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June 23, 2015

Insanely awful!

but you do realize these scenes play out in MOVIES AND VIDEOS in that freedom of … all over our country … and people don’t even blink?

*when I wrote Book One of the Ophelia Trilogy, I was astutely CONSCIOUS that there would be no violence of this sort … and books 2 and 3 will not have it, either.

The Trilogy is highly symbolic, as many fantasy works often are, and part of the purpose is to ignite young people and adults to exercise the mind in other ways.


The Glut





TOAD EERO - revised




OPHELIA In the Beyond, Book One of the Ophelia Trilogy

by L Thiel Hewlings





Peace and Love

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  1. opheliart permalink

    we don’t mean to present this from a naive standpoint … we know the situation in Greece is complex, involving many thoughts and views … but we have for some time now felt that part of solving Greece’s financial crisis is right at their fingertips … 😉

    a Gr Orthodox priest told me 5 years ago that the Greek people used to be a people of vast intelligence—true thinkers … of course, he was referring to the immense philosophers of so long ago … but what I experienced when he said this was his feeling of disappointment—a losing place among the cultures of the day. But you see, all cultures go through trying times. All people NEED exercise of sorts … and should learn from what went before—both good and not so good. ask yourselves what is real to you? are you believers? have you ever believed, or do you just call yourselves orthodox christians because this is all you have known … and it’s a type of ethnic political residence … of sorts.

    The ARTS call … but one must be of honest intent … not for piggy cults and hogging for select groups …

    Something waits for vision … something waits for igniting … something waits for man to see the Gift … something has been handed out repeatedly at no charge … with honest intent. man has only to be willing to move …

  2. opheliart permalink

    why does Rome fall? what happens time and time again causing the fall?

    Greece …
    Were the immense philosophers Christian? Did they rely on Christianity and its derisive sects to accomplish a day’s worth? Religionists speak of “the Church fathers” as if these “gods” are all there is to truth on God … Good heavens no! No-no-no! And on what backs did these fathers rely on to build their houses? So, a level-headed, SENSIBLE person of reason and just means would say that the fathers having built Christianity to be what it is today (in all sects) were more than just men appearing ‘holy’ … writing creeds and codes and laws and … documents filled with ink. Whether you agree or disagree with Christianity then and now … what it is, really, is an ADVERTISEMENT for something—yes?

    When you become of those 8 reasons—more or less … it is TIME TO GROW—MOVE—the old passes away that the NEW might be realized …

    Easy as pie? No. One cannot put new wine into old jugs.

    • opheliart permalink

      Greece …

      look at your ancient embroideries from the islands … what do you see?
      I have 5 books on these and I don’t embroider! 😀

      Stories …

    • opheliart permalink

      Did You Know?
      Some scholars believe that rampant lead poisoning may have contributed to Ancient Rome’s decline. Roman winemakers used lead pots to boil crushed grapes, the empire’s aqueducts carried water through lead pipes and many Roman foods were sweetened with lead acetate. Since lead is toxic, some historians have claimed that its use may have resulted in widespread cases of gout, low birth rates, anemia and aggressive and erratic behavior among the Roman citizenry

  3. opheliart permalink

    he didn’t have any trouble fornicating while so high to know anything about impregnating his wife and her carrying these to term … but the really really big question right now is HE WAS HIGH WITH LIVING CHILDREN NEEDING PROPER CARE AND ATTENTION … AND THIS IS A CRIME!

    • opheliart permalink

      pastors and priests … WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS?

      will you continue to pander to your own in those favored seats?

      • opheliart permalink

        we do not want to hear you bitching at these women about murdering their babies when YOUR INSTITUTIONS SET UP THE CONDITIONS FOR THESE FAILURES—YOUR MINDSET
        were you too busy making sure you got enough in your collection baskets to give your metropolitans and bishops their handshake, and those LAVISH lifestyles with all the special perks … and their so-called “holy” titles … (cough-cough) … you know what we are talking about … John Chrysostom did not live like the Boston big businessman and those corrupt Buglarian bon bons … yes, we read about these … and the many others demanding the $

        do not think the world will not be looking at YOU, too, and seeing where you and your followers have been spending their time and money while claiming to be the ONE TRUE CHURCH … while everyone else is heterodox …

        heterodox? sounds like the Orthodox haven’t a clue about God is Spirit …

        Our Lord said nothing about the Orthodox—right?

