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The Sanhedrin?

January 17, 2016

in the previous post, we shared  on the NT


the situation for one of gnosis … the gnostic … and how these are acquiescing for NEW voice

allow us to again share, but with a comparison that may have been missed in the first reading …

the confederate flag dilemma. recall the outburst and outpouring on this sudden recognition? it was as if someone or something turned a page and man said, oh, wow, how denigrating … how off color … how insulting and offensive.

now … we share the following, and ask, does it ever go away?


what if …  enough gnostics (not of gnosticism) grouped together, said to government:

hey, those religious institutions, the churches, schools and FLAG(s), architecture and other items that signify the power and the dominance, especially the DOCTRINE, TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES (public display), having denounced the gnostic, forcing him into slavery, abusing him, torturing him and murdering him … is a CONSTANT REMINDER OF PAIN, SUFFERING, LOSS OF … and is causing us great wounding. it’s offensive, and it continues to limit our ability to grow and become a salient voice in society. please, please PLEASE … remove it.

what do you think would happen?





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  1. opheliart permalink

    oops, wrong link

    the following refers to wax’s commentary @rns regarding the wheaton/hawkins debacle:

    this is well said … fair and honest … even where many are not willing to admit this, because they despise religion, wheaton, dogma, JESUS, GOD … and are pro-their own religious belief system and practice.

    now, I am a gnostic and would never attend a religious school like wheaton, but I am quite certain we would agree on JESUS as the Son of “GOD” … FAITH IN ‘3’ PERSONS, but the language grows from here. my experience of God and my experience within God’s Word are not the same as those of religionist dialogue and practice … so had I been working in the day of ‘caesar’ and many centuries after him, I would probably be tortured and murdered for my work. then again, maybe I would have been hidden in the work … somewhere 🙂

    • opheliart permalink

      after doing a quick read on the atheist comments on wax’s article… we find they show themselves to be just as DOGMATIC as the religionists 🙂

      it is interesting to watch that catholic mindset do its thang, but, that’s how they were educated/taught to think.

      and what is interesting is that the atheist (those posting their beliefs and opinions—that public praying) bows to his constitution (created by god-believing slave owners? and yet, they will deny the truth about the history on this) and his god presidents, despite their dishonesty and breaking of promises, extramarital affairs, using church to force agenda/policy, plagiarisms and totalitarian behavior … thinking for the people, generalizing, adopting policy to suit what “he thinks” is prosperity, proper, just or … right … demanding that the nation adopt this as well … even lying to make it policy, again USING CHURCH despite the separation of church and state … but should anyone challenge his beliefs (god), he denies the truths. or, he just does not want to hear it … ignores what he does not want to hear about his own obese mirage. and he finds ways to silence those questioning his malpractice within the dogmatic behavior … and the system failing the people. he will place blame on the side he opposes, finding all sorts of irrelevant ways of doing this, but refuses to address the very real fact that his IS dogmatic strategy, much like the one he opposes … like the RCC, they use guilt methods, shaming methods and ganging up, using constitution (their bible understood their way) to overpower their opponent, rather than using sense and reason. atheist has no say in the wheaton issue doctrinally. we said this before … so now, he shows his dictatorship agenda … and is why there are so many atheists on ‘religious’ sites :D. well, because they are just as religious! and just as dogmatic! hmm … what a scene. generalizing groups—stereotyping—showing their bias and their bigotry and their own phobias 😀 😀 😀 GOD, if they could only see themselves! their fears, bulling their way into the topic, demanding the win through false premise and derelict practice. gee, what lousy parenting.

      this is a school with a doctrine of faith-wheaton … it has JESUS as its central figure, or tries to … and may be off in this understanding–scripturally, or what the WRiting intends for the believer, but … the doctrine is JESUS based within ‘their’ understanding, so … pray tell, how can the one believing in Jesus of the Writings worship the god of islam? religiously, one can do anything he wants. SPIRITUALLY, it’s just not of the NEW COVENANT THOUGHT AND FAITH. … atheist is not within this faith and has no credible say on JESUS. he can ask questions, comment on the political front or … seek answers on JESUS, but to pretend he knows the mind of the wheaton prof, the admin, the students or the CHRIST is nonsensical. and is why we sense the wheaton prof of an agenda, along with other profs. her stand on the ‘god issue’ proves this.

      • opheliart permalink

        now … for a woman the literalists are making their god, savior, hero, spokesperson, prophet … wisdom … whatever, to institute an agenda that all christian believers should worship the god of islam is a PATRIARCHAL intrusion. while hoping/trying to move man OUT of the patriarchal religious mindset … she encourages, advocates and indulges within the patriarchal belief system, scarf and all. and the atheists and those ‘thinking’ they are so FREE and fostering truth and mobile … hmmm … don’t know whether to laugh or cry as we watch …as they drag everyone back into the dark ages, systematically, through their system of beliefs, their operations and their pretenses … irresolute thought, flat grid prototypes and derelict portent within these operations. kinda like watching a surgeon trying to remove an infection using a baseball bat.

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