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December 4, 2015


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  1. opheliart permalink

    hmm … not one comment on this? what happened to all those using islam to attack christianity? you know the ones, “obama as god of the civilized world” and how christians are bigoted and hateful, discriminating and … lumping all muslims into one …
    as if they were not lumping all christianity into one, calling all republicans fundamentalist christians with zero sense and no ability toward compassion and understanding … yada-yada

    some, an atheist to be exact, said american muslims are more educated than the christians and would not commit such atrocities. wonder where he was schooled … is this a truth or a lie?

    I do not dislike the muslim; I do not respect what does not respect me, and will never show any form of respect or tolerance for a “prophet” having raped a 9-yr-old … and see no SPIRITUAL or Earthly reason to use him as my source of inspiration and certainly would never use him as my guide to Wisdom, our Sophia. I can’t imagine how any person of intelligence and sense and reason AND a concern for the health and wellbeing of children … or any individual … would bow to such an image of illness. well, prez, I am not on board with your ignorance …

    peace and love,
    a gnostic

    added on Friday Dec 4, 2015

    *the clues are there but the mind refuses to see—refuses to accept the strategy.



    the pakistani female [quoted] is right on. this is not to completely dismiss the imams, but some of these are very much insulated in their views and cannot recognize the REALITIES outside their formulaic beliefs and practices. we won’t go into this again here, but please take note of the willingness on this panel to state a truth, but also to recognize that civility and change is a necessary process for any religion no matter the deeply held beliefs and traditions that claim absolute authority on god or god presence. we would love for people like this to keep moving and even come into the understanding of what is gnosis, but it is not for us to issue any mandates that pressure or force our gifts. this must come through more and more people desiring truth on the matter of Spirit and how this operates—where and how this feeds and …


    this is a more strident voice (for believer), but not one we find unstable or digressing. we have shared in earlier feed that readers said of the essays in SPIR: HARSH, BUT NECESSARY. there comes the time when truth has a formidable tongue and … for the sake of many … speaks in “rogue” … the voice of John, casting out, saying: there is more to come. be of the Word of God in seeing its purpose and … hear its fortitude that you might arise and walk. each has his traditions, but not insulating for the purpose of stagnating within a God bubble, but to align in WORTHINESS …

    Adonai, yes … Aman.


    I am laughing as I read this essay’s-biggest-challenge/from-where-did-muhammadallah-“borrow”-the-stories-in-the-quran/

    “the gnostics made up stories” … the gnostics the gnostics the gnostics … such stealers of “antiquity”? muhammad a gnostic? truth gnostics are concerned with truth not warring to brand and control others. they believe in science and art to epitomize truth but not without Spirit Life. they are in awareness which places them within SPIRIT. spiritual GIFTING is paramount in truth (see parable of the mina). spiritual metaphor is what the Writings are within TEACHING. we don’t doubt that islam’s prophet took and used for his own gain, but so has the rcc and so very many others, creating their dynasties IN the world. the truth gnostic is not creating a dynasty in the world and does not follow man, but GIFT, within THE CHRIST. SPIRITUAL METAPHOR is what grooms the groom for the bride! story after story after story in the OT, the NT (esp) and gnstic texts like the gospels of THOMAS AND PHILIP … JOHN, PAUL, JAMES … but who/what silenced and silences the gnostic? still! come on people there is a way …

    remove the hierarchies demanding you bow to its code … creed and cages


    as a female, and one of gnosis, a believer in Spirit, I ask the citizens of the US and all peoples, what are you promoting … supporting and paying into? does the pope of rome desire that mankind return to the man marrying his young, “virgin” wife and give birth to many babies while he plugs the idea of climate being at a “suicidal” stage? is his office of the continued FEAR-MONGERING of the old skin? fear to get people following HIS NAME, his dialect, his institution and not the WISDOM OF THE MOST HIGH? his degrading of the gnostic recently while calling for his own to be TRUE DEFENDERS OF THE DOCTRINE begs citizens to ask: doctrine? define doctrine? ROMAN CATHOLICISM? from which era? there are red flags flying everywhere this pontiff steps, not to mention a deluge of bodies. what does he bring upon the people? life of something less hallowed …

