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SPIRREALISM … a movement

January 31, 2016

when the charismatic THOMAS MERTON came to the stage of religious life, he ignited something many call new age. there are some catholics that have expressed that they ‘think’ SPIRREALISM is new age, and find themselves dismissing its candor. huh … interesting, given their idolatrous nature regarding pope francis of the jesuits. no, SPIRREALISM is definitely not new age. and the church spoken of in the Writings is not roman catholicism, islam, pentecostalism … or any other ism, isl, caliphate operation or creed of universalist design. we speak in the tablets of the heart … not the warring nations derisive in fielding fable and font.







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  1. opheliart permalink

    on the matter of pope fran’s words ..

    there is no need for discussion on these theoretical issues. we are known or we are not known by the LIVING GOD. Spirit is not an abrahamic religion and if pope was of the Spirit of the Most High, he would know this … as his COMMUNION of Spirit would tell him this. if one believes in God is SPIRIT and of worship in Spirit and IN TRUTH, there is no question on the matter of religious theory. God is not religious theory. God is not idolatrous venue, doctrine, ideology, nor is {this} of partiality … and no matter how you try to defend your dogma, you are known by Spirit of the Living God or you are not known. the pope of the rcc should know this if he is within Spirit of {this}, and would never confuse Spirit with religion’s gods or the gods of others. what is his channel? deception? this is not to say that people in virginal stream not bound by histrionics of religious sequestering but also not of understanding due to forced inheritance are without Spirit led inspirations … but do understand that man making religion (its dogma) his god, whether politics, religious (both) or other methods, navigating by way of ink, creed, doctrine and titles, entitlement within ordinations manmade, bound by these …. are usually unaware … in Light. they know not what they do … to put it mildly. today we are MOVING EAST in that we are OF the EAST
    the four corners of the sheet in Peter’s vision (ACTS) prophesy {this}. do you catholics not know the Word? ah, yes … you are bound by roman catholic creed and baptism. oh well.

    And Elijah came to all the people, and said, How long halt you between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.

    • opheliart permalink

      pope, catholic and those of you confused on what is SPIRIT …


      did you think THE WORD WAS GOD started as an abrahamic religion? or as roman catholic religion? or as islamic religion? do you not know WHAT IS THE WORD?

  2. opheliart permalink

    nice commentary

    I am who I am ;D … as a gnostic the who is a what. like, “what is GOD” because it refrains more in the “we” and this is nuanced in the partnering in Spirit. maybe this is the difference between the jew of the Writing and the gentile 🙂

    you see, there is a point where one moves from I am who I am to I am ‘what’ I am to “I AM”…
    christians do not even get this … understand “what is {this} —it is … a place

    once one begins movement within this stream, one begins to understand what is the heaven(s) … what is the Christ … what is GOD … what is Spirit … as one begins to move closer to his Spirit ID (his humanity—his Angel—his guardian, if you will). Spirit exists, folks, both good and evil. man cannot force Spirit of the Living God and say a baptism done through his religion or a chrismation or a taking of communion … or confession or priest, pastor, rabbi … is necessary for communion in the Spirit, or to go to “heaven”. this is all manmade decrees. if people are known within the One, there is not the forced systems and the violence you see today. there is not partiality … hypocrisy begins to fade as Light shows {this} redeeming face. this does not mean there is no war. there is spiritual warfare … to move. Spirit battles spirit unseen by man.

    • opheliart permalink

      we could pair the nt with the ot in the return but we must wait until man moves. he is not prepared … this tongue is not understood by him and his colleagues.

      traditions are fine if these are not lessening the worth of what is necessary to become. if not placing one as second class citizen … or where hypocrisy rides the coats of ignorance. hiding crimes does not teach truth. partiality does not determine worth in the One.

      I shared that I heard Archangel Raphael first. Raphael is indeed archangel of healing and the work I am entrusted with is with Healing. but the knowledge comes in small steps … like a child learning to walk … to the woman as she learns to seed—to harvest … to dine within drink then solid food. I then engaged with Andradimus (recipient of Raphael) as Andradimus is my guardian … but “I am” becomes in Arkimnel (Angel of Prophesy) as we are One … in this Day.

      Elijah is SPIRIT metaphor for continuance. “my GOD is Yahweh” is saying my GOD IS … my God is becoming… my God is movement-moving … Being.

  3. opheliart permalink

    121 women and children …

    reason for keeping them in view:

    their own safety

    many of these women and children become victims through their own people. the men find them and use them illicitly.
    but ankle shackles? deportation through dishonesty? 121 women and children … in big atlanta with all those bustling churches, and these communities cannot find a way to bring them into their fold?

    if you read demetrios constantelos’ paper on the early church … you see where the early ‘christians’ brought the destitute into their homes. very often to have struggling aunt, grandmothers or an older brother or an uncle take in women and children there is a continued disconnect for these newcomers to find viable means of survival. these become dependent on aunt or brother for all their needs and where there is children, the need is great … and women are often raped and sexually exploited, even children raped and trafficked … if there is not a safe guardian seeing to the entry into a new life. it is better for others to take in these women and children to help them acclimate and to see that they receive what they need. churches can afford this … that is what these should be for.
    and not to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees as this becomes overbearing to all communities and no problems are solved … but to deal with what is already in our midst.

