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“time in a bottle”

January 20, 2016




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  1. opheliart permalink

    now is the time to speak

    people do not realize they have a voice

    creeds, codes, clubs do not rule

    violence is not the wisdom of the ages

    might comes in small packages with fig peers

    do not allow a proud foot to step all over your face

    grow some …

    peace and love

  2. opheliart permalink

    when trump started his grandstanding, many were appalled. many still are 😉 but many thought he would burn out soon after his ignite, but he didn’t. why? first, we said that trump’s presentation/press was making many squirm, especially those of the republican sector. the candidates were forced to change in some ways if they wanted to stay in the game. forcing them out of their comfy seats/rhetoric allows the citizens of america to see more of them—what they believe, how they act, what they stand for and where and how they are real … truthful, adept at dealing with small attacks, changing circumstances and the like. individuals accustomed to a cake walk were not allowed the cake … they were having to work differently under different circumstances to show themselves a capable leader … especially on the matter of pandering and feeding into the propaganda. where are they now? and where are the citizens of america on the candidates? we also said, “do not take trump too seriously … trump does not even take himself seriously.” what did we mean by this? to most, trump looks very serious; look how much momentum he’s gained. why? too many took him seriously to the point of making him a feared opponent and, of course, many buy into his game. if you can’t find solid facts on him to show his dishonesty and his rational as unsuitable for the presidential seat and where this is not a good match for leadership of a diverse and changing country then you have a candidate you attack on the grounds of personal views and this is and always will be subjective. has he said he hates muslims? or has he said no to volumes of members of this religion coming in from an environment of war and different culture and lifestyle? does he hate the muslim or does he fear the outcome of many not properly vetted coming into america and potentially causing harm? putting words in someone’s mouth is not being up front. it’s not factual and it shows a form of dishonesty. what is his concern/fear? that america is not addressing the concerns of newcomers coming in without proper background checks, along with business, religious and family connections/ties … he is right on the grounds of proper vetting and any individual with family that cares about family and the safety of youth would tell you this, if they could. if they did not fear being labeled anti-islam and other labels—labels that could destroy reputation and hurt family and even hurt their job security. this is a reality and shame on america and its politicians for making this a reality. you are no better than a the inquisition in theory. but this is what has gained trump his support … eventually leading to the statement about america as a christian nation and keeping christians safe. push came to shove … so there. even where people begin to wear blinders about their own belief system, and show their own lack of knowledge and understanding … which is telling us what? these people ‘like’ trump are not serious people in their understanding of self. a lack of self-awareness is a lack of self-awareness, and who is to blame for the preaching and pastoring of so many within this lack of awareness? atheists and liberals, and many democrats will point to religions they hate or are not comfortable with and usually this is christianity. so, christians, if you are agonizing over the behaviors of your fellow christians then you need to show how self-awareness works … and atheists-liberals, your hatred of christianity bears its mark(s) no differently from those you say are bigoted, racist … anti-islam. you created or helped create the climate of fear … that dogmatic climate of the inquisition for those in areas more liberal and not within groups that will protect and defend their witness and their experiences and even their concerns and feelings/opinions (ESP ONLINE), and look at the candidates feeding into this for votes? *take the CA terrorist attack. neighbors witnessed unusual behavior but were afraid to speak for fear of being called harmful names. well? what have you to say for yourselves? if christian stands for safe preserve and the ability to witness in a just society, would trump’s offer to safeguard christians without fear of the bashing/attacks be a more christian offer than the candidate pandering to the climate of fear? I do not sense trump fear-mongering. his is basic strategy. obvious strategy in a world of dangerous liaisons. but his strategists also know how to appeal to the weary and the less aware. much like the rcc has known how to manipulate the masses they deemed themselves the magic to rule. but I also sense RCC does not want trump in the white house 😀 the vaticants’ shenanigans are backfiring on them and they are shaking. yep. the last thing the vaticants want is a JESUS MOVEMENT. this is always unpredictable, loses them steam and credibility, and makes them look idolatrous.

    now … where do we go from here? is trump the cause of this movement? he is only a small part and many of you hating trump helped give him his rise. like we said, push comes to shove. it’s how it works and you should know that… if you are of awareness of the mind of man … and how history repeats. nothing new under the sun?

