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the weeping prophet

February 9, 2016

the following is an important host



God weeps for Flint






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  1. opheliart permalink

    went back to read some of the comments

    salkin … you may want to share with your jewish brethren that they are ignorant on THE CHRIST, which is where the title christian was born from. your jewish brethren do love to “hang” with the christ-haters in pedestaling their other holy BOOKs like the mid rash and … as they know nothing about the new of the WRITINGS. truly they do not as we can clearly hear their bias, and the arrogance. did those claiming Christ follow incorrect teaching on {this}? yes and so have the jews … and both continue in ignorance. this is a warning, “rabbi” …

    remember, “rabbi” much strife, murder and misunderstanding was gloried in your holy book … and many took liberties … judaism is not as clean as it likes to think … or YESHUA would not have had to walk that road. do you understand? your people are still in darkness on what is …

    what say you when they wake and see the face of the jew? or the face of judaism? it will get worse before it gets better. first there will be a reckoning on the abrahamic religion … that god of wrath … then the roman catholic church will be found guilty of incest (spiritual language) and much bloodshed, abuse and cruelty … along with deceit and misleading for political gain, greed, power and control. you sit and watch them pray … even tell them way to think … what to believe? it will be on your hands …
    we see a post on your article about flint water … it blames the christian god? are you silent to this? he is a jew, like you, or so he says … maybe he tests you? to see what you will say? maybe GOD sends someone in to inspect the vineyard …

    there are things coming that you cannot see … cannot possibly prepare for unless … you are warned.

    • opheliart permalink

      history repeats, does it not? but man can choose to lessen that weight. who is willing to take up the cross for those most ignorant? those being silenced? the dead? playing god with your relatives and those who think just like you is not going out and carrying what needs to be carried …

      you see, your brethren know not of the footsteps of JESUS … what this means. they applaud the atheists like max who disparage in utter ignorance and reckless agenda. these will pay for their diatribe. and yours? where will they find those footprints while treading in darkness because their own bigotry … their license thinking they are the chosen … gets in the way of VISION … your own scribes having written the wrath filled god of abraham …
      this is not in the beginning was THE WORD … judaism is not king, salkin … do not ever forget this! something came long before your religion … it is everywhere. we believe you know this and we are waiting for you to take those steps…

  2. opheliart permalink

    my-my … that is 2 people now that have fallen during a bernie event. wonder if it has to do with drugs and feeling dizzy 😦

  3. opheliart permalink

    do you believe in SPIRIT … good and bad? everything you do … every word … action … thought has its place somewhere in these realms. sadly, mankind is unaware in these. he does not know how SPIRIT operates. if he knew, he wouldn’t be able to handle it … sadly, but the time is coming for mankind to begin to understand something he cannot see.

    religious think his prophet is truth. his men are the person between god and man. no. there is no man that hears in the Spirit of the Living God. not one. mystics … that’s what they were/are. they have visions and dreams and think they are being given prophesy … the keys to truth on the heavens and that their doctrine, their words, will be the ticket to this heaven. look over here! look over there! and millions, even billions … follow. in time the truth comes out that these men are abusers. false … ignorant … or merely mystics caught up in their own versions of what their dreams and visions mean but … what do they hear? what are they hearing? good or evil? do you know? can you in any way show that your god is the right and true god? no. because the place of forgiveness is beyond your reach.

    Jesus said to those HE chose: take NOTHING with you. what would Spirit need with golden plates? or insignias … huge crosses and fancy clothes .. expensive, and those lavish footstools, carved chairs, body guards? palaces … and all those rules and titles for men. to make men look important … authoritative … knowledgable. about what? even satan dresses the part and fools the most kind.

    the people starve … sand … you set your houses in sand. a snap of a finger and they will be gone, along with all those dreams … and visions and holy water …

  4. opheliart permalink

    these are just a few bites but …

    He (jeb bush)said, “We don’t want to create an environment that discriminates against people based on their sexual orientation, and we certainly don’t want to discriminate against people that believe that their faith drives their actions and the things that they consider to be important.”

    one must recognize where and how each candidate is using his religion (in this case, roman catholic tradition, practice and teaching) in the public venues … that directly inspire OR degrade american citizens.

    for instance, in cathy-lynne’s pc on bush, she quotes him and follows up with an obvious hypocrisy in regard to his very vocal and very ostentatious religion. how can you say you desire equality yet deny female influential seats? religious seats that do ( like pope fran) get involved in policy—law making — INFLUENCE MANY in US society, and there is the matter of canonizing junipero serra, terrorist to the FIRST NATION people … and the protests by the few remaining of this tribe went ignored by jeb’s religious leader, jeb himself and our entire US government (with the exemption of maybe a few but I did not hear a peep from them). these are the things the people need to weigh … but they will not see it if people are told to remain silent on religious and political matters. bush, like so many catholics, lives in a world of self-indulging … he is insulated for all his years of political service. he does not see his own vagaries.

    can someone please tell him he wears blinders

  5. opheliart permalink

    seems new englanders, REPUBLICAN new englanders, like water boarding after all …

    so sad

    • opheliart permalink

      i really hate to think trump paid his way into that win …

      you know, like … business deals 😉

      but remember, he is just one part of many

      what can you do to prevent forest fires?

      • opheliart permalink

        the candidates …

        hmm … i am still not concerned about trump. it’s still early and he has not been fully VETTED yet … in NH and what’s coming. his noise early on was a distraction to keep people from going too deep. it’s strategy. we see this in the rcc from time to time. think about it … smoke and mirrors … lol …

        make a big splash that gets attention and spurs the angry voters, even voters that did not know they were angry … 😉

        business tactics …

        now, who/what needs to take on the donald? it has already been shown that the religioners can’t …although, jeb gave him a few punches … not too hard, not nearly hard enough 😀 … and we don’t mean vicious tactics

        a nonreligious needs to take on the donald, that’s what. bernie is in his zone and he will continue, with a few bumps and stumbles as is necessary … but, the trump needs to be taken on by a nonreligious. bernie? hmm … not seeing this … yet. it needs to come first from the republican side, but where is there a non religious candidate?

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