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Caught at the altar of denial …

July 23, 2015

Not an essay.



“It’s alarming that a credibly accused child molester headed a children’s home, especially one for already victimized youngsters,” Clohessy said.


Murasso, who is a professor of logotherapy, received an award from the Graduate Theological Foundation for “outstanding contributions to the fields and interfaces of psychology and religion” from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in 2013, according to the foundation’s Facebook page.

In a video on the GTF website, Murasso defines logotherapy as “giving meaning to that moment … that spark of joy as one remembers one’s past and relives it, even for a moment.” According to a parish bulletin, he is dean of the Waterbury Deanery of the archdiocese and a school and pastoral psychologist.



Let’s see …

1. a religious pastor

2. a professor of logotherapy, having received an award for contributions to PSYCHOLOGY AND RELIGION

3. headed a home for victimized youngsters


quite the rap sheet …




Rather than power or pleasure, logotherapy is founded upon the belief that it is the striving to find a meaning in one’s life that is the primary, most powerful motivating and driving force in humans.[4] A short introduction to this system is given in Frankl’s most famous book, Man’s Search for Meaning, in which he outlines how his theories helped him to survive his Holocaust experience and how that experience further developed and reinforced his theories.

so … where did Murasso go wrong? Did his mission in “therapy” lack the ESSENCE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST …

And he called unto him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits;

After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.


What is in man that he should desire youth? What is lacking that man missteps, sometimes terribly? 

Man delving into therapies without the proper steerage can be very dangerous. Who was within the places of this pastor that could have prevented these crimes? Negligent people acting carelessly? Trusting a religionist—a man of academia to be of a healthy mind? What do credentials mean these days? What do titles teach about a person’s health and well being? Anything? Look at Dennis Hastert … Marcial Maciel Degollado … Bernard Law … … and so many others …

Man pushes education like its the savior from the ills of mankind, but man’s theologies and therapies are just as drug-inducing as anything else—yes? Where is there balance? Is there anyone in place to ‘chastise’ priest and pastor … pope and professor and——-to say, hold it … you are beginning to dip professionally unclean. You are steering dangerously close to something illicit. Bishops are busy in the placating of … ? Popes are put on the pedestals of … ? Professors are initiated into the primers of … ? Pastors and priests are princes for … ?


Who can you trust with your child? Can you trust what society teaches you to trust? What religion has taught you to trust? What politicians promise? Even parents—can these be trusted for what is best for child? If those of Religion, including the fields of EDUCATION, claiming some form of credential or credibility … cannot shepherd their own … where will mankind find himself?




Peace and Love


  1. opheliart permalink–spt.html

    of course, and what of the UNITED STATES? where WOMAN is still denied positions in religious-political professions/vocations? our politicians cater to RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS that DENY FEMALE her rights … they play PARTY FAVORITES WITH POPES AND PASTORS WHO ARE NOT ONLY DISCRIMINATORY, but also in DENIAL OF THOSE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY:

    Catholic hospitals —deaths of women?
    Clergy/staff child sex abuse in the RCC and other institutions where the victimizers and their criminal cohorts are protected
    and there is a host of other concerns in the good, old US of A

  2. opheliart permalink

    Larry July 23, 2015 at 8:18 am
    So Republicans want to capitalize on lies to grandstand. From day one it was already clear the body parts sale allegations were phony.

    So now they will try to defund the largest provider of women’s health care for poor and working classes. Efforts to do so in Texas have been disastrous. One of the highest unplanned pregnancy rates in the nation and a dearth of clinics offering the full range of women’s healthcare. A huge cost to taxpayers on the back of miserable conditions.

    Larry, my dear atheist … can we suggest to you that it might be that you need to come at this from another angle … and planned parenthood, too … and if these truly desire the health and well being of women … it will not offend

    • opheliart permalink

      and if it is justifiable … and these castigating planned parenthood continue to fight … the rightness and wrongness are more easily discernible … and honestly and dishonestly become known.

