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the cross a croc?

February 7, 2016

Hawkins (Larycia @ Wheaton College) has said she has no regrets over her comments on December 10. She wrote,“I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book. And, as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.”



I feel certain many ‘christians’ that do not belong to the church of rome are saying to themselves … “what the __? since when do christians worship in SPIRIT and in Truth a monotheistic belief system (islamic faith) regarded as …

“revealed through muhammad as the prophet of allah” (dictionary definition).


if you are a literalist of those “holy books” … you may subscribe to the ‘abrahamic’ religious practice and study, but as a gnostic, a believer in Truth through the “prophet”, understood in gnosis as GOD, Lord, redeeming Face, perpetual listener, advocate on Life (foundation “the church” spoken of in Matthew) … you are not inclined to confuse or be confused on what is Spirit of the Living God. the mystery (those with ears to hear) is an ever present Light not in debt or carried by abraham or its tribal customs, practices and loyalties … as we believe these to be evolutionary metaphor, of Spiritual Language. we MOVE OUT of these confines to experience the God of the Living. why else did the illustration of Jesus dying on the cross and our taking up {this} reveal God as Spirit?


hmm? the paper trail on this is immense 😉 the whole Mary, Joseph , Jesus story has been sorely misunderstand by many, including the the headship of roman catholicism. good luck with that, catholics …






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  1. opheliart permalink

    the bold in the above came from cathy-lynn gross man’s article posted today, sunday, feb 7 … and she also writes:

    This provoked and uproar with students demonstrating in support of Hawkins and Rev. Franklin Graham publicly supporting Wheaton. “I can tell you – Islam and Christianity clearly do not worship the same God,” Graham said, in support of moves to fire Hawkins.

    I find it interesting that of all the christians in the world, rns seems to be stuck on two, posting the most on these two men of their bibles/doctrine:

    pope francis of the roman catholic church and franklin graham, both anti-gay in doctrine and belief and practice … both literalists of the bible … of the same creed and cadence regarding authority on what we call the Writings … both outspoken on their understanding of these, dismissive of abuse and virulence within their own factions … hypocritical … extremely wealthy by worldly standards, mega-church ideology … ministry bound and born from their ‘father’ … and to add, pope francis is misogynistic in belief and practice through his understanding of the holy texts. much like graham, he lives more in denial than he lives in TRUTH. these two are basically on the same page regarding God authority and yet, pope francis views islam as god in the same manner that he views the roman catholic church as authority on god, whereas, graham refuses to align himself with islam’s prophet … if we understand the god of these to be within each religion: motivator, inspiration, creator, livelihood … life—its SPIRIT.

    and, it is perplexing to watch atheists comment on something they know next to nothing about as they believe in neither religion (abrahamic and other such as hinduism, buddhism …) nor SPIRIT (GOD), but even more perplexing is to watch political liberalists advocate “freedom” and land for palestine, post anti-israel sentiment, while positioning themselves on topics such as abortion, ssm, certain other laws and freedoms … that islam and roman catholicism oppose. are they advocating sharia law or something similar for palestine over orthodox judaism in israel?

    what’s up with this?

    • opheliart permalink

      Judicial and customary law[edit]
      Main article: Urf
      Islamic customary law applies in Palestinian ruled territory:

      Alongside every formal legal system in Palestinian history, there existed a system of customary law known as “Urf”, which means “that which is known” in Arabic. This was a system of rules outside the court system, which handles disputes based on traditional oral customs.

      — [2]
      The term urf, meaning “to know”, refers to the customs and practices of a given society. Although this was not formally included in Islamic law,[8] the Sharia recognizes customs that prevailed at the time of Muhammad but were not abrogated by the Qur’an or the tradition (this is called “Divine silence”). Practices later innovated are also justified, since Islamic tradition says what the people, in general, consider good is also considered as such by God. Urf is the Islamic equivalent of “common law”.[9]

      In the application of urf, custom that is accepted into law should be commonly prevalent in the region, not merely in an isolated locality; jurists also tend, with caution, to give precedence to custom over doctoral opinions of highly esteemed scholars.[9] wiki

      in addition,

      • opheliart permalink

        do the liberalists, democrats and others supporting and promoting palestinian law understand how URF operates within its own faith and beliefs?

