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January 17, 2016

Trump said that while he hasn’t asked God for forgiveness, he does participate in Holy Communion.


I was laughing this morning when we read this and just had to share.

I guess one has to be a gnostic to get it 😉


*illustration: J. R. Neil for The Wizard of Oz



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  1. opheliart permalink

    interesting how the secularists of the US view this differently.

    now … who/what do you think was behind the muslim brotherhood ($) and … the push of immigrants from latin america to the US?

    ah-ha … hmmm … what have we been saying all along? what is one way to lose the secular and regain dominance under one political-religious mind, essentially returning to the ‘dark ages’, through numbers-numbers-numbers and … influential seats in … ? and how might this be done? how can you respectfully gain ground in environmental concerns while overpopulating communities with religious having many children? (and several wives: see ugandan bishops/priests and islamists … those ordinations that refuse female these same influential seats, and do take into account the LDS). who stands to profit the most from this “climate”? now think … put that big brain into action … who made it public policy that the god of christianity and the god of islam are the same god … and the god of judaism? … and are also suddenly, reforging old mandates with orthodox judaism (also once of several wives, also one of the fastest growing community of religionists) … and ‘unionizing’ with the lutheran “protestant” sector? and making a public display of it all? all the while hinting at luther’s anti-Semitic views (if you misunderstand the NT and think jew is the ethnicity and practice of one calling itself jew … of judaism) …

    who but the vatican and its cohorts that’s who!

    pope frannie and his institution has been playing you all like a bunch of prostitutes, or puppets … your choice.

    or, you could just say, NO! and tell them all where they can take their whitewashing BULL!

    why do you think they are so obsessive about anyone looking into their ‘records’ ( tossing people in jail) and why do you think they notoriously cover up crimes and … hide and silence people, and join hands with mafia types and fascist dictators? the list is long and our own government/lawmakers and even law enforcement has played cards with this insanity. this is sociopathic lunacy, folks … and when in hell are YOU going to wake up to these FACTS on this and stop paying into and supporting these regimes? when are YOU going to stop being manipulated and start asking some hard questions? they have so many of you fooled it’s treacherous. enough … enough … enough …

    pope francis is a liar and a fraud in the aspect of real peace and real climate concerns and real truth! he is a political puppet … fashioned into a populist pope WHO HAS CHANGED NOTHING in his institution instead, prettified the image of things to look as if they are seriously ‘thinking’ about change but no … no, no, no they have no intention of changing anything significant but instead rolling back to the institutionalized mindset of canonizing terrorists within their regime … masterminding a plot to gain power and control. how daft can you be on this? oohing and awing and praising this scoundrel and his derelict and corrupt institution all the while they have been pushing their agendas to flood the communities —FEAR mongering, even setting up ___ to make things look this way … or that way … knowing all the while that the americans will be bamboozled. really … and europe? what’s the game, people? not enough misogynists in europe? too many free thinking individuals? too much ssm going on, and now with america … come on people, these men in the vatican and their henchies are lunatics—HILTER types! where do you think adolf hitler got his game … plans. history repeats?

    freakin’ lunatics is what they are … and mankind falls for it every time. any person intentionally covering up the physical-sexual abuse of children in the manner that the rcc and hierarchy has done is not well. he is sick. not to be trusted … not safe. what don’t you get about this? what crimes, blood, torture and suffering are on the hands of the members of the vatican and maybe the RCC as an institution—its mindset—since its inception on through? who in their right mind continues to bow to and believes this institution to be GODLY, trustworthy and safe … given the lies and the damage and the lack of transparency … the discriminatory ethics and the clearly misogynist tone? and our own government has rolled out the red carpet for this lunacy … using taxpayer dollars for a sick and criminal operation … good God … LOOK AT THE ROOT—THE CAUSE OF THIS MANIA

    the rcc’s image was so bad … I mean think about it? all those clergy/staff/teacher sex abuses … the corruption (think SECRETS OF THE VATICAN that came out on FRONTLINE not too long ago) … the BBC documentary on SPAIN”s STOLEN BABIES (they think 300,00 babies sold! through nuns and priests catholic doctors and other rc clergy) … this recent movie, SPOTLIGHT, that tells a very REAL TRUTH about the operations of church and state, and lawyers, and now, finally, with the violence against women coming out in droves (NFL players, celebs of all stripes, elite schools and universities—the rape and abuse) …