    • opheliart permalink

      so … yes, the vatican is concerned and will parade acts like the above in their last ditch efforts to make pope look inclusive renegade or loving, activating change 🙂 … but it will not work when the Jesus Movement comes into focus. the rcc is bogged down in their interpretations of the stories of the Writings, which is old and inconsistent, uninviting and errant Spiritually. why? PAUL even says he gave milk not sold food because he knew the lack of awareness. he knew the mind of man and man’s desires, and to disavow the gnostic to help render man moving in the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE is a ‘sin’ in {this} we know and live. even the need for these rituals tells you what? the expense, insulated motif and the grandstanding tell you what? the vatican/rcc wants the world, politicians included in all countries, looking to it for guidance (and the collected efforts with protestantism and islam and judaism RELIGIOUS/CHURCH, including STATE … to maximize this effort of one god worship, which in their system of belief makes them THE AUTHORITY, as they see it, and because they continue to bond self to these rituals and beliefs, requiring their club members to obey or be denied in some face or some worth * and please note, the vatican and its patriarchs and patrons are very concerned on their actions regarding the muslim brotherhood. I have been shown that they bit off more than they can chew and may try to backpedal. watch for it) … they show an irreconcilable belief system. theirs is a dishonest and derelict guidance. look at their halls and their creeds. there is no way they can redeem in these quadrants and the people are waking … (the lull was the rising group society calls the ‘nones’) … this is transition … and we said religion would not go away but the rcc will fade—oh, yes! people will see the hierarchal stations as obscene, dynastic deception and cumbersome. many already have … but still pay into these stations, unaware. we said many times for years now:

      the face of christianity will change as will the landscape of religion.

      people may be thinking … then we need to support the rcc to keep trump from becoming president? no. there are things in the works that you do not see. I hear these and work … and know what moves from this … and why we say *sweet* to david gushee’s essay. sweet in the language of the Spirit means edible, fruitful. it is a start and this can grow if he and others stay with him … not knocking trump, although stating an obvious is sometimes necessary when things are confusing and seriously cloudy, but resisting the hero worship, focusing on the purpose of TRUTH. but one must begin that ascent to understand where and how this acquiesces. what is needed … to MOVE PEOPLE INTO AWARENESS. to help them see trump is not really saliently of Christ, and neither is the vatican.

      what will move in this will be the nonbeliever and even the atheist and … this is … it really is a place of REMEMBRANCE (‘protestant’, are you listening?)

      * and comments praising popes because they favor your own is what? the popes that were ‘friendly’ to the ethnic and religious jews were politicking … as they knew the world was watching. I do not believe jp2 even wrote half of what the rcc/press says he did … same for this current pontiff. these are political candidates serving an agenda. where one needs to look is the crimes, one very serious is the scheming to COVER UP THE CLERGY/STAFF/CHILD sex abuse … this is seriously unwell strategy with mANY guilty in these crimes, but many religious jews, ethnic jews … look only at whether or not it favors them, and the same with many christians, lawmakers and … on and on and on it remains unresolved. so, jews, what say you? are you guilty in these crimes, too? what might you be hiding?

