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the passion

February 12, 2016

part one of TARKOVSKY’S


while looking at the painting that THEOPHANES the Greek had been working on, the monk desiring to be a great painter, says …

Kirill: something is missing …


fear is missing, and faith.



during my communion in these works, I read something that said,


too much wisdom brings much sorrow


now, from the book of THOMAS:

The Savior continued and said, “Oh, unsearchable love of light! Oh, bitterness of fire! You blaze in the bodies of people and in the marrow of their bones, blazing in them night and day, burning their limbs and [making] their minds drunk and their souls deranged. [You dominate] males and females day and night; you move [and arouse] them secretly and visibly. When the males are [aroused, they are attracted to the] females and the females to the males. That is why it is said that everyone who seeks truth from true wisdom will fashion wings to fly, fleeing from the passion that burns human spirits. And one will fashion wings to flee from every visible spirit.”

Thomas answered and said, “Master, this is precisely what I ask you, since I understand that you are beneficial to us through what you say.”

Again the Savior answered and said, “This is why we speak to you, because this is the teaching for the perfect. If you wish to become perfect, keep these sayings. If not, the name for you is ‘ignorant,’ since an intelligent person cannot associate with a fool. The intelligent person is perfect in all wisdom, but to the fool good and evil are the same. The wise person will be nourished by truth, and will be like a tree growing by a stream of water. Some people have wings but rush toward visible things that are far from truth. The fire that guides them gives them an illusion of truth. It will shine on them with a perishable beauty, and it will imprison them in dark delight and capture them in sweet-smelling pleasure. And it will make them blind with insatiable desire, inflame their souls, and be like a stake that is jammed into their heart and can never be removed. Like a bit in the mouth, it leads them according to its own wish.

“It has bound them with chains, and tied all their limbs with the bitterness of the bondage of desire for those visible things that perish and change and fluctuate impulsively. They have always been drawn downward. When they are slain, they are drawn to all the animals of corruption.”

Thomas answered and said, “It is clear and has been said that [many are] … those who do not know the … soul.”

[The Savior] answered and said, “[Blessed] is the wise person who has [sought truth, and] when it has been found, has rested upon it forever, and has not been afraid of those who wish to trouble him.”




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  1. opheliart permalink

    Rublev: (to Danila, his brother in faith) I see the world with your eyes. I listen with your ears … with your heart.

    *note: seeing is of the mind … hearing is of the heart

    Rublev leaves to paint in moscow but,

    what does he leave behind?

  2. opheliart permalink

    “To the angel (MATTHIAS) of the church of Ephesus write,

    ‘These things says He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands:

    I know your works …

    Nevertheless I have ‘this’ against you, that you have left your first love (WISDOM).

    • opheliart permalink

      in the film, the character rublev leaves behind his first love, “sophia”, going out into the offshoots of ignorance, betrayal and cruelty …

      he walks into war unprepared

      he had no one telling him that a broken pledge (theophanes the greek’s offer to kirill to paint in moscow) is what had been offered
      he rublev abandoned his brothers, took with him a young “liar”, even though rublev himself was not aware of the lie that had been offered to him … nor was he aware of the lie that awaited him. he was without experience … vision, and hearing.

      he was very far from wisdom

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