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cute … but no siccar

July 9, 2015







Peace and Love



  1. opheliart permalink

    take care that you are not misled through man’s adoration of man—his catholic benevolence (wish). the promotion of it is in direct violation of movement for the health and wellbeing of HUMANITY … for its system DEMANDS that the poor remain poor. it survives on millions bowing to one in spiritual immaturity … crowing to the masses about … what? insignificant parts?

    ask him why he supports this idolatry? what’s in it for him? why corral the masses for institutional biases … called “catholic” … IT IS TIME TO MOVE OUT OF THIS MINDSET, FOLKS … these men have not the skin for what comes …

    • opheliart permalink

      in case complacency gets in the way of reading the news … we post this

      LONDON (AP) — A judge says Britain has been stunned by revelations about child sexual abuse, warning that the true scale of the crime has been underestimated and one in 20 children may have been a victim.

      Justice Lowell Goddard opened a public inquiry into decades of abuse on Thursday, vowing that “no one, no matter how apparently powerful, will be allowed to obstruct our inquiries.”

      In the past few years, revelations of abuse have implicated taxi drivers, entertainers, clergy, senior politicians and others. There have been claims that police failed to investigate allegations of abuse for decades.

      Goddard, a New Zealand judge, was appointed earlier this year to head an inquiry into how public agencies — including government bodies, police, hospitals, churches and the BBC — handled child-abuse allegations.

      “no one, no matter how apparently powerful, will be allowed to obstruct our inquires”

      are you aware in this? that includes popes, bishops, PROFESSORS and …

      take care where you hang your hat

      • opheliart permalink

        there are some who don’t care about the abuse … these are the abusers, which includes those aiding the system and those working the system … that keeps the investigations from happening—thwarting these—undermining efforts to save lives—to stop the rape and the molestation… and the murders. beware of the systems putting on a show to direct attention away from these crimes …

        we know who you are … we have been watching and we have been warning, but what do the people choose? it appears they chose willful ignorance over the safety of all … and chose to worship their own diadem … men in dresses parading their wars … 😦 will they ever learn?

        it is TIME to reach … to move out of these fabrications of truth …

      • opheliart permalink

        when a group/business/service is trying to sell something … they give you only those things they believe are favorable to sell their ‘theology’ on product/business/service (esp in areas not favorable in freedoms for the citizens)… unless held to laws that REQUIRE all information be available to the CONSUMER … but of course, and in what we see in pushing agendas-with some products/services- not all the facts are provided for the consumer … things are hidden from the consumer, and group/business/service will try to stay away from information that might hurt sales … so, they whitewash … and there are no laws in place to protect people from these products/business/services

        where does this leave the people in terms of receiving the truth about product/business/service? where does this leave those most vulnerable to this product/business/service? those who can be harmed the most by not receiving all the facts?

        take politicians/journalists/religionists selling their THEOLOGY—-if people are silenced who can share the TRUTH for the consumer, especially where facts are most needed … and not all IMPORTANT FACTS AND EVIDENCE of product/business/service is AVAILABLE IN THIESE PUBLIC SERVICES/VENUES (and please allow us to draw attention to the word PUBLIC SERVICE) for the people to see and make INFORMED decisions … wouldn’t this be dishonest, even dangerous? wouldn’t this be seen as a crime against humanity—to hide important facts necessary to make safe decisions?

        as we know … not all people are able to access to find the truth … not all are in a position to choose SAFE directives … NOT ALL ARE GIVEN THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE …

        *should all groups/businesses/services be held accountable for misinforming the PUBLIC by not providing necessary facts?

      • opheliart permalink

        if a system (school, church, political party …) is influenced by a set “theology” and does not provide all that is necessary for proper and safe decisions for the consumer in public settings when they EXPOSE-SELL this theology … who is responsible when things go terribly wrong? when CHILDREN/WOMEN/FAMILIES get hurt—murdered?

        those marketing this theology? like public news services—political parties—the schools and churches—the professors/instructors/coaches? the journalists?