      it will be revealed, folks … the sadist? the assassin? the sick … and where will we find you? aiding and assisting the crime, the deception, the manipulation, the stagnancy … rapes and derelict parenting? you all need to stop PANDERING and start recognizing where it is that you sit. note: garson’s comment about jp2 and fran, does he really believe these men are not guilty of hiding/covering up … doing nothing about those horrid crimes against CHILDREN? does he really believe jp2 is a saint? capable of miracles at the hand of GOD? we see garson and those like him as either spiritually ignorant or seriously unaware, possibly he is willfully ignorant … possibly the crimes on children are not important to him as we have never heard him speak against these … and we have read many, many of his posts for at least 2 years now. rabbis, what say you? did the rcc have jewish lawyers helping them hide the crimes/court? get off that thet might continue committing crimes? sell your soul to the enemy is what it is! for what? money? reputation? of course, pope fran, jp2 and others would play “nice” with the jews. can believe we even have to bring this up … yuck. and like we said … what are people hiding regarding these crimes—-these horror acts—-that they would remain silent or … continue to praise and canonize and worship and elevate men who knew and did nothing? really does make you wonder what works in and through them, doesn’t it? old attire? old way of ignoring the truth about violence and what it does in a welding world desperately in need of movement?

      does not matter how much or how well your team propped you up to succeed in the public eye, there exists an eye far more superior that knows what is of arrogance, self-serving agendas (and yes, looking like you are helping others falls into this category),deception, silencing others, partiality, willful ignorance and selfish denial and dishonesty … and stays clear of it … cannot align with it. jp2 was no more a saint than is hitler as both acquired what it needed to fool mankind. these were used for the devastation of many and to secure a root in the realm of mankind a dynasty that buses poor attribute and ignorance of despair. one day, people will understand what jp2 is and will flee from it …


      and who will the vatican blame for all this deception? think about it. history repeats?

      think about this: a month before the sex abuse scandal broke in boston … do you think people believed this would ever be the case? the followers of macial maciel .. jp2 didn’t know about what this man was doing? jp2 was covering up crimes and abuses left and right, among other things … the followers of both, do you think people would ever believe this would be the case …?

      >and do take notice how rns is pushing the pope articles … to look friendlier to female 😉 to look inclusive and just and humble, while ‘ignoring’ and denying? some fairly hefty news these last two plus years … hmm … with the usual journalism slant you find at that rcc sponsored institution.
      now, if pope fran winds up dead—suddenly … like josef wesolowski … THE WORLD WILL KNOW WHAT THE VATICANTS DID … (are you seeing this, vaticants? do not even think about it! WARNING)

      • opheliart permalink

        why the JESUS MOVEMENT? you wonder. to BALANCE the rising devout, indoctrinated … the youth moving into islam and orthodox judaism and gnosticism, which will grow to become quite substantial once people do move out of the patriarchal dominance of rcc and orthodox judaism and islam … and other of this patriarchal hierarchy. it is the way it is … much like the climate … the environment changes … to try to survive, which brings the seeker to the very profound question: what does The Christ have to do with the Universe?

        and this, for the atheist:


  3. opheliart permalink

    a member if this institution can choose to live side by side with the “nonbeliever” but does islam’s prophet show partiality (favoritism) for his own in the land he believes he owns and decides what should be and what should not … and, how are the women treated in his prophet’s choices? and at what age are they taking females for wives and … how many does he take and … how many children come forth from his choices?

    we have shared this before …

    there is no way I will live in a community where women are viewed and treated as second class citizens and denied influential seats. absolutely no way! and it is TIME that AMERICA so-called land of the free get with this! come on … to pander to the PATRIARCHAL elites in today’s society shows ignorance beyond anything I can properly explain. wake up! and I will tell you this, the JESUS MOVEMENT is going blow those boys clean out of their tunics! so, beware. and is why the vaticants fear this … 😉 and stage (advertise-advertise-advertise) that one world religion of worshipping their man god(s). gee, thanks, L hawkins, you just dragged many into the archaic _______ … what have you been drinkin? political potluck?

    *note: suddenly the word “enlightened” becomes popular in a span of what? a day? ten hours 😉 how enlightening is it to be viewed and treated as a second class citizen, posers? commenter trying to make islam or the rcc look salient is like asking a brain surgeon to dissect a frog. hasn’t the surgeon better more worthy things to accomplish?

