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A Savory Question …

January 13, 2016

regarding that state of the union address:

Is president obama silencing critique of the beliefs and practices of “church”?


should the illustrators, artists, novelists, authors, essayists, satirists, mediators, poets, prophets, mystics, bare naked ladies and all the rest … straying into the holier than thou arena of the religionist of policy (otherwise know as national governance) go into hiding because they might be offending or insulting practioners of certain church policies? even where they advocate ignorance … incivility … disease … discrimination of female … poor parenting and spousal abuse, not to mention hospital malpractice  … (the list is, well, long)? where does the taxpayer draw the line? where does the lawmaker draw the line?


gee, what deal did obama make with the roman pontiff and his brotherhood?


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  1. opheliart permalink

    so … will the youth be running to become lawyers? “we will become rich!” they shout gleefully.

    but at whose expense? who will be paying for all the alleged discrimination cases? and obama’s address is a green light for many to go after what they perceive to be “their rights”.

    my-my … and what say you, atheists? did we not warn of this? you have been silenced … by your own doing. how iconic that trump’s acts created a reaction from obama … to instill a silencing, which will create for his own breeding, the lawyer, a free-for-all. hmm … but the VICTIMS are often the most silenced. *sigh*

    it may be a while before we recover from this episode. how long? I do not know, but I do know that WE will not remove what we have shared on SPIR and in OWA (ophelia wearable art website). the law can throw me in jail but we will not remove what we know to be just means. this is what JESUS, the prophet ON truth came to show the people … the law, the unjust and the ignorant … do not stone the women; do not kill; are you without flaw or blemish? who among you is without “sin”? if the atheist says sin does not exist … he is a fool, for sin in the paradox on Love is what is of dishonesty and poor parenting. so … how has obama done in his parenting? what of the roman pope and his brotherhood … as it seems I am not permitted to use the word muslim now.

    we will speak through image … SPIRITUAL METAPHOR … like in the days of old but with fresh breath.

  2. opheliart permalink

    that’s because you play safe in your safe seat. THE NT is a covenant calling one to new voice, something unseen … not yet seen or heard. not all are like you, david gushee … with title in academia understood by the like-minded, but wouldn’t this be the crux of the culture war? like-mindedness gets the green light and those refusing the hypocrisy … refusing to align with systems they believe are incongruous with Light … not able to feed from the labels and the systems showing partiality … are feared. take, for instance, the gnostic … what do you know of the gnostic? are you perfectly content to allow the rules of roman catholic church frame the constitution of the state of minds of academia and … church and state? seems you have bought into the same old same old. you live by the accolades of man … JESUS was not your academic feeder. he was of gnosis … this requires COMING OUT OF THE SYSTEMS OF MAN and his medals. you dig?

    we are rationed … no piggy cults within {this}. it is a war unseen, but the writings and painting … poetry and storytelling are of a light heard only by the wayfarer.

    NOTE: what if there are enough gnostics that grouped together and said to government: hey, those religious institutions/doctrines–VISIBLE EVIDENCE LIKE THE RCC,THE ROMAN PONTIFF CONSTANTLY ON MEDIA-NEWS-TV and others– their churches, schools and FLAGS, architecture and other items that signify their power and their dominance and teaching esp the DOCTRINE, TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES IN THE PUBLIC EYE, having denounced the gnostic, forcing him into slavery, abusing him, torturing him and murdering him … is a CONSTANT REMINDER and is causing us great wounding. it’s offensive and continues to limit our ability to grow and become a salient voice in society—please remove it. what do you think would happen?


  3. opheliart permalink

    Atheist Max January 13, 2016 at 5:44 pm
    “…wars of religion caused “the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people” and undermined the gospel message.”

