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In the beginning …

June 14, 2015

Not an essay.



JOHN — the Beginning (the Becoming)

In the beginning was the Word (One), and the One was with Spirit (God). ‘He’—the Energy—was in the beginning with Spirit.

Jesus was on Earth in the Time of Noah (Time symbolism—understood as Woman *water*—the flow of the Spirit). Noah is “the Work” of the One. Noah being a Signature. The water of Noah (the Work) symbolizes the rite of passage. The people did not drown; only the wickedness is of darkness that does not comprehend.

All things were made through him is the Life in the Light on Love. Nothing can be added or taken away from this. 




Peace and Love


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  1. opheliart permalink

    a few things to consider:

    1. we are not speaking in rights and wrongs regarding religious doctrine when we write here. if a sect builds itself a tower and calls it god … to it and its followers, it is truth. we can challenge if it uses the Word in a manner we find illicit. we can challenge for movement, but we force nothing as we cannot control the coming … and we are certainly not of militancy. our revolution ‘rests’ in the desire for peace spoken in the Word. man’s peace exists within his laws.

    how are his laws working out?

    if ‘innocent’ men, women and children die at the hands of man’s laws—belief system—are we to stand idle? if these same are sexually molested—raped—used in a manner unfitting, improper, reckless and dangerous … are we to stand idle? if man is dishonest, and not doing the work he is paid to do for the health, well being and safety of Society … are we to stand idle?

    WHO is responsible for the DISEASES…is it not a disease where man sexually abuses young women and children? especially if it is rampant in sectors? how is WHO dealing with these diseases? how are the laws of the UN, the National Governments, and doctors trained in the minds of man dealing with the abuses when institutions and organizations will not or cannot?

    2. there are laws in place that allow man to speak his mind. today, law enforcement and the communities ask how it is that the young are inspired by hate? to join ISIL? to hatchet and murder without conscience—to hate without knowledge and without understanding? where do these members receive their inspiration?

    if a militant uses social media to inspire hatred for a religious sect or hatred for the prophet of … or the God of … or the Spirit of … by saying the following:
    —religion is responsible for the murders of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary … Jesus hates children … Jesus hates women … Jesus hates gays …
    —90% of those in prison say they’re Christian
    what is the militant inciting in his diatribe?
    the question is: what group does the militant work for? is he paid to write on social media to incite violence? because he is inciting violence when he incites hatred

    3. what are the drugs that induce evil?

    • opheliart permalink

      so, in light of these … what will man’s laws do about those inciting hatred —– violence?
      if law truly desires to curb the attacks on people—CHILDREN—-he must be willing to speak up … and to institute NEW laws that will help to PROTECT

      how will our NATIONS address the sex trafficking and child molestations in the institutions? wait for those protecting themselves and their institutions to speak up? lip service does not PROTECT without what?

      a delusional mind is a delusional mind

  2. opheliart permalink

    could it be that a TASK FORCE is needed to root out the source of these diseases—understand how they fuel evil—and act on these?

    • opheliart permalink

      remember, there are several initiatives the ‘world’-focused orders are using right now to obscure the much needed attention to the abuses—all abuses—but do see that there are powers pushing crowd pleasing antics to shove out the voices of those working hard to get the abuses in focus for the world to see—to be addressed …

      ask yourselves where you sit and what you support? but do know that no matter how much these world-focused powers try to obscure their ‘secrets’—the abysmal acts … there is no hiding or denying these … this time …
      what comes will show the illness while sowing the seeds of the new

      • opheliart permalink

        *there will be those stealing work, attempting to take credit for this … when they were not of this … but desiring the easy … without knowledge or understanding
        they will take and laud this as if they are of great worth … spiritually sound and care-filled in their seeking …
        but no … these will be called out on their theft

  3. opheliart permalink

    the 2016 presidential election:

    there are a few candidates who are out of touch with the average citizen (and …). this is not a criticism; it is a fact. one of these candidates knows this and has moved in such a way … to ease into a ‘frame’ that works the image ‘candidate’ needs for the platform. it will not work. candidate should be honest and step out before candidate performs in a way that shows the distance.

    there is an individual outside the ‘form’ … but not in a detrimental way. potential candidate should step into the arena and show some ingenuity. this will surprise many.

