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“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

June 25, 2015

Can anything good come out of that branch?

Before Lover of Gift (Vision-Penmanship) called you, when you were under the branch of “honesty” … I saw you.

Given of God answered and said to Him, “Teacher, You are the Son of God! You are the Father of the Tree that provides both Truth and Justice … the protection (strength) and shade from the blistering unjust, both within and without. You are the Judge through the works of the Feast … in these ‘eyes’ we are of one Body.




Peace and Love


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  1. opheliart permalink

    Larry June 24, 2015 at 8:20 pm
    The vatican acknowledges domestic abuse happens!!

    They are a bit late to that party. Thanks for nothing. The church’s arbitrary notions of marriage and its dissolution have been enabling abuse and violence for many many generations.



  2. opheliart permalink

    the ssm topic rages on and what do we SEE out in force? deniers. roman catholics behaving as if they are clean of hypocrisy. no … they continue to support illicit material … and the abuses are grave … 😦

    if they lose this fight, what becomes of their doctrine? do ask, what becomes of their UNDERSTANDING of the Writings? what becomes of their entire mono-ploy? it begins to dissolve … as decaying artifacts of wood often do without “protection”

    • opheliart permalink

      the thing about the nonbeliever is this: he does not rely on Scripture to tell him how to marry. he sees men living with men and women living with women, even sharing the same beds, both in the religionist’s orders and outside these … and he says, why do you refuse ssm? you have not been truthful about your lifestyle—look at your constructs? he says, I have seen both in and out and do not see your penance—you who condemn on the marriage equality. does a piece of paper allowing rights for all citizens dismay you? we thought your god for your own members—not all of society. does your institutional head think the world its slave?

      WE say … the God is Spirit and is not married in institutional biases. This is not how Spirit operates. The Language of the Writings does not speak of the traditional marriage as these were varied in structure and use depending on the needs of the people throughout history. At one time, man had several wives … these were property, needed for producing heirs, gathering … the fields …

      was this of God? PROPHESY: the EVOLUTION OF GOD AND MAN … teaches to come out of mindset that excludes, misuses, abuses and OVERuses … as life for people changes so does the family — including the role of the women.

      those of strict religious sequestering do need to be honest about their inconsistency

  3. opheliart permalink

    the pope saying mass outside the Art Museum in Phila? good-bye Philadelphia … you are a traitor to the VOICE OF THE ARTS—its freedom to women and to the gnostic, and to so many crying out from the WEIGHT of the Roman Catholic Church!

    If you allow this evet to be staged as is shown in the news, we will NEVER again step foot in your city to share—NEVER! You will be seen as a liar—a deceiver and a denier of the abuses—allowing the stage for hypocrisy and abuse …

    and we know why the Art Museum was chosen …

    shame that you would spend SO MUCH MONEY for a man staging his con penmanship and the vaticant’s plans for control … shame on you PHILADELPHIA, PA!

    the sexually abused children cry out for you to INVESTIGATE AND STOP THE ABUSES, the people cry for freedom … and you spend thousands and thousands for DECEPTION!

    Should this even take place … the WORLD WILL REMEMBER PHILADELPHIA AS A TRAITOR TO THE HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF HUMANITY. It will be seen as the CONFEDERATE FLAG … a sorrowful reminder of SLAVERY AND ABUSE.

    • opheliart permalink

      word will spread and the numbers of those in OPPOSITION of this visit and this mass will grow and PHILADELPHIA, PA will be in for a whammy!

      • opheliart permalink

        that big surprise about hastert? and people were like, oh my! how could he? the RCC … what is coming out will be like a tsunami on the people—esp the catholics … they haven’t a clue what is coming as they think they have their savior… hoping that he will change things

        the vatican’s actions are smoke and mirrors … as they THINK they will not be discovered, but people are waking and realizing that this institution is ABUSIVE and NOT the Word of God … not the way of Christ … not the Truth … as they SYSTEMATICALLY tried to eradicate all those who opposed them … until the fall … yes, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS IS? How history repeats? 😉

        and they never learned the LANGUAGE, and they do not know what is the Remnant.

        We know they read the WORKS OF OTHERS and take … and twist … to make it look as if they are rich, but they are poor sacks parading as kings … WE ARE NOT DECEIVED BY THEIR LIES. WE KNOW WHAT THEY SCHEME. PUTIN … KIRIL (shhh) … that brotherly initiative … here, there … and now Philadelphia? the STATES?

        Who-what pays into the murders of women in CATHOLIC HOSPITALS? Who hides the child sex abuse and who hides the ties of terroristic endeavor … and the Fascism …

        do not think this is your church? No? think again ..