    Putting heretics to death is commanded by the gospels:

    “Execute them in front of me” – JESUS (Luke 19:27)

    It would be nice if everyone could let bygones be bygones.
    But don’t open the Bible to do so! The right way is to surrender these ancient superstitions which keep rearing their ugly, dangerous heads and simply become Atheist.


    do you see how this atheist is IGNORANT about what is written? first, he takes parts of the greater message and tries to worm his agenda to undermine not only JESUS, a human being far superior than this militant dishonest punk will ever be, but billions of believers. he creates fear and avarice through his obsessive posts about how Jesus commands people to kill.

    what is wrong with this man that he should behave in this manner? it was church and state who put heretics to death, not Jesus. putting heretics to death is NOT what the Writings say, and I ask LAW ENFORCEMENT to please address his constant lies and inappropriate posting, because he will be the cause of someone getting seriously harmed, maybe even murdered.

    please … warning among many warnings about him, and others.

    • opheliart permalink

      Yupsiree January 13, 2016 at 11:21 pm
      you should read atheist Max a little more carefully. He/she is the best atheist debater i’ve seen in a while.

      atheist max posing as many people to support his world religion: hate Jesus … hate anyone who supports Jesus, the TEACHES of Jesus or what is of Christ … which leads to attacking those people it deems heretical. this is how evil plays its cards, even where it can betray its own.

      he desires a one world religion: militant atheist … lie and deceive to get what it wants for itself and what it believes: all should be in ignorance on… and it thrives on praying LOUDLY IN PUBLIC FOR ALL TO SEE.

      ask yourself who/what does this to become the dominant worldly power

      evil takes care of itself … in more ways than one

      • opheliart permalink

        he was a roman catholic for 50 yrs … jumped ship to attack itself from the other side
        who/what TAUGHT him these practices?

        gee, how history repeats 😦

        nothing new under the sun … in the old

        and speaking of the catholic church …

        Pelosi said in the published interview that she comes from “a very Catholic family, largely pro-life.” She noted she had five children and “I’m with the program in terms of the Catholic Church.”

        whether you stand for, against or somewhere in between, do you really think it wise to allow five plus children per family in this day … with government subsidy as it is and … environment as it is? one of the first things I learned in environment-safety concern was don’t have many children, but do adopt as there are many in need of homes. what don’t the catholics understand about this decree? and those of islam and orthodox judaism? (roman catholicism fast growing in africa, and islam and orthodox judaism the fastest growing religions in the world … where large families is a big contributor)

  4. opheliart permalink

    Don Salmon Jan 14, 2016 at 9:18 am
    I think one of the reasons Bernie is so popular among millennials is that he speaks directly to their sympathy for being “spiritual but not religious”.

    You may recall several months ago many online articles noting the similarities between Bernie’s views and those of Pope Francis. Even prior to that, many, like Jim Wallis, noted how much closer Bernie’s moral views were to that of Jesus that many self-proclaimed “Christians” (after all, Bernie and Jesus belong to the same faith!)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the “spiritual but not religious” category surpasses 50% in another 20 or so years. One of my favorite lines on the topic comes from Sri Aurobindo, who said, “The age of religions is over” – and he said this nearly a century ago. I think he’s right. Despite the rise of various religions and churches in the so called “developing world” (developing in what sense?) I think that’s a temporary phenomenon.

    – See more at:


    don’t be daft. pope francis is a charlatan posing as Jesus … you should know how the whitewashing works. you must be a poser praising the pope but doing it in glossy rhetoric … we do not follow people like you …

    look over here … look over there …

    the POPE BELONGS TO WHAT, DON? SERVES WHAT? get your facts and evidence in order! as for bernie, he has a long way to go before he understands the teachings of Jesus, and it seems … so do you. shame on you, don, for misleading them, and for leading the youth into enslavement to the patriarchal bolstering. you have not done your homework or … you are a poser … and those posing with imams and popes and all the patriarchs that show entitlement and bigotry, racism and elitism to create the female and others as second class citizens … denying them places of influence and professions in a democratic society is saying what? this is not impartiality, don; this is many things … and it is not of The CHrist and NOT what Jesus is. you fail to show the sides of that coin in all your glossing.

    bernie’s alignment with roman pontiff and imams will HURT his chances for the presidency, and I for one will NOT be voting for anyone fooled by the whitewashing coming from the vatican, patriarchal religious, or any poser out there pretending at honest care … proper partnering.

