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plying the piper?

February 2, 2016


Protesters hoping for the full backing of Pope Francis were left disappointed, as the pontiff has so far refused to publicly comment on the law.

not publicly … but, privately?

about pope francis or … ted cruz  ? 😉



it was not surprising to see ted cruz gain votes in iowa yesterday. there were many, including media, professors, essayists, pastors, priests, bishops and …

grandstanding a teaching (more a preaching) on the artifact of ‘love’, ‘peace’ … all within



universal thoughtwheel understood by its promotors as universal belief and practice. but is it really a mindset of diverse thinking, one of unique and free press? how free is denying gays, women … gnostics and … seats at the table? influential seats? many calling themselves freedom thinkers and liberal and … of democratic voice … pedestaled RELIGIOUS MINDSET (namely a roman pontiff calling himself francis) to a seat of honorary surplus … and these encouraged that mindset creating the “win” for ted cruz … which really is not a win in our life. it’s not movement. it’s not growth. it’s not SPIRITUAL MATURITY. thanks, mark silk, and all you promoting the roman catholic church for ted cruz’s win. you didn’t know you had it in you, did ya? 😉



peace and love

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  1. opheliart permalink

    some are thinking, but it’s better than trump.

    😉 trump doesn’t dislike what cruz dislikes and …

    we shared a comment on RNS mark silk’s opinion pc yesterday (to one of his commenters posts) but it did not go through.

    regarding the hate (which is what the post was about):

    which would you rather debate/deal with: someone (group) you KNOW hates you or, a group that pretends to love you but works behind your back (behind the scenes) because he does not like you and does not want you or your views/gifts influential seats at those tables? denying you these …


  2. opheliart permalink

    wasn’t it JESUS that says, call no one your teacher?

    except maybe riley 🙂

    • opheliart permalink

      and from the HATE JESUS section, we have one of mark’s “students”:

      Atheist Max February 2, 2016 at 11:28 am
      @Mark Silk,

      I enjoyed your commentary. Thank you.
      Excellent prediction on your part.

      “At 24 percent, Iowa has just a slightly larger than average proportion of nones than the rest of the country…If he can keep up the excitement, Sanders will do well in high no-religion states. In the Super Tuesday Bible Belt, not so much.”

      This is why religion is unhelpful. It can’t stay out of politics.

      The Jesus Test
      Bernie Sanders has many excellent ideas to help the middle class. Unfortunately, the litmus test is not what to do about this – instead the litmus test is JESUS.

      Yet the JESUS test has only brought us LESS EFFECTIVE GOVERNMENT.
      Since the 1980s and the rise of the “Moral Majority” and The Evangelical Lobby America has been sputtering and failing badly.
      Over and over again.

      *note how he brown-noses silk then it’s the hate jesus rhetoric …
      am-ax, a ROMAN CATHOLIC doesn’t know Jesus, never met Jesus, never understood a word Jesus has said and he claims to be an expert on Jesus? please do ask how much he gets paid for this work?

      • opheliart permalink

        his biggest fear? me

        I felt it immediately the first time I went on RNS to comment … and we watched him build his lies, stories … to try to undermine me … without knowing a damn thing about me other than I am gnostic … and he was taught to hate the gnostic, to spread ignorant and untrue info about the gnostic. he was taught to believe the gnostic is evil … heretical, of satan … false doctrine …(you know the history of the tortures and the murders and the forced dogma)

        why do you think he brings the hate Jesus spew into just about every comment he makes at RNS? but it wasn’t JESUS that caused all that a-max claims in terms of violence and confusion … it is a mindset like atheist max … that fills the media with hate.

        HE IS SO AFRAID THAT PEOPLE MIGHT ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THE CHRIST … THROUGH HONESTY INSTEAD OF HATE … he goes on and on with his MILITANT RANTS … HE WRITES NONSENSE TO TRY TO MUDDLE THE MINDS OF THE READERS. ask him why he hates JESUS so much? what is he afraid of? you see, a-max can’t handle those that are believers in Jesus as a prophet on TRUTH that are nothing like ted cruz. he does not know how to handle this type of honesty … so he makes up things. he tries to steal the show whenever he thinks someone might be realizing that Jesus is NOT religion. Jesus’ message was not a caliphate design like the rcc or … atheist max’ mindset. he just can’t handle it … he is so fearful of his own IGNORANCE, and being found out …

        he merely jumped ship when he left the RCC rituals and started firing from the other side, which is really much the same. if he can’t BLAME Jesus … religion, or pushing agenda that JESUS is religion he is unhappy … but where and how is atheism and hate Jesus-hate religion going to help the minds of the youth … help solve the problems in an addictive and violent world? he can spend his hours blaming Jesus for everything he hates, misconstruing the Writings, Scripture and twisting the words of others, even making up stories that are not true but how will this get rid of the infections? what is he really doing to solve the epidemics? the mental instabilities of man … the things that cause men and women to commit crimes, do horrid acts … lie and abuse? deceive and manipulate? what is he doing to assist in the HEALING? how is hate Jesus-hate religion healing? helping?

