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I beg to differ …

July 30, 2015

Not an essay.


Brady acknowledged that prosecutors have tried to explain the “random and senseless crime” by describing a theory that Holmes methodically pursued a mission to kill.

“But the mere senselessness of it shows that it was psychotic. There was no political statement or religious statement or statement of any kind about what happened in that theater,” she said. “He didn’t send anything to the New York Times or The Denver Post. He sent his notebook to his psychiatrist. It had nothing to do with notoriety.”

District Attorney George Brauchler countered that Holmes wanted to increase his value by killing others, and it was because of that belief that he qualifies as schizophrenic.

“Is mental illness going to be a shield here to protect someone who had the capacity to make decisions?” the prosecutor asked. “Nobody in their right mind could plan the massacre of a theater full of human beings. We should take comfort in that. But not having the right mind does not protect you from the ramifications of your decisions.”

A woman interrupted the prosecutor, screaming “he’s wrong!” and “don’t kill him!” as she was pulled from the courtroom. Brauchler smoothly returned to his argument once the courtroom door closed, and the judge later told jurors to disregard the outburst.





After the jury left to deliberate, the judge described her as a homeless woman who had behaved herself until then. Prosecutors asked her to be held in contempt, while the defense said it would be more humane to hospitalize her as mentally ill. The judge said he would decide the matter later and wasn’t concerned that jurors were influenced by the episode.




and the FRANCISCANS  say … ?

what was that?  we can’t hear you … 







Peace and Love



  1. opheliart permalink

    his mental illness was in his DNA at birth?

    what kind of promotion is this? and WHERE is there PROOF of this, lady?

    so now mental illness is a pro-genetic disorder … huh …

    • opheliart permalink

      nothing like trying to find ways to avoid doing the real work—the ethical …

      so now everything ‘bad’ … every madness—indecency—horror—choice on mass murder and torture … drug use … serial rape … will be because it was in his DNA from birth … ?

      no … don’t think so

      • opheliart permalink

        the HEALTH PROFESSIONALS and … need to start looking at ALL the factors … from daddy’s drug and feeding habits to mom’s chemical use (from hair products to what’s injected into the food she ate) … FORMULA/BREAST FEEDING through the early years of books, tv shows, movies … exposure to older children and adults (any abuse-sexual abuse-inappropriate material/language) … coaches … teachers … professors … CURRICULUM (stress and feeding habits during all of this—including the ‘drugs’ that keep students up and studying) … psychiatrists/psychologists and specialists for allergies and … even dentists … INHALERS, ALLERGY MEDS, EYE DROPS … medications … vitamins …

        do your research! and be thorough…

        now, given the statement written by james holmes … THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT MANKIND THAT HAD HIM ANXIOUS … unhappy to the point of extreme thought …

        you can’t just pass this off as a flick of a switch … there was an accumulation of something within this young man that escalated into him verses mankind ..

        where have we seen THAT diatribe? it’s in the news daily—the horrors

        the imbalance is often from a lack of balance … feeding too heavily on the same … heck, just look at the rcc and those like it …. what drove these to mass torture and murder? fear, for one … but also a heavy feeding in what?

    • opheliart permalink

      2 points
      there is confusion on these attacks … I sense mismanagement ad agenda …

      second, having to do with atlantis …
      ophelia trilogy 😉

  2. opheliart permalink

    well, that’s a start … dylann is ‘aware’ that he committed the crimes stated

    • opheliart permalink

      not all the statistics were out previously? only now we get more of the facts? how many women and children do you think are unaccounted for?

      look at jane doe on DEER ISLAND? the authorities can’t find her parents—her life story?

      this is what we have been talking about … ALL CHILDREN COMING IN TO QUALIFIED DOCTORS EVERY 6 MONTHS … A CHECK IN CLINIC—-an exam—questions asked about all members within the household … the exchange video recorded—a follow-up is done to see if the parents-guardians-caregivers are telling the truth …


      so, it appears to us that her ‘parents’ left her to die

      • opheliart permalink


        if you are acting legally … there’s is no need for secrecy …


  3. opheliart permalink

    Greg1 July 31, 2015 at 7:32 pm
    Hell is strictly spiritual. Once the soul is separated from the body, it is like a magnet that is obsessively drawn to God, and if that soul is eternally cast from His Presence, then it remains in sheer agony. And of course the Devil, and his demons torture those in hell as well.

    We told this commenter on rns that he is a sadist …

    such insolence and deception …

    he knows not the Christ Way … he lives for his roman catholic gods …

  4. opheliart permalink

    Greg1 August 1, 2015 at 1:21 pm
    Martin Luther pointed out some real issues at the time. Where he went wrong, was separating himself from the One True Church, and starting his own. His mission was noble up to that point. BTW: the only thing protected by God Almighty, is the Church’s official moral Teachings, not its human practices. Those are not protected, as every living person has the free will to succumb to the Devil, or resist him. Those choices are for each person to make. For example, the pope also goes to confession to be loosed from his sins.

    um, yo … greggy … there is no such thing as a one, true church called rome, or even roman catholicism … y’all claimed you are RESPONSIBLE FOR ‘the bible’ … and we don’t see anything about roman catholicism in it … right? now, there are mistranslations in your bibles … oh yes … what are you going to do about these? y’all went and taught ‘the offspring’—what you call protestants (your heretics) errant doctrine … and when they argued with you over it … you went after them with what? torture and murder! and you claim this proper behavior? right behavior? GODLY behavior? no … you have been misled by your own devils … THE CHRIST IS NOT AN INSTITUTION and certainly not one like your death trap religion claiming to be God’s mouthpiece … and infallible … creepy creepy … sadistic portrait …

    • opheliart permalink

      seriously, what did you expect luther would do? he disagreed—rightfully so—and what did rome do? we think you seriously deluded … living in a bubble …

      even luther didn’t have the full truth … but it had to be done—the stepping out … did it ever!

      • opheliart permalink

        ah, the rcc is decayed and dangerous and needs those rotting planks removed before it does anymore damage

  5. opheliart permalink

    and zimbabwe governance is what to its people? mugabe is a human right’s advocate just full of love for life and liberty and the fruit of the Spirit?

    maybe he is foe of American and Americans and has perpetrated this whole incident? as a roman catholic patriarch he just loves the idea of change … hmm … 😦

    do not be daft on this …

    guides just HAPPEN to help the hunters … lure cecil the favored lion to his death .. come on peeps … mugabe and his henchmen are behind this and you might now ask if THE ROMAN CATHOLIC HIERARCHY IS, TOO … you know they want their political puppet as savior and they NEED the numbers for the clout and the $$ … so, kids, put it altogether!

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