    • opheliart permalink

      if you are confused about the doing just ask don and yourself and the pope AND ALL THOSE SUPPORTING AND PRAISING AND BOWING TO ROMAN PONTIFF where he stands on discrimination regarding female, gays, divorced couples, abortion where mom’s life is in jeopardy, raped 10-year-olds, the number of sexually active clergy and nuns in his celibate organization, the clergy/staff/teacher child sex abuse and the cOVER UPS AND SILENCING OF THESE, including his stint as archbishop in argentina, the ordination of barros in chile and numerous other QUESTIONABLE appointments and cover ups and doctrinal positions … so, what say all of you? hypocrite or hypnotized … ? by an overly glossed specimen put out to seduce the masses.

      wake up wake up everybody everywhere …

      and if you continue to support and praise this all male syndicate you are what? a misogynist _______ ?

      the sensible youth want no part of your houses, don and co. they don’t trust tHE HIERARCHIES … these must be removed into order for man to EVOLVE!

  5. opheliart permalink

    I have been shown the book title for “Revelation” , which we shared many moons ago … should have been the beginning of the NT not at the end … as MANKIND did not understand the Spiritual Metaphor inherent in the Writings. so … this along with what we shared on the OWA blog on ELIJAH will unite, if you will, the “presence” of the ‘old’ and the new … which I have always felt was left floating on two confusing planes. like sea and land … there needs to be a joining for truth … of purpose: moving mankind into the place of HUMAN, or human being. he ain’t there yet, folks … nope … he ain’t there yet, but in {this} comes understanding (peace).

    the title?

    The Last Chapter

    by L Thiel Hewlings
    copyright January 14, 2016

    peace and love

  6. opheliart permalink

    public schools permitted to teach about comparative religions? teach WHAT? what the hell are teachers teaching? christianity is roman catholic? LOL! and all christians are to bow to rome? 😀 the pope is holy father and must be obeyed? the roman catholic church is the authority on God? christianity and islam … and judaism worship the same God?

    I know my nonreligious family members would be furious to discover that teachers are taking time out of already long TEST-DRIVEN and TEST-OBSESSED curriculums to teach comparative religion … and for the believers? WHOSE VIEWS WOULD BE PRESENTED?

    thank GOD I am a gnostic … and my children are no longer in those agenda-possessed schools.

    “We’re at a worrisome crossroads. There’s a movement afoot to promote Christianity when the focus should be on educating about many religions.”

    maybe linda needs to look more closely … it’s called the gods of roma using the name of CHRIST unethically and now promoting what? I think you are a bit behind the times, dear … the god of islam and the god of the rcc (or some call it the god of christianity) are the same god … so, dear, linda, you tell me who/what is promoting ONE VIEW? and the atheists drool like they have seen rich portent … not realizing that all of these high-towered, political, caliphate-organized religions, are moving into a neighborhood near you. dear, linda, and jon … it’s called populating to build numbers. so … because don has a wife in TN and two in iran … and five children with each … and children move to the US where daddy and “mommy” live … the religious denomination growing the fastest and the largest should be the religion we all must obey and pay into and support? (cough-cough) ah, nope. do your homework, lady. and please, for GOD’s sake … do not teach what you do not understand!

    another screams, you are stereotyping! no, I read the marriage contracts for some islamist sects, and there are many with several wives! this is permissible (maybe they should get to gather with those episcopal bishops and priests in uganda and other places). so, how do you know who is who and what they are practicing? no one is allowed to ask … and now, now with Obama’s state of the union commentary … people are silenced on questioning some of these NUMBERS.

    >>>>>don’t think anyone is thinking about what this overpopulating does to the environment … do ya think linda is teaching environmental concerns?

    interesting how the secularists of the US view this differently.

    NOTE: the recent prisoner release – iran … saeed abedini? something is off. I sense that this “pastor” is not what people think (not referring to his wife’s accusations) guess we wait and see.