    …. the vatican/RCC and those in cahoots with the patriarchal institutions had to scheme to piggyback on other PATRIARCHAL religious denominations … even other religions! come on, people, don’t be willfully ignorant. and I do NOT trust any religion playing partner to this, INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. any person or party—institution— that is willing to overlook the crimes for their own perks and party policy is NOT TO BE TRUSTED … so … IRAN DEAL, OBAMA … what’s up that lawyer sleeve of yours? and all those who are fear-mongering and pushing agenda WITHOUT ANSWERING QUESTIONS… are not to be trusted. anyone using roman pontiff, rcc, islam or any other religion or religionist for votes while ignoring the criminal intent, the lunacy … the power-mongering, war-mongering and the very sick-minded cover ups of the abuse of poor helpless children and raped girls also allowing at risk pregnant mothers to DIE in hospitals is mentally off—UNWELL===not fit to be of any authority about anything. got it yet?

    YOU WILL ALL BE CHARGED WITH TORTURE AND MURDER should you continue to support and pay into these systems. I want nothing to do with any of your disease! including you reckless presidential candidates! and pastors, priests, rabbis, imams and all you praising this pontiff, elevating him and his title along with the discriminatory organized religion … you better think about what you have done and what you are doing. forcing 10 year olds to give birth (raped by her own dad or brother?)—allowing women to die in catholic hospitals because no abortions are permitted? what insanity is this? c’mon people! and the hypocrisy in those priestly ordinations on up is immense.

    Daniel Berry, NYC January 18, 2016 at 4:50 am
    One more thought, Marilyn: maybe–just maybe–your using biblical text in that way is exactly what the passage is about: maybe you’re stoning one of the prophets.

    Maybe that ancient proverb of the sages is some the best advice of all: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

    no-no-no, daniel berry, nyc … only saying nice things SILENCES VICTIMS, gives corruption free reign and denies theirs is dishonesty … and maybe you do not understand the TEACHINGS of Jerusalem, daniel … but not every prophet is honest and doing the Will of the Lord. the populist pope is no prophet, however … he is a paste-up for those needing to cover their deals and steals … and dishonesty. any person indulging the way pope indulges and allows himself to indulge should be thoroughly scrutinized … tis a shame that the title of the papacy shrouds the more serious offenses and the people can’t see the thrush of it all … in his derelict parenting. the ‘Writings’ is not a doily, daniel … IT IS A JUST PARADOX IN THE DEARTH OF MANKIND. it is cataclysmic in calling man out of his disease to bring the FALLOW INTO WORTH. a fallow field is …? desolate until what comes? truth-truth-truth … can’t say it enough, daniel. but, if you DENY {this} … you die? remain dead? continue to reside in darkness? unaware? asleep? stumble around in the dark? misled by false prophets? *although killing is an obscenity … tell that to those who use killing to remedy their fears, solve their mind concerns. tell the nations to stop playing the barbarian. your obama god is a murderer much like most presidents issuing killing to stem ____ … and to silence the victims is what? a fallow field is a fallow field, daniel … a barren field is a barren field, daniel … a toxic field is a toxic field. sow? not pregnant with the fruits of the Spirit.

    bottom line? HOLY Spirit cannot use what it does not know and it does not know infertility … as there is no LIFE.

    and please note … daniel, you cannot tell that woman to be quiet then say what you want to say to others. okay for you to say what you want but not okay for her to speak? huh. just sayin’ +although I am aware in why that exchange was posted. you should show both hands, daniel, and not shuffle under that table. do not think we have not seen your agenda. have you allowed yourself to be misaligned?

    some reading SPIR say, ah, harsh but necessary. JAMES says, today is a different beast. I know what follows: 3 big bad asses. I know why I am used as I am.

    maybe I should move to prague. my oldest daughter said it was one of her favorite cities.

    taliban said it was in retaliation for the recent bombings on their …

    so, who/what pays the price for these retaliations? the officials in the white houses? or the youth and the families who will soon be very afraid to go anywhere … there is a modicum of …

  2. opheliart permalink

    people engaging in interfaith dialogue and ecumenism will be disappointed. why? it does not work (emphasis on the word “work”). it ends up not solving the bigger issues and rarely if ever does it get to the root of the deeper, seedier problems … and this goes for ANY belief system, and that includes humanitarianism as well as political policy, having to do with state … and the intermarriage of these can be disastrous … as the world will soon see, AGAIN, with the papal office and national governance. obama and co, and many others, made a big boo-boo.

