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July 13, 2015




we’ve been seeing a lot of hocus pocus liberation theology locusts parading with no honey, honey


so, let’s just get this out of the way——shall we?




Liberation theology is “marxist fascism”, so there …

What in GOD’S NAME do these people read when they read the Writings?

No, folks, liberation theology is a theology designed by those in a SYSTEM OF BELIEF to remain in power by using the poor

to build its template—and relegate power to the bishops and away from the big head papal image of mr pope god …
We shared this a long time ago in SPIR … their plan of doing away with the papal office … because this looks too capitalistic —yes? too big-headed and pompous … and me-god-ish … and the vaticants know this is a dead end … as their old cronies die and the scandals come out … and people move away from this loud, old baggage image of a lackluster, bullying … whatever …

Do you see it yet? come on, folks … do not be reigned in by the way people use the Writings … they are week-kneed and clouded … a puff of Wind could knock them on off.


Oh, baby … don’t be ignorant on this!



Rondanini Pieta by Michelangelo


Do you really want the power given to the BISHOPS in the cities and towns of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as poppy fran reveals his true rainbow called “united under the gospels” south american style … through mindset called rome? really? seriously? their ‘new’ patch added to the old skin … that sends women back to their good old daze? WE shudder at the thought 😉


Michelangelo Pieta


Atheists-non believers! where are you in all this? surely you see the writings on THEIR walls …


and hey … did anyone happen to hear if pope fran congratulated the USA WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM?







Peace and Love

  1. opheliart permalink

    helps to explain why pope frannie was intent on bad boy barros’ ordination … 😦

    ask yourselves WHO/WHAT aids and supports the crimes against humanity by NOT providing the truth on matters concerning this institution … AND ITS HEAD

  2. opheliart permalink

    “hey kids, make a mess … “? sounds like the roman pontiff wants war—at the expense of women and children … gee, what else is new … 😦

  3. opheliart permalink

    given the roman pontiff’s desire for making a mess … maybe the UNITED STATES SHOULD STOP SENDING THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO SOUTH AMERICA ON ALL THOSE VERY EXPENSIVE COMMUNITY SERVICE TRIPS THROUGH THEIR PUBLIC SCHOOLS … eh? what do you think, folks? and let the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH’s private institutions that receive all those school vouchers and special perks help the poor communities there … heck, my daughters went THREE TIMES! …

    sound like a plan, USA?

    • opheliart permalink

      we would not want our children caught up in a BLOODY REVOLUTION … kidnapped, tortured … or be the TARGET of some unstable bishop caught up in his old world rabid zeal … of crusading his VERSION of the gospels …


  4. opheliart permalink

    now you see why rome keeps its bishops, clergy, popes … teachers and … safe from proper and thorough INVESTIGATION on corruption and child sex abuse … but why are the US lawmakers and law enforcement, even the attorneys … not coming down hard on this INSTITUTION and these CRIMES?

    ask your representatives and your public servants why these criminals aren’t being investigated and charged — why the secrecy, the covering up and the denial?

  5. opheliart permalink

    and no, pope fran is not the antichrist … 🙂 as I see on forums here and there … he is just being used as a political puppet … and has agreed to some dishonest and improper actions … must be the bad company …

    he will resign … maybe? yes. it’s coming anyway … the vaticants have been at this for a while, so … with schism and the scandals … what’s a pop to do? we know what he needs to do.

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