  4. opheliart permalink

    Passing from this flesh life to find self sitting in the dark. “I had no legs,” you realize. Why is everything dark? you ask. When you choose darkness you receive darkness. But I didn’t, you say.

    Lord never said to indoctrinate and hold your house parties without inviting the thirsty.

    He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. 42″And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.”

    only one problem … if you see only those outside your house as heterodox … you see nothing of the cross … there is no reward …

    • opheliart permalink

      heck, you have FAR to go … you could not even treat a woman with genuine interest in Orthodox theology with decency and proper care! how will you be able to help those who cannot help themselves? it will be like the blind leading the blind …

      • opheliart permalink

        readers may wonder why we went from Greece to the murdering of babies … and a husband completely UNAWARE that he got his wife pregnant repeatedly and that she carried these babies … and not once did he see the evidence of his acts? he has children but is too high to notice … and we say “your mindset” … well, isn’t it the CATHOLIC-ORTHODOX understanding that men are to be the HEAD of the house … ?

  5. opheliart permalink

    why not support a real UNITED vote … one that works to answer those questions … like:

    will the BIG _____ cost the taxpayer?

  6. opheliart permalink

    What are you men going to do about this hater? Is he a ‘chemist’ instigator?

    Atheist Max June 22, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    “godlessness in society, and we see murderous hatred and mental illness….”


    2. A religious White Supremacist Christian KILLED THESE BLACK PEOPLE AT THE DIRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST!

    and you have

    Atheism – simple non-belief – is the only rational response
    to this outrageous, murderous nonsense.

    • opheliart permalink

      he knows exactly what he is doing … and you know as well as I that there will be murders because of his rants—his LIES and his DECEPTIVE EXTREMISM … he is a bigot and a RACIST extremist no different from the White Supremacist … hiding behind a class of people he believes is SUPERIOR. HE IS INCITING HATRED LEADING TO VIOLENT ACTS.
      Now, you are the ones with all the constructs … YOU HAVE THE MOST TO LOSE …

      What are you men going to do about him?

      • opheliart permalink

        you don’t get the peanuts and popcorn if you allow these types of HATERS driving the media … driving the online youth … driving those struggling mentally … driving recklessly — deceptively … with the intent to harm. Check out his team … his support … it’ll be your wake-up call … don’t be slow or ignorant about this, guys. No one spends as much time spewing hate agenda like this—day after day—post after post— unless there is something in return.

        When this comes out … oh boy …

      • opheliart permalink

        and don’t think the youth haven’t been swayed by his hate-mongering … and some are even afraid to share on the forums because of this racist bully … I know, I was to go on to test the arenas … in several online places, and he behaved the PREDATOR … anyone, absolutely anyone, even when posting something genuine and caring, who was also a believer, he pounced on, often times with venom. He is a disease …

        WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT HIM? We have already caught him in lies and fraudulence … and he is not the only one … he, like so many BISHOPS,CARDINALS and … was RAISED IN THE CATHOLIC—ORTHODOX CHURCH … this mindset—BELIEF SYSTEM that teaches that it is okay to PERFORM THE UNIVERSAL BIGOTRY AND RACIST ABUSE BECAUSE MIND BELIEVES IT SUPERIOR AND ABOVE ALL OTHERS … and gets away with it because of those “INFALLIBLE” MANMADE DOCTRINES… which houses the freedoms to be hate-monguerers, deceivers, liars, slanderers … and ABUSERS. These can take and twist Scripture to suit agendas … HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE INQUISITION … EXACTLY LIKE THE VATICAN … EXACTLY LIKE ORTHODOX HEAD TRIPS believing they are superior and can destroy the reputations, lives, lifestyles and beliefs of those not like him.

        When God looks at you, if God even knows you … what do you think he sees? Do you think SPIRIT feels anything when people like this extremist say things like:

        2. A religious White Supremacist Christian KILLED THESE BLACK PEOPLE AT THE DIRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST!

        He knows exactly what he is doing. He is a liar and a deceiver. This is Evil!

        Now, where are you as believers?