    and the islamist, what is his purpose? to bring female back to the dark ages while overpopulating the Earth, not to mention the warring factions claiming absolute knowledge and demanding obedience through what? fear tactics? where have we seen that before? history repeating but not exactly the same? evil is on a quest to confuse, manipulate, deceive and destroy … it will even murder its own as it has no use for what is useless in its work. when one “idea” loses effectiveness it moves into another to gain traction. know it creed and its cadavers. how silent you are on the riches of these insights yet how loud you live in the cultishness of your heroes and gods … how many saints and martyrs have you now? that you bow and pray to …? and what if it comes out that these were and are thieves and liars and much like the vocationist child abusers in the rcc and other institutions, that YOU AS A MEMBER Of could never see or hear its evil … had been masterminding a take over since its inception, using every available means possible, including that stiff-necked, archaic, womanizing, partial, seducing, ritualistic dogma … that men call truth. huh, such foolish coffinry …

    there are patterns, folks, why do you not see these? are you encased in a smog?

    • opheliart permalink

      in addition,

      most muslims voted for barak obama. we posted the statistics on this many essays ago. here is another voice:

      but we want to make a point regarding this vote, one where all citizens of the US should become aware …
      ISLAMIC LAW (doctrine) does not permit female seats of governance, so … no female president … much like no female priests or bishops or popes in the roman catholic church, also a political enterprise. where does this leave someone like hilary clinton in a growing field of “protected” muslims in america, and when we say growing we mean GROWING … check out the stats on fastest growing religions in the world (and in the case of islam, there are sects that allow, even encourage, husband having multiple wives, and many of these very young wives/and do ask if they keep them in other countries… and how this plays out during an election). curiously, we do not know how many radicalized or sharia law muslims live in the united states. no one is allowed to ask for fear of being labeled … verbally attacked … by those pushing an idea, a one world religion type manifesto, which leaves the american citizen in a climate of the OT. if obama and co. has a clue on this they are not sharing. the recent terrorist attack in [obama’s, pope jorge’s and the roman catholic church’s st junipero serra] state of california … a state with some of the strictest gun/weapons laws … says WHAT about tighter laws on guns and its ability to prevent these atrocities? we ask what this is really telling us about the democratic process … and where is obama and co, leading this country? what “ideal” is he pushing, including his iran deal where he flat out refused people the opportunity to ask questions, including many of his own party.

      what is obama really playing at? where does this place women for our future, especially young women? and with the fastest growing religions in full swing, where does this leave the climate initiatives? did obama think he could use one to control the other? or to tame archaic and misogynistic belief systems? is he an misogynist in the cloth of a public servant? why the red carpet and large amounts of money spent on the current roman pontiff in the US? why the canonizing of a terrorist on american soil, promotion of another discriminating, misogynistic and patriarchal religion? and where was their saint on wed when that attack occurred? not to be cruel but what did this canonizing serve the people but to place honor on a terrorist, a zealot and his henchmen, operating under the laws of the rcc to overpower a mostly gathering native people and force them to convert … through use of torture, rape even murder. it nearly decimated the native tribe! and this is to be commended? ask what minds find this behavior canonical, CHRISTLIKE or Spiritually Well? who paid into and supported this EFFIGY? not me, I can tell you it was and will never be me. I am no militant, and do not force … but do ask what do BELIEVERS expect … you saint an anarchist, one trying to dismantle a “striving for less violence and less antagonistic climate”, you receive what you believe? what you support and pay into? violence BREEDS violence … when will you learn? and why do you allow the ox and the ass YOKED TOGETHER to plow the fields?

      do ask hilary clinton what she thinks of muslim doctrine forbidding female governance, FORBIDDING HER TO BE PRESIDENT … ask-ask-ask and do not allow bullies to silence you. do not allow patriarchal ignorance and dishonesty and callous intent to squelch your voice.

      part of an answer to the question of women being permitted position of governance (president):

      The evidence from the Qur’aan and Sunnah indicates that it is not permissible for a woman to assume positions of senior public authority, such as the caliph (khaleefah), minister of state (wazeer or vizier) or judge (qaadi) and so on.

