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Xs and Os

February 5, 2016

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  1. opheliart permalink

    we post this not as an endorsement … just to allow some insider bits that maybe the larger venues don’t show.

    • opheliart permalink

      late yesterday afternoon I listened to a bernie speech. it was the longest one I had listened to by him, or anyone, now that I think about it. I do not like to engage too heavily in anything within these types of venues … for a few important reasons; anyhow, there were two things that stood out, and I was reminded of something I wanted to share earlier … had shared in the past … but need to share again:

      bernie said two things that need scrutinizing. like most “progressives” (as he seems to like himself to be viewed) he is pro planned parenthood. he said he would like to give more money to pp.

      —–what needs to happen … as we shared before … one cannot assume esp when it comes to women and children that all is safe and well and all is done ethically and honestly. when agencies grow (and agonies within) because there is a ‘need’ and most other sources are weak or complacent in dealing with that need, there is often a cultish behavior that arises. history shows us this and there is ample evidence in every field where people go awry … where headmasters, litigators, pastors, priests, bishops, politicians, management, even authors, videographers, doctors, nurses and custodial personnel … users even … make unwise, even unethical, sometimes dangerous decisions, misuse, abuse, and falsely accuse and …

      what needs to happen is thorough and honest investigating. it has to happen with any and every organization/agency/charity … it would be unwise to give more money to an agency, esp where there has been some unanswered questions or questionable answers … esp when dealing with something like abortion, the aborting of “life” … women’s health, health of family … treatment … *you get the picture* … there must be thorough investigations to ensure people are behaving in a manner suitable to what is being offered in such a vast and growing field: women’s health, termination of life, technological advances and research. we said before that too often agencies are started and the author’s of these/this law walks away and the agency is left without proper and much needed outside careful revue of workmanship/records/patient treatment … what is necessary to better understand not only the benefits but also where things are not working, creating worse problems … bad, criminal and unsanitary …

      we see it time and time again where people mess up or choose wrongdoing … laziness, greed …

      these agencies must be investigated for good reason. to be pc because it’s the trendy thing to be is misleading and dangerous and not a sign of proper parenting. and any agency-institution-establishement serving the public that does not agree with thorough investigating may be hiding something. if you have nothing to hide why fight it?

      >>>someone please advice bernie on this.

      second …

      senior citizen drug prescriptions: the expense, access …

      we need to be moving away from drug addicted lifestyle. have you ever watched senior citizens with their array of pills taken each and every day? after a while, there is dizziness, falling down … doctor changes the prescription … after a while, more dizziness then depression … a higher drug is given, bad side effects … more drugs to deal with the sides … more depression, more drugs …

      one man was given a drug for something and the senior thought he was supposed to take it the rest of his life. ten years later, he is suffering from an ulcer … doc discovers its a drug another doc prescribed ten yrs ago for something that no longer exists and this, this for a senior who keeps his medical history with him at all times! he keeps a record of everything and carries it with him like a women carries her lip gloss or her hairbrush. like people carry their cellphones. those managing the patients are not thorough … not caring enough … addicted to using drugs to solve any and every problem … it’s a way of life I find disagreeable with HUMANITY.

      environmentalists could tell you how drugs can harm nature … doctors don’t tell you often enough how drugs can harm you.

      what are you engaging in/feeding on that you need so many drugs?

      • opheliart permalink

        speaking of drugs …

        have you ever heard how the patriarch has made his fortune? vodka and smokes?

        and, of course, politics.

      • opheliart permalink

        want to add another example … senior uses eye drops for fuchs/some dry eye issue … the prescription is not available … docs don’t know why, or even that it not available. senior does not use computer … i google for a reason and discover they there was a problem with it burning the eyes—something wrong w/it … i ask senior if she experienced any burning … yes, a few times … also, i ask questions about the prescription and find out instructions say to not expose the bottle/contents of bottle to sunlight (you know, keep in dry, dark place … which senior already knew but it was important info for me to know) … so was it exposed to sunlight-warmth during shipping and handling causing it to turn and in turn harmed those using it because no one is overseeing these handlers.shipments … ? doc knew squat … senior had to try to navigate on her own without realizing the situation.

        these kinds of things are commonplace. there needs to be a mediator for all seniors using any prescription and … anyone told they need any drug or surgery for anything serious should be able to get second and third opinions from outside sources (sources not directly benefiting $ … from drug or surgery) these are no brainers if we want to safe-guard the vulnerable.

  2. opheliart permalink

    the day the hierarchies are removed will be a day to celebrate!

  3. opheliart permalink

    first, there are some key points missing from this passage (see the vatican vaults … these might be stashed away, forgotten … lost to the hearts of man in his deep north face freeze)

    the TEACHING is not a referendum. should never be used in a court of man’s law. it is a Teaching OF and FOR birth … about BIRTH.

    here, another verse … matt 10 … beginning 5 …
    15 …assuredly, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of sodom and gomorrah in the day of judgement than for that city! behold, I send you out as sheep in the the midst of wolves …

    these are teachings for those with ears that hear. the one known knows the language on the inner ear.

  4. opheliart permalink

    important to watch

    and allow me to add … i do like that bernie’s RUNNING mate, having walked with him for 27-28 yrs is very down-to-earth not just in her lifestyle but also her looks. she is not what we call “shellacked”—God bless her—she is people-oriented and this makes for a strong advisor if she can hear the other voices, the ones not pedestaled.

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