses, patients? this is forced menu, folks … it is religionist force … through policy, a marriage of church and state.

      the time to move is NOW! the vatican wants idolators, not believers in the Christ.


      • opheliart permalink

        believer and nonbeliever, do not allow this systemic greed and power-mongering to destroy your communities and take your children … lure them into deceptive, misogynistic and hate-fllled indoctrinated streams … a vagrancy of peril.

        SPEAK OUT! use your skills, your talents … your gifts to … call out this indecency, the lies … the fraudulence and the playacting. the hiding of crimes …

        if you can write then WRITE! if you have podiums then speak! if you are of influential seats then don’t just sit there and nod … off. you say you hate abortion and yet you watch these destitute die … you watch them day after day be tortured and abused … murdered at the hands of business partnering! greed! power-mongerig with the popes and patriarchs giving the blessing …

        what contrived errancy. what HYPOCRISY! it will be on your hands … and you will receive what you believe … pay into and support.

        bury the MINA in the TIME of its need and you lose the MINA!

  2. opheliart permalink

    Betty Clermont February 16, 2016 at 7:18 am
    Thirty days after his election, Pope Francis appointed Honduran Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga head of his closest council of advisers. Rodriguez Maradiaga supported the military overthrow of the democratically elected, progressive Pres. Zelaya plunging that country into an abyss of lawlessness. Much of the migration from Central America is due to this type of meddling by Catholic officials


    pope’s mexico agenda … is … for what?

    in case you are hard of reading … not for democracy and not for freedom of voice and not for the protestant (maybe lutheranism … depending) and certainly not for ONE LIKE ME. pope francis has already told his followers and the world to beware of the gnostic, anyone not buying into his charades and its dishonesty … dogmatic stations and bigotry … selfishness, patriarchal dominion and elitist ignorance …

    so there, WE SAY IT LOUD AND CLEAR!

    • opheliart permalink

      but of course we have been warning for some time. we saw its head … the catholic cool-aid laced with …

      • opheliart permalink

        Betty Clermont February 15, 2016 at 5:05 am
        A government of wealth and corruption? What could better describe the Vatican. Fittipaldi’s book “Avaricia” said the pope received €378 million from the Peter’s Pence collection in 2013 and Archbishop Becciu confirmed only 20% goes to charity. An April 2015 article in “Il Sole 24 Ore” stated the Vatican’s assets – securities, real estate and bank accounts – for all its departments and offices combined “by a conservative estimate” would be around 15-17 billion euro. In Dec. 2015, “An independent group of European financial experts [said] investigations [of the Vatican Bank] are under way in other jurisdictions because they largely involve ‘offenses committed abroad by non-Vatican citizens,’ the report stated. The alleged offenses include fraud, tax evasion, corruption, bankruptcy, insider trading, and market manipulation.” (

  3. opheliart permalink

    yes, like we stated many moons ago …


    one by one, they will be removed.

  4. opheliart permalink

    Jack Feb 16, 2016 at 3:44 am
    Catholicism through the magisterium avoids the problem of radical individualism and the almost lunatic organizational chaos of Protestantism, with anyone and everyone allowed to call himself a pastor and set up a new church somewhere. But the cost is too high. There is too much there that flatly contradicts plain Biblical teaching and there are just too many intellectual calisthenics and contortions one needs to go through in order to resolve the contradictions.

    That said, there is still plenty that evangelicals can learn from Catholics as well as vice versa. No one group has it totally right within Christendom.

    One day, that will change, but for now, we’re just going to have to live with the fact that, while God has wonderfully preserved His church through the ages, its outward face remains divided.

    I like the charismatic movement which has cut across these divisions to emphasize our oneness in the Spirit, but that’s really just a start.

    – See more at:

    jack, what moves in those circles of lunacy? it started with who/what? it goes wayyyyyy back. the lunacy seen in wayward pastoring was born out of illicit and poor parenting. it is the OFFSPRING of evil acts under evil censure. you see it in the abrahamic stoning age of church and state …commandeered by the roman state to build a dynasty of catholic popes and bishops, cardinals and even priests … the dogmatic disease of power-hoarding, an elitist menu of god-mongering … using doctrine as a weapon to rule and oppress the people. jack, if you believe in the SPIRIT of good and … evil, it is evil continuing its diseased path … branching out. schisms are necessary where disease is rampant … a revealing of ignorance and vile ways. the rcc headship is a corrupt and diseased … and abusive organization advocating a system long overdue for SERIOUS INVESTIGATION! evil lures … evil moves and subdues the vulnerable … it finds its house in the vagrancy of what?

    • opheliart permalink

      — andrew greeley called the vatican elitists mad-cap tyrants :O

      • opheliart permalink

        jack, there are catholics/protestants that actually believe that Spirit of the Living GOD ordained these houses … these high-towered men … to command censorship and abuse, even the murders … to build their “church”. this is absolutely NOT true. Spirit of the Living God cannot align itself with untruth, jack … {this} cannot be in these houses of indulgences and fornication. it’s a lie … always was —always will be. but people are born into these religions because as children they have no choice and … are often FORCED by parent to adhere, obey and believe in these dogmatics … through guilt, hell, fear-mongering … use of those rituals and traditions … DENIAL …

        Spirit does not operate that way. Jesus never advocated RELIGIOn as The CHURCH (on this rock) … He is speaking of the Church as TRUTH, jack … not the roman catholic church or any other institution grandstanding for powers.

        would Jesus behave as pope francis? or any other religious elite? heck no! never! how anyone can compare these two is beyond reason—it is folly.

