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something smells a lot like dead fish …

July 26, 2015



Not an essay.



and … what they don’t tell you about their popular princes …




Remember the Roman Catholic pontiff—SAINT OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH—John Paul the 2nd … and his ability to choose the “right” men for the job?




Peace and Love








  1. opheliart permalink


    • opheliart permalink

      seriously, how can anyone be so incredibly OFF in his choices, unless he, too, is GUILTY?

      think about a public or private school—a sports team—a dance studio—special olympics—any group where there are youth … and the PRESIDENT, COACH, MANAGER OR TOP PERSON IN CHARGE OF CHOOSING PEOPLE INSULATED IN THE SYSTEM WHERE IT IS HARD TO SEE THE ACTIONS OF THESE … BUT THESE STILL HAVE ACCESS TO CHILDREN (somehow) … DO WHAT THESE MEN HAVE DONE …

      and this tells you what? it likely started many years before when these men were priests—seminarians—maybe even altar boys? wow … and wow … and if you do your research, it goes back centuries 😦 😦 😦

      • opheliart permalink

        the deception in what the vatican and their cohorts are up to is indecent, and when it comes out what’s really going on … damn, there will be glass, bricks, rocks flying …


        and POLITICIANS PAYING INTO THESE CRIMES—-YOU WILL BE DRAGGED FROM YOUR ROOSTS AND RIDICULED BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS! you ignorant bastard … you are without sense and reason and live for your indecent piggy cults and show no RESPECT for LIFE LOVE TRUTH OR HUMANITY

        the question: DO YOU EVEN DESERVE CHILDREN?

  2. opheliart permalink

    just a few words

    I know of people plain weary of the “hero” worship of the military … some of these are intelligent men making big bucks, and they are not caught up in the military mindset—are not ingratiated within this. they want to move on from this—terribly … the whole idea of WAR is offensive to them … and I know youth feeling similarly. these do not speak out as they need to because of what society would do to them …

  3. opheliart permalink

    lots of fetishes in the news … and people suck on these as if it will somehow provide what is needed to change the horrors in the world …
    sadly, no … these are self-destructive modes of articulation … an image obsession … sadly.
    these solve nothing … and interfere with those things more important

    it will not end well—these obsessions.

    are people so far from the poetry of truth —the GIFTS of these that they roll around in the dirt singing their own praises … worshipping gods of deceit? if one is so focused on his image—so intent on himself being the talk of the town … where do the children play?

    • opheliart permalink

      I recall the weight topic coming into the news and everywhere you looked there were celebs fixated on weight … losing-gaining and the world was glued to these secrets and oh my! to have gained a few pounds! or … look at that significant loss of weight! … and still, we see this … but what the world refused to see was how many 9 and 10 years olds had begun to obsess about their weight … when a bike ride or a game of soccer or basketball or skipping rope or playing tag or coming up with a new and wonderful game … would have relieved those concerns …

      mankind loves his image—or he hates it … he is just a child! and children are dying everywhere … and must we watch a child in high heels and bold lipstick talk about himself?

      no … there is no RELIGIOUSLY-POLITICALLY-SOCIETALLY CORRECT in obsessions of this kind
      not for us

      • opheliart permalink

        if one is a service dog—a seeing eye dog for those blind … does he care that he is male or female? does he care about his image?

        he cares about his worth in LIGHT … seeing what needs to be seen and hearing what needs to be heard … and he takes what has been given him and he does not abuse it but seeks to move the mind of man away from these tears and into AWARENESS—awareness which is not fixated on self——————HE HAS A JOB TO DO AND IT INVOLVES THE PROTECTION OF MANY

        do not allow yourself to be deceived by those evangelizing their own titles, labels, and images … for this, my dear ones, is idolatry.

  4. opheliart permalink

    I remember a day in elementary school … I was in the girl’s lavatory and a girl I did not know came in and said to me, “you are the girl that wears boys’ clothes!” I was surprised, but I nodded. what could I do? I had on my brother’s shirt and pants. I liked their hand-me-downs. these were comfortable and since I was a bit of a “tomboy” … out on the playground … it made sense … and, I especially liked that we were finally allowed to wear pants to school!