  7. opheliart permalink

    “Dylann Roof isn’t anything more than an instrument of god. He simply carried out god’s will. I know many would claim that this was Satan, but we’ve got to remember that even Satan is merely an instrument of god. Even Satan is just part of god’s will. According to scripture everything is simply god’s will. Every murderer and rapist, child molester and wife beater, and every other terrible person and thing that happens on this earth, are all supposedly just a part of god’s will.”

    ??? Is this blogger a bit CONFUSED about what he believes? He says in the very first paragraph that he is an atheist then goes on to say Dylann carried out god’s will … THIS WOULD BE LAUGHABLE … EXCEPT IT IS DECEPTIVE!

    WHAT A DECEIVING BLOGGER … claiming one thing then taking and using something HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT to fuel his own agenda—HATE. BIGOTRY. RACISM. DISHONESTY. DECEPTION. You see, another like A-max.

    These manipulators are out in full force. They are EXTREMISTS—MILITANTS—PUSHING hate the believer agenda. Do not be deceived by these fake lovers of humanity … they hide behind words … trying to appear intelligent, using a LANGUAGE they cannot read—NEVER UNDERSTOOD!

    BELIEVERS—when are you going to move into a place of UNDERSTANDING that demonstrates the ILLEGAL PORTRAITS OF THESE FALSE PROPHETS?

    • opheliart permalink

      the atheist does not understand SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE … can the atheist blogger speak this LANGUAGE? NO! He hasn’t a clue what the Writing is saying, or he would not be so deceptively manipulating … HE IS IGNORANT … now, what about those claiming Christianity?

      Whatever god the atheist blogger is referring to is in his mind—it is his OWN god—his own that he uses to make false statements about HOLY SCRIPTURE.

      • opheliart permalink

        all these haters will be seen for what they are. the militant/extremist atheist may think himself safe in his world of atheism … but as you can see … he has his DOCTRINE, too … IMPARTIAL? NO! full of fraudulence! we can see right through his contrived efforts … like looking at a big, fat toad sitting atop a pile of dung … now, I happen to love toads … but I can do without the dung.

  8. opheliart permalink

    Does man think his own language—english, for instance, was the LANGUAGE—use of metaphor and the Spiritually symbolic—of Holy Scripture? Does he even understand Aramaic? What of GNOSTIC LITERATURE? \ What IGNORANCE of these that use to abuse!!!

    • opheliart permalink

      So, you see … man will look IGNORANT … without knowledge and understanding. We warn … caution …

      It is coming … yes, and those using the WRITINGS falsely like this atheist blooper and so many others … will look really, REALLY bad.

  9. opheliart permalink

    You see, man has struggled to understand the LANGUAGE … he has struggled from the beginning in his HEARING due to his PARTIALITY … his half nature … BUT HE WAS AND IS GIVEN CHOICE… with which most important command? OF THE NEW …? It’s found most prominently in the Gospels, folks.

    Man has from the beginning struggled in knowing the false from the honest in his fellow man. He has been deceived continuously … look at the clergy sex abuse in the RCC—a perfect example—no one knew these clergy were molesting? well, some did … oh, yes, they did! others—no. So, look at the writings the people used … Adam and Eve? Come on folks … this story was changed from the original. Don’t go by everything man says … you see?

  10. opheliart permalink

    The priests, bishops, cardinals … popes … have no GODLY POWER … they cannot reign in the Holy Spirit to bless a cross or a rosary or even another … this is nothing in the eyes of God! If these men could do such things the world would be asking:

    Priest, Bishop, Pope, if you have control over Spiritual Powers why didn’t you save those people in the church in South Carolina? or the billions of others having been murdered and continue to be murdered? Huh?
    Deception … misdirected … delusion.
    Why then is the Roman Pontiff calling on the WORLDY POWERS to stop the killing in Syria and elsewhere? Ah-ha! caught you, you inconsistent men of malpractice!

    Oh, but you don’t understand … they whine. Don’t give me that bull, priests—POPE! I am not your religionist lackey! I don’t bow to your hell.