  5. opheliart permalink

    jack, evil takes care of itself …
    if satan has risen up against himself … it is finished …

    that ‘casting out’ of demons is now, jack … now

    • opheliart permalink

      movement is not abandoning … it is for self-preservation in a time of war, dishonesty … overt ignorance, them bad, bad apples …

      • opheliart permalink

        maybe if you move … they will follow

        does CHRIST live in you? CHRIST is not in those dogmatic inks, but the tablets of the HEART, jack

        where are those houses if not within? places of virgin oil or places of ignorance … denial, greed and obtuse monitoring. each must be accounted for under what “law”, jack? to hell with roman law and its hypocritical oaths … bed-wetting and broad-cloth garments! cast them out of your houses that they might be seen for what they are … and receive what is their due. you help no one by playing with gluttonous thieves.

  6. opheliart permalink

    you see, jack … these high-towered religionists want others to do their dirty work for them … they want others to take in their fleeing members … the vatican wants others to pay for their own disease of corruption and dishonesty and poor parenting/pastoring. they want martyrs like priests and nuns to die at the hands of these drug lords! these men and women are not protected! they are not equipped for this kind of work … some are barely getting by … and the women and children … my-oh-my …

    the rcc headship and those in league with this insanity do not care about what these go through … these men are false … lazy, bastards … who know nothing of the realities of the destitute … and they plunge them deeper into struggle and crime and sickness because of their arrogance and their greed. pope mouthes words for photo ops … it’s all one big, fat lie for the press … and the public lick, lick … lick the sugary glazzzzzze …
    junk …

    you, jack … you and others like you are being called to speak and to act on this nonsense. the babies and families that will suffer because of the rcc? do you want that on your soul, jack? what help will these women and children receive? some of the young women are not yet women …

    THEY ARE CHILDREN HAVING CHILDREN … living in slums and the pope wants you to pay for these! you! in a roman catholic country … a country that marries itself with the church of ignorance.

    no one is asking you to agree to abortions, folks, but there is a way to stop it …

    do you see it?

    • opheliart permalink

      i listen to you all whining about your evangelical rah-rah and such

      what a waste of GOD’S PRECIOUS GIFTS! kick the dust from your feet and move!

    • opheliart permalink

      don’t allow this to become your schools and hospitals … and your children dead under those boards

      you people do not understand the patterns of evil … and how it loves confusion and chaos

      • opheliart permalink

        and a pontiff saying one thing and doing another … depending on where he rides his chariot … is what? in mexico … he wants the former catholics gone protestant to go back into the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH … no matter the cost … he/they have NEVER ACCEPTED YOU —NEVER! just as they will never accept me—a gnostic. they would have me tossed into prison or executed if I lived in their roman catholic run nations, even if they had to trump up a charge …

        they fear ME … but they cannot touch me …

        one by one, they will be removed.

  7. opheliart permalink

    hmm … was shown who might be scalia’s replacement 😉

    if so, smart move, obi wan … thought you looked less stressed while speaking on this topic … a sort of wimple look … 😀

    we did say …

    • opheliart permalink

      and so you will see, it is not the God of the Living encouraging these men. Spirit cannot know what it cannot align with—BE of use for the purpose of PROPHESY: the Evolution of God and Man

      and this is an exciting, exciting study … should the patriarchal religionists step aside and give space for voice of those believers of gnosis. why do you listen and bind self to the temporal release of male dominion when you can be of the breath of EVE? you see how the males of these factions did not want {this} UNDERSTANDING to come forth? evil attempts to eradicate the breath of Life but God is Almighty in the stream of Prophetic Evolution. you may choose Death but WE choose Life. how can Man produce without She? ah, yes, Spiritual Metaphor but even a nonbeliever can reason out how animals produce and one day … one day he will begin to realize that there is Life within that he has not yet studied in its deserved context. instead of blaming that sky fairy he hates so much, he will realize that einstein’s theory in a way most advantageous in his desire for proof (the ‘jew’ of the writings) … that is now evidence from sterner technology is saying something grand and … these waves … ripples … THIS MOVEMENT … is not foreign to Spirit … both good and not good, and is used most actively in the minds and hearts of Mankind, and …

      Angelkind. Humanity has yet to be realized, but there will come a Day when the scientists will be able to measure SPIRIT Activity within person and know for a fact that Spirit exists, but, of course, this will present a witch hunt of sorts as history repeats … as evil is desiring itself be found credible and desiring to appear ‘worthy’ and good … but … beware. Spirit of the Living God does not need to prove itself worthy. IT IS …
      but Man is given choice and his desire is to know more and more … and to test, test, test in many ways with many grades … the “worthiness” of his fellow Man. hmm … I have seen men charge men and label them mentally ill who have more truth than a judicialist with the power to make law for all men. ears to hear? why yes …

      Angels do walk about you or … people with SPIRITUAL gifts, sometimes good sometimes not so good … or is it HOW THESE ARE USED … misused … that determines the scope on trueness, ingenuity and Light …

      as we said, there will come the day where all will believe in SPIRIT as proof will be on their tablets … one way or the other

      • opheliart permalink

        and where will the houses of rome and orthodoxy and evangelical this and that be? in denial? still advocating their creeds as God Authority?

        😉 really … NOW

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