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… but grace and truth came …

June 16, 2015

Not an essay.




And of the Energy of Fullness we have all received, and grace for grace. Grace is the source of Truth; it’s Energy and Essence with the Light. For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (anointed One) in the ‘coming’ of the Prophet; it’s Energy and Essence with the Light. *No one has seen Gd at anytime* And this is where we are not of the folly of man. The only begotten Son (Source), who is the Heart of the Father, He has declared Truth.




Peace and Love


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  1. opheliart permalink

    Ophelia’s eyes opened wide at Q’s words, especially the part about losing everything, including your life, which she took to mean if you chose not to listen to the message, a message unique to you, you might follow the wrong path or make the wrong decision that could result in death. This bit of information caused her to think about some of the lessons that she had been taught over the years, lessons about right and wrong. She wondered if this messenger was some sort of teacher. The closest anyone in her village had come to holding any such power were the priests, who also carried with them important messages for the people, but the more Ophelia thought about this, the more she sensed that the messenger Q spoke of was somehow different.
    OPHELIA IN THE BEYOND, Chapter Two: The Man and His Mission, (author: L Thiel Hewlings)

  2. opheliart permalink

    religionists desire to remain in the forest … why on earth they would desire to be thatched to a decaying house is a question to be asked by all …

    they play mixologist in what they serve their admirers, and those naive … trying to keep them hinged somehow to their belief system… drinking from the concoctions conceived by men unable to conceive … huh, what a trip.

    our youth has moved into worlds unknown … where the old doctrine does not speak to them … the language is misty … and they have seen the ridicule and the biases … even government looks corrupt, and who holds hands with this system? where do they go when they need heartfelt direction? a distant father—a barren mother?

    GNOSIS … it is TIME for the youth to realize the Energy and Essence of the Godhood. I hear them as they look at their parents and their parent’s “gods” … they roll their eyes and shake their heads … but in their youth, they are not aware of the systems that deceive … and will fall in line somewhere somehow and will fight to survive the wounding … and will FAITH be in their lives when what they thought they could trust betrays them? what holds them and keeps them from throwing their lives away?

    • opheliart permalink

      stories like The Hunger Games speak to the youth …

      interesting …

  3. opheliart permalink

    since when did the pope become an expert on climate change? when did he have time with all those photo ‘oops’ to spend 20-30 years working in this field? the question now in the minds of many: has there been THEFT involved?

    so, now they complain of a leak … they should be more concerned with what is coming … because it will blow their house clear off its hinges … and a leak will be the least of their worries

  4. opheliart permalink

    up his drugs and ………………………………………………

    • opheliart permalink

      and there was not ENOUGH of a concern for this young man on the part of those having been informed of his bizarre behavior to act? even for the safety of this man—having information on his mindset?

      • opheliart permalink

        there is hell for many … both victim and criminal … and their friends and families …
        and what we read on blogs-forums-comment boards is bashing … one bashing another for one thing or another …
        what is really sad to see, however, are those saying very inhuman things about believers, even when there is no unkindness being shown by these … if one posts a comment sharing concern using Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit … there are ignorant people attacking what they know NOTHING about … as if Jesus or God is guilty of every crime and atrocity in the world. they say indecent things … and this is truly sad … it is unwarranted, and these sadists will get their due … there is no doubt on this …

        did James Holmes murder people in the theater because he was a believer in the Holy Spirit? did he say Jesus made him do it? were his meds not working well enough … maybe because he was too freaking high on them … or he had reached a point where the drugs made him even worse … or they were not helping him with his problems … and nobody gave a damn enough about him to see what was really going on? how many James Holmes are there out in the world, people? drugged … fighting with themselves—with the world? and we have believer bashers — sadists — bullying what could potentially be a James Holmes—somebody struggling with something. or maybe the believer bashers are the bad ones … as they seem to love to hurt others.

        and yes, we are aware of religionists claiming belief in God bashing, too

  5. opheliart permalink

    maybe the teachers should stay away from romance novels in elementary school—all romance … and talk about care for the earth and seas—the wildlife … go out and plant flowers … learn how to work and play with their pets … as so many sit lonesome waiting for them to come home from all those long hours at school learning … what was it they are learning?

    • opheliart permalink

      maybe these kids should be graded on how they care for each other … and the environment and their lonely pets …

  6. opheliart permalink

    Swift action on climate change? How about swift action on your STAFF, pope Fran! You know the ones … being protected … for ….