    I can just hear it … “you’ve offended the god of islam and the god of the rcc!” really? and the god of islam and the god of the rcc has not offended ME? religious gods are whatever man decides he wants them to be and if he decides female must be his slave or his money maker or his second class citizen or must stay out of the bishopric portent then his god is HIS god and if my experience IN THE SPIRIT teaches that his god is ignorant then his god is ignorant. so there. 🙂

  4. opheliart permalink

    the link: foot washing ceremony (and …………. as propaganda? a 15 minute discussion says? is it even a real discussion? and do ask, is this like pope’s 15 minutes of fame with kim davis? 😉 we will go with sean penn’s journalism way before we will trust rrc’s scam journals … but let’s see what cook has to say about being included in pope’s notoriety )

    again, it’s one of those events that gets placed into the teaching about “doing things for all the world to see” to elevate the INK of their worship … and what the RCC is also slipping in for their agenda is an enslaving, and a MISGUIDING (leading away from JESUS not toward WORTH) is their ad … this is another way of enslavement to their ink, hoping that their members, and others not of their denomination/religion, will be seduced. it’s ceremony—big show for the world to watch. what matters are the Tablets of the Heart, my friends. do not be fooled by these ads.

    these men, and women, in some cases … are promoting creed and dogma, nothing more. it could easily be seen as the emperor’s new clothes. SPIRIT CANNOT USE WHAT IT DOES NOT KNOW> and if one believes GOD IS SPIRIT IN TRUTH … well, what good are these shows? chastising is a sorely misunderstood teaching. what love is constructed in these ceremonies when behind the wall are schemes to take control. it’s called betrayal.

    man in the name of the rcc does not understand THE WRITINGS. he continues to ‘put on’ these ads like the politician that he is … to seduce muslim, jew, atheist, protestant … state …

    but what does the TRUTH say? put on the armor of what? because …

    honestly, it’s disheartening and even a bit scary how ‘intelligent’ men and women, claiming Christ, claiming knowledge on wisdom writings, are so easily fooled by these antics. seriously …

    the vaticants will even blaspheme the HOLY Spirit in an effort to regain their properties and … elevate their god(s) for the sole purpose of keeping people unaware and … logged into their ignorance and denial. take the pope’s ‘new’ 😉 policy: the god of christianity and the god os islam worship the same god.

    in religion … a dynasty, a person, a title, a practice … can say anything. it can say pigs fly and people will somehow be convinced this is true. but does a worthy man throw his pearls to swine? personally, I like pigs (the animals of its worth), but the teaching is saying do not sell your soul (heart+mind where mind is of LIGHT) to idolatrous ink. manmade gods … like the creeds and ads and typecasts of man in his religions. one of Christ does not worship the god of islam. those who bleed you dry by saying things like al and el and allah and god being all in one truth is of a caliphate system of orchestration, possibly a poser, a baiter … one not knowledgeable in the Light on Truth … stagnating, not inviting … deadening you, not enlightening you … he speaks from two tongues of insurrection. is he atheist? a nonbeliever? what would he know of heaven and hell? what would he know of LIFE? you see, you can have your roman catholic ideals. go ahead, worship the god of rome and islam, even judaism, or any other religion. that is your choice, but … will you know Spirit/spirit while wearing these and what these represent? do these create stumbling blocks—something in the way—of you knowing, truly knowing, what is of SPIRIT?

    man created a word system to help him understand something unseen, something he knew to be real but could not quantify in regular language. he created sounds, paintings, writings… and moved to rituals then ceremonies, but … does he understand PROPHESY? does he understand REALITY? does he know the difference between the actor and the act? Jesus, a sorely misunderstood chastising, came not for the rightness of mankind but the injustices of his systems. look behind those walls and what do you see?

    • opheliart permalink

      there were some chosen to write/paint what man did not understand … to put into words a WORD unseen, but through Truth. not all that was put into bound tablets are of these chosen. man had his way with ‘her’ … man took advantage, became overzealous, lost control, took control … carried on … the lost son …

      are we in the return? no. man is not in this return. why? dogma had become his truth. creeds and codes and ads … parties and party affiliations have become his oaths and his pride and his partner. not Spirit of the Living.

