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beware what calls itself peace

January 29, 2016


even JESUS says he came not to bring peace but a sword …

peace is understanding … but before {this} can be realized, there are things that must be removed with that sword … that LIGHT may show the error, the deception, the disease


diseased limbs … overweight, dead wood … even evil hiding within must be recognized for what it is——–the barren tree, the foul fruit


it troubles me how many are so lazy when it comes to this work


clergy and staff at institutions sexually abuse children for centuries and governments do nothing but continue to aid … assist and ELEVATE the ringleaders, pedestaling them by giving them INFLUENTIAL SEATS … those covering up the crimes … the abuse, and even the fact that there are criminals in their midst. it’s like handing a drug addict his drug of choice, and saying, can you kick the habit? dress them for success and they succeed … at selling …




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  1. opheliart permalink

    Stephen Pruett Jan 28, 2016 at 10:44 pm
    Equating blood libel with investigative reporting seems a bit of a stretch. Several journalists, even left-leaning pro-choice ones, have expressed serious concerns that if using an assumed identity to allow infiltration of an organization to investigate wrong-doing is illegal, investigative journalism has lost one of its major methods for revealing wrongdoing. The grand jury’s decision is not really a victory for anyone. Finally, J Russ, I am a scientist, and also grandfather of a baby born after 24 weeks of gestation. Thankfully, he survived and is thriving. Yet, Planned Parenthood supports abortion of “fetuses” at 20 weeks, a time at which some could survive. The producers of the video should not have used questionable editing to make Planned Parenthood look worse. They didn’t need to. The attitudes expressed that were not exaggerated by editing were chilling and frightening. How any Jew or Christian could be supportive of this is incomprehensible to me.

    – See more at:

    the pp incident is far from over. i agree with stephen in that the producers of the video were of questionable intent — morally. ethically, they have a point. i do not agree with dishonesty, however; do ask yourselves is law enforcement going undercover to gather info and break up the crime rings, even the terrorist’s plans, an improper vetting? the two behind the pp video were not members of authorized law enforcement to investigate crimes, but do ask if US governance would even have anyone investigating pp … or any agencies in the business of dealing with women-young women? CHILDREN. i see presidents and others set up agencies then walk away. never are these growing agencies investigated to make sure there aren’t crimes being committed and suffering going on. too often there is no one on hand to make sure charities, schools, peacekeepers, doctors … pastors, priests, bishops … imams, rabbis … teachers, coaches … professors … food and drink handlers … are behaving safely, decently, properly … true to the profession as society is taught to believe … but, when you have agencies that “look” like they do the right thing, or titles, labels, ADS, power, authority, garb, uniforms, influence … control … over the vulnerable, the meek, the weak and the ignorant … large numbers in need …

    there is bound to be serious malpractice. man should never think otherwise. pp is guilty in something serious. i have sensed this from the start. there are glaring points that the liberalists and the democrats are refusing to see. again, wearing blinders because it better suits their entitlements. and creates for them more control …. more power. this incident is not over and when those glaring points are revealed … oh my …

    it is sad … truly, it is. something intended for help, assisting women and young women because health care and government’s view of women (and CONCERN FOR THE WELLBEING OF CHILDREN) is so low … for too long … using agencies to do their job because they are too busy making money for their own high towered professions … hmmm so sad … that it turned to …………………….

    • opheliart permalink

      I had a dream last night…

      a fine, sunny beach … with a dolphin and a young girl playing … and others, beside what may have been a rowboat. a killer whale came up onto the beach. the people were in awe. he brought himself up and made sure that all saw him there. he went back into the water then began to nudge the dolphin to play in deeper water and she began to move with him out into the deep. people grew elated at the idea that the dolphin and the killer whale could be together. the little girl was inclined to follow her dolphin.

      in my dream, I, too, was in awe … could this be? but I was not sold on the idea of the girl following. something was missing. when I woke, I saw the deception.

    • opheliart permalink

      how would you feel if it was discovered that clergy/institutions/other agencies were making money off of pregnant women getting an abortion? say … a sort of kickback for clergy who send women to pp for an abortion … or how about clergy who impregnate women-young women and send them to pp for an abortion? what would you think? how would you feel? what if you found out that other males were doing this same … for money? what if you found out there was a ring where women made money off of the pregnancies … a small kickback … even the pregnant women received something … sort of a pimp and prostitute arrangement?

      there is always more than one factor that keeps a business operating. successful in the eyes of society.

      people allow themselves to graze while wearing blinders in the one and only field that fires them up … to do what they do. atheists can’t see the instruments unless they are engaging with it firsthand and know the deception. pastors, priests, rabbis are often too drunk on their traditions, political sideshows and religious ideals to see the the fuller picture and taught to not understand how dishonesty operates.

      the orca (killer whale) in my dream is an instrument. can you see where and how it operates (is used)?