  7. opheliart permalink

    Have you ever had a friend, someone very dear to you, one who claimed to be a believer … one having agreed to honesty, having made plans for magnificent and important work … betray you and treat you horribly, replacing you with a stranger, one who was used to abuse you—to try to degrade you? as if you never meant anything at all—that the work meant nothing—the days, weeks, months, even years … spent working together—sharing— having meant nothing? all that you gave to this person—your time, energy, knowledge and understanding … only to be treated callously, unkindly … ?

    you are a victim of abuse, my dear one … you bleed … but if you remain truthful, and stay the course in this … not allowing the cruelty and lack of compassion of others … or the carelessness and lies, the inhumanity and bullying … the selfishness … and the misuse of you … to dull you, or cause you to give in to their erratic and insolent behavior …

    you will prevail …


    • opheliart permalink

      I have known abuse from religious—catholic, orthodox, protestant … but all of it is “catholic” mindset, which is really a RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM. It operates—functions from the idea that mind born of a set theology or mode of thinking is above “person’ and permitted vast amounts of inconsistent behavior because …. because theirs is a “universal” thinking. This is of the world, and if the world says go here—catholic goes … but we cannot be of this, as much of it not safe, and eventually shows its feeding as harmful to the health and wellbeing of many. This is an anything goes to satisfy ____ agenda, either for self or institution or both if married to set institution … without regard to consequences … or their theology to not harm—wound another. Look at Roman Catholic’s behavior throughout history and you will see their broken agreements—their inconsistencies. They marry one thing—claiming TRUTH—but allow for and pay into dishonesty and harmful acts—even murderous ones. This is HYPOCRISY. To go into a village and murder and enslave for Magistrate is not Christ. Abusing–raping women and children then lying, and hiding this is what? Parishioners continue to pay into this establishment … for centuries … each century, thinking that they are somehow better than the last but continue in System of Belief without even seeing that their doctrine—their creeds—their institutions and orders and swearing oaths to the “SECULAR” is their stumbling blocks. Look at Governments—also born of a UNIVERSAL MINDSET … which is not aligned in the Godly. Not saying it does not try to serve for good of people but corruption and dishonesty is rampant and people accept this as if it is part of the system … and people paying huge amounts of money in areas creating much imbalance. This is Secular/Catholic mind.

      Catholicism IS Secularism. It is of the world. This is a one dimensional thinking. It sees itself at any given “age” as superior—above any other—right and all others wrong. It strives for itself. This is apart from WHAT IS GOD—this is apart from Spiritual ID. This is WHAT God calls us out of, and when one comes out … one receives Spirit Gifts … ALL OF HOLY SCRIPTURE (not where man mishandled or misinterpreted it) is SPIRITUALLY SYMBOLIC—speaking on “marriage” outside of Catholicism/Secularism. The battles on marriage in the Catholic/Secular world is not of God … as God speaks of a marriage of HEART to MIND. Yes, we live on this Earth … and have work, but for What? Spending 50 years in a marriage of no Spiritual Gift … half seeing, half aware … half inspired, if inspired at all is what? To us it is a disservice not only to love of self but love of neighbor because mind is not in HEALING MODE—moving into AWARENESS.

      Allow me to tell you that if you are of pure intent (honest) and desire the fruits … you will enter into a place of awareness like you have never known. You can look at seminarian and know things … that seminarian is off—in need of something not of the catholic mandate … or secular mandates … in other words, doctrine and drugs would be the worst thing for him. You become aware in what works within the mind of man …

      as for the abuses done to me … always of use, and yes, I was aware of things not right and questioned these. People don’t usually want to hear truth … and people often run and hide and deny they lied or behaved badly. Gosh, I experienced both priests and pastors outright lying to me after having treated me poorly, knowing they have SWORN OATHS TO SOMETHING CLAIMING TRUTH … but because they are of this catholic mindset, they do not see the hurt and damage of their dishonesty and inappropriate behavior … because they SEE themselves as right 😀 … no one has ever seen God … so, they do not see what they do—what they are—nor do they see the consequences of this behavior and dishonesty. I was shown my work and continued in this. Those having misbehaved will get their due. What you believe may be what you receive. If you believe God is impartial as is stated in the Writing … you strive not for partially but for fullness—wholeness.

