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August 4, 2015

Not an essay.






Should the citizens of America ask that its Democracy of Government require all INSTITUTIONS to post a warning and a list of ingredients on all theologies/doctrines?

When Martin Luther tacked up the 95 for the people … was he being antagonistic? Unfair? Hateful? Or was this one step away from childish and insolent ways—one step toward HUMANITY …


Where-o-where are we still ignorant on these steps? Where-o-where are there stumbling blocks? Where-o-where is the darkness that will not permit safety for the people—especially the vulnerable (women and children) trusting a GOVERNMENT to SERVE  as it has sworn to do?

Is that swearing of oaths an errant field of partiality? Why are we still dealing with rome, for one? We thought this was what many fled … so many years ago … Fascism … why is it still within our borders? Have we not grown out of these mandates? Are we still wallowing in the indecencies of favoritism and racism? Oppressive and discriminatory regimes …?

Who/what continues to dwell in these camps? And why does man continue to pander to these? What in hell is he waiting for?

Time to move!

—–just to list a few




I am of gnosis—understood as gnostic—I AM A MINORITY … imagine how we feel watching rome parade its wars?

Peace and Love




  1. opheliart permalink

    Michael Skiendzielewski Aug 3, 2015 at 9:15 pm
    Do the US Bishops get it? Mark, the answer is quite obvious to any reasonable, mature adult, regardless of religious affiliation, who has been following this trail of deceit, hubris, duplicity, denial, arrogance and fecklessness by the leadership in the USA RCC ever since the abuse scandal hit the national headlines in 2002.

    They REFUSE “to get it”. They could do so, are able to do so, but individually and collectively have REFUSED to face and admit to the horrific, life-destroying and criminal conduct of certain clergy as well as certain members of their leadership.

    Any questions, Mark? Gotta run, and put on those “rose-colored” glasses, don’t you know. The Pope is coming to this wonderful City of Brotherly Love and Chaput is all aglow. It is the World Meeting of Families, too. Please don’t be distracted by the firing of a long-term religion educator at a Catholic school near Philadelphia because of her lesbian marriage. Chaput said he had nothing to do with…

    – See more at:

    • opheliart permalink

      Mark, do not be so naive! THE BISHOPS and not just in America is a FASCIST INSTITUTION—THEIR OWN POLITICAL REGIME and in the United States they have FREEDOM OF RELIGION … FREEDOM TO ABUSE AND COVER UP THE CRIMES

      OUR DEMOCRACY PERMITS THIS—ALLOWS THIS—FEEDS AND FUELS THIS ABUSE!!! And the Bishops for ages and ages know this! The children are not a PRIORITY—not a real presence!
      THE LAITY ARE PROPERTY, therefore the children are nothing more than tools to satisfy their agendas … no matter how diseased!

      • opheliart permalink


        wesolowski received the harshest penalty: defrocking, meaning … REDUCED to a position of a layperson.

        GOOD GOD! Do you hear this? Who in hell do they think they are? We could tell you WHAT they are, but you and those like you could not understand it. You live in your own sentencing … a world of make believe.

  2. opheliart permalink

    “The people used to say, ‘I want my child to go to a Catholic church,’ ” said the Rev. Rogelio Cruz, a Catholic priest here. “Now they say, ‘No child of mine is ever going to a Catholic church.’ ”

  3. opheliart permalink

    Now, the truth?

    “pope” Fran has no power or control in the RCC … that’s an honest fact.he is playing a part … to try to lure in the slackers and the backers … but he cannot make any significant change. he is not what is in charge—the INSTITUTION is too big, and is run by miscreants.

    • opheliart permalink

      the bishops will do what is best for them—their agenda … coming in through rome

      • opheliart permalink

        ha! just look at all the power the UNITED STATES gave to these men—LOOK! look at what they constitute and devise … in their political prowess …

        they know their ship is showing its age …. and the rot is everywhere … so, they play at being the new—like dolan of NY … how many politicians has he in his pocket? the scam-bucket will get his due—pretending at honesty and fairness …

        he is sham … what will come out on him will scare the dickens out of the orthodox priests … oh yes … oh yes …

        politicians, your time is up … YOU ARE GOING DOWN! and your party favors with you!

  4. opheliart permalink

    Give the shepherd one shot … just one wee stone from that freshwater stream and whack—right in the middle of that big, fat gluttonous forehead and down it goes … 😉

  5. opheliart permalink

    that table gets turned and all will begin to see the underbelly of the great white ___

    you are familiar with that part of Scripture—aren’t you?

  6. opheliart permalink

    why so few in this—-struggling here?

    why is this such a laborious and painstaking process? why isn’t every single catholic still sitting in those pews … and those having spent most of their lives sitting in those pews … helping in this struggle to clean house?
    you realize the dangers of these men guilty of crimes are not just abusing and raping children in catholic churches—YOU REALIZE THIS DON’T YOU, CATHOLICS? CHURCH-GOERS—RELIGIONISTS? THESE ARE YOUR CLERGY—YOUR STAFF—YOUR HIERARCHY.



    The Roman Catholic Church in the Dominican Republic comprises two ecclesiastical provinces, each headed by an archbishop. Each province is subdivided into an archdiocese and dioceses (nine in total), each headed by a bishop or an archbishop.

    Are these men doing anything about these crimes?

    Whose kids are these?

    Take care, pew sitters … that you do not lose your own

    • opheliart permalink

      do not think for one minute that because you claim to be the church you are in any way protected

      • opheliart permalink

        WE are astounded at the lethargy … and the lack of love!

  7. opheliart permalink

    gee, we wonder … will they get off their asses and go to these places to help those who cannot or will not feed these children? they claim to be the largest charitable organization—pat themselves on the back repeatedly … but what they don’t tell you is WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

    missionaries? or running a frigging porn operation? their diseased cardinals, bishops, archbishops, priests pretending to be holy men … drugging the youth—paying the hungry to get their sex fix … their own vatican elites … while they go to their handy-dandy pews and open their mouth, receiving that magic wafer like they deserve this?

    so terribly sad …

    • opheliart permalink

      as we said before … several times … this is just the beginning

      • opheliart permalink

        here is another lie they teach you

        Dominic August 4, 2015 at 8:58 pm
        Being a nun is one of the highest calling a woman can be offered. It is a life of sacrifice for the love of God. Nuns are responsible for an endless list of human endeavors that men should envy. Schools, orphanages, hospitals, shelters, teachers, nurses, etc., etc. They sacrifice marriage, children, and all the amenities of luxury to be prepared to serve God without distraction.

        GOD SHOWS NO PARTIALITY. they, of course, made up their own gods to suit their agendas … but let’s ask sister Gerry of the BENEDICTINE ORDER … Where were your sisters when your staff wesolowski used those boys for his own desires? these boys are hungry … where are you?

        and what of this, sister …

        you can’t fool us, Gerry … you are a liar

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