    • opheliart permalink

      yep, the politicians are forming partnerships with the high-towered religious to build their one world religion.

      because they think a republican (trump) might get into office and …
      because there is big money in religion, and many votes coming from FAST growing religions, like islam.

      but why won’t it work? why will this agenda fail? first of all, you cannot hold children hostage in your forced curriculums … don’t you see what is happening and has been happening? and it only takes a few to blow up the entire school … kids and all. sunni hates shiite hates atheist hates evangelical christian hates that school is teaching anything opposed to its own beliefs and practices … muslim kills atheist bullies fundamentalist christian bullies muslim rapes female cries foul on the hell of it all. wake up you foolish people.

      don’t be daft on this, folks …. you endanger the lives of so many. what I see is parents resorting to homeschooling for safety reasons.

      now, who/what is behind this agenda? the vatican? pope frannie the populist hey everybody the god of rome is the god of islam and must be the god of all?

      • opheliart permalink

        THE CANDIDATE WHO BREAKS FROM HIS RELIGIOUS SEQUESTERING (aligning, signage, positioning, pandering … and this includes bernie sand his imam/pope patronage) … refusing to bow to and pay into this agenda where discrimination is a huge factor … will be the one that makes one of the biggest and most needed STATEMENTS of this day—this candidacy— and will send an ethical and sound message to all candidates, the race and the politicians, public and parenting.

        so, who will that be? bernie has not responded to 2 of my messages and of course, the obama campaign ignores these questions …

        j bush coming out of roman catholicism: a just say no to these high-towered religion/ists? ? ?

        hmm …

  7. opheliart permalink

    I cannot stay on these comment pages … as I said in OWA, it is time to move (focus on the SPIRREALISM art, the trilogies, other writings and my etsy shop(art and designs), which provides for me something less demanding — a way to release more easily, much less exhausting—but there is always a winding down on something before the moving out. it is not generally a ripping or a tearing from one to another … but a short graduation … so, we will finish with this number 12 comment from an article published @ RNS regarding the episcopal church and the anglican church, their communion quarrels and ……….

    Jack January 15, 2016 at 12:49 am
    Too simple, Richard.

    The problem of the Episcopal Church goes beyond any one issue. It goes back at least a century. The Episcopal Church lacked, and lacks, a moral compass and prophetic witness. It was & is a vessel of conformity.

    At any given time, the Episcopal Church has been a near-perfect reflection of America’s cultural elites. A century ago, the cultural elite were conservative Republicans. And so were Episcopalians. No daylight between them.

    Nor is there any daylight between today’s cultural elites and today’s Episcopal Church.

    Here we are in 2016 and while the issues have changed dramatically, guess where the Episcopal Church is?

    Exactly where today’s cultural elite is.

    The Episcopal Church has changed its positions dramatically — but in precise proportion to how the cultural elite has changed its position.

    It was the tool of the 1916 elite and it is the tool of the 2016 elite.

    No moral compass, no prophetic witness.


    a few years back I attended a couple of episcopal churches. I found them friendly but not especially invigorating SPIRITUALLY. I did not sense movement but ritual—ritual with nice people. as a gnostic, I don’t need their kind of ritual in communion, or any of the other churches using these as their mainstay. I do not experience common tongue with these practices where (my place) Spirit is of the Essence. one might say, hey, it’s because you are a Spirit Art painter, a writer of fiction (but not completely 😉 … and likely have a different way of expressing yourself and connecting with God. hmm … yes, one cannot deny that I reap within the movement in the Spirit Arts, but my work is not like anything out there today. the writing is not like anything out there, and I don’t mean the Ophelia Trilogy, although, this is highly symbolic and has not been seen in this light … yet, but the large canvases, SPIR and OWA sharing; even what has been written so far in the BC Trilogy is not like what’s out there.