      • opheliart permalink

        let’s take the run off …

        much like those using harmful chemicals on their lawns, fields, houses, cars … businesses … who/what is RESPONSIBLE when these harmful chemicals run into the homes of others, or children, pregnant mothers and inhale-ingest these? this is not LOVING neighbor—-heck, it is not really even loving self if using harmful products … but if SALES OF PRODUCT/SERVICE is the god or the more important then …

        now, take abusers-molesters-rapists preying on the vulnerable … WHO KNOWINGLY ALLOWS THESE TO ROAM FREE TO PREY ON THE VULNERABLE—WHO IN A LOVING, PASTORAL, STABLE MIND? who hides information from the public? even those NOT adhering to the theology of those allowing criminals—DANGERS—to roam free, which includes THOSE IN PUBLIC SERVICE … become VICTIMS———–yes?

        and ask yourself who makes a platform-theology-product from USING THE VULNERABLE? and the poor? who USES the poor to make HIMSELF/ITSELF look “good”? then uses the vulnerable and the poor to GET WHAT IT WANTS TO SATISFY ITS AGENDA? who/what goes into poor environments, presenting itself as “god”—“savior” … redeemer? then abuses poor…

        and who SUPPORTS this agenda?

        aiding crimes against humanity by either falsifying product/service or by NOT providing necessary and important information for the people … 😦

        I would not want to be in your shoes

    • opheliart permalink

      in case complacency gets in the way of reading the news … we post this

      Algiers (AFP) – Like many women in Algeria infected by their husbands with HIV, 30-year-old Sihem is a victim twice over, living with her disease and suffering as a social outcast.

      Infected by her husband at age 20, Sihem has spent a decade living with the stigma that comes with being infected with HIV in Algeria.

      “I divorced and went off with HIV. My husband told everybody I had AIDS,” she said, misty eyed and her voice choking.

      In the eyes of Algerian society, she must have been to blame for the marital breakdown, while her ex-husband remains “above suspicion,” said Sihem, using a false name to tell her story.

      Like in many other conservative Muslim countries, in Algeria a woman with HIV is considered to have brought shame and dishonour on her family, regardless of her circumstances.

      Relatives cover up AIDS-related deaths, giving other causes, and those with HIV are shunned if their infections become public.

      In Algeria a woman with HIV is considered to have brought shame and dishonour on her family, regardl …
      In 2014, Algeria recorded 845 cases of HIV infection, 410 of them women, with a total of 9,100 officially registered cases in the country as of the end of last year.

      Most women caught the disease from their husbands, according to UNAIDS, the United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS.

      Hayet, a 41-year-old seamstress, said she has two battles on her hands — against the disease and against prejudice.

      She learned of her infection 20 years ago on the birth of her daughter, who died with HIV three months later. The baby was followed a year later by her father.

      Hayet’s in-laws knew that their son, a former drug addict, had HIV but had kept silent.

      Relatives cover up AIDS-related deaths, giving other causes, and those with HIV are shunned if their …
      On his death, they thought “it was unfair for their son to have died and not me,” said Hayet, who became a widow at 22 and was denied any inheritance.

      – ‘Symbol of dishonour’ –

      Aisha divorced in 2005 at the age of 19, a few months after her arranged marriage to a man who has never admitted to infecting her.

      “If it weren’t for the support of my parents, I would have gone mad,” she said, holding back tears.

      The women were interviewed anonymously by AFP but otherwise they remain silent, fully aware that Algerian society judges them as guilty.

      For infected women, “AIDS is a symbol of dishonour, giving rise to feelings of rejection and st …
      For infected women, “AIDS is a symbol of dishonour, giving rise to feelings of rejection and stigmatism,” said Adel Zeddam, who heads UNAIDS in Algeria.

      He said some women steer clear of treatment centres in their areas for fear of being recognised and are left without proper care.

      Such women face “double punishment, infected by their spouse and stigmatised by society,” said Nawel Lahoual, president of Hayet, a support group for HIV/AIDS patients.

      A doctor at El Kettar hospital in Algiers told AFP he knew of an academic in his 50s who had married four times despite knowing he was infected with HIV. Left without treatment, all four women died.

      In a rare positive story, Safia, a 42-year-old who lost her husband to AIDS in 1996, managed to re-marry 15 years later with a man who knew of her condition.

      “He married me out of love and hid the facts from his parents,” she said.