        * he saw that I used mark’s commentary (the other one) and jumped in with both of his clodhopper boots, praising silk, because I did not … instead called out silk on his pope mantras that helped lead up to the “success” of cruz” 😉 … then tried to fight by jumping on the BANDWAGON.

        and seriously, ask yourself how hard is it to hide behind a name and rant negatively about christians or jews, but esp christians, as negative statements about christian’s “god” and JESUS seem to be a free pass in america and … in this day. hmm? if you are gay, you can be angry at the homophobic christians. we get this. a decade or so ago, if you were atheist, it’s understandable that you might be angry at christians saying unkind things about nonbelievers … but today? really, how hard is it to attack christians while no one knows you or your real name? your friends and your family will never know—right? it takes boldness to be honest … not hiding … and call out the hypocrisy on those specific sects/mindsets——yes? now, imagine yourself a woman and a gnostic … that many both religious and political deny and refuse … influential seats … to use the language used against you to expose the inferiority and the disease …

        JESUS was no coward … HE CALLED OUT HYPOCRISY AND UNJUST PARENTING/GOVERNANCE IN HIS DAY-GIVING HIS LIFE TO THIS MINISTRY…a-max is just a coward … taking the lazy man’s road. think about it … if you go back and read all of his comments (I dare you 😉 … who continues to attack a DEAD man he believes was mental? what kind of guy specs his days attacking someone he believes is a dead, illiterate peasant? seriously … unless, a-max is a-f-r-a-i-d that he is w-r-o-ng and that he is the one who is i-g-n-o-r-a-n-t.

        a-max’s antics are obvious … and boring. ’nuff on this … moving on …

  3. opheliart permalink

    people may say, why do you hound mark silk. well, mark silk has promoted the roman pontiff as if he was going to change the world … commentary after commentary (go look it up!) … elevating, even misleading people to believe something that wasn’t and isn’t … he even doused an important voice commenting on the clergy child sex abuse by making an ignorant comment about SNAP. what was in it for him that he should behave in this manner? what was this current pontiff going to do that would be so important? pope has changed next to nothing, but has reaped a lot of press, ads and photo ops … to try to reestablish ‘its’ failing credibility. it is and was all about gaining a foothold in the political—BUSINESS— and make itself appear significant in the public eye … for many reasons, one being to continue directing attention away from the abuses, and other scandals. it’s typical fare for an institution like the rcc. and the people buy it every time. what’s in it for mark silk and others? the pope has not really changed anything. they pretend at a lot of things, even pasting pope’s name on things that he never set foot in … lots of dishonesty going on … no change in this institution’s strategy and mark silk pedestaled the pope at the expense of many lives. why lie … and lure people into a dangerous and corrupt institution where hypocrisy is the name of the game? and to top it off, silk criticizes what he labels the protestant conservatives as if these are the bullies and the hypocrites and … not seeing his own hypocrisy?

    where do you think the understanding of the bible originated, folks? sand … and where and why hasn’t it changed? silk is an aggressor on ignorance. he pays into and supports the disease. so … do you see it now? his is kind of like telling others, hey, my car does not leak harmful vapors … but yours does. and you look at the car he is pointing at and it’s the same car, same gas …

    so … these vapors that silk sent out into the world … praising and pedestaling a pope that is really no different from his institution … (and pope did say right after he went into office that “the pope is an institution” and is why we are able to share all that we shared …) was a leg up for ted cruz to get on the horse in iowa …

    now, ted, along with pope fran, has to fall from a much higher spot … when the truth comes out.

    we can only warn.

    • opheliart permalink

      if the pope in his institution would stay out of state affairs … it would be between him and his rc members … nothing more. but, we know this has never been the case and what did we see recently with the obama admin? what’s in it for them?

      in the fuller scope–broader, more important … it is history repeating … abuse, corruption, dishonesty, misleading …

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