    first of all, one should NEVER do business with dishonesty. one should NEVER agree to align with malpractice. if one is interested in combining effort to move, grow, find solution … but does not scrutinize and question what he is aligning himself with he will likely find himself dead in the water. if one is kept from seeking answers—kept from the scrutinizing … if stumbling blocks keep him from finding answers then this is a sure sign more work is needed BEFORE attaching oneself to the other. this is true of marriage between any two parties, interests or development. imagine what enthuses from the marriages? a child growing up in an unstable home is a child growing up in an unstable “one” his PARENTING–PARTNERING. and religion, church or state does not solve the problem if it hides the problem … creates the stumbling … allows, even forces, darkness not light.

    groups agreeing to disagree is one thing. groups making adjustments to their doctrine/laws to accommodate individuals is another thing. but, to align for the purpose of building an “army” against what they believe to be a rising “none’ (no religion), or a rising secular world, or a rising administration that goes against what group deems sinful or irreligious or scary is pasting old patches on what is new. yes, it is! the new is new until it becomes old. the new is new until it is parented to become stable and well-founded. the new is new until it becomes a danger to society. the old-old has much blood on its hands. there is no denying their system was/is founded in errant beliefs and practices. history is evidence enough of this and … it repeats. the hypocrisy thrives there. the ignorance thrives there. the discrimination, bigotry, racism thrive there. the arrogance and elitism, and pride of WHO they are thrives there. knowing them by their fruits is teaching on not the who but the what. GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS is saying, titles and creeds and credentials are nothing in the eyes of the LORD. the WORTH is in the WORK/WORD … TRUTH about the product—the fruit: worthy or indecent, unworthy. Spirit cannot know what it cannot use and it cannot use dishonest, derelict parents, or parenting. putting a bandaid on an infection is not getting into the wound to address the infection. the wound worsens and is what you see happening. nothing new under the sun … in the old way.

    to understand the secular … something rising is not risen (in gnosis) until it shows its redeeming. it is not anything other than what is claims or calls itself until it becomes … comes into knowledge and understanding of what it is—-good, evil, indifferent … same old same old, whatever.

    man who accuses another of hypocrisy and illicit trade … bad manners and bigotry, even murder, then sends war planes to drop bombs on another group is showing his what? oh, but he is a danger to many and if we do not protect ourselves and those in the region from these murderers, who will stop them from taking one the world? many ask. they are convinced their way is the correct way. they are not willing to admit their own trade deals and compromises with illicit organizations and poor management to get what they want and … many pay into these ways in ignorance. this is not proper partnering. the Wirings speak on these marriages.

    but, how does mankind move out of a corrupt church and state unifying for caliphate design? where can we find the PEACE spoken of in the Writings that refuses unjust parenting and moves toward nonviolent attribute? democracy isn’t working, folks. and the democrats want to blame the republicans for why it isn’t working? the liberals want to blame the democrats for why it isn’t working? no “ism” … no “part” is the answer, because it is only a part of a greater whole. universal teaching teaches one part and only one part. and you will know them by their fruits.

    take polygamy in this day, which is usually a man with several wives. let’s not question why the women feel the need to be in a polygamist aligning. let’s look at the outcome of this type of polygamy. the first question is: how will it change the world for good or for worse? it may break down stereotypes but … the greater in this day is the excess, and man’s inability to curb his excessive desires and … the harm done to environment should many and most men and women desire a relationship with one man and several women … where having children is a product not a virtue. yes, it becomes a marriage of convenience not a marriage of work. it may look like a lot of work but the man isn’t really doing his part is he, as a dad in the fathering of children. he is a freeloader in that part. doctrine that teaches large families in this day is old and not worthy of virtue. it is not loving neighbor as self, is it?

    religions like the rcc are adept at covering their sins by attempting ecumenism .. what they call interfaith dialogue. for what purpose are they doing this? is lutheran killing roman catholic over the number of converts? property? houses of worship? no, not to my knowledge. is one of judaism killing another? only where there is extremism. radicalism. nations need to put their foot down on the arrogance and say, no, you cannot have your institutions so large in our properties, filled with discrimination and racism and bigotry and the teachings that incite harm. but what did the UN do? what did america do recently? it fails itself and those it pledged to serve by differing to ignorance and bad parenting. roma is not THE CHRIST … never was and never will be and does not speak for The Christ. it speaks only for itself and those like it and for governance to use any caliphate operation to try to doctor an epidemic is foolishness … even dangerous.

    so, who is willing to be honest? protecting your own, your own party, your own institution, your favored candidate/politicians, hiding the dishonesty and the corruption and bad parenting—the hypocrisy, and the breaking of national laws … not admitting this … is much like what the RCC did in covering up clergy/staff/teacher CHILD sex abuse … because it is the CHILDREN who end up suffering in this poor partnering. always.