      1 – Evidence from the Qur’aan:

      Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

      “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allaah has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend (to support them) from their means”


      on the topic of child abuse
      something to listen to

      • opheliart permalink

        and lastly, alfie once said about the catholics: they do it to themselves … and he is exactly right. they do it to themselves, and when people say things like: where was your god when the terrorists attacked in california … why does your god allow this to happen?

        where does one begin? we have shared several times now that the god of islam is not our god, and it seems very clear that the god of the roman catholic church is not our god. we have no use for terrorists like the islam muhammad and the roman catholic junipero serra … these are not our gods, our SPIRIT CONSCIENCE, our inspirations or our leadership. forced obedience is never of the Spirit Holy—NEVER. dogma written through political desire, bent on controlling the masses and OVERPOWERING THE WORLD TO MAKE ITSELF UNIVERSAL (catholic) GOD is not of the Christ, no matter what the headship of rome dictates, or any other sect claiming itself authority on God.

        I am of gnosis, and the gnostic was banned by the roman catholic church and others of this same mindset, so, dear ones, I AM NOT CATHOLIC AND NEVER WILL BE CATHOLIC. Gnosis is of knowledge and understanding … not dictatorship applying god-like statutes to men wearing silk robes whitewashing a dynasty to cover up a mess of abuse and corruption. the political puppet, jorge, the roped pope did nothing for the EVOLVING OF GOD AND MAN: Prophesy … but it did show where and how the catholic mind believes and receives. no thank you … we do not need your pope pastries and your political neons, but why must you foist it on the gnostic by allowing your pope god to disparage one of gnosis? did you hear him at least twice warn about the gnostic? as we have shared many, many times … I AM NOT OF ANY RELIGION … but I am a gnostic. your pope warns of one like me, but sidles up with the muslim BROTHERHOOD that degrades female? as well as liberty and justice? again, no thanks. you can have your sharia law and your political puppets. we say no, we do not align in these factions that demand obedience and if obama and co think we should respect these caliphate operations he is either seriously deluded or masterminding a …

        now, enough in this … I heard last night ..

        JOHN … remove the cloak of invisibility ;D Spiritual talk for one like me, and so my time spent “listening” and learning in the fields of these men—these policies and portraits—is done. I move back into the writing of BC The Trilogy and The Ophelia Trilogy with refreshed heart mind, and much new to share … AND, I have, while engaging in OWA posts (ophelia wearable art site) the lasts few months been creating new designs for OWA, all now under the SPIRREALISM MOVEMENT … and hope to soon … add them to my etsy site, also ophelia wearable art under opheliart, same as in SPIR. look me up …

        note: with my plate so full with 2 trilogies and all the painting, which I forgot to mention does include those large SPIRREALISM canvases I have shared here and have featured on both sites (fuller display on etsy) … I am looking for an artist with vision to design me a site more fitting for this work, and to manage this, along with a tour for the large SPIRREALISM paintings—negotiating the terms and so forth, as these are not to be fostered in art galleries, hanging on walls for sale under the direction and terms of gallery owners but moving in and through places where people are truly interested in the Art of Spirit .

        thank you, GOD bless

        peace and love


        we will answer this for you …

        the pope operates from catholic mindset which was born of creed: his creed—a roman caliphate dynastic deliverance, so WHO/WHAT is playing at GOD AUTHORITY? do not allow this rhetoric to fool you, folks, because pope does not understand the SPIRIT REALM as his is spiritual immaturity. he has never been where the gnostic, LIKE PAUL, has been … remember, “I knew a man … the third heaven…” rc pope’s world is an insulated lifestyle where he never has to bridge the gap between the worlds of men and the heavens of the Living God. he expects you to fight and bleed for him but he does not do as he demands of you. his art is the art of indifference. when has he ever spent years digging holes to plant flowering trees and shrubs … or to collect rainwater to feed the birds … the wild …

        Paul says to put away the things of a child but look, see! pope wants you bowing to his ignorance. grow, people grow … out of these dead hierarchal streams … they offer nothing but whitewashed penance. he does not want YOU to know more than HIM and his peers. this is fact. he FEARS gnosis … and does not want anyone to realize SPIRIT … the roman catholic church has done what to even its own mystics?! tortured and murdered them … because they DO NOT WANT TO LOSE CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE. wake up, please! gnosis is NOT new age … good grief

        merton ignited the new age … not realizing this, but … it was to allow people to breathe … TO BREATHE! a little, but it comes no where near the revelatory stream of gnostic. forget demiurge and what pope imagines is evil … he is evil to disavow the FEMININE AND MASCULINE OF THE GODHOOD. he is selfish and does not want you to know of the Living Word. he wants you bowing to archaic creed and dead wood. these are decayed vessels. old wineskin. it won’t move you … you can go with it but it will not move you … as you will soon see. look at the abuse and scandal in your own institutions! admit these are bad! stop covering up the abuse with dizzying rhetoric that ends up looking silly. you cannot fight what is coming.

