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Health Care … where?

July 30, 2015


“Despite my biological shortcomings, I have fought and fought,” he scrawled. “There is one more battle to fight with life. To face death, embrace the longstanding hatred of mankind and overcome all fear in certain death.”


Not an essay.




It does not always need to come in the form of a pill or a professional


maybe … a very large canvas …






a notepad and pencil … and a supreme desire to gain knowledge and understanding in areas not touched by man …

that’s right … not touched by man




a road not traveled …


a bridge not crossed.




LOVE … then Peace, and Love.






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  1. opheliart permalink

    gee, what will the archdiocese do now that the country is actually beginning to ask questions … gee, where are all those women and GIRLS who disappeared?

    sex trafficking?

    for as long as the roman catholic men have controlled these provinces, with rome claiming itself God’s mouthpiece—authority on God—INFALLIBLE and … you would think it would have addressed this concern a loooong time ago!

    but what is happening is the world is yawning and beginning to wake as more and more people are ASKING QUESTIONS … and are NOT pleased with the rights and welfare of its citizens, but still … who/what is in charge …. dragging-dragging-dragging its feet on these matters?

  2. opheliart permalink

    we posted on this before …

    the bishops (henchmen for the rcc) believe the kenyans are their PROPERTY …

    can you see now why and how they behave in this manner?

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