    • opheliart permalink

      if I was given a choice of living in a nation ruled by orthodox judaism (what we see today) and what is currently in palestine, i would choose orthodox judaism. liberalists may say, but you cannot drive on their holy days! what do you think of that? … well, is it so bad to give the climate/environment … the air we breathe … a rest once or two a week? think about what this might do for the world if every nation cut back in transportation/activities causing pollution.

      but how would we get to our sports activities? they would shout. oh, i did not realize the universe revolved around your sports activities 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        of course some would need to be transported and some would need to work for emergency situations, but think how many less drunk drivers would be on the road …

  2. opheliart permalink

    we posted on this several times already and please note that this article does not state the comments of the pergida saying they are not pro-nazi … they love their country and do not wish to see it overrun by such huge numbers, most of another other belief and practice—lifestyle. they want to retain their freedoms, not lose voice in matters that matter to them, their children and the children to come …

    this is not heresy, folks …

    but what happens is the pack gets virulent. government behaves irrationally, more to please the eyes of the world … and brings great strife on its people. merkel is a foolish politician. and no, i do not believe her heart is in the right place and she will suffer the consequences of her motif.

    but what’s to do … with so many suffering in nations with leadership careless and ignorant? greedy, selfish and patriarchal in dominance and worship? people have suffered under these conditions for centuries. you cannot destroy one life to accommodate another … that’s like what the rcc does in its hospitals with pregnant women struggling to give birth; they allow both to die because they will not allow the abortion of the unborn. it’s a murderous dictatorship.

    the children and some women can be received into safe homes. the men must find their own way. they paid into and supported these houses of rust and brokenness …

    it is upon them to make change.

  3. opheliart permalink

    let’s be frank about it, once again … as we posted in the comment section of the previous …

    if a group made up of one or two sects, no matter what these are or what it is, atheist or islam, christian(s) or roman catholic/catholics, gnostic or orthodox jew/jews … black or white, purple, green or blue 🙂 … the politicians will cater to the growing number … the group with the higher number of voters. parties likely don’t care about the jws because i am told these don’t vote … but other groups claiming christianity do vote … muslims vote, of course, if sellable in america 😉

    so, atheists—nonbelievers … it’s what we have been saying all along … a no brainer, we are sure you can see this by now … if your numbers decrease, and they will … where will you be in terms of voting your conscience, or voting IN your conscience? if you don’t much care and make a great deal of $ off of the largest group(s) … and you don’t care what practices effect those around you … it matters not what happens in the voting booth, however …

    if you desire voice in the area of what america will look like in ten-20-30 years, care about your children’s choices and your grandchildren’s choices … who the women marry and what they are subjected to on both ends of these extreme views in policy … you need to get crackin’

    what’s your thing? environment? doing right by this which will have a lasting effect on all people? wildlife habitat … city life? safe city life? people can live in a tower and never know or care what’s happening outside their brick walls … but an earthquake … floods, bombs, shootings … anything can happen … and then what?

    • opheliart permalink

      religion will always be a money maker for some … just letting you know. the question is: where is your conscience?

  4. opheliart permalink

    the following was written in 2009

    what’s changed?

    • opheliart permalink

      this was written jan 8 2016

      The US government is backing a brutal war on Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East. It has been for more than nine months.

      You wouldn’t know that from the US Palestinian solidarity movement though. It has largely remained silent — silent while Yemen has bled profusely.

      The Saudi-led coalition has for close to 300 days rained US-made bombs down upon civilian areas including weddings, hospitals, refugee camps, civilian neighborhoods, government buildings, humanitarian aid warehouses, and more.

      Approximately 6,000 Yemenis have been killed — dozens per day, on average. More than 2,800 civilians, and at least 5,300 civilians have been wounded, according to the UN.

      Human rights organizations have repeatedly accused the coalition of war crimes for attacking civilian areas.

      The UN has made it clear that the Saudi-led, Western-backed coalition is responsible for roughly two-thirds of civilian casualties.

      Where are the American pro-Palestinian voices?

      The reasons Americans should stand in solidarity with Palestinians are the same reasons Americans should stand in solidarity with Yemenis.