    I pondered the words of this girl … “my friends never said anything to me about wearing boys’ clothes … I don’t wear them everyday … sometimes I wear a dress … ” I came to a conclusion on this (I was only age 11, I think) … the girl who said this to me was black, and we did not have many blacks in our small school … so, I thought maybe black girls did not wear boys clothes 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      I still wear a few items made for men … these are roomie—with deep pockets … and no one cares, least of all me

      • opheliart permalink

        and people may say, but it’s not about fashion! you don’t understand! oh? really? it’s not about fashion—image?
        yes, there are concerns that go deeper than this, but who/what teaches the idea of the image of male or female and how these should be? and fashion can change drastically … what if it became the trend for female to dress in male clothes with less frills … and less make-up … less chemicals … just less … what if the female began looking much like male but without drugs and surgery? would we care? not at all. what if their bodies became less buxom and toned differently … what if lifestyle changed and the female was remade?

  5. opheliart permalink

    99% of the world? oh, come now pres! what sheer exaggeration! do you always lie under oath?


    shame on you pres … shame

  6. opheliart permalink

    we have noticed that the president of the united states of america has not said much about human trafficking … child sex abuse … or the abuse and misuse of women …

  7. opheliart permalink

    One of Aquino’s expected major legacies, a peace deal with the largest Muslim rebel group in the country, stalled early this year when some of the rebels from the 11,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front got entangled in a clash that killed 44 anti-terrorism police commandos in southern Mamasapano town.

    The commandos managed to kill a top Malaysian terror suspect long wanted by the United States whose real name is Zulkifli bin Hir, a successful assault Aquino cited in his address.

    The brutal police deaths, however, sparked public outrage and prompted lawmakers to delay passage of a bill crafted to establish a more powerful and potentially larger autonomous region for minority Muslims in the south of the predominantly Roman Catholic nation. The Moro rebels dropped their separatist bid in exchange for broader autonomy.


    roman catholicism and islam are brothers … pope fran and his delegates have already established this as fact … so, they will work together to establish ‘their’ democracy—yes? roman caliphate style?

    • opheliart permalink

      mankind will never move—never grow—with this theology of religion in place … who/what demands what these religious doctrines demand?

  8. opheliart permalink

    we think silk is still drunk on his vino … white evangelical vote? this sounds like something from the mccarthy era …

    … time to grow UP … (seen the movie yet?)

    if these can’t give us any more than a “white evangelical” voice … then maybe …

    the youth are saying: what the f***?
    seriously, but certainly not all say it like that, but the point is … time to fly

    • opheliart permalink

      the point:


      *we shared on this a long while ago … but

      • opheliart permalink

        maybe I need to change my photo … I look too white in it … 😉

        who made me white? I have never been “white” in my life—never could understand these “versions” of man …

        *as for my tomboy story (using “black”) … michelle said: black girls rule (or something like this) … and blacks use black repeatedly …

        National Association of Black Journalists … and …

        we were just trying to explain

        you know …

      • opheliart permalink

        geez, maybe we ARE better off with robots … blue, purple, green …

    • opheliart permalink

      and this coming from a man who has chosen the roman pontiff of the roman catholic church as his political and spiritual voice …
      any HONEST transparency happening in that political puppetry? or is silk commandeered by those calculating their theology (doctrine) in a way that serves THEM best … silk has shown no interest in the REAL problems … many of which stem from the rcc and its valedictorians (their arian race) like jp2 and others …

      the color is in the eye of the beholder? seems silk’s hypocrisy is misdirected … he has placed the pope in place of WHAT IS GOD … it’s easy street for him thataway …

      • opheliart permalink

        but as we warned before …

        the vatican cannot be seen as in error … so, with their image not where they feel they need it to be for this upcoming trip to the US (and overall worldly view) … they need something BIG to show credential or credibility … the poor pope is not convincing enough with the likes of vatican style, which includes Card. pell and his delegato … (a rigging for the bigging 😉 … the whole charade of him and that encyclical—lol—not working … we saw what they were up to … which leaves the what looking like extra weight—not working? the media (journalists-paid pipers … you the system …)?

        so, dear ones … who/what gets tossed overboard? and made to look ‘dishonest’ … ?

  9. opheliart permalink

    sewell, hastert … it will be coming out … and where will YOU be in all of these scandals/crimes?

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