      • opheliart permalink

        let’s present a decision. let’s say that it was decided that god is a delusion, and not dawkins’ book of delusion but ‘god IS a delusion’ … where would man be in his belief systems? if mankind suddenly realized that any one or any thing could be god therefore god as an order/orator of higher meaning is not really a prospect but a delusion to man, creating for him stumbling blocks … unnecessary weakness and lack of understanding the realities at hand …. where would man find himself in these realities?

        would the ills of man go away? would drugs solve all problems? would theirs be safe and honest governance throughout the world? would the environment become well … man and environment healthy, robust and secure? would all deals be grounded in truth? would all men view women as his equal in every seat? in every home and in every honor? would children grow to become wiser and more learned?

        what stands the test of time in the evolution of man that he might become not god but godless?

        cont …

        man’s gods are, of course, man’s gods … and like religion, these can be anything, anything at all. the Writings teach this … over and over. there is truly nothing new under the sun. what mankind is failing to acknowledge and attempt through proper study is what makes man do what he does. take any child and raise him up in an environment of anything can be his god or nothing is god and he will find something to serve as his god. there will be something or several things that he believes are his to take … to partake in … to engage with in a more pronounced manner, more often, more selectively, more desirously, more intuitively and more collectively (with others agreeing with him and following his patterns, forming a club of some sort or him joining an existing club, one that accepts him if he agrees to be of its same views, desires … appointments). man is vulnerable in a large world where there are many gods. if you are of the belief and practice to do what you wish because it satisfies you and only you … you are god. if you are of the belief and practice to do what you wish because it satisfies you and those who agree with you, you are of religion. if you are of a faith that does what you are shown is needed in a world of many gods lacking awareness in the mind of man where injustice and violence are the order of the day, along with dishonesty and malpractice and favoritism, and do for the work of one supreme in understanding, you are a God of Spirit (the God of the Christ), which is really to say you are in communion with the One, God of the Living.


  5. opheliart permalink

    the hawkins debacle in question. good question. the following:

    G Key January 23, 2016 at 7:23 am
    Fran & james m. reid,

    How do you explain the “God of Abraham” connection?

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all consider the first five books of Scripture to be God’s spoken words recorded by Moses.

    Judaism calls these books the Torah; Christians call them the Pentateuch; Islam calls them the Tawrat. All three faiths give written credit to the same Moses, and all three faiths give spoken credit to the same God.

    Different beliefs do not equate to different Gods.

    Hawkins said the truth: “same God”. She never said “same beliefs”.

    Yet the sibling religions’ rivalry continues, denying the same God, ignoring the same human patriarch, and stubbornly focusing on the same red herring: beliefs — which is completely irrelevant to the Wheaton-Hawkins spat, and has merely been dragged in by outside commenters for…

    …what? The thrill of competition? The vanity of “trumping”? The fun of fighting? The value of disrespecting other-believers?

    In God’s name?

    I cannot speak for the RELIGIOUS that key asks. only religious can speak for their god, whatever/who this may be. if you go up a couple of posts …

    you begin to see the answer.

    cont …

    • opheliart permalink

      going up … the ascent of heart to mind is of THE RETURN spoken of in both the old and the new covenant/testament … but more visible in the new. but man in his religion sought to create a god seen and created religion to show it. it being his god—the god he understood of the ‘sacred texts’. but GOD (SPIRIT) of the sacred texts is a marriage, key. this is the key 🙂 … spoken of in the new regarding that ‘church’ founded on solid … food, feast, fasting (refraining from indulgence –particularly those called to bishop parenting). it is ONE in TRUTH, but a fast of many feats (voices) … though few are chosen because … PROPHESY clarifies the worth. kill the prophet kill the sword (peace) … understood as the cultivator. ever hear of being sent in to check the vineyard? hmm …