      Advised before their marriage by a doctor on what precautions to take, the couple have lived together for four years without him getting infected.

      now, ask which INSTITUTIONALIZED MINDSET is “above suspicion” because there are those still enamored with men serving men in tyrannical malaise ? huh, professor?

      • opheliart permalink

        if you all want male-dominant religious-political society scamming the masses, undermining all other VOICE … steering recklessly while striving to reinstate self on the throne like emperor augustus … you continue in that adoration, but you will find your own throat silenced in your indignant process.

        have you no shame? the real question is: where is CONSCIENCE

  2. opheliart permalink

    people don’t know what STUDIES are in the works … they are insulated and performing in self-agenda — institutionalized agenda … they are without knowledge on what comes …

    they assume their politics, theology, spokesperson … agenda is it—going to set them up … they do not see what it coming that is going to knock them clear off the platform—discredit them and show them as the abuser—the supporter of crimes against women, children … the poor—the vulnerable

    they do not know what is in the works that will be EVIDENCE that proves their negligence, their willful ignorance, their promotion of dangerous product/business/service …

    they are without knowledge

    • opheliart permalink

      and if you think these scare tactics you are a fool

      • opheliart permalink

        and who/what knows they are in serious t-r-o-u-b-l-e—–for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?

        who/what knows what is working hard to signal what and where the crimes have been perpetrated … and continued … who/what knows their track record is horrendous and who/what knows their “theology” is a system of mindless guilt initiatives aimed at control and designed to keep people silenced on matters regarding corruption and abuse within the system … and who/what knows their workmanship on product is shoddy and made for repeat business … and who/what knows that there is no proof that shows they have any special powers and have fabricated stories, going so far as to establish and fuel cults, to undermine and silence others, and to position self in places of authority that can force others to obey …

        and who/what knows the youth are trying to wipe off this arrogant, stiff, illicit … heartless dogmatic _______________________________________________________________ for something more regal and illuminating … that does not require obedience to fascism, or some theocratic ideology hogging property … demanding allegiance, betraying women and children, aligning itself with misogyny and patriarchal —spiritual numbness? hmm?

        you can peddle your whitewashed wares all you want—whore-mongering, as we call it … but evil does take care of itself … Iow, it turns on itself … so, you may want to ask yourself where you stand … are you in the way?

  3. opheliart permalink

    if man indulges in smoking weed … he gets behind the wheel of a car and loses control … and hits pregnant mom … and mom gets rushed to a catholic hospital … and is in need of an abortion to save her life … what choice is she given while in a vulnerable state?

    a VULNERABLE STATE … where the state puts the vulnerable in positions of an even greater vulnerability
    why would a state put people in vulnerable positions? why would a state desire acts and activities—theologies that undermine the health and wellbeing of many?

    who are your spokespeople and who/WHAT do they speak for? are they so ‘anything goes’ they lay traps for the innocent?

    this goes for any consuming … consuming of ________ that allows the young and the vulnerable to be put at risk—to not be given choice—that puts them in danger-harm’s way … whereby the ideologies, theologies, laws, indoctrinations, gods, products and services … the sowing of the power-mongering or … is a serious stumbling block

  4. opheliart permalink

    take care what the JOURNALISTS and PROFESSORS and … feed you … take care what you consume … they have an AGENDA that reeks of self-institutionalized theology that demands dependence on system of belief that demands immunity for their priests, bishops, cardinals, popes … spokespersons … for WHY ELSE would they CONTINUE TO PREACH TO YOU THE WHITEWASHED SERMONS ABOUT THEIR WHORE-MONGERINGS?

    you heard our joke about the apologists—hmm?

    • opheliart permalink

      they say: shut up while we apologize for the spiritual, religious and political rape

      what they don’t say, but you can gather this if you are of the artmind to hear:

      they just told the world that their DOCTRINE of rabid infestation of roman —that universal theology— is wrong, as it caused a hell … for so many
      … the suffering, the rapes and mutilations … and the murders …

      now ask, what have you changed? what is an apology if you are still silencing, still raping, still murdering? what has changed is their tactics of deception in a world demanding ANSWERS … and this. my dear ones, is just the beginning.