        bishops, priests … pastors, do you wish to be PREPARED, or unprepared?


        we have shared that atheist will lose voice if they are dishonest in their demands to paint all with a very broad brush. at one end they insist democracy is god in the form of law and no religion should interfere and yet what do we see happening:

        there is a militant disrespect for what brought them to where they are. we have shared countless times that religion provides structure but should never exceed love … but where and how can religion, which includes government law, do its job in a fair and just manner if militants remain ignorant on the beginnings? atheists that view themselves as “god” without regard for truth often use “science” as a weapon to silence those not like them, and this is much how the religionists behave that they complain about, using bibles or deity, and yet, they do the very same thing … as if they have not learned anything! or is it that they do it for revenge? in this case, they are in need of “executing” those militant thoughts … to honor thy father and thy mother that the days may be long on the EARTH, but alas, it is too late for the abolitionist …
        it is man’s actions that need studying. the atheist would blame misdeeds and terrorism on religion (those superstitious cults as they view all believers) … ignoring their own cultish behavior … their own carbon footprints … there own lusts for what serves their agendas. have they found answers to the minds of men that destroy? deceive? abuse child? fill the oceans and soils with toxins? how much waste is there in their areas of study?

        fill every plot of land with their property to do as they desire … and for what purpose? are they stemming the terrorism in their own back yard or do they walk by it on their way to the tower?


        yes, american citizens, light your menorahs! I am not of this religious tradition but I do have a small painted menorah that my first born hand-painted in public school (yes, you read that correctly) in her early years … sitting on the mantle of our living room. those of you sharing this for neighbor to see … use it as your welcome mat for the one abused … child in distress … woman beaten by her husband … let them know your door is a door for knocking, and that you are there for listening.

        france … hmm, what can we say … yours will be tedious. there is much ahead … and this will be true of america, too, but with different abuses and misuses. the vocational priests must be on alert now. you must begin to decide where you want to stand and where you desire truth. government cannot protect you and yours … and those not of Spirit, where does this leave you if you have made state your redeemer and your prize? each chooses what he trusts and puts his faith in. we are here to help, but do not force.

        NOTE: and for those … who think judaism in its present form popped out of a bottle in the land of judea … it grew and changed much like christianity

        Hanukkah became more widely celebrated beginning from the 1970s, when Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson called for public awareness and observance of the festival and encouraged the lighting of public menorahs.[2][3][4][5] Diane Ashton attributed the popularization of Hanukkah by some of the American Jewish community as a way to adapt to American life, because they could celebrate Hannukkah which occurs at around the same time as Christmas.[6]


        we are of no illusions on what the roman catholic church is up to in this

        and because of their agenda … many will suffer. know this. we have warned and we have warned but the cults just demand their own way above all! they have no vision apart from their own sluicing. it will be here that the world will finally wake to the REALITY of roma’s art of indifference … and their lazy ass wares. and man is fooled by this ‘act’ of stewardship.

        INVESTIGATE the ordeal and you will see … and that is not all, folks ….


        take this very important article/commentary

        I do not believe for a second that fr bryan is a catholic priest. I sense his posting to be damage control. I have personally know several priests/staff lying for their institution —ABUSIVELY—and would not trust these just because they say what people want to hear. ASK HIM FOR HIS CREDENTIALS—go ahead—ask him. if he is truly an ordained priest he will provide all that you need for his vocational id, and he will allow you visitation of his station and … if he truly cares abut this epidemic in his institution, an epidemic still being covered up by who/what? … go ahead, research this “priest” and you will find the truth on his posting.

        and LASTLY:

        the day the CA shootings took place, I posted on OWA (other site) that there were 3 shooters, and I shared in brief what I was hearing on this incident … the flare-up, anger … some prejudice (look it up) all BEFOR anything substantial had come on the islamic couple, the radicalized agenda, etc … because it was breaking news and I was hearing this for the first time, but also sharing what the news was not

        what I did not post was what I was hearing on the “third party”. even after it was determined who the shooters were that went in and attacked the group at the party, I was wondering on the third “person” … sensing there was still another party involved in this, and I asked where and heard san francisco. no lie, and maybe I should have posted this but … who believes what a gnostic says? the pope of rome warns about one like me, so … anyhow, here it is …

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