    • opheliart permalink

      we will continue to speak candidly where we are. to silence the youth is to be of a caliphate organization. if citizens are afraid to say what they really feel in regard to their experiences, what they witness in society and in their communities and even throughout the world … shame-shame-shame on society and shame on governance. this may be the killing of those prophets. and it may be wise to ask self if you are partnering with or pandering to a vision of neo-nazi technique and practice.

      And I am very serious about moving to prague. USA is still selling itself to dishonesty and warring. people have chosen their prophet: politician and roman pontiff in that one world religion (christianity, judaism, islam worshipping the same god). I voted for obama in part because he said he was moving the men and women out of those war zones but what has he done? does business with what? and he broke his pledge, using the same strategies that the RCC uses: oh, these are “special” covert operations … not really boots on the ground and no, this is lies. much like that canonizing of junipero serra, a terrorist to the native tribes, mostly a gathering people …and look at the propaganda? trying to disguise the real act of terrorism. the damage of its actions and what it represents. people want their hero in murderous and hypocritical oaths so … no, religion is religion (look at the recent terrorism – a sudden blast … because of …?). violence breeds violence. I will go where there is no silencing and I can redeem … build the bridge I am called to build and share SPIRREALISM without being told I am doing satan’s work or being judged and accused by the militant atheists claiming absolutism. you can all have the catholic mindset you so love to wallow in. I am gone from you.

  3. opheliart permalink

    and david gushee, jeffrey salkin and the rest … may you read this and weep

    how many extramarital affairs do you have on your plate 😉

    look at bill clinton and jfk … in such high offices with all the power to seduce young interns. the ‘image’ misleads many to dishonest acts. dishonest because it’s not fair to the citizens voting their conscience on these candidates. does the fame and the power make man commit indecency and subversive acts or did these men come with this, but were able to hide it through their titles? also, what do these acts teach the youth? that once you reach high levels you can commit these acts and it’s okay? or that in order to get what you want in life you must do what you want without regard for honesty? the RCC is notorious for these behaviors and much more to get what it wanted … and what it now wants—-needs to survive.

    and the plagiarism … this is the most distressing. the rcc took and did what with the Writings? miss-deeding and misconstruing the TEACHINGS to serve its desire for power and control. church and state joined forces and GAVE ITSELF THE TITLE “GOD’S AUTHORITY … mouthpiece of God”. this is a mind unwell. a mind deceived. a mind compromised. JESUS never-never-never said anything about a roman catholic institution, filled with male indulgences … manipulating the people … fashioning an IMAGE that demanded all people obey and bow to. this is called dictatorship. it is an obsessive, ego-riddled, ignorant, misinformed, misled, unjust and hypocritical operation. when are the christians as well as those of judaism going to realize this? what have they SOLD themselves to but old portraiture … in esteem, it operates no differently from the old in the unjust and unknowledgeable and lacking in understanding, but sadly … its influences in the world have led to the continuation of war, dishonesty, cover ups, plagiarisms and denials.

    so, nope … again, not dying for you or your understanding of prophets. if y’all join’ in to war, you won’t be taking my money or my gifts or my children in with your draft. ever hear of kicking the dust from your sandals? if they won’t receive you … leave. and it seems this is what I need to do. seems you and I do not agree on the way of Truth.

    there are a few areas where I agree with MLK. did slave owners write the law of the states? pretty important question—–yes? could this be why some of it is a chokehold? possibly outgrown its intent?

    it’s not hard to see the propaganda … and it’s tasteless

    in addition …

    hmm … yes, a very good question: where’s bob? why wasn’t he one with the group that was returned to america?

    the iranians involved in this—the headship on this missing person—has not and is not being honest, and obama and co needs to stand up and admit what it did in their iranian-related ‘deeds’

    and again, we will not be ‘fighting’ for your gods or your deals or anything related to your misdeeds. enough is enough! the barbarism must stop. the bombs and the artillery of murderous intent must stop. many have died and many will die at the hands of betrayal, misinformation … dishonesty. war is upon you whether you want it or not. your children will be immensely affected by this. know this.


  4. opheliart permalink

    did not want to go back to where we posted on sanders and the ‘surprise’ so we will post this here

    like we were saying’


    violence breeds violence and liberals are no exception to this rule

    you continue your self-serving agendas and look what will be on YOU

  5. opheliart permalink

    atheist, oh, atheist … now, what was it you were saying?

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