    so … after reading jack’s comment, i had to to wonder for a moment if i was one of those cultural elites, but i saw that this is not exactly the same as what he is saying. there is a time for everything. the episcopal church as a congregation for whatever reason moved out of some of the old thinking. i can’t say they were reading the Writings in the language of the Spirit because no where was I seeing them sharing on the unseen marriage. it was more about the marriages of man-woman and man-man and woman-woman, some very public displays and some not. i am sure many felt they could not carry on denying some what others received and even abused. there is hypocrisy and irreverence written all over those seats. I cannot align within those seats. it is not of me to do this for … I am of the gift to help people—all people—move. move SPIRITUALLY. this is what I am about—what I am. the marriage written in the WRITINGS is a marriage of movement—growth—knowledge and understanding … moving. you know, it is not a sin to grow … to move out of these rituals and move closer to the LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT. there have been a couple … a priest heard “Her” … another heard Her (both men), through communicating with me in this work, … and man would hear Her, as there are Angels that do the work of our Lord, and male would hear in the Voice of a She .. as this teaches not only impartiality but Truth, creating the balance of ONE. when I first came into the Spirit, I heard my guardian, a He, but I have since grown and hear the Eternal, which is the voice of many through the vine of WE (God).

    I am shown that the arts are necessary in this day for much healing, and healing has everything to do with HEARING. but one must be willing to take up the mat and follow NOT every tome, dick and heritage, but be willing to STEP OUT of the confines of institutionalized doctrine to move closer to Light on the Word. this is not a speedway. it is not political correctness … as Spirit ruminates not in the wiles of man but manifests “itself” in the HEART ON LOVE. and Love is God … and {this} Truth is found not in the temporal elites, but the wayfaring gifts … as Spirit is ever changing and a continuous. Spirit CANNOT be contained … in those chalices. it just does not happen … so, ask yourself who/what demands obedience in these places of containment and what moves forward in the Gift of the Spirit.

    added: there will be coming many saying, “I heard the angel say ____” and “‘my’ angel told me ___” and “God said ___” … but with more pronounced voice and the people, like with this populist roman pontiff, will be looking for a savior … a hero … someone/something to follow because they will be fear-filled due to what’s on the horizon … and I have seen what’s on the horizon (and many years ago one close to me shared a dream that I left the family and with a knapsack of art supplies I walked not away but toward that storm, and not on the paved road, but what was in his dream a non paved path) … so yes, many coming and saying many things … AS HISTORY REPEATS.

    and who/what will know the charlatan from the prophet on truth? who/what will know the confused and the mentally off from what is of truth? is there any among you able to redeem? is there any among you capable of hearing the dishonest —those who mislead? please understand, I do not dislike george, the italian born argentine man elected to the papal office to serve as head honcho for the rcc; it is the title claiming authorship of God and all things Spiritual, that WE find an offense. it is the misleading of many that I am called to voice the warning.

    one OF the Spirit will die within the Spirit … not of flesh … and will move into continued work of the One, Supreme Being. one OF institutionalized religions, feeding in the gallery of mankind for wordy titles and accusation will die in these, for these titles (ID) are what they claim as god to know their god. their creeds and credentials … hierarchy and what they build in the form of a dynasty, with all the hats and clerics and lavish presentation and ordinations made exclusively for man in these houses and places of business and politics and … religious sequestering is exactly what they host as host and where they will reign in the tempest, but beyond this? hmm … there is no other way to say this. man does have freedom to choose throughout his life where he is shown the injustice and the abstinence … on what is spirit/Spirit.

    * note: silk’s spiritually rift article on the jews of new york re: cruz, which I did not even have to read because the title says it all .. (by new york values did cruz mean the italians? did cruz mean the greeks? did cruz mean the irish? like cardinal dolan? … why jewish for the article? what is silk implying in his question?)

    about silk and his POLITICAL-RELIGIOUS intent (agenda)…
    (*remember, his savior and ID is pope fran of the very high-towered ROMAN catholic church)
    is why hypocrisy is so communal in society. silk imposes his agendas on the political candidates (making them say what he wants them to say. IOW, silk’s interpretation is what cruz meant—he is so darn sure of it it just has to explode in silk’s face—it just has to, but much like atheist max in his agenda, putting words in the mouths of others). and take the religious? because they are of one tribe they all believe and practice exactly the same? huh, unbelievable, but read the comments to his commentary! because of the hypocrisy he bolsters, watch what he incites. it is almost laughable except that it is deceptive and dangerous; however, cruz’s (not my choice of candidate) statement will not hurt him one bit. actually, it will help his candidate status, which is what silk has been doing all along: aiding-assisting-supporting and paying into the dereliction, the stagnancy, the discrimination and the old mandates … and he does not even have the wherewith to realize it.

