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how do you solve a problem like …

February 10, 2016

anger and starvation …


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  1. opheliart permalink

    by giving the jesuits 2 M?

    wait, haven’t we already done that?

    btw, love the following:

    drwho13 February 9, 2016 at 4:52 pm
    A Carthusian monk once told me; “never trust a monk with your wife, or a Jesuit with your wallet. Hope it’s well spent.

  2. opheliart permalink

    silencing never works … roman pontiff, you should know that by now! shame …

    MaryLou Scherer Feb 9, 2016 at 2:01 pm
    Nostra Signora della Omertà

  3. opheliart permalink

    oops, don’t think you’ll find ‘maria’ in there … so how relevant would it be in this day?

  4. opheliart permalink

    “For the past half-century, New Englanders have shunned faith-based politics, and New Hampshire evangelicals are no exception to the rule. It’s a rule that helps explain why there are so few Republicans left in the region.”

    I am reminded of a evangelical family member’s comment about NE … “spiritually dry”


    i guess the question might be … which SPIRIT is being harvested by the evangelical?

    anyhoo … back to … how do YOU solve a problem like her?

  5. opheliart permalink

    zimbabwe … hmm, what kind of government rules in zimbabwe?

    let’s take a look, again …

    this time we will use a different source …

    Trevor Ncube, one of Zimbabwean President Robert G. Mugabe’s most vocal critics, says Zimbabwe is now effectively being ruled by the military and the intelligence agencies.

    Ncube publishes South Africa’s Mail & Guardian, and the last remaining independent newspapers in Zimbabwe, The Independent and the Zimbabwe Standard.

    He says: “Mugabe has no intention to leave (the presidency), and in fulfillment of that he now relies more and more on the military.

    “In other words, we have a military dictatorship in place.”

    In an interview with the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (Dec. 13, 2005), Trevor Ncube said it is clear that Mugabe is not running the country.

    “Remember after Operation Murambatsvina. It was revealed that it was the Central Intelligence Organization that was behind it,” he said.

    Operation Murambatsvina, which translates into English as “Operation Drive Out Rubbish,” made between 700,000 and 2.3 million Zimbabweans homeless when, beginning in May 2005, armed police, soldiers and Zanu-PF militias moved into opposition Movement for Democratic Change (M.D.C.) strongholds in towns and cities and razed thousands of homes and small-scale businesses to the ground. The operation destroyed over 500,000 informal and small-scale businesses and led to the arbitrary arrest of more than 30,000 innocent people. A number of women and children were also killed in the process.

    Civic groups and the opposition M.D.C. argue that the government’s main reason for Operation Murambatsvina was to punish the urban poor for voting for the opposition during the March 2005 parliamentary elections.

    Ncube identifies Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede, Immigration Director Elasto Mugwadi and Army Commander Constantine Chiwengwa as part of the core group of people who are now running the country.

    In December 2005, Ncube and two other critics and opponents of the Mugabe regime, had their passports confiscated amid revelations that the regime was restricting travel rights of its critics and opponents to stop them from “badmouthing” the government abroad.

    Between 15 and 64 human rights activists and critics of the regime have been placed on a list of people who are banned from traveling abroad and whose passports are to be seized “with immediate effect” if they try to either leave or enter the country.

    “This operation, it’s dictated by the ‘securocrats,’ who are the real people running this country. They include Tobaiwa Mudede and Elasto Mugwadi — but the people pulling the strings are military men.

    “Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba, 24 hours after the seizure of my passport, was adamant nothing like that could happen in Zimbabwe,” Ncube says. “Attorney General Sobhuza Gula-Ndebele himself was also in the dark. He said it could not happen because there is no legislation in place to allow the state to seize people’s passports.”

    Ncube points out that when civil structures fail to deliver, the military and intelligence agencies take over.

    “That is why Army Commander Constantine Chiwengwa is now being touted as a possible presidential successor,” Ncube says.

    • opheliart permalink

      that was posted in 2005

      does anyone still believe that aid in the form of $ actually goes to those suffering from lack of food, health care, a fair, honest and just system of governance? would your american dollars go toward the women and children in need or would most of it be pocketed by the oppressors? the deceivers? the dictatorship?

  6. opheliart permalink

    how do you solve a problem like …

    ashes … ?