      Just as the US arms and aids the Israeli military, the US arms and aids the Saudi-led coalition. On January 6, just one day after bombing a center for the blind and Yemen’s chamber of commerce, the Saudi-led coalition dropped widely banned US-made cluster munitions on civilian neighborhoods in the capital city of Sanaa. The bombs were made at the Milan Army Ammunition Plant in Tennessee.

      The photos of Yemeni children dug from under the rubble of buildings destroyed by Saudi bombing appear incredibly similar to those of Palestinian children massacred by Israel in the besieged Gaza Strip. In fact, I have personally seen them confused for each other on social media.

      Just as Israel has imposed a merciless (and illegal) siege on Gaza for almost 10 years, Saudi Arabia has imposed a ruthless siege on Yemen for almost 10 months. As early as August, human rights organizations had warned that 80 percent of Yemen’s population — 21 million people — were in desperate need of humanitarian aid because of the Saudi blockade.

      All of the arguments used to defend the Palestinian resistance are just as valid vis-à-vis the Yemeni resistance.

      Just as Israel is responsible for the vast majority of civilian casualties in its periodic wars on Gaza, the Saudi-led coalition is responsible for the vast majority of civilian casualties in Yemen.

      Like the al-Qassam Brigades, the Houthis and other Yemeni rebels do not have airplanes; it is Israel and the Western-backed coalition that are dropping bombs from the sky.

      And, even beside the US role and other geopolitical alliances, Yemenis are objectively an oppressed group. Internationalists who believe in the universality of justice are obligated to stand with the oppressed against their oppressor.

      This argument may seem reminiscent of the fallacious talking points and deflections used by Israel’s supporters. “Why don’t you say anything about Syria?” such pundits often ask. But there is a crucial distinction in regards to Yemen.

      Syria is complicated. Even the US’ position is contradictory. The White House has called for the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, but legendary journalist Seymour Hersh has exposed that the Pentagon has independently aided him. The Syrian regime has carried out horrific crimes, shooting protesters, bombing and besieging civilian areas, torturing. US allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, on the other side, are actively supporting extremist groups like Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra, while NATO member Turkey is giving foreign Salafi fanatics free reign to cross its border and has been accused of supporting ISIS. Many Palestinians and other groups are themselves divided on Syria.

      Yemen is not complicated.

      A coalition of Western allies and traditional imperial powers — including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, armed by the US and UK — is carrying out a brutal war on the poorest country in the Middle East.

      Qatar and the UAE have effectively invaded Yemen.

      Israel has said little about the war, but it is evident that its sympathies lie with its allies in the US-backed coalition. In the few times Israeli politicians have mentioned Yemen, they have characterized the war as a product of supposed Iranian aggression. Israel, like the members of the coalition, accuses Iran of backing the Houthi rebels.

      Most media outlets have uncritically echoed this accusation, describing the war as “sectarian” and a “proxy war.” Investigative reporters like Gareth Porter have revealed, however, that the ostensible role of Iran has been exaggerated, or even blatantly lied about, in order to justify the bombing and destruction.

      The egregious injustice of the Saudi-led, Western-backed war on Yemen is, to put it bluntly, cut and dry.

      During Israel’s brutal 51-day war on Gaza in the summer of 2014, there were constant demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians. In DC, there were literally dozens — one often held every day or every other day.

      Where are the demonstrations for Yemenis? In New York City in the past six months, there has only been one or two, and even those were sparsely attended.

      I have written numerous articles for Mondoweiss detailing the war crimes the US-backed coalition has carried out in Yemen, but the pieces I published have not been nearly as popular as those I wrote detailing the war crimes the US-backed Israeli military carried out in Gaza.

      This is a war that has carried on for more than three-quarters of a year, but many American pro-Palestinian voices have remained silent.

      Some might fall back on an age-old argument, claiming they do not want to delve into wars like that in Yemen because they do not want to “divide the movement.” But there is a big difference between remaining silent for the sake of unity and remaining silent in an act of hypocrisy.

      Besides, such a view is myopic. The war on Yemen cannot be distinguished from the ongoing war on Palestine. There is an enormous overlap in the forces responsible for the oppression in both cases. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others may do lip service to the Palestinian cause, yet they abandon Palestinians and make deals with Israel behind their backs.