      *note: the language of scripture was often spoken in terms of the lifestyle … in the orchards, crops and livestock of the day. a sword in the orchard was used to remove dead or diseased branches, also to remove over maturing (pruning) … to preserve the tree and the fruit, allowing for new growth. a prophet on truth removes these for light and to bring forth new growth. the sword is not for killing life as ignorant roman catholic atheist max @RNS and so many others want you to believe. huh, and to see them go on and on in their marches about abortion is hypocritical.

      man is dug in to his methodology. he has an image of god created by those like him and this is where he sits. the world could be falling apart around him, even his own loved ones crying out … and he sits saying things like: just look at your sinful ways. he does not see his own seat is saturated with ignorance and because it is so saturated, he cannot hear Spirit calling. or through his beliefs and practices, understood as mindset or system of beliefs, he breeds more of the same and is why the world suffers under the ‘pontiff’ pilate (rule, reign, ideal, theology, dynastic of man)

      ANGELS (spirit beings) exist. there is good and evil. this is not as man has led you to believe. his religions have milk-fed attribute. so …. what does this tell you about the hierarchy of these? they essentially banned, tortured, twisted and murdered … what they did not understand. and still do 😦

      there is no abrahamic religion in the SPIRIT, key. this is not to say that the writings are ignorant. no! not at all. it is how man receives that we find irreconcilable. SPIRIT cannot use what it does not know, key … which leaves you what? religion provides structure but should never exceed Love (WHAT IS TRUTH, understood as God).

      • opheliart permalink

        what you and so many others do not realize … think on … is that any can come and say that he is a prophet for “god” and take writings that are truly meant for understanding and movement in the Spirit and use these for his own religions/institutions and reign. he can even build a massive dynasty, a megachurch and write hundreds of thousands of books claiming itself authority on those writings … even forcing beliefs and practices on the poor, the small, the undernourished, the second class, the peasants, the outcast and those not building an army. he can convince state he is authority on “god” and state, realizing this might be an easy way to control the people, shakes hands with these religious elites and there you have it … exactly what JESUS was teaching was happening, would happen and is … one of many reasons he came.

        and since you are unaware on SPIRITUAL matters, key … we should tell you … when a man starts hearing voices telling him to go ‘kill that american’, or a 13-yr old young female starts believing she is to run at law enforcement or a pregnant israeli woman with a knife to kill … what you are witnessing through story/press is something not of the God of Truth(these acts) … not of the Spirit of the Most High. mankind MUST begin the study of how the mind is operating in all religions, including academia … and politics. and please understand that there are old parental grievances that do advice very poorly the youth. this is politics, key … many prophets and prophet posers and even seers and mystics are used for POLITICAL purposes. popes, patriarchs, bishops .. and imams … chief priests and rabbis were always joining forces with government for property ownership, women included and other commodities. so …. religion is often an excuse for both religionist and atheist to say and do many things, and is why american government should not be giving money to religious institutions. key, how do you feel about your tax dollars going toward institutions engaging (behind the scenes) in cover ups of clergy/staff/teacher child sex abuses … allowing these atrocious, criminal, diseased acts to continue? FOR DECADES—EVEN CENTURIES? making it convenient for so many others to get away with these awful acts. or the raping of girls and women, and the death of these in catholic hospitals and those like it, because they are viewed as less than or have no voice in communities ruled by misogynist, careless and ignorant men in systems of derelict belief and practice? what is wrong with our state governance, key? sold its soul to the devil?

        and key. one last … why did JOSEPH disappear from the pages of the ROMAN RULED Catholic bible? hmm? you may want to check those vatican vaults … the vatic ants are so intent on keeping secret.

  6. opheliart permalink

    “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” Trump told an enthusiastic audience at a Christian school, Dordt College. “It’s like incredible.”

    Oh? just watch what we can do, you naughty, arrogant child.

