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oh, the flying carpet of bell air

February 15, 2016

had posted on this in the comment section of the previous but decided it needed a lift


The great evangelical divorce: continuing the conversation




but the canonization of junipero serra was more important in america than the color of the tribe nearly decimated by him and his band mates? how does justice work in these 2 pieces? how is one allowed but not the other?

” …in a bid to stem a tide of protestant conversions”

wonder what the protestants have to say about the pope now? what does david gushee have to say about his catholic pope now? didn’t he see this in the works? didn’t he recognize the papal degrees on his catholic pope’s agenda? suddenly the pope thinks the natives should be natives? lol … this gets more insidiously ridiculous every day coming from the vatican … it’s strategy for what? the rcc is trying to stop a movement that will make itself look ignorant … errant and abusive. so …

when are you protestants going to wake up and smell the dung on your shoesies?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    and btw, protestants, you are not going to get any help from the russian orthodox … as for the greek orthodox, and the others … ? it depends on the tea …

    • opheliart permalink

      The great evangelical divorce: continuing the “reformation” 😉

      maybe david gushee should get his ‘progressive’ evangelical ass over to mexico … to see what’s up with the natives


  2. opheliart permalink

    in case you are unaware of the protest on sera’s canonization

    and another “version” …

    just another money maker for the rcc and a way to highlight rome’s catholic system as god authority (regarding the CHRIST? absolutely NOT! for The CHRIST would never never NEVER advocate serra’s/rcc’s actions and do to the native nation what this religion did) and …

    a way to lure the hispanic people back into the rcc … if you are doing your homework you would know what’s been happening in the states

    and how can you apologize on one side of your mouth for the terrorism and ignore the please of the wounded on the other? it’s hypocrisy and very, very bad manners. IGNORANCE, to be sure and the pope, the vatican, the rcc and its adherents are looking quite ugly in this spectacle. it’s unnecessary considering the hurt! there are other ways of celebrating the vibrant culture of the hispanic people—I SEE AND WITNESS THIS EVERYDAY WITHOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC GODS!

    and to use students-children to make it look “good” is SHAMEFUL!

    IT’S CALLED IGNORANCE AND INCIVILITY FOR not GOD OF THE LIVING but THE GODS OF ROME, not for the Love of God, Spirit of The Living … and it will come back to bite the hands of these oppressors who continue to advocate their errancy and loud, ignorant and insidious ways.

    now, do ask what the US government has to do with this admission of political heresy and why they would IGNORE the protests of those hurt by serra/the rcc? namely those who were in that region, practicing their culture long before the terrorism of roman catholic practice was upon them
    and why … why NO ONE in influential seats has spoken out and stopped it.

    so, who/what will speak for this MINORITY?

    teaching children that this is the way of Jesus? absolutely disgusting …errant and unbelievably inconsiderate and void of LOVE!

    soon … man will wake and say, GOOD GOD, WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

    we hope … we can only speak truth and hope …

  3. opheliart permalink

    the great con artist … the political puppet on the move and the poor are once again denied the truth about these religious elites using them for food for their INSTITUTION and REIGN

    good Lord, when does it ever end? the vatican with it supporters has reached a new low … back in the IGNORANT DAYS OF THEIR ANCIENTISM—indoctrinated and brutish ways … one says, oh, what horrors, what obscenity, but these men were led by evil … men filling their coffers and setting up their thrones of power … but now, IN THIS DAY? to continue USING AND ABUSING THE PEOPLE FOR RECRUITS … still, still, the vatican behaves irrationally and oppressively! they don’t give up all they have for any poor! it’s all a rotten sticking lie … and those WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER that continue to pay into and support this con game and misuse of the small and often voiceless, mistreated … will be judged for these same acts of attrition.

    since when has this peace pope changed anything for any of these poor, women and children suffering under ROMAN CATHOLIC SYSTEMS OF BELIEF? these marginalized, oppressed and mistreated? the vatican institution using these are PHOTO OPS to gain credibility for BUSINESS as usual. it’s all a lie, folks … a sad, tortuous pitiful lie. institution uses and abuses them every step of the way … these men have no conscience. they will be removed.

    • opheliart permalink

      WE SAID:


      • opheliart permalink

        one by one they will be removed …

        haven’t you been paying attention?

  4. opheliart permalink

    bye-bye scalia …

  5. opheliart permalink

    Seth Bobbink Feb 16, 2016 at 1:28 am
    I once was a Evangelical Protestant. Now I am an a Charismatic Catholic. Yes Catholics are Christians as well in case anybody is in doubt of that. Anyways, Charismatic would be similar to Evangelical in the Protestant World. At least when it comes to Holding firm to the Dogmas of the Catholic Church. I found David Gushee to be an interesting fellow. In his first article on this issue he states: “It goes against the Christian theological confession that the Church is “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.” It also goes against repeated New Testament exhortations to unity (John 17:11, Col. 3:15).” First off the theological confession that David is talking about is the Nicene Creed which was formed and ratified at the first first Council of Nicaea. Oh and that was the Catholic Church which formed that. At the end of this post David states: “I just want to follow Jesus, and be left alone by those who don’t like how I do it.” What about the Catholic & Protestant split David?

    – See more at:

    what bobbink fails to mention is that the followers of CHRIST (THOSE active in the MINISTRY OF JESUS, not roman catholic gods) never spoke of christianity as roman catholic or any other religious denomination. the roman church took control, stole the Writings and built a fascist institution … added, deleted … plagiarism … torture, murder, you name it to gain control so …

    answer that one, bobbink. your institutional head is a bastard … not TRUTH … NOT the authority on God … and the sooner david gushee wakes to these FACTS … the sooner real PEACE can be of One.

    • opheliart permalink

      another fact, bobbink, your vatican is scared in their obvious hell of their own making … they are cornered and you will soon see something you have never seen in all your short indoctrinated days … shame on your institution for the abuse and the cover ups and and all that horrid matriculation.

      • opheliart permalink

        you see, folks, evil is afraid for itself to be revealed … for LIGHT to shine on its deceit and lawlessness …

        and so it does things to try to stay hidden …

        watch what will happen.

  6. opheliart permalink

    yes, you will know them by their fruits …

    • opheliart permalink

      if the evan-gels, protestants of every denomination except possibly lutherans in rome … thought the pope was all about ecumenism … think again

      ” …in a bid to stem a tide of protestant conversions”

      we have been warning of this for some time but people are really not of the ability to see … to hear … to know dishonest acts and deception even with it right out there …

      they believe everything told to them which brings us to that creed … the one bobolink is claiming roman catholic …
      can you trust it to be of truth?

      what did those men determined to silence all but their own council know about THE CHRIST or SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD?

      do they know anything more than they did back then? they were willing to agree on some scientific discoveries … so … what makes them so knowledgable about Spirit? the Writings? think this through. it should not take more than a minute or so if you consider their actions to get what they wanted … for their version of “GOD” … their understanding of what is Spirit … first of all, they made it exclusively male …

      that was number one error … from there is was a lot of bull

      • opheliart permalink

        to us that is like a premeditated murder …

        it was dishonest. so what has changed in their thinking? they just continued building their elitist colony of bosses for control … and what came as a result is what you see in those predominately catholic nations … throughout history. oppression, injustice …

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