    • opheliart permalink

      Hell is DARKNESS … Hell is Ignorance … Hell is Spiritual Blindness … Hell is what man baths himself with when he is instinctively deceptive —when he uses to perform for self-agenda causing others to suffer, denies truth … lies to ingratiate his own … Hell is a heat of the Light of Truth when he is discovered to be the Deceiver—he burns with shame … in the act of selfishness—he burns with lust … in the act of insolence and derogatory praise—he burns with malnutrition-a hunger he cannot satisfy because he does not see himself—lives in denial of this—and he cannot hear the Fruit of Wellbeing … Hell is in the stealth of indecision on the terrorism of the innocent and the vulnerable: man stands wearing robes deplorable, having crawled around in dishonesty and negligence and horror of those he shook hands with … knowing of the evils … selling his soul for a few empty pods …

      It is in this life, folks, you choose FOR Heaven or Hell. After the flesh … what use are you FOR good or evil? Those of the Spirit remain in the Spirit and continue as instructed. And do know that there is living organism in living things …

      maybe you end up in the dung heap … for the false prophet blogger—eh?

      Does God compost? 😉

      • opheliart permalink

        when institutions like the rcc are out of the way, and man can move into the New … and believers begin to UNDERSTAND “what is God” and put away the childish ways … the atheist will be challenged differently. The sciences and the medical fields are being called to do more than DRUG the people … and we are referring to pill-popping drugs! These cannot and will not solve the problems of mankind. Man must come into awareness of his feeding—his choices——where he indulges.

        The atheist will be challenged when he can’t explain how the scientist works to reach an understanding on something, but the searcher of Spirit is not permitted this same … hmm ..
        PROVE to me—show me evidence, screams the militant Atheist Max. What a bully! Is that how he speaks to our youth? Get him off the stage, folks—he is dangerous. Throwing his hate-mongering tantrums—like a child never taught how to behave. The honest scientist understands that he does not have all the answers and that the beauty of engaging in this work is the DISCOVERY—what NEW he finds … the more he understands … the more he is aware …

        the militant atheist condemning what he himself has never experienced … never understood … is nothing more than ignorance. It is one thing to call out the bigotry and hypocrisy, quite another to condemn all those not agreeing with you—thinking like you … or OBEYING your doctrines.

        so, folks … let us be REASONABLE and walk together in our search .. I thirst and desire others willing … and I grow weary waiting for those of GNOSIS …

  11. opheliart permalink

    now ask yourselves how many children get bombed by Americans and other countries targeting “their enemy” …

    DO NOT misinterpret us or misuse what we share on this … we know what the 2 brothers did was/is wrong, horrible … so very bad … but we are asking YOU to ask yourselves HOW MANY AMERICAN BOMBS KILL CHILDREN … and HOW MANY AMERICANS TEAM UP, PAY INTO AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO BOMB CHILDREN?

    Do not be hypocritical on this—be HONEST.

    • opheliart permalink

      oh, but we are protecting …

      and? can you see the other side to this? even if you DISAGREE with the policies and behavior of the other side … DOES IT MAKE IT OKAY TO KILL INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN?

      oh, what? you say they got in the way? hmm … aren’t wars always fought on the bodies of these?

      • opheliart permalink

        Let’s take the CIVIL WAR … most agree that slavery of others is wrong. Brother against Brother—killing. What if today … all the Democrats decided to wage war on the Republicans and they felt killing was justified to change policy—behavior and practices (or, the reverse … or, non believers decided to wage war on the believers, thinking it just has to be because change is needed … or, the reformed jew against the orthodox jew … or, the roman catholic against the progressive catholic) …

        how might this be done? One party cannot just up and throw bombs into peoples institutions, but they could pay people to do this … without others knowing … or, they could make deals with outside sources to cause terroristic acts … in areas …

        we find out almost daily about CORRUPTION AND FRAUDULENT DEAL MAKING of RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL … and people in power positions … years and years and suddenly someone or some group is found out.

        have you ever asked WHAT/WHO of American influence might be behind the Boston bombings? do you think it is possible that there are politicians/religious organizers involved?

        man is capable of the most horrendous acts in the name of their causes. history has shown us this repeatedly … why would it stop? man feeds much the same … the head is large … the money rules many sectors …

