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January 30, 2016


I almost posted an article on the US president shown with his wife … wearing a hijab …

and their visit to the mosque.


I could not find it in me to do it. there was something about the article, and the photo, and his message, that said … pandering to caliphate religious … much like what we saw in his roman pontiff extravaganza and political pontificating. what is his business with roman catholicism and islam that we should be so inundated with the expense of it? the american media saturated with it? I humbly ask for your voice on the matter. what is it I am missing about the separation of church and state that the president of the united states doesn’t get? is it about votes? roman catholic and islamic votes … now that the roman pontiff has established for the people of the world that christianity and islam worship the same god? (islam being the fastest/largest growing religion in the world) is this obama’s one world religion — the universal churchstate freedom he is telling us to allow? tolerate? align with and adhere to?


his church affairs are his to engage in. his beliefs are his own. maybe it would make more sense for these high-towered men to stay out of church affairs, stop pandering to religion, and save the citizens of america a lot of time and money.


I am a gnostic (not of gnosticism) … and would prefer not to have to pay for religions, or religious elites …  that I do not align with … agree with … or adhere to. where does it end … in all that tax exemption and pandering for votes and …


btw, the movie, A SEPARATION, is excellent. there was not an actor I did not like … even the small girl was superb in her part. I wish we could have more of this type of ART shown in america. I think it would do wonders for the family dynamic …












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  1. opheliart permalink

    I was watching the news and a hillary supporter who has been campaigning for a very long time said the way to winning is to go door-to-door. isn’t that what JWs do for their evangelizing? how is politics any different from religion? so … church and state is really not that separate after all?

    • opheliart permalink

      but the problem with ALL of these religious is the problem history teaches … the repeating of it … which tells us what? first, when lester holt interviewed hillary the other day … she was adamant that hers were not EMAILS of a nature against protocol—not serious info on hers. others saw 22 top secret material in those emails, which we are to believe ARE serious if these are called top secret? is this a case of: what hillary considers serious and what the white house considers serious being two different things? theological differences? like roma and orthodoxy? and how these should be handled within proper governance? the real question is what is the law regarding emails when you are secretary of state, president, vice president or any other position serving ALL AMERICANS, not just democrat, republican, muslim, roman catholic, christian, jew … italian, irish, greek, russian, polish …

      also, hillary’s comments to lester were in a tone of “us verses them”. she specifically made a comment about the republican as the party to control over. i do not recall her exact words but, the statement was definitely the idea of US verses THEM, and much in HOW the two parties express themselves his of this tone. VERY MUCH LIKE TWO OF THE SAME PARENT ARGUING ABOUT HOW THEIR HOUSE SHOULD BE RUN AND THE CITIZENS, LIKE CHILDREN (government as guardian?) ARE AT THE MERCY OF THIS DYSFUNCTIONAL MARRIAGE CALLED STATE.

      now, in regards to the published SPIR pc above … a ‘christian’ might say of … obama and wife agreeing to worship in a mosque —a public event— no harm done. he may feel that the president is entitled to worship wherever and however he wants … on his own time. okay, american citizens must have some info on when is he on his own time and when is he serving all americans? also, a very IMPORTANT question that all americans should be asking:

      which mosque? will it be the ‘right’ mosque to the islamists throughout the world? well, of course not all MUSLIMS will agree that it is/will be the ‘right’ mosque—not even in the US. but isn’t this what we, and others, have been saying all along? even warning? what is the government of the US promoting and why? and why the roman catholic shebang and expense in america where church and state, by law, are meant to be separate given the diversity of belief and thought … within the area of CONSCIENCE that deals in the theologies of man and his demands?

      what if obama and his hijab-wearing wife go to the ‘wrong’ mosque according to many radical extremist … militant types … what then?

      as we said, the president should keep his worship affairs to himself, and he should not be allowing —pedestaling popes, imams, or any religious elites OR RELIGIONS … to be the bargaining factor in a nation of diverse peoples, especially when its own constitution calls for a separation of these. mankind will not evolve in a healthy manner if he continues in ‘catholic’ (universal) mindset of this nature.

      • opheliart permalink

        i posted a comment to psicop on this article but for some reason the comments do not go through … even though my comment showed up on silk’s commentary … hmm, banned from rns? 😀 … i have quite the track record then 😉

        note: samuel’s comment is in keeping with where obama is in his involvement in these caliphate organizations. as we said: the right mosque or the wrong mosque? will this stir up trouble because it offends/insults certain members of this religion? what will come of it? it might be better if government put into law some very defined parameters regarding religions … and stick to these rather than pandering … pandering … pandering which shows favoritism, clouds the greater issues and takes time and money away from the more forward thinking issues.


        a commenter posted the following:

        should anyone be surprised? c’mon … business with a leadership like in iran? this is what we have been saying … and saying … and saying …

        but it seems so few really care. it’s as if these connections are par for the course … but we are not in league with this type of workmanship. we refuse to pay into and support these organizations. the muslim brotherhood is rcc affairs … not ours.

