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What if …

January 16, 2016

for a small gallery of art:



that’s because you play safe in your safe seat, david. THE NT is a covenant calling one to new voice, something unseen … not yet seen or heard. not all are like you, david gushee … with title in academia understood by the like-minded. but wouldn’t this be the crux of the culture war? like-mindedness gets the green light and those refusing the hypocrisy … refusing to align with systems they believe are incongruous with Light … not able to feed from the labels and the systems showing partiality … are feared. take, for instance, the gnostic … what do you know of the gnostic? are you perfectly content to allow the rules of roman catholic church to frame the constitution of the state of minds of academia and … church and state? seems you have bought into the same old same old. you live by the accolades of man … JESUS was not your academic feeder. he was of gnosis … this requires COMING OUT OF THE SYSTEMS OF MAN and his medals. you dig?

we are rationed … no piggy cults within {this}. it is a war unseen, but the writings and painting … poetry and storytelling are of a Light heard only by the wayfarer.

and please hear this …

what if gnostics (not of gnosticism) came together, saying to government: hey, those religious institutions- LIKE THE RCC,THE ROMAN PONTIFF (constantly in the news and on tv …) and others like this institution–– their churches, schools and FLAG(s), architecture and other items that signify their power and their dominance, especially the DOCTRINE, TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES VISIBLE AND INFLUENTIAL, having denounced the gnostic, forcing him into slavery, abusing him, torturing him and murdering him … is a CONSTANT REMINDER OF PAIN, SUFFERING, LOSS OF …  and is causing us great wounding. it’s offensive and continues to limit our ability to grow and become a salient voice in society … please, please, please … remove it.  what do you think would happen?



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  1. opheliart permalink

    something to consider

    mankind needs to undergo a conscience directive? so … where might we find evidence of impartiality? 😉

    • opheliart permalink

      I recall as a child laughing with my friends. we would often draw sketches of things we had said or done and we would mimic these… we could laugh at ourselves. these were the best of times … in our youth. has mankind lost the ability to laugh at himself in his childish ways? comedians sometimes make fun of themselves or family situations and these can be endearing. but, too much … where you enter into the personal lives of other belief systems can get dangerous, esp if containing crudity. if there is serious danger/results and harmful effects coming from a system of belief and practice … of any system … there needs to be an honest and fair discussion on the portent and … one cannot allow money and votes and party aspirations to interfere. unfortunately, quite the opposite is the game … it’s as if this is bred in the politician from birth. these are sad affairs and one asks who can be trusted to be for honest intent—the health and wellbeing of all?

      satire is a necessary part of society … as is storytelling, which does sometimes include satire. from the beginning ‘writing’ and ‘drawing/painting’ was used to depict experiences—god and not good—and these should never be silenced because head man of one institution or another wants his party to stay in office, even when it is failing the people … and where many dangers continue to permeate society, increasing, finding other avenues to impair and plant disease. look—see who/what pretends at solidarity and just means and who/what works within seats of power to undermine and silence those willing to call out the injustice and harmful elements of society thought and practices.

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