      • opheliart permalink

        look at the debate and anger over the confederate flag … listen to the patriotic fight—THE PRIDE OF INSTITUTION/COUNTRY/JURISDICTION and … and understand the gods that man creates … for himself—his agendas … but, you see how easily … one act of terror—one act of hate—one act of ignorance … can remove that god. the flag gets taken down. people still harbor the pride, the hate, the anger and … maybe this act enflames … but when these gods are removed, people breathe a little easier–or maybe they feel a little better …

        what of the hate-mongering bloggers? remove these and what? people can feed on this easily—yes? the vulnerable don’t get snagged? the mentally unfit don’t get riled and fire their weapons? the drugged? depends …

        No one has ever seen God (Spirit). So, you can’t remove something you can’t see—isn’t that right A-max and other extremists? Religion … ha! good luck trying to remove all religion … you would remove your own voice, silly! but INVESTIGATING ACTS THAT MANY FIND QUESTIONABLE IS MOST NECESSARY … so, how much longer will our law/gov be complacent in this? If they are waiting for the perpetrators and the abused and the drugged and the corrupt and the dishonest to speak up and do something … you be waiting a long time … and many more suffer

        IS THE SYSTEM RIGGED? hmmm … many abused are afraid to speak … and the drugged are mostly UNAWARE of the abuse (much like hubby in the multiple child deaths) … and, of course, the dishonest and corrupt protect themselves and their relics …

  12. opheliart permalink

    In a 95-page report titled “On their Watch,” the rights group offers the most extensive look so far at the pattern of killings by the U.S.-backed armed forces and the legal proceedings against military personnel who tried to present civilians as guerrillas killed in combat to inflate body counts that led to promotions and bonuses.

    While more than 800 soldiers have been convicted for such killings, most are low-ranking soldiers. No charges have been filed against a single officer heading a brigade or anyone else higher up the chain of command at the time of the killings between 2002 and 2008, at the peak of the military offensive against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.


    I don’t hear the CARDS<BISHOPS< … POPE on these KILLINGS and INJUSTICES … oh, wait … it's a ROMAN CATHOLIC COUNTRY!

    • opheliart permalink


      The National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) does not collect religious statistics, and accurate reports are difficult to obtain. However, based on various studies and a survey, about 90% of the population adheres to Christianity, the majority of which (70.9%) are Roman Catholic, while a significant minority (16.7%) adhere to Protestantism (primarily Evangelicalism). Some 4.7% of the population is atheist or agnostic, while 3.5% claim to believe in God but do not follow a specific religion. 1.8% of Colombians adhere to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Adventism and less than 1% adhere to other religions, such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Hinduism, Indigenous religions, Hare Krishna movement, Rastafari movement, Orthodox Catholic Church, and spiritual studies. The remaining people either did not respond or replied that they did not know. In addition to the above statistics, 35.9% of Colombians reported that they did not practice their faith actively.[209] Wikipedia

  13. opheliart permalink

    something to question … a couple of possibly seriously erroneous … MISLEADING COMMENTARY?

    A-Max and Mark Silk


    Religious bigotry starts with religion.
    And all religions are just ideas – they are human inventions and need to be questioned as exhaustively and mercilessly as anything else made by men.

    If it is not bigoted to approach a non-believer and preach about Jesus.
    It cannot be bigoted to approach a believer and preach against Jesus.

    Killing someone for THEIR lack of belief is itself a religious statement. (Al Queda)
    Killing someone to promote one’s own beliefs is also religious (God-given racial supremacy of Dylann Roof)

    The things to fear in civilization are irrationality, unreason and apologies for lawlessness.
    Religion promotes all three.


    Religious bigotry starts with religion? 😀 …

    gee, how profound—ly um, what’s the word? worthless

    Where does Mark Silk or A-max get the info that Dylann even mentioned God or Jesus telling him to kill? or that he was Christian and this was because of his Christian beliefs?

    Killing someone to promote one’s own beliefs is also religious (God-given racial supremacy of Dylann Roof)… ?

    Does anyone find the comments from these posters dishonest? A-max out and out lies … his EXTREMISM is obvious … but Mark Silk?

    here is his comment:

    Mark Silk Article author June 24, 2015 at 6:57 am
    I do believe that such acts, committed by followers of ISIS for example, are acts of religious bigotry. I don’t believe those acts represent “systemic” religious bigotry and violence by Muslims in general, any more than I believe that what Dylann Roof is alleged to have done represents systemic religious bigotry on the part of Christians — or, for that matter, that the slaughter of Muslims at prayer in the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron in 1994 represents systemic religious bigotry on the part of Jews.