      • opheliart permalink

        also, you must be willing to accept and not deny where organizations begin steering poorly. it is often the case that where given an inch these demand the mile … but recall the tale of the tortoise and the hare

      • opheliart permalink

        what is not being shown in all of this is that if we are to generate a sensitivity and sincere desire for the care of the living—ANY LIFE—whether a growing fetus, or the great need to care for the earth and seas and what lives and grows there, which has everything to do with our own feeding … we need to respect life. this is not a difficult place of understanding. if society is care-less in its actions … how will it improve, mature and grow? we need to instill an understanding of carefulness and purpose …

        if man impregnates woman … he, too, needs to be RESPONSIBLE for child if mother wishes to keep child, but our society is of a mindset-still-that man is free from this responsibility, but hey … this is where he lives in darkness … because it will catch up with him … and with no purgatory there is no what? you may not get a second chance at doing the right, just and honest thing … HERE ON EARTH IN THE LIFE YOU LIVE

        you start life then abandon it? and if those demanding that abortion be done away with cannot in good sense and human faith realize the inner problems that plague the situations … and we see the mindset of some—ALLOWING MOTHER TO DIE IN HOSPITALS BY REFUSING A LIFE SAVING ABORTION—so, in this we see the struggle for man to grow up—EVOLVE—realize his SYSTEM OF BELIEF IS INSUFFICIENT FOR IMPROVING and therefore fails in addressing those inner problems where abortions are a convenience

        and don’t expect a purification process once you die in this life you live … for it has NO PURPOSE after your death … for what GOOD are you? what good are you to God? (but if you don’t care about Spirit—if you are a nonbeliever — what does it matter—right?)

        Spirit is filtered through HUMAN HANDS … the question: are you Human?

  3. opheliart permalink

    man has not been able to solve a single core problem in all the years he has walked the earth

    why? mindset

    hearing …

    Jesus said we would always have the poor.

  4. opheliart permalink

    talk about caught at the altar of denial …

    Dominic July 23, 2015 at 8:45 am
    I don’t recall Protestant history being nonviolent. Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Witch trials, the 30 years war, etc. Try to understand history in the time it was being made. Remember, Protestants owe their theology to the Catholics, they simply removed the parts that they could not remain faithful to. Catholicism still thrives, one, true, and Apostolic under the protection of God.


    Catholicism is NOT under any protection, other than the hierarchy protecting its own … but not for long … these will be brought out for questioning and sentencing … but understand something from dominic’s post …

    ROMAN CHURCH MINDSET-THEOLOGY TAUGHT ITS OFFSPRING, THE PROTESTANT, THOSE VIOLENT MEANS as this was used prior to the breakaway, and after the breakaway … so, dominic just charged himself and his own institution with these CRIMES …
    ROME TAUGHT ITS MEMBERS TO USE MURDER, TORTURE, CRUSADING AND THE INQUISITION … not Jesus … not THE CHRIST. This is one very sound reason the world will know them by their fruits—yes?

    and dominic, is in denial of not only this, but the fact that his roman church initiated violent means to take control and to manipulate the masses … fear mongering—guilt … and the like …

    so, hey bud, you just stuck that nasty old red letter “A” for adultery on your papal curia and its members—and yourself and your brethren … so, go back to bed if you refuse to grow up!

    • opheliart permalink

      think about it, folks … a mind that DENIED THE TRUTH ABOUT ITS INCEPTION (all that bloodlust and power-mongering—force and manipulation and creating its own THEOLOGY on WHAT IS GOD by making itself complete authority and demanding all bow to it) … is a mind not only not worthy for the LIGHT, but not altogether stable.

      and this is what you worship? this is nonsensical to us … it’s indecent.