      • opheliart permalink

        now, don’t be afraid to THINK here … if a doctor like this guy, or an institution supporting this:

        confessed to fraud, theft and poisoning people … would you allow him or his institution to continue PRACTICING?

        in case you are complacent in reading the news, we add this:

        DETROIT (AP) — A judge sentenced a Detroit-area cancer doctor to 45 years in prison Friday for a massive scheme to collect millions from insurance companies while poisoning hundreds of patients through needless treatments that wrecked their health.

        U.S. District Judge Paul Borman this week heard stories of brittle bones and fried organs as patients chillingly described the effects of excessive chemotherapy at the hands of Dr. Farid Fata.

        “This is a huge, horrific series of criminal acts,” Borman said before announcing the sentence.

        Fata, 50, offered no excuses before getting his punishment. Stone-faced all week in court, he repeatedly broke down in loud sobs as he begged for mercy Friday.

        “I misused my talents, yes, and permitted this sin to enter me because of power and greed,” Fata said. “My quest for power is self-destructive.”

        He said his patients came to him seeking “compassionate care” but “I failed, yes, I failed.”

        Fata, 50, pleaded guilty last year to fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. He didn’t strike a deal with prosecutors, so Borman needed much of the week to hear details about treatments. Patients hired a bus to get to court Monday.

        “He preyed on our trust, our exhaustion, our fears,” said Ellen Piligiam, whose late father, a doctor, was administered powerful drugs he didn’t need for a tumor in his shoulder.

  5. opheliart permalink

    ask yourselves NOW … where and how you are being lied to … deceived … drugged …

    • opheliart permalink

      and we should add that if you don’t start asking questions, and if you are NOT receiving answers … those not really addressing your questions … and you are being given powerful drugs that make you do things to hurt others— poison you … that fry you … AND THE ENVIRONMENT … then you can safely say, something is not right with this man, institution, organization, party, school, church …

  6. opheliart permalink

    and as for saints … did God ever say WHO THESE ARE IN ANY INSTITUTION? or did man play my god-my saint and start canonization to suit HIS OWN INSTITUTIONAL AGENDAS?

    come on, people, start asking questions!!! do not remain a slave—do not remain ignorant—and please, do not continue aiding and supporting these crimes …

    if spokesperson of a large religious-political institution says the indoctrination of the THEOLOGY and drugs of his institution caused mass murder, rape, torture and abuse … DO YA THINK HE HAS ANY IDEA WHAT IS SAINT? He wouldn’t even know one of the holy real .. … if of a mindset to overpower and abuse, he would likely try to silence the holy real …

    please do not be deceived by these en claiming holy authority at one side of his mouth and confessing his theology is wrong on the other. he would never know a saint from a martyr from an angel from EVIL except where he willingly PERMITS EVIL TO DECEIVE AND TO DETROY.

    do ya get it now?

    these paraders of self/institution pretending at holiness are either willfully deceptive or seriously unstable!

    • opheliart permalink

      and the professors and journalists turned theology majors on Spiritual Understanding are looking cheap and solicitous.

      for shame … deceiving the public with your whitewashed rhetoric …

      • opheliart permalink

        good luck in your frying pans you jumped into

        too bad your god betrayed you 😦 … so sad

  7. opheliart permalink

    you see, folks, they are out in full force, making up things if they have to … to suit agenda … PREACHING their god, pope, bishop, saint … institution as the savior—the king—the one who will redeem … their posts/essays are thick with propaganda …

    now, ask yourselves why? why is it that practically every other news article and at least twice a week these ‘saviors’ are preached about on national tv … why this rapid push … it’s like a drug being shoved in your face that you are being asked to buy—pay into-support … but why would we? we don’t need him or his institution, and maybe that is why there is this manic push. they need the numbers, to praise and worship their god, and we say: he is spiritually immature, and he has been accused of crimes against children and families …

    why would people listen to one being accused of crimes against children? why listen to a man married to an institution that has for centuries silenced all other voice—setting itself up as God? are people a bit daft on this? have they learned nothing after all that has happened? are they sadists—desire suffering … and harm to children? truly, it is disconcerting to see such questionable malaise … and the hype is suspicious … yes? what politicians desire this?

    the politicians involved in this are dishonest and we will not be voting for people using religion in political favoritism, especially criminals and those aiding and protecting criminals and the illnesses they spread. you can take that to the bank …