    ? any more than I believe that what Dylann Roof is alleged to have done represents systemic religious bigotry on the part of Christians —

    just because this young man fed on White Supremacist hatred of certain groups—policies … does not make Dylann Christian or even a believer in Jesus—God or any Supreme Being other than possibly his own distorted views, which are not in any way of Christ … so, again, I ask, did Dylann EVER even mention his “religious” beliefs or God-Jesus-Christianity-that he was Christian?

      • opheliart permalink

        we see 2 things happening here;

        a. Atheist Max is accusing ALL murders on God and Religion, and often Jesus gets thrown into his diatribe. This makes all believers in God suspect, but it also makes them a target when people like Dylann Roof feed on his loose tongue, get angry, fearful… and act on this.

        b. Atheist Max in his usual deceptive way is trying to pin these murders on believers in God so that NO atheist is accused. He acts SUPERIOR to all those who do not share his EXTREMIST views and this in itself demonstrates WILLFUL IGNORANCE, DECEPTION, HATRED of the believer, and showing his favoritism. Guess he was poorly taught in his rosary prayers … (he shared that he always prayed the rosary—said he spent 44, then 50, yrs in Catholicism … so, it would be safe to say that he has been raised with a UNIVERSAL-catholic MINDSET)

  14. opheliart permalink

    we shared in an earlier comment about going on forums … and what we found there …
    some were fun, esp one where we had atheist commenters … but there was a pack of staunch RCs that took shifts—day and night-night and day … often using more than one name … along with this was very obvious ‘lovebombing’ … I think it’s called … a recruiting method

    for what? hmm … opus dei would be the likely cult …

    it was clear that my presence, specifically … was not wanted by these, once they found out that I was not … to be manipulated. and oh my, the venom … desperate acts to degrade … until they discovered … I knew more than they realized … then things changed, but I left the forum as I do not stay in these places.

    strange things afoot … for sure … deception beyond your wildest dreams

    • opheliart permalink

      and they continue there … completely ensconced in their universal view as the truth … and that ALL should return to their RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION—that Political Magistrate … which is working hard to reestablish its wealth and worldly constitution. it is not difficult to see what is at play … history repeats, but nothing happens the same way twice … but the evidence is clear enough to see the face of these.

      BOMBS come and go … and they remain fixated on this … as if … as if … well, let’s just say … their hands are used in ways not surprising … if aware.

      • opheliart permalink

        oh, and what I found really interesting was that the staunch RCs were very fearful of the gnostic views … they made it sound as if this was evil—satanic …

        well, we are of gnosis but not Gnosticism … but don’t you wonder why rc religionists would be so against gnostics?

      • opheliart permalink

        you all must know by now how extreme religion works … indoctrination involves a swearing of oaths … so, members are ALWAYS in service to their leader, even when there is a conflict of interest … where they live and work in society, and the laws within these.

  15. opheliart permalink

    samuel johnston Jun 24, 2015 at 10:37 pm
    Hi Mark,
    May I suggest “Francis of Assisi” by John Holland Smith. It details how the historical Francis pledged his loyalty to the then Pope, Innocent III, during a time when the clergy had been under attack by Joachim of Flora, Peter Waldo, Arnold of Brescia, the Humble Men, and similar groups who were dismayed at the wealth and luxury enjoyed by the ruling clergy.
    After the death of the historical Francis, the Church rapidly moved to take over the Order, get rid of the original “Franciscans”, erase the real Francis, and replace him with the mythological figure we know today. This pope, for all his likableness, is not interested in candor, or historical accuracy.

    addressing an article by Silk

      • opheliart permalink

        You see, there are others dismissed … distanced from … while the big heads stole the show and made Francis a lucky charm as well as making up some really tall tales about his experiences …

        meanwhile, Mary got a complete overhaul … plucked eyebrows—painted lips—EVEN a stripping of her FEMALE NATURE—her HUMANITY! why? because she was a Jew? Did the Papal Magistrate think this would be bad for business? or was it that expression: killing 2 birds with one stone …? “we can make it IMPOSSIBLE for women to be as SHE” … and that way we will always be above them … and we can breed them as needed, and the ones not wanting to get married and pregnant … there’s always the convent … IN COMPLETE AND TOTAL SERVICE TO OUR DOCTRINE

        It is TIME for the Roman Catholic Church to be removed from the stage. They are in the way of people moving …

      • opheliart permalink

        Not only did they refuse to deny the right of the laity to preach and teach, they also allowed and encouraged women to teach. This had tremendous shock effect on their culture, at the same time that it probably tapped an hitherto unknown source of power.48 It would be easy to underestimate the impact that this feature had on the Europe of 1170.