  2. opheliart permalink

    rubio is correct … the white house is behaving in a manner that undermines the serious concerns of what is. by posting this am I pro rubio for president? no. I trust no candidate believing rome (the RCC) as truth on the Word. rubio ignores his own history … if once a catholic always a catholic …
    he pays into and supports the same strategic enterprises that terrorists do. he wears blinders on his own system of beliefs, and the behavior of his own religious leadership, and honestly I do not believe him to be sincere in his recent “faith” testimonies … to us it sounds very much like more political strategy (countering the loud bible waving with an attempt to appear trustworthy, but the fruit is evident in the institution he praises and trusts and there is no way getting around this very obvious fact), but he is geared on seeing deception in this instance for a couple of reasons … which we won’t get into …

    the white house has an agenda … in this case it steals the voices of the victims and damn, they are going to be awfully sorry they did this.

    people are unable to step out of their favoritism … their place of greed and place of indoctrination, teaching, floating flat … to see what desperately needs to be seen! we can’t say this enough. we warn and warn and we warn … so … many will feel the sting.

    • opheliart permalink

      pastors … if you are paying attention …

      think about all that has come out in the last 2-3 years and is showing its face more prominently throughout the increasing concerns regarding violence, poor parenting … patronage … political policy, interaction on foreign affairs, both religious and political … recent stories in religious circles … the high priority on islam as a “peaceful” religion … the palestinian conflict and the activist in all arenas … the fastest growing religious and who/what stands to benefit from these …

      1. roman pontiff is in the news practically every day … most articles/news stories paint him a type of savior, hero, god, prophet, teacher of good will … yada-yada … the “peacemaker”

      2. first, the peace treaty that pope pushed into gear to lay the groundwork for …
      pontiff comes to 3 US cities, red carpet and all … canonizing a derelict former pope beforehand and more recently a terrorist of the FIRST NATION PEOPLE … now, roman pontiff and iran are thick as … doing business as usual (ahem)

      3. vatican/rcc is suddenly interested in the EARTH … climate, despite being the harbinger of overpopulation … disease and starvation … abuse … more terrorism.

      4. pontiff shuns the gnostic 2 … 3x? … all public material to inflict … claims christianity and islam worship the same god … makes big deal of reconnecting with those of judaism and … of course that very recent ceremonial puff with the lutherans (protestant? protesting the rcc, or more of rcc drama bull?)

      5. climate of fear and name-calling should any one comment on the islamist/muslim/islam in a way not showering them with praise and welcoming them without question, even where neighbors see questionable behavior/practices/comments within person/couple/group … ending up terrorizing.

      6. government, even law enforcement … refusing to state an obvious regarding terrorist claims/acts … journalists vague on the details of these … difficulty in finding the truth about what’s really going on unless you are doing your own investigative research.

      now … do ya think the democrats/liberalists and others (active in news media/politics/religious streams) are trying to form a one world religion where they set self up (system) as purveyor of all things they believe worthy and worthwhile for the people of the US? forming a churchstate united in the name of catholicism (this mindset)? this is nothing new, folks … if you understand how these forces operate … you see its attire, its endeavors, its caliphate designs. don’t be an ignoramus … wake up. the atheist cannot see it from where he sits and will find himself back in the seat unpalatable … as islam begins to condemn him in their new seats of ‘honor’. the roman rulers sit back and reap in the rewards … the money, the business transactions, without CONSCIENCE … as usual, having set the stage to get others to do their dirty work … like they have done time and time again.

      remove them … the bastard headship. you have a voice.

  3. opheliart permalink

    Tim Martin Jan 29, 2016 at 1:30 pm
    Atheist Max, your first claim is off very nearly one quarter of a million abortions: 232,136 of them, to be more accurate. ( Only 65.8% of abortions take place before eight weeks of gestation. The rest of your claims are simply points of disagreement between those who are pro-life and those who are pro-choice.

    One thing you said that I find interesting is, “Having sex is not a commitment to have a baby.” On average, one in five sessions of unprotected sex result in the creation of life – a.k.a. “conception”. Imagine that you had the opportunity to roll a six sided die once a day for the rest of your life. You would receive, in the currency of your choice, the value of the roll multiplied by 100. Except on the result of ONE. If you were to roll a ONE, you must immediately execute your next closest genetic relative.

    How many times would you roll?