    • opheliart permalink

      i mean, you know what will happen to them when they go back to their own countries. are their religious helping them or are they busy signing autographs and brewing beer? one cannot live by beer alone—-right? esp not women and children …. so, CHRISTIANS, let’s see WHAT you got!

      this is where we will see ‘who’ expects the government (through taxpayer $)to pay while taking all the credit and who rallies within its own church community/community without demanding the ‘government’ give them …

  4. opheliart permalink

    okay, big day for a lot of people.

    pope is cranking on the priests and nuns 😉 … good for him, but the gossip thing is a bit sketchy. it’s not gossip he should be worried about … something’ much bigger … sex-sex-sex-sex-sex-sex that they are not confessing and you, pope dear, need to be up front about them there hypocrites. cannot say one thing and do another. this makes that “anarchy” you speak about quite itchy.

    now, the IO uzzz. hmm, to bee or not to bee … that is the question …

    tight race between bernie and hillary, but we see bernie coming out ahead.

    as for the republican side … we see disarray. not seeing or hearing on this … yet.
    now, on the demos side … bernie taking the lead will cause the demo party to go dirty. this is what I see. watch/listen for much trumped up accusation …
    then we will gain a clearer understanding of that ‘methodist’ method …

    • opheliart permalink

      what i am hearing is that one of the republican candidates needs to break from the ‘religious’ pack that he can be ‘comparative’ to bernie.

      • opheliart permalink

        yes, movement … both camps (two daughters?)

        this is what we would see. stagnancy is only seen in hindsight.

        remember the story of lot’s wife?

        do not look behind you nor stay anywhere in the plain. escape to the mountains, lest you be overtaken ……..

        but his wife looked back behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.

        so … what does this teach us? the looking back in this illustration is saying, do not tempt the devil … do not tempt wickedness. in other words, do not retreat to the old mindset when you have started to move. take up what is within and follow the star of bethlehem to the life higher of the heavens. the salt is a formation dealing with truth. a pillar is a lesson on fabled systems, temporal living.
        but man feared for his life and did what? stationed his camp in the city of zoar.

        smallness … one begins again as a child.

  5. opheliart permalink

    Mark Silk Post author Feb 2, 2016 at 7:34 am
    Thanks, Ira? Just shows the value of sitting in your ivory tower contemplating your navel.

    – See more at:

    and where is my post to your commenter? gone with the wind 😉

    no, silk man… you are an old road … padding your successes, but can you see the wider vision? no, you cannot while contemplating your navel in that politically professorial role … as you will soon see. one candidate has yet to play his cards. put that in your pipe and woof it.

    • opheliart permalink

      bernie will move ahead as we said … and the recent win for cruz to us is not a win because he has not grown (not moved). how hard is this to see? 😀 and we did say there are many not waking …

      what do you wish to know? the big picture or state by state monies? if you desire silk’s pope mantra (his spiritual politics of ivory tower naval gazing) or … do you desire ascending the heart to the mind where you can forego the war path … know the deception without having lost your virginity to caliphate organizations and hiding of abuses, corruption, derelict parenting and political puppetry? hmm? what type of world do you want for your children and their children and their children and …

      the climate/environment does not improve under false presences … yes?

      • opheliart permalink

        you see, it is not hard to guess ‘winners’ in a world inundated with religious pedestaling. if media and people like mark silk spent most of their days peddling pope mantra, fundamentalist religion gets the votes—-no? how is pope fran, silk’s savior, any different from cruz? both deny gays … women and gnostics. you see, silk helped cruz ‘win’ … but he cannot see this from where he sits in his tower.

        well, well …

  6. opheliart permalink

    a third party will emerge. as is needed …

    • opheliart permalink

      people think i am arrogant? it is for man that i share … that he might be spared the hurt, the danger and the loss of life … but he lives for men like the popes of rome … as he fears me. he was taught by his teachers to fear one like me. stay away from her … she is … and mark silks of the world obey the popes of the world. because? it gains them credibility? votes? influential seats? an orthodox priest told me that people would be uncomfortable around one like me. why? because I am not bound by men in high towers 😉

      my arrogance is not what man thinks. our minds are different. and look at the mental illnesses in the world that mankind forces with drugs when … there is great misunderstandings on the minds of people … and their gifts. men of religion and politics have forced so many into a mold of universalist thought—theirs …

      but LIFE is much more diverse … there are many voices silenced, forced into curriculums—religious mindsets— that deny, and do not fortify the gifts of those not like silk and others …

      look at the meltdown among the youth! how long has this been going on? and people label-label-label … because he or she does not fit in … does not fit the norm.

      i saw this at a very young age. am i delusional? no, far from delusional. man has yet to tap the mind as it should be tapped.

      • opheliart permalink

        we cannot begin to tell you how many youth have shared that they feel as if they had been born into the wrong family … and some give up their uniqueness to fit it—to survive … others die a slow and agonizing death.

        so sad … so very sad.

        but that’s going to change. wake up wake up …

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