    Jim Grant February 10, 2016 at 11:12 am
    I resonate very much with Jacob’s essay, with one difference. I look forward not only to the imposition of ashes but to actually wearing them in public during the day. This powerful, visible symbol reminds me, and hopefully those who see me, at least once a year, who we are and what awaits us all.


    actually, it would be catholic mindset …
    as jim’s comment is another example of a universal view that ALL will end up like him, or that all should end up like what catholicism believes.

    are you seeing it yet? do you understand what we are saying when we speak of catholic mindset? the roman church put its stamp on a religion calling itself christianity, because it usurped the ‘christian’ as they began the ministry of the CHRIST (THOMAS shared on this—READ GNOSTIC LIT, probably why the roma tortured and murdered one like me). JESUS never intended for catholic belief and practice—NEVER> this is not what he was advocating.

    jim assumes as do most religionists reared in catholic religion that GOD is his hell or his heaven depending on where he, through his doctrine and teaching, believes you will end up. this is just not true in the realm of the SPIRIT! you can choose to go the way of roma but where has the authority of this religion placed itself in denial of TRUTH according to the WORD? when i see the ashes on these people it says … uniform (where have we seen that before? the saved verses the damned? … you are not like us? we are the favored ones?) they wear the uniform of a religion … on a particular day. what does Jesus say about that … proudly, loudly in public for all to see, but that’s just it … the ostentatious wide-robed big headed stiff necked version of what? 😉

    what happened to PAUL’s teaching about eating at home? jacob has it right should you desire this tradition.

    here is catholic drunk on himself: hey everybody, look at us! our god will damn you to hell because you are not baptized by our gods… because you are not living according to our rules … WE ARE THE LAW! and jim says, no, that’s not what we are saying …

    then why does anybody need to be reminded of your god? he’s YOUR god! and as a gnostic not of religion we say … you are ignorant of yourself.

    • opheliart permalink

      so, if you don’t mind, we would rather not be reminded of what you did to us … the Writings and …

      the poor, and continue to do …

      2 CORINTHIANS 3.2


      he does not say anything about the big head 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        the roman catholics, like the jws and other are of a catholic way of seeing. seeing is of the mind. hearing is of the heart. ascension of the heart to the mind requires self observation through what?

        I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to “the FATHER” but through …

        very gnostic … very 🙂

        does not say anything about religion … certainly not roman catholicism, papal sees or pride of deliverance.


        jws come to my house at least four times a year … once they stopped me during my walk … and not for directions …
        my standard now is: is this about religion? they answer: yes
        my response: no thank you

        there is absolutely no talking to them. they believe their religion to be right and everyone else wrong. i have no time for such ignorance, nor am i to waste time in these affairs.

        i got such a kick out of neilos the ascetic in the philokalia, volume one, where he writes about believers going out, thinking they are teachers … with their bevy of disciples …
        we posted on this in SPIR a few times, and … really, it is true. the INTELLECT, not even examined through the LIGHT ON LOVE, and they parade themselves in the public squares … much like the popes and their …


        reminds me of the time i asked a catholic on an amazon discussion forum about their communion being like a fast-food drive-thru

        why bother.

  7. opheliart permalink

    oh, enough on these things … i am getting anxious … feeling my ophelia trilogy calling.

    had a glimpse of a ‘person’ with a collar and chain around the neck. it was late at night—dark—and brief vision. the person is not a who but a what (*mystics often go awry in their understanding of their visions/dreams and before ya know … all hell breaks loose) the person represents ‘child’ and yes, the person did a youthful stature, or what appeared to be a young person. the child in SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE is commonly known as parent. 😀 yes, hard to receive, i know … but that parent symbolizes what is in this day …
    parenting of this day … is collared and tethered to something. can you see/hear what it is?

    almost finished with my cross body bag for the OPHELIA TRILOGY books …
    will have it up on etsy soon. one of a kind … each is different and i will be painting several

  8. opheliart permalink

    one last for today …

    Ben in Oakland Feb 9, 2016 at 11:28 am
    Depraved indifference is the working lifestyle of the Christian God.

    6 million Jews murdered, including some of my relatives. No problem.

    Slavery and God justified institutionalized hate. No problem.

    God botherers flying planes into buildings. No problem.

    The entire population of the earth slaughtered for their sinfulness, except for the family of an old drunk, and including the little babies who could not have sinned even if the wanted to. No problem.

    2/3 of the eorld being damned to hell for eternity beciase they didn’t get the salvation memo. No problem.

    The destruction of entire civilizations in the Americas. No problem.

    But two people doing the wrong thing with their peepee’s and vajayjays.


    – See more at:

    time to move on, ben … your point is valid but no one is listening. we all have family murdered by man, ben … all of us. it hasn’t just been one ethnic group … look at the chians … the katastrophe … nationals dictating mass murders all over the world, ben, and some of these were non believers in a god other than their own god of ideas and power, control, hate … money, rule …

    look at the rapes of women and children in each state of the US, and around the world … can you blame the christian god for these?

    the christian god? I notice you do not mention the jewish god or the muslim god or any other god where these acts occur. is it safe to place blame on the christian god but not safe to mention any other god? why? why do you not say,

    THE GOD OF ABRAHAM … isn’t that what you all believe?

  9. opheliart permalink

    how do you solve a problem like …

    those pesky little women.

    as if we didn’t know …

    maybe this is the real miracle … to dispel the gay rumors of jp2 and his ____

    and why bring this out now, after his mintage in the rcc and much of that cath-o-lick world?

    • opheliart permalink

      and do not think that jealousy bears itself in silence. lovers have a way of emerging to claim their test-a-mintas

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