    he hurts the ethnic and religious jews … in ways he cannot see because his ignorance, sometimes shown as arrogance,from where he sits … gets in the way. and please note how he leads so many in the wrong direction from the point of the candidate’s statement (watch what pools out from the mouths of the bigots believing their own views are the ONLY correct views AND that they are NOT guilty of painting with a very BROAD brush what they blame and accuse of those they hate–yes … hate—despise—of they oppose. please, watch what spews out, and if you take a moment and understand this from middle ground it is seriously ugly and very much of hypocrisy … and naming ALL fans or ALL of a certain voting, or ALL of an area or ALL of a certain type of belief system (religion) …whatever they choose to put in their mouths—a sort of a forced feeding—is what they intend for the world to trust, to believe and to take for truth. wow. rather than doing his homework to find out exactly what cruz meant by his statement, silk plays the foghorn, and people start the snapping and the snarking to get to his dish of unsavory spit. AND … allow us to add … it is a-ok for those claiming liberal and far left positions to cast a shadow on the south and southern beliefs and practices (forgetting all the factories so dangerous and filthy and where there was child labor and SLAVERY and cruelty and abuse … misuse and poor wages and unequal pay and still, still TODAY! and not to mention how the jews and so many others were viewed by reporters (we posted on this in writing about newcomers to NY like Joy Davidman’s family and others)—THE new yorkers … and how they treated the jews and so many others

    but these liberal lugs use all kinds of demeaning language, but it’s not okay for a candidate to use a value system in place to reiterate his stance? (cruz) hypocrisy abounds? okay for one and not the other? immensely tiresome to watch. also, has NEW YORK show itself free of bigotry, racism, bias and discrimination when it comes to giving the discriminating religionists and religious institutions/their houses and schools what they want all the while denying and refusing people they deem not suitable for work/worth? new york like every state in the US continues to support and pay into its own pockets which finds itself in what? … without caring for THE VICTIM … the female and so very many others. it may be that those commandeering the thread on this topic are a spectacle unto themselves and shamefully strutting their own limited understanding … as we shall soon see.

    one such post that hurts the jewish people:

    Atheist Max January 16, 2016 at 3:02 pm
    “But that “focus around money and the media”? That was “New York = Jews” all the way.”

    Anti-semitism is a definite sign of mental illness.
    Jews are blamed for greedy capitalism and fascist communism at the same time. Yet, what could be more ridiculous?

    Jews are are as varied as any other group. Excepting for the phenomenon that many Jews have been historically forced into ghettos (thanks to Christians) and had little cultural history of owning land, farming or participating on other high paying blue collar jobs which were denied them.

    The result is a Jewish culture which had to make due for 1700 years in the few service industries which Christians allowed Jews to work: Academics, Finance, Entertainment, Medicine, Business services.

    If there is a predominance of Jews in certain industries you can thank the bigoted history of Christian culture for playing a role in it.

    THANKS TO CHRISTIANS? WOULD A-MAX LIKE TO STATE EXACTLY WHO THESE MIGHT BE? AND HIS LAST LINE MAKES THE JEWISH PEOPLE SOUND AS IF THEY HAVEN’T GOT A BRAIN :0 … THE JEWISH PEOPLE HAD AND STILL DO HAVE A SET OF BELIEFS, MAX, hate to break it to you … and thanks, silk, for making our job easier by making the RCC look like quite the ESTABLISHMENT! for it was the RCC that formed the mindset behind what they insisted should be the “christian” belief and practice (their one religion agenda with the emperor constantine) … so, silk, you might want to give your savior, pope fran, a ring, and let him know a-max blames his beloved institution claiming itself AUTHORITY ON CHRIST for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g they did to the Jewish people … *including their own beliefs and practices …? lol. I am beginning to wonder if a-max has a brain, but, then again … his is of a hate Jesus agenda. he is a bigot and a racist in every sense of the word.

    and so we ask david gushee, is this what you pay into and support? what you believe to be just and proper penance? are you waving your hallowed flag and laughing along with mark silk and his ilk?