      • opheliart permalink

        Randall Jun 25, 2015 at 9:11 am
        The ‘persecutions’ should not be glossed over. They took place over centuries and included the most brutal rape, torture and murder of Children, Women and Men. The nations were shocked when they heard of these barbaric acts and the Waldensians were offered a way out. Along with the Huguenots and others, this is absolute proof of the fact that the Catholic Church and the Pope are not Christian. Their history is murder, torture and rape of the most innocent Christians. See Wikipedia for more and Pope Lies on Facebook.

        comment to one of Silk’s articles

    • opheliart permalink

      the RCC thinks itself the Church stated in the Book of Revelation … Philadelphia, and why they perceive this as symbolic to use this city … ha, won’t the city find itself in trouble …

      no, the CLERGY SEX ABUSE AND THE CORRUPTION and WHERE the vaticants have made their beds and with whom … bad news, folks … bad news.

  4. opheliart permalink

    Greg1 June 25, 2015 at 7:13 pm
    Will: the Catholic Church is the only one protected by our Lord from teaching error (Matt 16:18), so you will see other churches drift off into love for “the world” (1 John 2:15-17). But the teachings of the Church cannot change on this one. Love the sinner; condemn the sin.


    The only one protected by our Lord? Yo, tell that to the billions of children raped and molested by its clergy and staff … for CENTURIES! Tell that to the billions TORTURED AND MURDERED FOR CENTURIES by the ROMAN FREAKING CATHOLIC CHURCH.

    This guy is nuts.

    • opheliart permalink

      He lives in a state of complete denial … has absolutely no understanding of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot be where there is dishonesty and deception … ABUSE and MURDER …

      sorry bud, but you have been seriously deceived.

      • opheliart permalink

        People may think we are being harsh … but it has been said: harsh, but necessary.

        It feels like screaming for a child to get out of the way of the tsunami—MOVE!

        When people are willfully ignorant … they do not care about the health and wellbeing of others. They care only for their own views—own agendas. But people like Greg1 are so thoroughly indoctrinated, they are incapable of reason. Both are a danger to the health and wellbeing of Society.

        It is time to move out of this mindset of indoctrination. These Religious Institutions like the RCC are POLITICAL and DANGEROUS! Their primary goal is to SURVIVE, and GROW, for power and control … and they do not care how they do it as long as it gets done. They have mapped this out for a while now … Benedict’s resignation … the choice of this Argentine guy …
        the political puppetry … the teasing of “who am I to judge” the cover of TIME magazine … this is all political trappings for the masses to lap up. And our GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS IN THIS IS TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTING … and all those Roman Catholics running for president? Hell no! hell no … this is politics, baby … and very calculated. Those boys answer to ROME, but paint a pretty picture for the people. And Sanders, licking on that cheap, sugary nonsense, too? It’s all the same game … do not let it fool you.

        Until people wake up and see what is AT STAKE … what the Vatican and its supporters are up to … nothing changes … only more deception and power for the Vatican and those systems like it. Shoot, you support this monopoly and you may as well slit your own vocal cords. They thrive on slavery, folks—poor people. If they cannot have these numbers then war it is. They incite and stage war. This is their SIGNATURE! Look at their history, for pete’s sake!

        We speak because we must … it is time for this to change. We have cautioned and we have warned … what will come will be an attack on the catholic. Things will come out and the civilized world will go: oh my God … what EVIL ACTS!
        People will be stunned … it is coming, folks … it is coming. No institution can continue as the RCC with its sickening ABUSE record … MURDEROUS abuse record. CIVILIZED SOCIETY continue kissing the feet of this? —No. ONLY PIRATES PAY INTO THIS AWFUL CORRUPTION … only self-serving, power-mongering buddy up to this, and if those presidential candidates are being honest they would see this—KNOW WHAT THE RCC IS HIDING, ALIGNING WITH, AND NOT BE SIDLED WITH IT. The whole sentimental drama of once a catholic always a catholic and the catholicism as mentor yada-yada is fast losing credibility. It’s beginning to look fake, orchestrated … even curiously ignorant, like these men and women are somehow mesmerized by a lot of shy adolescents in flowing robes … A COUNTRY NEEDS PROTECTION AND LEADERSHIP … not goo-goo-eyed mistresses.

  5. opheliart permalink

    The pope is Spiritually insufficient. He agreed to the Vatican’s plans … as he was up against what? Blackmail. Think about it … they needed somebody from a questionable area … one buried knee-deep in corrupt enterprises … with a history of its own clergy sex abuse … Now, it was either go with the Vatican plan … or get thrown under the bus: he would be the high ranking officer to get nailed and accused of the cover ups. Hmm … you see? Fran agreed to the plan, and has manipulated the people … so very shameful … We are somewhat surprised so many are willing to IGNORE HIS HISTORY and praise him like a god! He has not even said anything substantial in all his politicking and parading. It’s like reading from an ad campaign or something … with God and love thrown in here and there … standing on “the FAMILY” platform like he is going to save these people from their waywardness … say what? what the hell does he know about raising children and working to keep these clothed and fed? Emperor Fran stands before the world telling everyone their sins and we are supposed to bow down to his HYPOCRISY? Are people losing their minds? Who in their RIGHT minds believes this Francis charade? It would be laughable if it weren’t for what? Think about this …

    • opheliart permalink

      these maniacs will will just move on to another city another town … another country

      they are everywhere

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