      • opheliart permalink

        we grow weary of this nonsense …

  5. opheliart permalink

    was reading an article on the movie about amy winehouse …
    the more we read from those of judaism … the more we see a confusion about who/what they are
    … and we are not at all surprised

    with the exception of what people call the ultra and the orthodox, which we find to be a cult—extreme in intent … judaism is a community of people, having moved significantly out of their religious practices, but still struggling—particularly the youth—about what being jewish really means. we don’t view the jew of scripture as judaism … in time—soon we hope—when people realize the truth about the tribes, and what is meant by jew … as man’s history is a bit shaky on the Spiritual Language of the Writings, and how man TOOK AND USED THESE FOR HIS OWN PURPOSES … these will begin to understand the history … and what happened …
    that those of judaism move out of religion but maintain a sense of faith and belief in supreme being is just fine … actually a better position for what comes …
    as for family time … each has traditions … and even these change as people grow

  6. opheliart permalink

    this is somewhat amusing …
    not amusing for people fleeing drugs, disease, persecution, rape, molestation, discrimination, enslavement and crime … of course not … but trump’s performance is somewhat amusing … and he does employ latinos … lots of latinos, as he has a lot of businesses needing workers … and as a woman, I can say this without feeling that I might be offending latinos … FEMALES have been targeted since birth and hey, we are still desiring equal measure 😉 … and desiring that we not be stereotyped or thought of as somehow lesser. right, ROMAN CATHOLIC LATINOS? what you may be fleeing has a lot to do with the mindset of those in control that make life miserable, nearly unbearable …. yes? so, while you are leaving your country and asking for citizenship in the US … try not to bring that miserable inequality or persecution or crime or diseased mindset with you—okay? as there are many women with children—DAUGHTERS—desiring that we not add to an already nasty problem we have going here in the US …

    the grass may look greener, but it still needs mowing …

    • opheliart permalink

      from our vantage point …

      what have you been paying into and supporting in your native homeland? if by force, we understand how this is … but you do have choice—you absoulutely have a choice … and your choice does concern those desiring movement

  7. opheliart permalink

    nice job … now for some more movies like the titanic and we saw your acting skills so powerfully in THE BASKETBALL DIARIES …

  8. opheliart permalink

    on the topic of abortions …

    man takes great care of his artifacts … and so little care for the children … look at the great halls and homes filled with art, books, artifacts … religious and … and look some of the children? how can man sleep at night?

    what good is all that stuff if the future of man is plagued with …

    • opheliart permalink

      we speak here not just of the hot topic … but the way man aborts his own because he is serving in what? abortion is not just an understanding of fetus or growing child in the womb … to us, aborting has far greater understanding … as we watch it play out in the lives of millions and millions and …

      man aborts what he has started … sometimes, it gets stopped, and there is reason for this … but too often he abandons … wastes .. refuses responsibility for his actions …

      some societies make it easy for man to abandon and abort

      • opheliart permalink

        it all goes back to the TEACHING … that developing mindset

        When I was young, a friend (RC) came to me and asked if she should get an abortion or have the child. she and her boyfriend had gotten pregnant (please note the way we worded this: SHE AND HER BOYFRIEND HAD GOTTEN PREGNANT) … I told her that I could not speak on whether or not they should marry … but I had strong feelings that she might regret having an abortion some time down the road. she had a supportive family … and friends … they married, had the child and a few months ago, she RECEIVED her first grandchild—both she and her husband are so happy in this life experience… and I was thrilled to see this new entry into their lives, a beautiful wee granddaughter … and it comes at a time when parents have recently died and are dying. you see how things CAN be … with patience, perseverance and acting responsibly and with care? sure not all lives are like this, but I am certain there were times where my friend thought “what am I doing”—esp in the tough, early years … but we all have these times … throughout … THIS IS PART OF WHAT HELPS US GROW AND MATURE … and in some cases—EVOLVE.
        and for those in situations oppressive … RELIGIONISTS, where is your heart?

        note: re: protection in the catholic church ….. my friend and most of her family left roman catholicism not long after graduating high school … as did most of my roman catholic friends. I never sat them down and asked them why-exactly-they left, but my sense is they never saw the need to remain in the institution.

  9. opheliart permalink

    for those interested:

    seriously, it’s not that we oppose the big party politics — just where there is dishonesty and or refusal to allow the PUBLIC VOICE … or in this case—vote.

    which brings to mind the situation on the iran deal … obama refusing to answer questions

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