    – See more at:


    • opheliart permalink

      so often I read the comments of people pushing one candidate or another … despite the evidence coming out that the candidate has lied ( clinton and her emails: 22 classified as top secret) … or defending obama on this or that policy while critiquing —even judging— others on their religious beliefs, demanding that church and state be as separate as possible, but say absolutely NOTHING about obama—STATE—spending money on pope fran coming to the US, even inviting him to join congress … praising him, elevating him, using him in policy to score points … allowing him to preach and teach openly using taxpayer money, canonizing a terrorist on american soil despite those of the tribe affected by serra’s invasion … and other forms of malpractice and violation of law.

      what’s up with this? I have yet to hear any one explain why obama is permitted to use the roman pontiff in government affairs and use taxpayer dollars in a big way on a big religious head? why? because this organization is A POLITICAL STATE? you cannot have it both ways! you show favoritism! you are of malpractice. all the while ignoring the scandal and horrid clergy/staff child sex abuse crisis —- ACTUALLY HARMING THESE MUCH NEEDED INVESTIGATIONS!

      and this makes these people look untrustworthy … not credible, and certainly not what we follow for direction on the wellbeing of children or the communities. they sound belligerent and very often ignorant, defending dishonesty and corruption, silencing truths, hiding truths and putting many in danger … and there is no way I would want them in positions of authority, esp where my children are having to live and grow, and grandchildren … or even where any children live … or any citizen looking to improve.

      what is wrong with you people??? IT IS AN OFFENSE! you cannot say to the baker that he must bake the cake for the gay couple or lose his business and tell me to shut up about the roman pontiff being used in american policy. you people are dishonest and you think you can wheel and deal and will get away with this because he is THE pope of one of the largest RELIGIOUS organizations that so many bow to, acting like he is Jesus Christ himself, but no … no, no, no, no, NO! this is coming to an end. the malpractice and the favoritism and the lies and the manipulation and the deception is coming to an end! NO MORE! you do not want me out there asking the REAL questions because if I do … you are going to look like fools.
      I am just getting started ..

      you have already been misled, and many are and many will … suffer.

      • opheliart permalink

        huh, just received an email … we got an invite from elizabeth warren to meet in her office 😉

        boy, the things I want to tell her …

  4. opheliart permalink

    the liberalists … what are they? a combination of liberal and literalist in their thinking—how they view things—opinions/often lack of experience on topics they shout about—believing self to be the absolute authority in matters. gee, who does this sound like? bible thumpers? trumpers? stump-peers? fascism? catholicism? these, along with their followers will put the democratic party out of business. hypocrisy, inconsistencies, ignorance on those topics, contradictions … favoritism … is usually what does it. if the credibility of the democratic party is diminishing … they did it to themselves. may be why we receive the warren invite :0 she sees decline …

    if you cannot admit the wrongdoing in your own sciences … you are no better than the religionist in his liberated theologies and the licenses to do as he believes is right, regardless of the harm, the deception, the dishonest practices, the injury … and the plagiarism.

    license to kill: what does this look like?

    where and how does the US shake hands with dictators—terrorism—very bad management and corrupt governance? just to get elected … just to pass policy.

    look at these comments and you tell me where the US is like a bad papa:

    Ben in oakland January 29, 2016 at 3:36 pm
    Two words: Vatican Bank.

    Two more words: Alexander VI

    Three words: Child molestation cover-ups.

    And my favorite: Bank of the Holy spirit.


    patrick January 30, 2016 at 12:25 am
    In addition to Alexander Vl, let us not forget (among scores of others) John Xll

    ” …. he (John Xll) had fornicated with the widow of Rainier, with Stephana his father’s concubine, with the widow Anna, and with his own niece, and he made the sacred palace into a whorehouse. ”

    and Benedict lX….

    “‘ Pope Victor III, in his third book of Dialogues, referred to (Benedict lX) “his rapes, murders and other unspeakable acts of violence and sodomy. His life as a pope was so vile, so foul, so execrable, that I shudder to think of it.”[9] “‘


    Betty Clermont January 30, 2016 at 4:50 am
    How about the convenient death of Archbishop Wesolowski on the eve on his July 2015 trial? Now that the defense has called a couple of prelates handling this pope’s “charities,” the trial of the authors revealing corruption in this pontificate will not be resumed.


    • opheliart permalink

      now, I have not seen l. warren bowing to papa fran or endorsing the rcc, but there comes a time when the product of “the INSTITUTION” … gets reviewed and the mold seen as unfit for recasting … so, away with the establishment and in with … hmm … bernie, if he can realize his own sideshows …
      we know why he did the imam thing but someone needs to tell him what it looks like from the other side of that fence and how it stagnates. demeans and discredits when it should be recognizing facts.

      we see warren in the seat of secretary [of] state.

  5. opheliart permalink

    so NYT, silencing victims (women) is not on the top of your list of ethics … or moral gesture … and top secret emails are … ?

    you show your values pretty clearly … your ID is now obvious. and is why in this day, you and your candy-date will lose.

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