      If American pro-Palestinian activists cannot find common cause with Yemenis struggling against violent oppression that is in so many ways similar to that suffered by Palestinians, they need to seriously reflect on their politics.

      Whatever happened to solidarity?

      – See more at:

  5. opheliart permalink

    having trouble finding articles on treatment of women in palestinian controlled territories, but here is one link
    feel free to add-correct on this

    and, there is the following:

    • opheliart permalink

      we are being fair in our sharing here. it is more complicated than ben norton realizes … and yet, it can be simplified by not paying into the violence … the murders … the killing. how do these men and women sleep at night? at one end of their mouths they pretend at advocating islam in america, even suggesting to bring them here—many, many- too many—at the other end they are killing them … and have been for some time. Spirit of the LIVING GOD is not using murderers for the work of the HOLY Spirit, I can tell you that much! GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS IS SAYING GOD IS IMPARTIAL and is not party to these religions, policies, deals and dose-dohs. pray all you want but if SPIRIT were in those cups and handshakes … bombs and bloodshed … torture and abuses … the death of children … innocent people caught in a rainstorm of bullets … house, limbs … babies blown to smithereens … would not be happening. no, man, you are ignorant. Spirit of the Living God is NOT with you in your war-mongering. what don’t you get about this?

      now, to allow palestine more … more, more, more … with such poor parenting and unstable leadership is asking for more violence as these men cannot even get along among themselves. what don’t you get about this?

      is any party showing itself to be a good parent? a loving neighbor? israel, stop with the trigger-pulling on those kids. THEY ARE JUST KIDS! messed up, indoctrinated, confused, angry, poorly taught children …

      when they come at you with knives, is it so hard to aim to wound the hand that carries the weapon? or the leg to impair mobility? then bring them to a cell where they belong and show them love … something they have probably never really seen-felt … knew existed. please, for GOD’s SAKE, grow some …

  6. opheliart permalink

    seems some dads do not love their daughters/granddaughters, nieces, sisters, NEIGHBOR … nearly enough

    why? makin’ money off of selling them to religion that treats them as second class citizens?

    how do you go from saying this about religion:

    Yoh February 6, 2016 at 2:05 pm
    Actually its not only license to sin, its also a prohibition from giving your notions of sin color of law.

    What is considered sinful and what is considered moral or lawful are vastly different things

    What Jesus says is of no concern for our laws nor can you compel people to care what they were using legal force. Religious freedom means it is strictly a personal business between you and your beliefs. Not the concern of anyone else.


    (in bold)

    Yoh February 7, 2016 at 5:23 pm
    Religion Is lame. A Disgraceful carryover relic from a Barbaric time.

    Fixed that for you


    Yoh February 7, 2016 at 5:18 pm
    Why do you hate America so much?

    You want to destroy one of its fundamental freedoms. Freedom of religion.

    If you really want to prevent the US from being a theocratic hellhole, look no further than Christian dominionists undermining the separation of church and state. They are the ones who wield real political power to allow a majority religious belief to dominate and destroy America. Islamic terrorists can only kill people and break things. The Christian theocrats have the power to destroy our way of life.

    to this:

    Yoh February 7, 2016 at 5:21 pm
    That is why there are weekly beheadings in Deerborn Michigan and residents of Downtown Brooklyn must join in mandatory prayer towards mecca.

    We are Americans, we don’t target people based on their religion. We are the place people go to when they are targeted on the basis of their religion. Islamaphobic nonsense is corrosive to America and all it stands for. Its so sad that people let their fears motivate them to destroy something truly great.


    and residents MUST join in MANDATORY prayer? we thought yoh said to keep separation of church and state …

    “Religious freedom means it is strictly a personal business between you and your beliefs. Not the concern of anyone else.”

    yoh, you mean only when Jesus’ name is brought into the discussion? you are a Jesus hater, aren’t you? you are the one fearful … 🙂 you are quite the bigot … who in their right mind would believe you? a fraud posing as ___.

    we saw you coming a mile away … “color of law”? lol
    looks very much like he posts then posts responses so that he makes things look a certain way. *yawn*

  7. opheliart permalink

    turned on the tv a bit ago and saw my man, franco! yes, i was a steeler fan at one time. thought the following might be fitting for the SPIR post 😉

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