  8. opheliart permalink

    and we hear them say (oh my how they lay this on thick like its their star spangled banner) … “we have the most charities in the world and have given the most to charities!” oh? prove it! you can’t because people give in ways you never never NEVER see! and people do not feel thy need to PARADE giving like a fashion show … for God’s Sake … and … the part that they fail to be truthful about is their expected kickbacks … and the fact that much of that giving requires INDOCTRINATING. yup. obedience … to INSTITUTION and converting to INSTITUTION … and the creepy sh** going on in those orders …
    honestly, it’s bad enough children are FORCED to stare at and pray to a bruised and bloodied body nailed to a cross … but what other creepiologies do they have going?

    • opheliart permalink

      and we can just hear them now, “you HEATHEN! you HERETIC! you pagan!” we are not the ones pagan … when those of gnosis tried to share the SPIRITUAL SYMBOLOGY of the Writings, or at least explore in these rather than stamp doctrine (those milk fed writings in ink) rome and others mutilated … tortured … murdered … SILENCED these … in their rabid infiltration system … it SERVED their agendas better to be a doctrine constituting WAR as the Christ’s way … actually killing people! are we wrong about this? no, we are not wrong …

      but ask yourself, “would a LOVING God actually have His Son murdered … and so brutally?” think about this … could it be that these men misinterpreted the Writings? and ask yourself, “would Jesus knowingly … commit suicide?” seriously? do you think the message on this has been misinterpreted and misused? and if so, how much more did the men misunderstand?

      gotta wonder—yes? gotta ask REAL questions and not be afraid to kick off dust, my dear ones. do not be afraid if the priests scream at you to get out and say mean things to you and accuse you …

      and if they censor you—THE ART—you ask why … and if they lie and give deceptive responses … you call out the HYPOCRISY … and continuing questioning this system of belief … and if you are of truth on the Word … you will be found true, honest and … you will grow SPIRITUALLY, and you will hear things they have never heard … and you will gain in knowledge and understanding.

      • opheliart permalink

        isn’t that right anton?

  9. opheliart permalink

    so, after all of this … why do we speak in this tone? well, it is a NEW SEASON … and the time has come for what must cease and what must ignite …
    if you do not believe us … look at the earth and seas … the changing of these, and what has passed … those things unable to produce in the wellness of this … loses ground while new voice must be fielded and blooming …
    humankind must ignite else it does not become … and ask, what stands in the way? the writings need exercising … in TRUTH … Spirit is fostering in this … but if man hogs and steals and demands his name continue to be god … or his institution continue to be god … HOW AND WHERE IS GOD KNOWN WITHIN?

    Lord says, I never knew you … have you ever wondered why?

    • opheliart permalink

      and still man insists his church is God, claiming it full authority … standing in the way of people growing … moving … to where HEARING IS … to where SPIRIT GIFT of this HEARING can be reached.

      but what is needed for {this}? not man’s doctrine or titles or rosary beads or sacraments … for why on earth would SPIRIT need any of these to know its own? {this} realm is not of man—it is of Spirit. … and other can only be known through what? Prophet. but does man understand what this is? many have called themselves by this and did horrible things in what they say was done in God’s name, and Lord says, I NEVER KNEW YOU—DEPART FROM ME YOU OF LAWLESSNESS … and those caught up in the world are of the world and know not of what is Spirit … and many of these are not interested in What is God … so, it bothers them not in the least … but of those claiming their own rightness God, and their doctrine and practices and beliefs God’s Word … God does not need all of that to know his chosen … and his chosen are those willing in Love and not showing partiality to this church or that church, and not caught up in the affairs of the state …

      think, people … man is still in infancy/adolescence in his understanding of God. so, we ask you … what must be removed that man might move into humankind to know or be of the Spirit? it is said that NEW wine cannot be put into old skins … discern in this that you might hear the holy real … and know …

      • opheliart permalink

        there is a REALM untouched by man … man cannot touch this in his state, but should he deny himself, and seek … he can hear in the realm of the holy (parts) … but not without Gift … and one must be moving … not recklessly, but steadfastly and honest in endeavor for purpose of the one (Spirit) … in the command on Love. sure, man says he hears God and says Mary says this and that, telling them do do strange and unusual things … 😉 … 😦 …
        you will know them by their fruits …

