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the ‘doe’ of deer island …

August 1, 2015


One does not live on an island …


you see?




It is speculated that the girl could have been murdered by a member of her family, if she was a homicide victim, which has yet to be confirmed.[26][21] A criminologist stated that it did not seem likely that she would have been “murdered by a stranger,” according to statistics of cases similar to the Jane Doe’s.[6] The fact that she had been disposed of along with personal items reinforced such theory.[2] Investigators also fear for other children that may have been in the care of the individuals that disposed of the body, as they could potentially be in danger.[21] Officials during the press conference covering the case urged viewers to be aware of children that may have disappeared or gone uncounted for in the days leading up to the celebration of Independence Day.[26][42][43]

Despite the popularity of the case and the amount of information that has been submitted, no tips have since resulted in discovering the identity of the Jane Doe or those responsible for dumping her body.[18][16] Although many leads have been followed and about twenty were considered to be “credible,” most possible matches have been found alive and safe.[21][41][32] Police are currently focused on investigating in the local community, yet they do believe it could be possible that the girl was not from the area and are continuing to search through various cases of missing children.[18][21][40]




Peace and Love

  1. opheliart permalink

    this will come out … and when it does …

    the lid will blow

    • opheliart permalink

      do not think for a moment that this did not have to do with child pornography

      child porn —ARE YOU LISTENING ROMAN CATHOLICS!!! (josef wesolowski and hundreds of …)—is the big hot trend … a despicable disease … a sickness needing IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!


      you dig?

  2. opheliart permalink

    and RELIGIOUS/POLITICAL … serial malady … you will be dead in the water faster than you can say, “peaches and cream” … if you think you are going to get away with this … the child pornography …

    what? did people get bored with the adult porn? or did those in the business-interested in the $$ get a leg up on this indecent industry? things got easier … porn everywhere—even fashion is exploiting child models to make them look ripe for …

    seriously ill people … very sick people … that you likely know and trust—do business with … everyday … leading their secret sick double lives

    those feeding on it are seriously unwell … those fueling advertising and feeding the market are slick … sick and without CONSCIENCE

    breed them to deed them … to a life of abuse and 😦

    • opheliart permalink

      there are people who can “”see” and “hear” in these criminal acts … they have “the GIFTS” …

      but who/what keeps these gifts from fruition?

      it makes me weep …

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