        It was after their excommunication that the Poor of Lyons’ doctrine became objectionable to the Roman Catholic Church. More than a hundred years later, it was said,

        Among all the sects, there is none more pernicious to the Church than that of the leonists, and for three reasons:

        In the first place, because it is one of the most ancient; for some say that it dates back to the time of Sylvester; others to the time of the Apostles.

        In the second place, because it is the most widespread. There is hardly a country where it does not exist.

        In the third place, because, if other sects strike with horror those who listen to them, the Leonists, on the contrary, possess a great outward appearance of piety. As a matter of fact they lead irreproachable lives before men, and as regards their faith and the articles of their creed, they are orthodox.

        Their one conspicuous fault is, that they blaspheme against the Church and the clergy, points on which laymen in general are known to be too easily led away.49

        oh, and the rcc had all the answers … um, not. it’s called lecherous … when man desires his own monopoly, and do not think for one stinking minute that those in power were not sodomizing children and seminarians. it was and is a house of the poor!

  16. opheliart permalink

    entry: Thursday, June 25, 2015 @ 8.43AM

    Beware of the con believer.

  17. opheliart permalink

    now, ask yourselves … how long will I continue to pay into and support DECEPTION, ABUSE and be a SLAVE in and for the Roman Catholic Dictatorship?

    Look at the HISTORY, folks … they demanded allegiance to build a fascist organization … and as they begin to fall, they scramble to align themselves with others (much like them) to BUILD THEIR NUMBERS … THEY STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE! For God’s Sake, wake up! Smell the dung! Put all the pieces together and what do you see? The Vaticants depend on you to be dull and complacent, and OBEDIENT … obedient to what? False Doctrine. Their regime denies TRUTH … abuses, abuses and abuses … and MURDERS … all in the name of their god, the Roman Catholic Church … and they deceive many by their POLITICAL clout …

    • opheliart permalink

      They move for that same universal mindset of RELIGIOUS SEQUESTERING, and its name is Rome.

  18. opheliart permalink

    here is another comment from Greg1 which we found interesting … (regarding the ssm ruling yesterday)

    Greg1 June 27, 2015 at 5:49 am
    Ben, when dictates like this one, and its predecessor abortion, are pushed upon us by five lawyers with robes, then we must respond properly, but not accept the ruling. Laws like this are like throwing a rock in a pond. They have a ripple effect that is devastating to society. When this type of aberration become legal, then it takes on the whole legal component, including teaching it to our students in the public schools. When homosexuality was hidden in the shadows, parents were in control of properly raising their children; now, however, it will be much more difficult. And to the contrary of what you guys might think, doing this disgraceful act by the SCOTUS, will only further (and more radically) divide the USA, not unite us.

    *Here is an indoctrinated RC … full of belief that Rome is God, claiming the papal office and its legislature is the Truth for ALL people, not just Americans … do you see where he is the hypocrite? how he assumes all should bow and heel to his rules called Roman Catholicism—its DOCTRINE—ITS POLICY AND LAW, and no other voice is acceptable as no other life, love or EXPERIENCE is correct in his MIND? His monarchy playing ruler and judge … shows itself in these words … “when dictates like this one, and its predecessor abortion, are PUSHED UPON US BY FIVE LAWYERS WITH ROBES, THEN WE MUST RESPOND PROPERLY …”

    and this is mild—a simple reminder to him … that his fascist regime will be reaping what it has sown … but again, this is mild … he may feel it worse than mild, possibly an offense that hurts him … while many view it as a statistic that carries enough weight to change a norm, others, of course, view it as a major event …

    but you see—the men in robes … and HOMOSEXUALITY HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS? 😀 😀 😀 WHERE HAVE WE SEEN THAT BEFORE? It’s called Rome.

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