  10. opheliart permalink

    dinosaurs … we agree they roamed the earth. we have evidence of these. they no longer exist … at least not in LARGE form … but the spirit of dinos never die … as spirit NEVER dies … and all life form has spirit (hmm … gonna take that to the bank?)

    take life in the womb … suddenly, it aborts. what happens to spirit? it exists and moves on. it cannot remain where it can not/does not grow. what is of the flesh? it decays—yes? whatever stage it ceased to grow, it becomes compost in some way. if spirit is of ‘Gd’ … spirit moves to new life. spirit of aborted child exists and moves. what was once in a momma here may end up in a momma there, or the reverse 😉 … no need to get all crazy about aborted life … but of course it is better to respect and cherish this, AND PROVIDE FOR THIS THE SAFEST AND HEALTHIEST ENVIRONMENT … including momma as SHE IS LIFE (see symbol of eve), so, YOU DO NOT LET HER DIE! … and has a developing spirit should this be permitted to develop (doctrine-theology-mindset-lifestyle-marriage-freedom to choose in these …?) … but if momma is in a bad way, in danger … not cared for properly … and this includes mind heart soul strength and … life changes. spirit moves where it can BE … and hopefully become. no loss of souls or life in spirit-sense because spirit does not die … (good or evil) … IT MOVES … it has not the restrictions that the flesh does, so it CAN move …

    spirit of developing baby is of Gd and is innocent, for it has not been born in the flesh … yet … and has not begun the journey of choosing … in its developing soul. if its ‘vessel’ is for any reason not sustaining this life … spirit of this baby moves … and enters another life forming. (wow—imagine that, and imagine how wonderful a Gd that is not wasteful, but also not hung up on the cross-literally 😉

    cont …

  11. opheliart permalink

    are you beginning to understand what we have been going on about in that ‘catholic’ mindset and how man is restricted in growth? universal mind (catholic means universal) … says “my way is the right and only way—this system of belief is to be the mind of man” … okay, folks, get out of that hell and BECOME SOMETHING MORE THAN MAN … move toward HUMAN—not restricted to man-woman, but SPIRITUAL AWARENESS—which is more than just the labels of an ideology demanding one dimensional thought …

    if spirit never dies, imagine the volume of spirit 😀 … the spirit in your puppy from childhood that was killed by a car may be the same spirit in your five-year-old german shepherd that is used as a service dog … wow … smart Gd … wise SUPREME BEING to be so respectful and so illusive? not really, not if you UNDERSTAND HOW SPIRIT OPERATES …

    cont …

  12. opheliart permalink

    freaking out about the spirit of a developing child? why? it thrives … moves … as it must. it must move to continue its life—whatever its purpose. and don’t think “your baby” if aborted is in someone else’s womb … it’s not because it ceases to be yours (no reincarnation as spirit never died and flesh is just flesh) … you are no longer its house, but the amazing part of this is found in LOVING NEIGHBOR AS SELF (wow, what a wise Gd—yes?) … think about how this plays out to be more fair, folks …

    the flesh is of man. semen may be his, coming from his body, but imagine if a very bad man tried to use his semen to create “his own” … he can through fleshly characteristics, but not spiritually … SPIRIT IS NOT HIS—HE CANNOT CONTROL SPIRIT, despite what religionists try to preach to you through rituals and wand waving … no, man does not control spirit.

    but where and how does man try to control life? who lives-who dies … how women and children are born and grow and what they feed on—CONSUME … ? lifestyle, doctrine, teachings … ENVIRONMENT …

    cont …

  13. opheliart permalink

    what of viruses? hmm … serious stuff … good and bad … does spirit exist in this? are these living forms—some form of life? can spirit (good or evil) be in a virus?

    start paying attention … and take care what you feed on … all those drugs you pump into your body and expose yourself to, your children … and taint the environment with—including what you pee into the sea …

  14. opheliart permalink

    dinosaurs … they sell, and sell and sell … because they are unique

    harry potter … the evil and good of something other … powers greater than man …

    the dinos died … harry potter is just a wink, a very creative and sensational wink … but just a wink compared to the REALITY of those greater powers

    but how will man move to understand spirit (good and evil)? SUPREME BEING? will he remain fighting over ssm and abortion and make war on himself?