    > those force-feeding this issue of anti-Semitism will be seen as an advocator of derelict parenting. there are many concerns throughout the world. one might say woman being female has always been the most abused in every culture, or the most misaligned and mistreated … others might say it has been the children who have suffered the most through poor parenting, education and lack of proper governance. both are often sexually misused and abused as the meek, weaker, smaller, second class status, lesser status, often impregnated, with child, child and children to care for, under the stress of this and the stress of being sexually misaligned and misused give the criminal mind what he needs to attack. what lives in “man” in a state of indecency will use, abuse, accuse, place blame to cover for his own ignorance and insolent and CRIMINAL MIND. but where you see acts of anti-semitism or people going off course to insinuate this to show christian as murderer, or Jesus Christ as murderer, or what people in society call the evangelical christian or the fundamentalist christian or the far right … WHILE TRUMPETING A DOGMATIC WHO REIGNS AND RISES IN THE SEAT OF DENIAL ON THESE VARY CONCERNS–having placed her and child in precarious environment, silencing her, denying her influential seats and places necessary to move man out of his criminal mindset … is deception … manipulation. remember, most ethnic jews and religious jews are in fairly well-to-do seats, or at least not as so many cultures of men, women and children but mostly the women and children. these have NO WAY OUT of the religious—political governance oppressing them. what does something like the roman pontiff and his institution do for her? who/what set up this marriage unto death? if man does not recognize he misunderstood the Writings soon … very soon … what do you think will be the result of his ignorance and malpractice? and to have men continuously supporting and paying into this ignorance is saying what? how does one move out of this mindset? remove what stands in the way of the evoking. if you have the ability—REMOVE IT! do not allow yourself to be a slave to this ignorance any longer. who/what does it help? what does it continue to support? you will know them by their fruits.

    * at least one comment on silk’s article was deleted by rns moderator. it was def. painting w/a broad brush, and not in a kind way. but do understand that just because people think someone is commenting for a lively debate does not make it a moving out 😉 this is precisely the plane we speak of … the ‘idea’ of what man believs to be correct for the society of many views, beliefs, practices NOW IN A ‘FREE TO JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING’ world is doing what within that world? it is imploding. francis (@ assisi) shared on this in detail. one needs to move some to hear it from within. but like we shared on this post from the start … that state of the union address … are the people now to be censored if they do make a comment of critique against a group? are we forbidden to call out hypocrisy and danger and discrimination seen in islam, rcc … even governance? hmm … maybe obama and co are in for the proverbial: what YOU believe may be what YOU receive.


    if religious (god believing of whatever stripe) groups want fanciful attire, and great beams of wood for their god(s) and blocks the size of new york … well, that is their choice and in the US, this permissible and you would likely not hear a peep from anyone except where there is fear, danger (overpopulation being one which brings serious environmental concerns), evidence of harmful results … (clergy/staff/teacher/professor/psychiatrist/psychologist/doctor child sexual abuse), intrusion into political governance that affects and offends others (not of these groups) and acts/agenda intending toward favoritism in making a universal belief SYSTEM that shows undeniably the bigotry, racism and discrimination universalist ideas often contain. as we said several times: the constitution is a choke hold.
    Added: we would be remiss if we did not also include the following in our 12th comment in SPIR before moving now into the other work:

    *thought I should share …
    I posted a comment to an article on rns but no go. more censoring? just wondering …

    and … was looking for something else and came across the following:

    uh, and there’s this:

    could it be as we have been saying all along? atheist max and quite a number of others have misinterpreted the Writings … and the Teachings of JESUS?

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