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February 9, 2016

Yes, President Ryken says he’s asked the Board of Trustees to conduct a thorough review “to improve the way the College addresses faculty personnel issues in the future, especially when these issues relate to our Statement of Faith.” Well, that will be worth waiting for.

In the meantime, chalk one up for the powers and principalities.

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—-a wee bit confused on this. I am not convinced this was a personal issue, given the wheaton professor intended the message to be for all reading her facebook post.

oh … the statement says personnel, not personal. 

how are “the powers and principalities” to deal with professors and other notable employees of college institutions when they stray from the statement of faith, sworn oaths, norm, agreements … safety and protection of student body and staff?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    you know, larycia hawkins, former professor at wheaton college, should have thought of ALL students and faculty where she worked when she posted for ALL to see, instead of just her students and those in league with her beliefs and practices.

    a professor of STUDENTS is bound to a certain behavior when employed at a school/college, and if of the desire to make a statement as she did, she should have FIRST CONSULTED WITH what silk calls “the powers and principalities” before airing out her sentiments … given the SENSITIVE, PERSONAL nature of this … in a climate of …

    she did not consider those students not in agreement, nor did she consider the parents paying for the EDUCATION … has she considered the parents spending money for their children to attend wheaton for reasons possibly having to do with SAFETY AND PROTECTION … AND THOSE PRAYING TO JESUS, not muhammad?

    mark silk may think it appropriate to do as he pleases, even calling wheaton admin powers and principalities, but has he once thought of how the body of that school might feel? those having worked hard to build that community? or is he with every whim and trend and pc draft racing down the pike?

    what of trinity college in CT? the position mark silk filled …

    some people are careless. period.

    • opheliart permalink

      a friend texted me the other day: have you found a parish yet?

      I laughed. it was over five years ago that the incidents with the cathedral, parish, church and abbey occurred. she has not been following our work. that’s okay. I never force feed anything … it is not of THE CHRIST to force. no, I had no intention of going back … I was there to check the vineyard, although, I did not know it at the time … but that is how honesty and innocence, even naivety, works (yes, I was naive about many things 😉

      much to share … but it is not time for these

      I will be a bishop one day. I sort of joked about it several yrs ago then realized that what I am being asked to do is this very thing. “will you do this for us?” why else am I hearing if not for what is needed to assist in healing. this is my worth.

      The New Order of the Faith will have an Institute of Study … soon, I hope. everything takes so long it seems …

      but, allow me to share:
      this study is not bound to curriculums and doctrines of any name brand church. it is exactly as it says … study, and with this comes experience.

  2. opheliart permalink

    one area i have been acutely aware …

    the rcc body of believers. you may think i am anti-catholic but this could not be farther from the truth. everything i share is for movement—warning—movement—warning—movement. even pope fran’s statement of the worship of the same god (islam and christianity) does not speak for all christians … it does not even speak for all catholics. he was careless to speak as he did but … agenda does put people, even high towered people, in questionable positions. when serving an agenda for reasons not geared for the health and wellbeing within the CHRIST, rather, more for self or power. control, politics … as we surely saw with this current pontiff and continue to see and interestingly, we have yet to hear mark silk, hawkins or anyone else speak on solidarity/equality regarding women, gays … divorced couples … these types of religious freedoms in the rcc. even clergy child sex abuse—an airing of these crimes. easy for hawkins to follow popes but has she done her research on this pontiff? the rcc? the clergy child sex abuse and the rampant cover ups—–ongoing and now … now, a victim is cast out because he refuses to be a pawn for pretend investigation and reform on this very bad —evil— behavior and lifestyle in the rcc.

    but, there are many priests … wanting out. the pope’s behavior-statements-love of politics has caused an internal stir. I can sense this. there will be a break … a big, bold, courageous break. thank God. many will head for the orthodox churches while a few will move with me.

    • opheliart permalink

      one of the concerns expressed by parents regarding the kayla mueller torture and murder and I even heard this on national news … is the fact that many young people are not fully aware in the risks when they do community service in other countries … or the study abroad programs, and I think of the italian student in cairo … and there are others, caught up in crimes, crimes they did not commit, relationships … spread of virus/diseases

      i tell my children in their work in latin america, morocco and the travel in europe: you got out just in time

      we hope, but it isn’t just over there … it’s everywhere and no matter how many times press. candidates tell you how great america is or how great they will be for america and how great they will make america and how great america will be —again— they fail to admit the great need for growth in the wellness of mankind … not the need for overpopulating but the need for improving the nature of people. they pat everyone on the back to pat themselves on the back maybe because they are really no different from the average person … on the street, including the men people call their holy fathers … politicians, religionists … titled according to this institution or that institution … all manmade ordinances … following this and following that … to get ahead or to get what ‘it’ wants for reputation, money, numbers … numbers … numbers … property. praise, appeal … more money … more property. business. business … politics … experience—yes, of some sort, form, mandate … alliance, allegiance and carriage. and it used to be that man could cover over his steps if dishonest but now … now with social media, which he uses heavily to gain attraction, there is record of sins … 😉 … but also a lot of youth being trained to hack into your personal files. government/academia has handed the youth this, sometimes free of charge. it’s a job, right? working for the governments? so, are any of you really safe—anywhere? a few. just a few.

  3. opheliart permalink

    and this … your own area water … is it safe?

    we have posts in SPIR and OWA addressing harmony in environment and yes, salkin’s sharing on putting a man on the moon and the industry’s standards for demand … but at what/whose expense? down that road what are the communities left with?

    must share this … I live in an area of fertile soil, by a river … much farming …

    I rarely drink the water and if I do, it’s filtered through britas … and … and I rarely buy bottled water. I just don’t drink water very often (3-4X a year?) and I was shown to stop drinking tap water a number of years ago. I drink brewed teas hot and cold and brewed coffee, usually hot and occasionally, I drink a juice combo … and coconut water …

    why was I shown to do this? I am beginning now to see why. now, I have for the last 3 or 4 yrs smelled chlorine in our water from the tap. I do not like that smell and I have a sensitivity to heavily chlorinated pools. i no longer go in public pools and recently my niece shared that all in her family were sickened in the same week, their first week in a new area where they were spending a lot of time in the public pool … and i asked her about this and the water and she did a bit of research and found some neighbors having experienced similar sicknesses.

    • opheliart permalink

      yes, it is the job of community pastors to share with others these areas of concern and … there is nothing wrong with pastors bringing to the attention of these same, questionable behavior about candidates running for offices that directly involve these communities. the pastor does not have to outright condemn anyone unless there is sufficient evidence that points to malpractice or harmful behavior … but where there are children, pregnant women, safety an issue … and public officials are in denial or … hiding crimes …

      JESUS spoke out about certain behaviors. prophets do call out the lethargic and the dishonest, the poorly seeded and the host of ignorance … and there is an understanding within this calling out of hypocrisy that has much to do with the understanding in receiving the prophet’s share, and this will include chastising … know this … and resistance from others, people may not like you … as you may go against the grain of the day … but you do gain feed of another port.

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