  7. opheliart permalink

    returning to this above comment:

    going up … the ascent of heart to mind is of THE RETURN spoken of in both the old and the new covenant/testament … but more visible in the new. but man in his religion sought to create a god seen and created religion to show it. it being his god—the god he understood of the ‘sacred texts’. but GOD (SPIRIT) of the sacred texts is a marriage, key. this is the key 🙂 … spoken of in the new regarding that ‘church’ founded on solid … food, feast, fasting (refraining from indulgence –particularly those called to bishop parenting). it is ONE in TRUTH, but a fast of many feats (voices) … though few are chosen because … PROPHESY clarifies the worth. kill the prophet kill the sword (peace) … understood as the cultivator. ever hear of being sent in to check the vineyard?

    *note: the language of scripture was often spoken in terms of the lifestyle … in the orchards, crops and livestock of the day. a sword in the orchard was used to remove dead or diseased branches, also to remove over maturing (pruning) … to preserve the tree and the fruit, allowing for new growth. a prophet on truth removes these for light and to bring forth new growth. the sword is not for killing life as ignorant roman catholic atheist max @RNS and so many others want you to believe. huh, and to see them go on and on in their marches about abortion is hypocritical.

    THE READER may say, but you said earlier in SPIR and OWA that the PEACE in the Writings means understanding, and JESUS says, he came not to bring peace (understanding) but a sword … so how can peace be the sword as you have indicated in your statement?

    Lord would answer, “do this in remembrance of me”. you see, my friends, a tree struggling to produce is a tree in fallow field … a tree not cultivated … a lag in worth, SPIRITUAL WEALTH … lacking in the fruits of the Spirit. disease and choking vines may be allowed to persist … of course, we see this in religious society in all factions and if you look at the ‘christian’ of trump’s camp what do you see? any follower of a man who can shoot someone on fifth avenue (as stated by US candidate trump) and remain his follower is NOT in COMMUNION with THE CHRIST—the Living God … which tells you what? trump is a god of incidentals and he is/will be falling on his own sword. and where will his followers be? forgotten? no god no follower? 😉 but what does man continue to do with his hierarchy … his holy fathers and his patriarchs … his presidents and his heroes promising … preaching … many things … without vision, without PROPHESY … without Love. what does a god of religion know of Spirit? he is a god of his own dwelling, a manmade creation serving a sentence created by other men. he cannot promise you anything. if you desire for your children to be safe from the 3 men who escaped from the CA prison, he cannot promise they will be safe. he says, pray, to our fathers … or, pray to god of roman catholic teaching or pray to god of …

    how do you make fallow field ‘great’ while seated in/on a concubine?

    where we say (peace) beside the sword is where we are telling you, the reader (also the follower?) that man is not yet in the RETURN … and please understand, the return spoken in the Writings is not JESUS showing up suddenly on Earth as so many religionists think and banishing most of the world to hell keeping the religious elite, those who believe they are the chosen, standing with Him for a peace-filled eternity.
    PEACE spoken in that passage is indeed UNDERSTANDING, but faith cometh by hearing and hearing by (following) the WORD {of Christ} … so TRUTH is … where? it is in the hearing, but how can you hear SPIRIT if you are following a false word? now.

    we are asking you on your remembrance here … that your days may be long … on the land that the Lord giveth. go back a different way as the story teaches …

    if theophan the recluse believed in the descent of the mind to the heart, you go back a different way as the story teaches … ascent of the heart to the mind. THIS IS THE RETURN.

    • opheliart permalink

      but you have not explained how the sword is peace, the reader asks.

      peace is not an objective sieve. it is not a place of kind caricature. it is a trembling undertaking. if you went by way of a known road in seeking ‘the child’, you went unknown to the purpose of this undertaking, but once this became known … the enemy is now stationed to capture you and take from you, steal, enslave, silence, use illicitly or destroy. you must RETURN by another way.

      are you saying Christ is not the way? the reader asks.

      you forget that the child was not yet grown, had not entered his redeeming nature. enter by the EAST … road. was this not prophesied by the chosen?

      but what do you mean by East … road? the reader asks.