        Nick February 1, 2016 at 10:43 am
        King of Google search right here: That’s the first article that pops up when you put in “Obama, mosque visit, terrorism.” Do a little more research before you decide to post the first article you halfway read lol

        >>>he laughs but does not explain how the article is not convincing in the connection to the muslim brotherhood. this is a poser trying to discredit in a light way … but where is his credible response? the question still remains …

        will the mosque be a ticking bomb because it is the right or wrong mosque for the fractioning islamists? those disagreeing on what is correct teaching and practice?

        one cannot deny this is a concern … except in WILLFUL IGNORANCE OR SERVING ONE’S OWN PARTY/RELIGION AGENDA. why must we pay for this visit? why must any non religious pay for this visit?

        *note: my comment finally went through … (lifted the ban?) two-three days later 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        Craig Campbell Jan 31, 2016 at 11:28 pm
        The PRRI table clearly shows that Donald Trump will probably win the nomination but lose the general election. Ultimately he will be no better for Republicans dreaming of winning the White House than Mitt Romney was. Until Republicans in the Senate, House of Representatives, and state legislatures start to respect and engage immigrants (immigration reform) and minorities they will not win the presidency.

        – See more at:


        some are a bit behind the times …

        we posted early last week or maybe even before, an article, from RNS/or one similar, that the EVANGELICAL sects are embracing the refugees/immigrants … FOR CONVERTS. somewhere somehow someone said, oh, gee, what happened to our conversion table 😉 … but isn’t this what ALL caliphate religious want? conversions to their religious sects? even the world’s god, or maybe just christianity’s current god, pope fran of the roman catholic church, its hero of the hour, someone that the world’s elites can use for power-mongering … starting within the vatican … his political ministry by telling people to go out and convert (but I do not think he used this word; however the INTENT is clear) … he first started with a warning about satan (remember?) but that got squashed because it sounded to the puppeteers too dark, maybe too avarice for a pope they intended for politics … :0

        then it was the —GO DOOR-TO-DOOR (remember?) and somewhere in there was the muslim brotherhood alliance and … later (more recently) was the “leave the jews alone!” (iow, don’t try to convert the jews) remember that? pope can’t make up his mind? oh, wait … they all worship the same god? that abrahamic god? so, jews will be jews and popes will be popes and catholics will be catholics and … everything is hunky-dory? except for the anti-stuff … which brings us back round (whew-gettin’ dizzy) to the “respect thing” that too many unaware like to engage …

        what did we say? I cannot respect was does not respect me … (remember?)

        does islam, roman catholicism, christianity and judaism respect me? well, we know that the roman pope warns about (even shuns) what is the gnostic. and he has already stated his position on the worship of one god via religion (primarily his), but has he specified SPIRIT? ask him about SPIRIT. he has been a negotiator in his political pad. but … do ask, what is GOD if not Spirit 😀

        now, craig is not recognizing the initial complaints coming from the citizens of the US. which are: the needy, starving, abused, unemployed, mentally unstable, criminal, targeted, discriminated against, poorly parented, poor, corrupt … child welfare concerns and these are huge, raped … drug addicts, gangs, malpractice, retiring military … uninsured … homeless … undereducated … corrupt management, dishonest ads and lying lawmakers, not to mention law enforcement that may be out of line … and these have needs and concerns, too … in order to keep some form of order

        are you starting to get the picture? the threat of terrorism/crime/drugs was a concern, yes but … too much on the plate of an inept governance is too much on the plate of an inept governance … you know, that DYSFUNCTIONAL GUARDIAN.

        now … now, is chief obama going to a mosque with ties to terrorism. hmm … that ought to help things. riiiiiight. along with his hand shaking with iran … in all those deals …

        the vatican by way of the rcc and those aligned with it count on the people being so busy feeding their poor (the poor the vatican needs to survive) it knows the people cannot remember from one month to the next what pope fran and these prelates/priests/staff/vaticants and brotherhood alliances are up to … as the media keeps the big lead ball a-rollin’



        people criticize without realizing they are looking in the mirror

        a gnostic such as I am sees SYMBOLISM in these as everything has purpose and … there are no coincidences …

        should anyone take the time to see it, it would amaze

        how long has religious used the communion ‘plate’ as their money-maker? this, for starters


        money as their god of communion rather than COMMUNING within the Living GOD.

  2. opheliart permalink

    I am NOW free of these confines … christians-roman catholics-jews-muslims … whatever, worship the god of islam—the gods of rome … the god of politics and money …

    out of fear? hmm …

    the God of the Christ is a Living God, not a RELIGIOUS democracy. I will render unto caesar what is caesars … but will LIVE according to the God of Love within the Light on Truth. this is THE CHURCH spoken in the Writings, and it is not rome, roman catholic gods, islamic gods or any other religious gods, nor is it america … not popes, not patriarchs … not even presidents claiming absolute authority on policy that all people must adhere to. there comes a time where we say, no, we will not pay into and support the idols … the regimes … the hypocrisy, and we will not pay into and support the dishonesty, the deception, hiding of crimes … and we will certainly not support the wars.

    I have completed my work here. am moving into the art of my worth.

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