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and the pope’s junipero serra did what to the FIRST NATION OF PEOPLES? …?

January 28, 2016’s+golden+globe+speech




and obama and company gave the green light on the canonization despite the cries of, FOUL—FOUL!

oh, wait, that’s THE BASKETBALL DIARIES … where the coach and leo’s character are …




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  1. opheliart permalink–election.html

    bernie, people don’t put two and two together

    also, it is often the big money people that have the most to hide so … the info is not out there for people to see and understand how it all works … come on, look at your man, pope fran, bernie … talk about hypocrisy!

    you need to open your eyes, too, bernie … sidling up with popes and imams make you look, well … you know, hanging with the guys who … view female as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS … less than, unqualified to hold the offices of priest, pope, bishop, cardinal, imam —THOSE INFLUENTIAL SEATS (can’t deny this given the roman pontiff’s POLITICKING, and please note how these men influence to SUIT THEIR OWN PATRIARCHAL and often misogynist agendas)… and look at the SCANDAL going on in the papal establishment—ongoing! you need to do your homework, dear bernie.

  2. opheliart permalink

    like we said … toss out the pope before they will allow the vatican to look bad … or allow anyone to get into their private stock

    and this is what the roman catholics/catholics think JESUS, the SON OF GOD, meant by “on this rock I will build my church”?

    you have got to be joking … how could anyone be so …. unaware. and so greedy and self-indulging. really pulled the wool over their indoctrinated’s eyes … for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry loooooooooong time.

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