      • opheliart permalink

        Understand that when Rome set itself up to conquer the world using Roman Catholicism—their Belief System—they injected into many Societies a work ethic with a dependency serving within itself. The United States is based on this work ethic, and look at the growing depression in people—alarmingly, in our youth. And look at the fight—the struggle for these to get out of “something” they feel is not quite them-or right with them. They go into all sorts of lines to feed … and what happens? Some settle into the nests and do what their parents did and the earth grows heavier with it … others struggle and struggle … some die … a few break free and move into the work of the wellness of humanity.

  8. opheliart permalink

    man was not born knowing right from wrong … something was in place to guide … some things evolved to help steer man toward truth … and consequence. yes, consequence teaches … does man look at the patterns? the larger scope of these?

    nonbelievers who claim atheistic belief as truth … or no God as the right way SETS HIMSELF UP as law (mindset) for what? and this, too, is a type of universalism, because he will and does move into quadrants where he can best feed his secularism—his belief system. where is there a balance in this? what steers him? what is in place to curb the feeding should he overindulge and put neighbor at risk? the world of drugs—needed in areas, but overwhelmingly doing much harm. the dependency in this is not natural if of a desire for authenticity and is he any different from the religionist claiming doctrine as Truth?
    Conscience with awareness of neighbor is profound teaching. The NEW of Christ understand this.

    • opheliart permalink

      at what point does nonbeliever realize man is futile? that the need of human without gender demands in ways spurious is of a necessary movement? at what point does militant atheist understand his rants about believers is futile … because MANY feed neighbor insidious product —for agenda, money, title … feeding their own system … without a single prayer to Jesus, God … Spirit … the crossover is nearly unanimous and why Vaticants never feared the Atheists. It is the GNOSTICS that they feared the most—anyone seeking with the ability of VOICE … and fear them still.

  9. opheliart permalink

    huh, was driving earlier this morning and thought of indiana — saw something big — big change i saw …

    later i see this:

    yep, there will be change in indiana 😉

  10. opheliart permalink

    what is Q …

    besides being a CHARACTER in Ophelia In the Beyond … Ophelia’s best friend (along with Argus, the hound) … Q seeks Feminine Divine for wealth of Spirit—a HUMANIZING of …

  11. opheliart permalink–election.html

    hmm … didn’t we call it the wild west 😉

    the hatfields and the mccoys …

  12. opheliart permalink

    rd … the fight is on? time to move into the new …
    what a marvel 🙂

  13. opheliart permalink

    if government does not begin to realize the systemic in these kinds of acts … it will get worse … yes, the situation will worsen …

  14. opheliart permalink
    excerpt from article:
    In recent years, mosques and churches have been targeted by vandals in similar attacks. They are often attributed to extremist Jews in West Bank settlements.

  15. opheliart permalink

    finally getting around to the big who-ha on the papal encyclical …
    have not read it, as we do not need to be shown what is happening and what is necessary—what is urgent and what is still in the finding stages–coming from a dogmatic institution … and no pope sees the bigger piece on this …

    we have been steadily doing our part for a while now and as we learn more we will hopefully do more … can’t speak for the catholic congregations

    but I was curious to see what the reviews would be. what I am seeing is that the document has yet to be reviewed thoroughly and … there are a number that feel the rcc is one of the guilty parties and should put its money where its mouth is … and it is a conversion tactic—a tactic to get peeps in the pews, and to not upset those major rc magnates … you dig?

    • opheliart permalink

      the vaticants have their agendas … and as we have said before: the Vatican does nothing unless it serves itself

  16. opheliart permalink

    dylann roof’s actions have me perplexed … or, I should say, the info out on him about the “hate crime—white supremacy” … I am not seeing hate of the blacks. I see a young man seriously misdirected, struggling with substance abuse (read an interesting comment from one knowing quite a bit more on the situation, including the meeting at the church—it was during a BUSINESS meeting—the prayer part was after … which takes us back to what we said in our earlier comments today) … and I am seeing a young man caught up in radicalized thinking, which brings us to the “terrorism” mindset … and yet, he did the act of mass murder without others … but there are certainly others out there having fed and fueled his mind, along with his other addictions …

    so … what is this white supremacy hate coming from? if you read what the murderer said before he pulled the trigger repeatedly … you sense a methodical approach. he was acting on something he believed (was told-taught) … also, how does one become of this mindset—beliefs at such a young age? something feels off in this scene —not quite fitting the mold of white supremacy … ah, maybe I will see its outer frame …

    clearly a dad giving a troubled son a gun, one involved with drugs, is a seriously questionable move …

    later added:

    A friend says the white man accused of killing nine people inside a historic black church in Charleston had told him recently that black people were taking over the world and that something needed to be done for the white race.