  4. opheliart permalink

    the HONEST TO GOD’S TRUTH on this is that this isn’t a pat the pope on the back for this inditement … THE PRESSURE IS ON THE VATICAN in ways that most do not see …

    If the Vatican had it THEIR way, this polish high ranking Vatican official would still be at it while they continued to ignore WHAT THEY NOW REALIZE THEY CAN NO LONGER HIDE OR DENY

    Now, ask yourselves how the ROMAN CATHOLIC ‘holy father’ JP2 NEVER—NEVER—knew maciel (legionaries of …) and this ambassador were up to in the abuse of the children? the answer is quite simple if you understand the cleverness of the enemy. evil partners with evil.

    • opheliart permalink

      don’t play willy-nilly with these abuses, folks … the PARENTING in these abusive men have profited in ways you catholics do not understand, and they have escalated a major misdemeanor through illicit partnering. JP2 lived in a defective and derelict monotheism—his own—a self-aggrandizing within INSTITUTIONAL BIAS—a partial intellect of careless feeding.

      dressed as an angel of light … these men parade as gods … and the people are enamored by the deceptive cloaks. if you love —truly love pope fran … get him OUT of that den of thieves ASAP!

    • opheliart permalink

      Betty Clermont June 15, 2015 at 10:30 am
      Resigned without the headline making tribunal. As Ray Mouton stated about the tribunal, “the biggest non-story in the history of the clergy child sex abuse scandal.”

      On Sept. 26, 2014, the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Serra reported that Wesolowski was arrested by order of the pope because “there was a serious risk that the nuncio would be arrested on Italian territory at the request of the Dominican authorities and then extradited.” Wesolowski had more than 100,000 computer files of pornography. “The prelate stored part of this chamber of horrors on his own laptop. The material, which is classified by type, shows dozens of young girls engaged in sexual activities but the preference is for males. Images show youngsters aged between 13 and 17 being humiliated for the camera, filmed naked and forced to have sexual relations with each other or with adults.” The pope left him a free man for 14 months. Poor children are trafficked for sex and pornography.

  5. opheliart permalink

    if the religionist leaders cannot see the evil … and men women and children suffer because of their gods … what else have they been wrong about —FOR CENTURIES?

  6. opheliart permalink

    Judy Jones June 15, 2015 at 1:54 pm
    Because brave survivors are speaking up and because Minnesota opened up the three year window of opportunity for victims to file a suit, the cover up of child sex crimes is being exposed.
    By filing a suit, this gives victims the opportunity for their lawyers to enter into the discovery phase, which allows them to subpoena secret archive documents and to subpoena high ranking officials to testify under oath. This helps to expose the child predators, but it also helps to expose those high ranking officials who continue to cover up these sex crimes.
    These two things helped prosecutors to charge the Archdiocese for their crimes of enabling children to be sexually abused.

    This needs to happen is all states, not just Minnesota. Plus the Pope must defrock Bishop Nienstedt and all clerics who cover up sex crimes. Sadly the sex abuse and cover up within the church hierarchy throughout the world is still going on to this day. Cardinals and bishops are being as quiet as possible,…


    ARE YOU HEARING THIS, POLITICIANS? STATE REPRESENTATIVES? THOSE NOT HEARING THIS WILL BE SEEN AS AIDING THE ABUSERS —covering up because THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE, TOO … ya’ll can forget about being REELECTED if you remain willfully ignorant … but you will be investigated anyway, and what needs to be revealed WILL be revealed, along with possibly a few things that maybe you had not wanted the world to know about …. ???

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