      East is the sign of the tortoise. it carries the harp and the lyre. it finds its home in the forest beyond the mountain.

      we must enter the forest to get beyond the mountain? asks the reader.

      well, that would be the question, wouldn’t it? what do you follow?

      so many I have seen “receive” then betray this … then get betrayed … because they refused what had been given, and bad and really bad things came upon them for allowing a life of hypocrisy, ignorance, and liars and deceivers to mislead them. and what they continue to pay into and support, knowing full well that it is misleading and ignorant, unjust and of poor parenting … yet they do this for money. Spirit cannot use the hypocrite, and the denier and the dishonest and the willfully ignorant, folks. Spirit of the LIVING God cannot align with malpractice, indulgent industry and selfish gain.

      NOW … what say YOU?

  8. opheliart permalink

    a while back an american sports hunter/dentist was in the news for killing a favored lion in robert mugabe territory. mugabe, a roman catholic african dictator, posed as upset and there was a lot of scuffling in the news about what should be done with this american dentist. very sad about the lion … and we are no fan of the sports hunting that goes on throughout the world. when we say sport, we mean AS sport, but we certainly understand that people hunt and eat the game they kill. now, during all of this news crush, we posted comments in SPIR and made it very clear, in case anyone was not seeing the gist of this whole incident that mugabe is a roman catholic dictator.

    recently, he was in the news having come back from ‘somewhere’ and we saw a photo of him standing by two stuffed wild cats. taxidermist art, is what these looked to be. this reminded us of the lion incident with the american dentist: what was that incident trying to persuade? of course we are aware that this was a set up. a guide was put in place to seduce the AMERICAN dentist to where he could kill the lion, not knowing who/what this lion represented to the people … and why this was a set up is more than clear in the politics of the roman catholic church … AFRICAN religious elites and rome (vatican) look to be involved. there is not a doubt in my mind that the vatican or its cohorts or both was in cahoots with this arrangement to undermine america … in some manner. we waited to see what would come forth on the doctrines in roman catholic africa … where and how the pope/vatican would be stamping his insignia and … how all of this so obviously plays into their scheming and …

    you notice the charges against the dentist were suddenly dropped and all the clamoring for blood abruptly ceased. what happened? well, there were voices calling out that mugabe was a ROMAN CATHOLIC dictator … with many many MANY killings in his name … he was raised up and trained in roman catholic teaching and ideal and … there you have it. a mini-hilter? in his own rite? much like the roman church since its inception? killing off what it fears … does not understand … what is a threat to its loyalty, power and control?

    was the mugabe grumblings backfiring and making him and the rcc look bad? especially given mugabe’s nasty human rights record? hmm …

    watch for them, people … curiosity does not kill the cat; it is man who kills.

  9. opheliart permalink

    anyone coming in off the street would say the following article was pro-clinton, w/her daisy-mae beliefs …

    what’s up cathy-lynn, how much are you getting paid for this endorsement? how much is RNS getting paid to endorse clinton?

    it is the usual skew @ this religious-POLITICAL news site.

    this is what we look at and what we call out

    the poser in the video is dead wrong … as you will soon see

    under the current admin … iran and us … relations? hmm … watch what comes …

    and rns, you cannot be trusted because YOU ARE FULL OF ADS-ADS-ADS … not many REAL stories— a bunch of barely researched articles …

    we already know the boston globe is endorsing clinton … MONEY – MONEY- MONEY .. and one way to lose readers. watch, rns will be shut down by their biggest money engine and the globe? second hand …

    they should have listened to the investigative reporting

    the game called “piggy bank” is coming to an end
    there’s your revelation

    just like the US, rome —the VATICAN— has no problem trading and making deals with ruthless, obsessive, deceptive and ignorant men … MURDERERS.

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