    Joseph Meek Jr. told The Associated Press on Thursday at his home in Lexington, South Carolina, that 21-year-old Dylann Roof had reconnected with him a few weeks ago. The two had been best friends in middle school but lost touch when Roof moved away about five years ago.

    Meek says that Roof’s racial comments came completely out of the blue and that his friend had been nothing like that before he moved away.

    Meek says he could tell something was troubling his friend recently, but he wasn’t able to find out what was bothering him before the shooting.

    ********This part:
    A friend says the white man accused of killing nine people inside a historic black church in Charleston had told him recently that black people were taking over the world and that something needed to be done for the white race.

    • opheliart permalink

      —-take religious conversion … or, the crusade pervasion … and invasion

      … when people entered areas to convert and transfer their ideology—system of belief—into the people, existing governance, and to take control of land and goods … there was not a hate purpose even though so many were murdered, wounded and enslaved, raped and molested … but a message purpose—sending that message of fear, terror, power … and definitely a takeover—take control methodology in place. Hatred of people was not the motivating factor—OVERPOWERING—TAKING CONTROL—RAISING FEAR LEVEL—THROUGH TERRORISTIC ACTS

      the crusade may hate the ideology or beliefs of those it desires to terrorize—overpower … but not necessarily the people. obviously, a lack of respect and ability to realize the people as people with similar characteristics … as crusade is single minded in its purpose without compassion or understanding

      • opheliart permalink

        in addition, if you look at what TSARNAEV wrote inside the boat … his reasons for the murders … you begin to see parallels with ROOF’s act. “You did this to ‘my people’ … ‘our people’ … you are the antagonizer—the offender—the abuser … therefore, I (we) have to do this to you … to stop you — to send a message … to …”
        do you see how it resonates much the same? and what happened in boston was treated as a terrorist act

    • opheliart permalink

      CHARLESTON, S.C. (Reuters) – A 21-year-old white man confessed to shooting dead nine black people at a historic South Carolina church, and hoped his actions would start a race war in the United States, CNN reported on Friday, citing unnamed law enforcement officials.


      terrorist intent—hate crime?


      we are not saying there was no hate involved in this act—or those having fed and fueled this young man’s (and allow me to stress young man) thinking … we are seeing CONSEQUENCE of _________. what came before that demonstrated itself now? Fear—negligence—false doctrine—malaise————-
      this young man wanted to cause terror because he hated the idea of blacks taking over and blacks raping white women …
      is anyone seeing this?

      if you have seen hatred—know its core … and you have witnessed terrorism—know its core …

  17. opheliart permalink

    now, when I read militant atheists comments on believer’s statements … saying things like believers in God, bible, scripture are STUPID, NOT VERY SMART, IDIOTS, DESPICABLE … and accuse all believers of wicked acts … I sense their HATRED … because it is hatred of the believer.

    • opheliart permalink

      using the word ignorance is saying “lack of knowledge” … but to say outright that believers are stupid, don’t think, idiots … despicable … demonstrates a mind experiencing hatred of not an individual but an entire body of people, although not all are religious (dependent on doctrine: indoctrinated, or needing religious in their belief ). it shows a superior attitude. those expressing this hatred will be shown to be mentally problematic and of concern … it is out of hand on forums from what I have seen — has been for some time, and these people will be called out on this

      and those bashing all gays and all nonbelievers are of this same attitude, hatred in their views and beliefs of a group — body of people

      • opheliart permalink

        atheism is a religion. how those claiming atheism do not see this goes back to what we said of the one dimensional thought—the catholic mindset, again saying: universal thought—ours—is the prevailing right way.

        where it becomes religious is in its organized body of believers in set beliefs-opinions-acts-practices. people complain about atheist trolls on religious news sites not realizing that the atheists are there because they, too, are religious. they evangelize, too … recruit for numbers … have their meetings and organizations based on beliefs … argue and fight against other religious beliefs … they, too, have their ‘gods’ … they worship similarly … defend one another, use one another … some, too, use to build their armies, or to build their case—for their belief systems

        and what of the james holmes types and the dylann roof types and tsarnaev types? and what of the children struggling like adam lanza and not receiving what he needed? if you bury the youth in false doctrine, drugs, hate speech, religious diatribe, academic demands, and all the “correct” “acceptable” behaviour in any one place at any given time and child CANNOT FIND SELF—NOR CAN HE FIND SELF THROUGH NEIGHBOR BECAUSE NEIGHBOR IS OF SOME SYSTEM THAT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE HIM INSIDE, NOR CAN IT HELP HIM IN HIS STRUGGLE—WHAT IN THIS HELL WILL BE THE CONSEQUENCE? he kills himself, he kills others… he buries himself in his room?