    or will he enter the twilight zone … finally, after all these many seasons …

  15. opheliart permalink–election.html

    this is true of everything … from vocational priests wanting to promote agenda and sell image, or a THEOLOGY that continues its usual reign … to book authors looking to get into the waves to reignite their dying breed (interests, topics … ) …

  16. opheliart permalink

    cute … but no siccar?

    it is not that we find these trips off … our questions have more to do with this spokesperson’s honesty in light of the very serious staff sex abuse crimes, murders … doctrine that is truly of a childish, but often bullying mindset and the staging of self/institution as if this will make change …

    change for who—what? the institution/dogma is the government in these places and look what happened? if this organization wants to be a political party then be a political party! if it wants to be a religion then what’s it doing interring in politics? and SPIRIT is another matter altogether which clearly this institution does not understand … or it would not be as it is

    • opheliart permalink

      people question the “pontiff’s” carbon footprint … look at it in the world and what do you see?
      and we are talking about rome and those like it

      if you truly desire real change … and very much want the warring to cease … you need to start moving out of the dino bed, because that’s a lot of flesh … resulting in a lot of ____________

      • opheliart permalink

        so many of man’s scholars and theologians and professors and teachers and pastors and priests, preachers and parishioners are still caught up in that roman footprint … and that was a darn big footprint that hit the earth and its inhabitants … people do not realize how this mindset infected-injected-formed and stormed the minds of the world … and this continues to desire its rush-rapid zeal … which is what this current rc spokesperson is trying to ignite and this reeks of war … know its head it what we always say … know how it feeds and fuels-where and how …
        dirty slums of starving inhabitants aren’t thinking about where they hand their hats—many of these just want the hat! and women are confused about their own value …

        such sad affairs to be bowing to these monoliths … still ….

  17. opheliart permalink

    the vaticants want to unite under one gospel? huh—theirs! their universal mindset that their institution has been involved in for generations … and they know this, but they want it under what they understand and call ‘the church’ … again—their understanding–their POLITICAL-RELIGIOUS HEAD … but with all that ecumenical stuff that has been making a lotta $$ for their priests-bishops, nuns … who do not abide by that ‘infallible’ doctrine anymore than their laity 😉

    what a smothering mess of institutional biases … that set up the needy haves and silence all others … and the world eats it up

    it’s stale now … long been stale

    the vatican fears our language … it prefers the tower of babble with all that catholic ecumenism … because then it can stage itself as the authority … you see? you see what it did using force and brutally silencing others, and seducing and indoctrination and the money deals and all those ‘titles’ with hats and lavish houses with power over the people and still man allows himself to be seduced by these politicians …
    how cruel and how unlike THE CHRIST way … 😦

    where do you stand?

    • opheliart permalink

      we are not foiled by this catholic cool-aid … not one drop

      • opheliart permalink

        they play on your emotions … and they think you vulnerable—are you? they can get what they so desperately need by using the emotional and the vulnerable … AND those without conscience. just look at their bishops—their popes … and those awful staff sex abuse crimes on the children …. what a sickness. are you looking away from these crimes, too—not doing your homework-not helping your neighbor-those vulnerable—by ignoring these crimes?

        are you helping yourself in the piggy cults while assisting these deceivers? paying into and supporting their agendas to take control under the emperor’s new clothes?

  18. opheliart permalink

    and no one knows what this is—what caused this? seriously? thankfully no one died! c’mon, people! you know what caused this blast …

      • opheliart permalink

        that is some serious sh**

        now, folks … think about all the strange beach incidents and sky turmoil and pipes in cities and towns going bang …

        honestly, if you take people waste and used it to strip the paint from a chest of drawers, it might eat the chest of drawers …

        now i am wondering about the young man i saw in the city this week wearing a t-shirt that had the word poopy and pee on it and he was carrying a very large sign with just the word “poopy” written on it

        ??? i was like … what? hmm …

        maybe people waste does not mix well with salty brine?

  19. opheliart permalink

    stop the containment of animals and let them swim free
    only where they need special protection should they be contained and only for a time

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