        where is your worth religionist? in all your “correctness” … of universal minds … where is your worth?


        if you will not take care of your children they will be taken from you

  18. opheliart permalink

    this is just the tip … there is soooooo much more of this, and there will be more killings—youth caught up in all sorts of contrived acts … malicious, devious, ignorant, fear-filled … and …

    about two years ago I saw that our youth will not have a childhood … they will be inundated with all sorts of attacks—even just reading about situations like ferguson and other incidents … protests, fires, bombs, catastrophes … and I am talking about the little children, too

    everywhere … media fed … someone they know … a neighbor, a friend … a cousin …

  19. opheliart permalink

    well, whatever you believe about islam … Jesus was/is not muslim 😉 … as this will become widely known fairly soon …

    as for women’s rights … depends on what each understands as right 😀

    • opheliart permalink

      honestly, I can’t help but view the billboard over the cemetery as symbolic … of something …

    • opheliart permalink

      in the mind of one sect—this is universal thought: to view women as lesser or of less than man … property, of course, is highly valuable … woman as property makes her highly valuable—yes? of course we pointed this out in SPIR several times … “fighting wars on the bodies of women” (see articles added to essays/comments)—as man cannot build his numbers without breeding women like a herd of some form of animal needed for wealth and distribution of goods … so, woman belongs to man and must do as man says …
      does man also insist that all PROPERTY (land/seas) … housing, government, institution … do as man says in his UNIVERSAL (I am right and you are wrong) system of belief?

      • opheliart permalink

        so, maybe it will be that man LOSES his right to procreate

        huh, what a thought … how might that be?

  20. opheliart permalink

    🙂 that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

    esp given I just read that a ranger was killed by poachers 😦

  21. opheliart permalink

    from the article:

    “We don’t understand America’s need for guns …”

    • opheliart permalink


      And that goes for the clergy sex abuse too!

  22. opheliart permalink

    folks … you need to get the source of the druggists in your cities and towns … and those selling their wares online that pump up YOUR children to fall into a destitute mind … so, you want the DEATH PENALTY? you want to kill some more? okay—kill him … and? sickness is sickness—disease is disease … how do YOU plan to stop it?

    • opheliart permalink

      “adults” selling the junk … getting kids to sell the junk … junk online …
      until you start addressing THE SOURCE of this … the incidents will increase and they will increase … what are you going to do—drop a bomb on them all?

      • opheliart permalink

        and we are talking about radicalism, too! and the s-l-o-w and negligent steps to find and address these terrible sicknesses. WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING THE CHILDREN, FOLKS? THAT THEY SHOULD RAPE YOUNG WOMEN IN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE—PLANT BOMBS—SET FIRES—OVERDOSE—MURDER?
        you can condemn these kids but WHERE IN HELL ARE YOU? PASTORS-PRIESTS-PATRIARCHS-PROFESSORS-POLITICIANS-PARENTS … the SIX-PACK … That’s what we call it: the Six-Pack … you have allowed the abuses to be covered up—hidden—look at the RCC … why no accountability? and this is just one example … AND YOU EXPECT THE CHILDREN TO BEHAVE?
        Good grief! Corrupt politicians hanging out with the patriarchs … priests … pastors … professors … parents and people look away from the corruption and the abuses …

        they think their pope fran is going to save them? their religions? the academics?


        and we get kicked out of the parishes … no wonder …

  23. opheliart permalink

    everywhere I look on the news I read about Dylann Roof ranting about race … so, we must ask a tenuous question:


    are we as delusional, stupid, idiotic, unthinking, uncaring, ignorant, despicable, bigoted, racist and murderous as they say?

    I am a believer … am I delusional? Am I a racist?

    When is the United States of America going to see that RACISM comes in all packages? all RELIGIONS—BELIEFS and SYSTEMS of belief? Will the militant Atheist come and try to wipe me out? I am gnostic … you know, the Religious tried to wipe out GNOSIS before …

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